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Megumi Kurogane (鉄 恵)

This mumbling asocial girl has the ability to set up force fields around herself with her Gate of Walls (Gate of Steel in other translations). Megumi has a secret loathing for Ruriko — she is bitterly jealous of Ruriko's wealth, intelligence and popularity (which contrasts with her own state of living, being a delivery girl for a noodle shop) and hates it when Ruriko outshines her without seeming to put forth any effort. She is a member of A.E.G.I.S. but does not appear to be particularly interested in socializing with her fellow Gate Keepers. She eventually joins Reiji and the Invaders when Reiji promises to 'recognize her true abilities.' She gains a Minus Gate, the Gate of Invasion (which allows her to invade into the minds of others), but Reiji betrays her when Ruriko becomes good again. Megumi replaces the role of Misao from the game though it should be noted whilst both characters share the same gate they both have very different personalities. Her Gate color is green.

(Source: Wikipedia)

Voice Actors
Aikawa, Rikako
Ja Lee, Patricia
Marlot, Frédérique