Himeno Awayuki

Shin Shirayuki-hime Densetsu Prétear
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Shin Shirayuki-hime Densetsu Pretear
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Himeno Awayuki (淡雪 姫乃)

Nationality: Japanese
Measurements: Eeww! You shouldn't ask me things like that!
Occupation: Student, Magical Defender of Good stuff
Personality: Cheerful, carefree and optimistic
Special Powers: Sinister Path House Style Karate master, becoming Pretear
Current Crush: HEY! That's a secret!
Likes: Cute boys, apple tea
Dislikes: The princess of Disater, mean stepsisters

After her mother's death and her father's remarriage, Himeno is thrust into a high-class society life. However, Himeno has great difficulty adjusting to her new life, and is picked on both by her new family, and by her peers at school. Himeno's alienation grows, and she begins to question her place with her new life, she meets Hayate and the other Leafe Knights, who tell her that she's the Prétear who is needed to save the world. As Himeno progresses as the new Prétear, she finds herself falling in love with Hayate. Himeno usually feels distant from her family, like Cinderella.

In the manga: There were a lot of hints that she had a strong feeling of infatuation for Sasame in the beginning. As the story progresses, her opinions of Hayate and the feelings for him change and develop, turning into a crush or love.

Voice Actors
Christian, Luci
Yoshida, Sayuri
De Bortoli, Federica

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