Lion "Leon" Magnus

Lion Magnus

Tales of Gekijou
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Tales of the Rays: Everlasting Destiny
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Tales of Crestoria Off Shot Movie
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Tales of Destiny
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Tales of Destiny: Director's Cut - Hakanaki Toki no Lion
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Tales of Destiny: Kami no Me wo Meguru Yabou
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Lion Magnus (リオン・マグナス)

Leon Magnus is a master swordsman of Seinegald - at age 16 the youngest in history to serve the kingdom, and a close associate of Hugo Gilchrist, the president of the powerful Oberon Company. A complex and slightly brooding character, Leon's agile Swordian is Chaltier. Using fast attacks and spells that can devastate, Leon does not waste time or effort in battle.


Voice Actors
Midorikawa, Hikaru