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Fatora Venus (ファトラ・ヴェーナス)

is Rune's younger sister, and for most of the first OVA, she is in the clutches of the Phantom Tribe, being subjected to various scientific experiments. Although two females of royal blood are required in order to operate the Eye of God, the tribe utilizes a special device allowing them to control it with only her as a key. However, when the machine breaks down, the tribe is forced to retreat, and Ifurita, sent by Katsuhiko, takes her to the Bugrom to become their prisoner. When she's finally freed, she agrees to help Rune activate the Eye of God to eliminate the Bugrom, but Phantom Tribe sabotage causes the Eye to run out of control after they activate it together.

Although the members of the palace look at her with love and admiration, she is in actuality a cruel, despotic tyrant. (Alielle, her lesbian lover, is happy to see that she hasn't changed at all after her ordeal.) She shows very little gratitude towards Makoto for rescuing her, instead declaring how he must have a greater appreciation for her station now that he's had a chance to live it.

Fatora does not exist in The Wanderers.

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Voice Actors
Hoffman, Bridget
Ishimura, Tomoko
Fauveau, Naïké
Beaudoin, Claire