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Noein: Mou Hitori no Kimi e
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Isami Fujiwara

Isami Fujiwara is Haruka's friend in the present timespace. He lives with his brother and grandmother, as their parents both died. He appears to be tough on the outside but has a fear for ghosts, and he is constantly nagging Yuu about being a "mama's boy" and never doing anything but study and go to cram school. Yuu and Isami are very close, with Yuu's angsty, doubting nature offset by Isami's laid-back personality.

Isami is also friends with Ai, who has a hidden crush on him. Isami doesn't seem interested at first, since he seems to prefer older women like his teacher. However, there are some hints that he may be growing interested in Ai by the end.

In one future timespace, Isami becomes a delinquent after his grandmother dies and is separated from his brother. After a fight with another gang, he ends up losing an eye while trying to protect his friends, who consequently abandon him. With not much to live for, he was about to put a knife in the guy who slashed his eye, before the present timespace's Yuu came along and told him he was the only one who could save Ai from killing herself. In Karasu's timespace he is a Dragon Knight by the name of Fukurou, who decides to help Karasu protect Haruka just before he is killed by Noein.

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