Fabiola Iglesias

Fabiola Iglesias

Black Lagoon: Roberta's Blood Trail
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Fabiola Iglesias (ファビオラ・イグレシアス)
Fabiola is a young maid in the employ of the Lovelace family. She is one of the maids who work as Roberta's subordinates, and the only other combat-trained person among the maids apart from Roberta herself. In combat, she prefers to use two MAG-7s that were given to her by Roberta as well as a pump action China Lake NATIC (Mistakenly refered to as anEX 41 grenade launcher in the Manga). She also has heel blades concealed in her shoes.

Fabiola first appears in the same bar, The Yellow Flag, that Roberta met the Lagoon crew in, panicking everybody with her resemblance to Roberta. However, unlike Roberta, her suitcase is revealed to be filled with lollipops and a lunchbox with Scooby Doo and Ranger Smith on it. She is currently helping Garcia search for Roberta. She is something of a comic relief when compared with Roberta (whom she calls "head housemaid" with the utmost respect), as she is little, carries her grenade launcher concealed in her outfit, and is often prominent in humorous situations; such as her height, being picked up like a bratty little kid, to being made fun of her breast size.

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Chan-Kent, Shannon
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