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Karin Maaka (真紅 果林)

Birthday: October 13, 1987
Height: 152 cm
BWH: 89-52-77
Race: Unvampire (anime), Spring of Psyche (manga)

The protagonist of the show. Karin is a "blood-producing" vampire. Rather than needing to acquire blood from humans, her body produces too much blood instead (polycythemia). To make matters worse, her blood levels increase dramatically whenever she senses unhappiness in those around her, or if she gets embarrassed about something. This results in frequent nosebleeds, followed by anemic symptoms such as light-headedness, which causes frequent visits to the school nurses office so she can rest. She does not suck blood from her "victims"; rather, she injects her surplus into them instead. This has the effect of making her victims very lively and positive.



(Source: Wikipedia, Chibi Vampire Wikia)

Voice Actors
Yahagi, Sayuri
Curto, Chelsea
Mun, Seon hui

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