Minami Iwasaki

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Minami Iwasaki (岩崎 みなみ)

Birthday: September 12
Handedness: Left handed
Lives in: Den-en-chōfu, Tokyo
Blood Type: A
Strong subjects: PE
Hair color: Mint-green
Eye color: Blue
Voiced by: Miyu Matsuki (drama CD & video game), Minori Chihara (anime)

Minami is a very quiet girl who does not show much emotion, hence her being often mistaken for being cold, but she is very kind at heart. She comes from a wealthy family, and she lives across the street from Miyuki Takara. She owns a very large white dog and has a parasol in her yard. Minami was admitted to Ryōō Gakuen High School along with Yutaka whom she met during the admissions exam and is also in her class. Minami is the class health officer. Afterwards, she helped Yutaka go to the nurse's office when she became sick. Once there, she gave Yutaka her handkerchief. Minami has short hair and her eyes are slightly slanted upward. She is very slender, though she is worried about her small chest size. She gets along with Miyuki since they have similar tastes and are from the same neighborhood. Minami likes to read books and play the piano.

Voice Actors
Chihara, Minori
Ruff, Michelle
Kim, Seon Hye

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