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Pit (ピット)
Pit is an angel from Angel Land. His wings are only strong enough to fly for short distances, unless he has the Wings of Icarus. Taking up his sacred bow to stop the dark goddess, Medusa, he set out to gather the Three Sacred Treasures: the Arrow of Light, the Mirror Shield, and the Wings of Pegasus, when Medusa attacked his home of Skyworld and imprisoned Palutena, the benevolent goddess of Angel Land. Fighting his way through the Underworld, Overworld, and Skyworld, Pit was able to gather the three treasures and defeat Medusa, ending her threat.

Pit is fearless and heroic but also is a chipper young angel. He faces many dangers and threats with little hesitation. His trust in Palutena is absolute, but he is shown to be somewhat nervous on his own.

Voice Actors
Takayama, Minami
Del Rio, Antony