Gokuu Jr. Son

Dragon Ball GT
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Dragon Ball GT: Gokuu Gaiden! Yuuki no Akashi wa Suushinchuu
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Gokuu Jr. Son (孫悟空Jr)

Son Gokuu Jr. is Son Gokuu's great-great grandson (Pan's grandson). Just like his great grandfather Son Gohan at a young age Gokuu Jr. is very timid, and would run away from situations like being bullied. He would not do anything to retrieve what was stolen from him. He is seen once at the end of Dragon Ball GT, fighting in what may be the 64th Tenka-ichi Budoukai against a distant descendant of Vegeta's, Vegeta Jr. He also appears in the final Dragon Ball Special, A Hero's Legacy, in which he meets Gokuu. He might be only 1/16th Saiyan and has the power to become Super Saiyan, even with his diluted Saiyan blood.

His gi resembles Gokuu's, with the exception of having blue pants and a teal shirt underneath his vest (though in the finale of Dragon Ball GT, he wore Gokuu's preserved, ancient gi). Gokuu Jr.'s hair is in the same style, shape and form of Gokuu's. His hair and eye color are both black. His headband is red, which makes it resemble the headband Bardock wore before he took on Frieza to defend the Saiyan race from eradication. His skin color resembles Son Gohan's; milky white or very lightly tanned. The only notable difference between him and Gokuu and/or Goten is his face, which more resembles his mother's side of the family.

Voice Actors
Nozawa, Masako
Scianca, Patrizia
Lecordier, Brigitte
Torres, Laura
Lippai, László
Bezerra, Úrsula
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Nadolny, Stephanie
Grinberg, Itan
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