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Ferio (フェリオ)

Ferio is a warrior whom the Magic Knights first meet in the Forest of Silence. A tough young man wielding a sword taller than he is, he quickly develops a soft spot for Fuu, which by the second season has evolved into love. Never completely honest with others, he made himself difficult for our heroines to trust.

In the anime he gives Fuu a jewelled orb (in the manga series, he gives her a ring identical to the one on his ear. Fuu loses it when the three go home to Tokyo in the first series, but in the second series, when they return, he gives it to her for a second time.) Since he has one identical to it, he uses it to communicate with her throughout the first series.

In the anime's first season, Ferio once pretended to join Ascot, Lord Zagato's child summoner, who set a trap for the Magic Knights using his sound-sensitive monster, Pajero. Also, while the Magic Knights are facing Inouva's true form, Ferio regains his memory from his younger years. He realizes that he was Princess Emeraude's only younger brother, and hears his sister's voice coming from his own orb, telling him how to defeat Inouva. Ferio relays the info to the Knights and they manage to kill their enemy.

In the OVA, he is initially a villain who can summon and control swarms of insects. He appears to have a close relationship with Ascot, and in a twist of his original character, he is the villain who does battle with Fuu. After eavesdropping on Lantis' conversation with Hikaru and the others, he assists Lantis in fighting Cephiro's spirits, and later delivers Lantis' sword to the combined Mashin to help them fight Eagle.

Ferio gets his name from the Honda Civic Ferio, and Ascot's monster from the episode featuring Ferio is named after the Mitsubishi Pajero.

(Source: Wikipedia)

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Brêtas, Francisco
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