Karina "Blue Rose" Lyle

Karina Lyle

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Tiger & Bunny Movie 1: The Beginning
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Tiger & Bunny
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Tiger & Bunny
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Tiger & Bunny: The Beginning
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Karina Lyle (カリーナ・ライル/ブルーローズ)

Hero TV considers her to be the Idol Superstar of the hero world. Her costume includes crystal nails and freezing liquid guns. It also includes advertising for Pepsi NEX, a zero calorie Pepsi available in Japan developed by Suntory.

Early in the show, Karina becomes unsure of her direction as a hero, claiming she had only become one as a stepping stone to her ambition for a singing career. Kotetsu speaks with her following one of her piano performances, urging her to do what makes her happiest.

(Source: Tiger Bunny Wikia)

Voice Actors
Wahlgren, Kari
Kotobuki, Minako
Marot, Sarah