Kazuki Kazusano

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Kazuki Kazusano (上野 一希)

Birthday: May 30
Blood type: AB
Height: 161 cm
BWH: 85-56-83

The main antagonist of the second season, her purpose is to awaken Ikkou so that she can release her innate and uncontrollable spiritual powers. Even though she has an antagonistic role in the series, in another sense she seems to be on Ikkou's side - that is, she seems to want to enjoy her youth as much as Ikkou does, and in much the same way - with a member of the opposite sex. She states that she wants to help him in developing his spiritual powers, although what she seems to consider "helping" is different from what the protagonists would consider helping. Since Ikkou's powers are dangerous, the nuns of Saienji hope for Ikkou to restrain himself from using his power too much, while Kazuki seems to believe that the very nature of his powers are essentially good and therefore incapable of doing harm. (The last episode of the series confirms that a strong, uncontrolled awakening can be warped into a force for evil, causing riots and the like.) Nonetheless, she does not seem to want to hurt Ikkou, and while her infatuation with him makes her forceful and competitive (even to the point of violence against Chitose), she is very determined and puts in strong effort to realize a goal that ought to be easier than it apparently is which is to be happy with Ikkou. Her catchphrase in Japanese is "mata joudo."

(Source: Wikipedia)

Voice Actors
Sanada, Asami
Elias-Fahn, Dorothy

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