Megumi Momono

Mahoraba: Heartful Days
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Megumi Momono (桃乃 恵)

Birthday: February 13

Megumi attended Washida University for one year, but it turned out to be too expensive so she took a year off. Her hairstyle features an antenna. She is now staying at Narutaki Sou all the time. She is in a long distance relationship with her Middle School boyfriend who is studying cinema overseas. She loves films (particularly poor attempts at horror) and in her room are lots of DVDs. She's also a heavy drinker and likes to party with Johnny in Shiratori's room, much to his dismay. In the manga her character is much more developed as she is portrayed with a darker past, in connection with her brilliant piano skills in which she comments has given her bad memories. At the start of the series, Megumi is twenty years old and her birthday is February 13.

Voice Actors
Asano, Masumi