Ieyasu "Matsudaira Takechiyo, Toshou Daigongen" Tokugawa

Ieyasu Tokugawa

Sengoku Basara
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Sengoku Basara Ni
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Sengoku Basara Movie: The Last Party
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Sengoku Basara Movie: 4-Koma Gekijou - Another Last Party
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Sengoku Basara: Judge End
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Gakuen Basara
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Sengoku Basara Ranse Ranbu
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Sengoku Basara 3: Roar of Dragon
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Ieyasu Tokugawa (徳川 家康)

The third of the Three Unifiers. Although small in size, he makes it up with his trust over his generals as well as his control over his most prized general (or creation), Honda Tadakatsu. Wields a bladed staff in Maeda Toshiie's style. In Sengoku Basara 2, Honda Tadakatsu's Story Mode has Ieyasu being kidnapped again and again by the other characters (in fact, usually in front of Tadakatsu just after he has saved Ieyasu from the previous kidnapping), which results in Tadakatsu going on various journeys to rescue him, this is sometimes credited to Ieyasu's experience of being a hostage of Imagawa when he goes by the name Matsudaira Takechiyo (he is referred as Takechiyo in Tadakatsu's story mode). He is playable in Sengoku Basara 2 Heroes; his Basara includes summoning Tadakatsu to the field and have him perform his Basara. Sengoku Basara 3 had his design revamped into an older and taller version of himself and fights with brass knuckles.

Voice Actors
Ookawa, Tooru
O'Brien, Liam
Masuda, Toshiki
Rausenberger, Emmanuel
Rotolo, Andrea
Zieschang, Philipp

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