Siddall, Brianne

Siddall, Brianne

Alternate names: Brianne Chierighino Siddall, Ian Hawk, Jetta E. Bumpy, Brianne Brozy, Brianne Sidal, Brianne Sidall, Brianne Siddal, Bree Siddall, Jetta Bird
Birthday: Aug 25, 1963
Website: http://www.voiceactor.b...
Member Favorites: 37
Full Name: Brianne Chierighino Siddall
Birthplace: West Virginia, USA

She is most well known for her role as Gaignun Kukai Jr. from the Xenosaga video game series

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TARDISES | Apr 3, 2021 4:23 PM
There's only one role of hers I can claim to be familiar with, and I never finished episode 2 so my only experience of episode 3 is playthroughs of others.

But, since that is still a recognisable role nonetheless, I have to say this

"Sayonara baby!"

watcher257 | Apr 5, 2017 12:43 PM
rokuna (mon colle), remmy, jim, sheyanne, kunkida, mamoru

TakaTempest | Mar 4, 2017 6:42 AM
Jim Hawking ^_^

f4ngy | Jun 16, 2015 3:38 PM
In case anyone hasn't heard yet, Brianne suffered from a work-related injury a few years ago that impacted her ability to voice act. It sounds like she's still in really rough shape and a lot of pain, her recently husband started a fund to help raise money for her medical expenses.

I hadn't heard until the fundraiser was posted to /r/anime so I'm guessing a lot of other fans of hers are unaware that this is going on.

Zadion | Sep 2, 2014 4:49 AM
JAMES HAWKING, YEAH. The entire time I watched Haruhi I knew Kunikida's sounded familiar from somewhere.

NowItsAngeTime | Aug 18, 2014 12:23 AM
I think it's amusing that for any young boy she voices she sounds exactly the same

jarrod0306 | Aug 7, 2013 3:44 PM
Just finished watching Digimon Tamers, loved her voice as Culumon. :)

who_dat_ninja | Jul 26, 2013 3:56 PM
Great boy's voice in Outlaw Star. She's also too cute as Culumon :D WHAT RANGE

AkatsukiUlquiora | Jul 7, 2013 3:07 AM
Finally MAL accept that she was the voice of Nemu took like 4 sends

AkatsukiUlquiora | Mar 14, 2013 3:25 AM
Yes I knew it She The Voice of Takara Nemu (Well his Voice not the puppet)

I found it before anyone else did SWEET

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