Shugo "Kite" Kunisaki

Shugo Kunisaki

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Shugo Kunisaki (国崎秀悟)

Shugo Kunisaki is a player who wins a special chibi version of Kite's avatar in a contest developed by Aura. He originally believes himself to have outgrown video games, but after winning the character along with his sister, Rena, who won a version of BlackRose's avatar, the two join the game. He lacks planning skills and is incapable of turning down the requests of others. He is given a version of Kite's Twilight Bracelet by Aura that does not harm humans. Aura's plan is to motivate Shugo by allowing him to be a hero, after meeting and talking to him using another player's character in the past.

Voice Actors
Minagawa, Junko
Papenbrook, Bryce
Schlauch, Daniel
Prato, Mercedes
Nguyen, Alexandre
Bock, Fernanda
Portuguese (BR)