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Satori Azuma

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Satori Azuma (東聡莉)

Satori Azuma, a first-year high school student (that is, in the anime), is the fifth and the last person to join the Kendo Club. She is very talented in kendo. In fact, Satori is the second strongest in the club, with Tamaki being the strongest; however, she is very bad with her studies despite her diligence, which is why she decided to quit kendo after middle school—in order to concentrate on her studies. It is revealed her glasses are fake; she thought she would get smarter by wearing them. Due to the fact that she is rather naïve, she is tricked by Miyako Miyazaki into joining the club, thinking that Kendo will help her improve her studies. Satori is comically clumsy, as demonstrated in the ending sequences and some of the previews in the anime.

She plays the position of Vanguard (senpo) in the competition.

(Source: Wikipedia)

Voice Actors
Satou, Rina
Savage, Carrie
Lee, Hyeon Jin
Ponce Trapala, Irene