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Keiko (恵子)
A friend of Roxanne's that was bullied in school. In the manga, she is bullied by Tamaki in school, and almost ended up dating The Rigani for money so she could pay off the bullies. Roxanne steps in to stop her, which leads to The Rigani fighting Mantaro Muscle. In the anime, she appears with Roxanne and Trixie (as Tamaki is known in the anime) during the Tel Tel Boy fight, and in the same episode, Mantaro mistakes Roxanne calling out to Kiki (as Keiko is known in the anime) as cheering. During Mantaro's fight with Check Mate, Keiko realizes the one vote called in for Mantaro was by Rinko, which Rinko denied. Along with Roxanne and Tamaki, Keiko cheers on Team AHO for the majority of the anime and manga. She is the second hostage up for grabs in the Poison Six Pack saga, and she is saved by Dik-Dik Van-Dik and Wally Tusket, with Seiuchin catching her.


Voice Actors
Nonaka, Ai
Vulcano, Monica
Williams, Kerry