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"Sweet JP"—a nickname earned for JP's personality and retro style, though most likely from a refusal to mount any form of weapons or upgrades on his race car. Seemingly, the only advantages of JP's car, the TRANSAM 20,000, are Frisbee's modifications and the Old man's mechanical skills.

One of two human racers to qualify for REDLINE, though through unusual circumstances (default and popular demand). An ambitious and talented racer, JP pushes his driving skill and soul to their limits when he feels the time is right, throwing an extravagant show whilst putting his body and vehicle on the line for the ultimate racing experience.

(Source: Wikipedia)

He's 28 years old and 281.94 cm tall according to the police report shown on TV before the race.

Voice Actors
Seitz, Patrick
Kimura, Takuya
Löwenberg, Jaron
Crisafi, Gianluca
Nouel, Antoine

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