Kuroshitsuji: Book of Murder
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Arthur (アーサー)

Arthur is an unknown writer and a relatively inexperienced eye doctor who had served aboard a ship for some time.

In 1889, he receives a letter invitation to the Phantomhive manor, at a party with numerous people of renown stature. The earl appears to be fond of one of Mr Wordsmith's published writings in a relatively obscure magazine, that being the sole reason for his invitation.

Arthur's character is based on the famous writer Arthur Conan Doyle, who gave life to the now most famous detective Sherlock Holmes. He has a steadfast sense of justice and a cool, analytical mind. He has a habit of jotting down notes in the cuffs of his clothing for reference in his novels.

Voice Actors
Asanuma, Shintaro
Jaffe, Taliesin
Dawn-Claude, René