Milinda "The Elite Princess" Brantini

Milinda Brantini

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Milinda Brantini (ミリンダー・バンティニー)

Age: 14
Sex: female
Place of Birth: Unknown
Height: 1.55 m
Weight: 39 kg
Hair color: blonde
Eye color: sky blue
Body size: 79/56/80(cm)
Belongs: 37th C.M.B.
Post: Elite

Milinda is the pilot of the Legitimate Kingdom's Heavy Object "Baby Magnum", a first generation Object. After being saved by Qwenthur and Havia, Milinda quickly befriends the two soldiers and happily provides whatever support she can to their missions within Baby Magnum. It is also hinted that she has a crush on Qwenthur.

Voice Actors
Tipton, Alexis
Suzuki, Eri
Tkotsch, Sarah