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Arc the Lad
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Elk Kowalapule (エルクコワラピュール)

Elc is the protagonist of Arc the Lad II. He is a member of a tribe which has the power to manipulate flames, but his village was destroyed and his family was killed in an attack by the Romalian army, which were searching for the statue of the Spirit of Flame under orders of Andel. After that assault, Elc was taken by them to the “White House,” a laboratory that creates “Chimeras” (human-monster hybrids); after managing to escape from there, he is found by Shu, who takes him in and helps him to become a bounty Hunter. Elc has a sarcastic personality and also has a deep resentment towards Arc as he saw the Silver Noah in the assault of his village, and thus believes Arc was the one who led that operation.

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Voice Actors
Namikawa, Daisuke
Seth, Joshua
Lladó, Carlos

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