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Naoki Fujieda (藤枝直樹)

He is the drummer of Trapnest. Like Nobu in Black Stones, he's the "clueless", loud-mouthed member of his band. As with the rest of his bandmates, he's a friend of Yasu. He's a big fan of glam rock bands or musical artists, like David Bowie, and his look is inspired by the glam rock look. He started playing drums when Takumi asked him to be in the music club in high school, thinking that he'd be perfect in him and Reira's band with his blond hair and "Prince"-ly appearance. Naoki was very excited by this idea, thinking he'd get tons of girls and popularity by being in a band. He realized right away that being in a band isn't as easy as he thought. He didn't immediately join Trapnest, and played in a few small bands that never really even had any gigs before joining them.

(Source: Wikipedia)

Voice Actors
Katsu, Anri
Perino, Davide
Lee, Ju Chang
Petriw, Adrian
de Boüard, Vincent

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