Shen "Kami, Hero"


Dragon Ball
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The alias that Kami enters the 23rd Tenkaichi Budokai under. He possesses the body of a typical nerdy-looking guy to disguise himself so that he can defeat Piccolo (Ma Jr.) under the public eye. His name is a pun on the first part of the Earth dragon's name, Shenlong, and it means "God" (the second part means "dragon"). Kami enters the budokai with his soul in the body of a nerd in order to defeat Piccolo. Kami does this because Mr. Popo told Son Goku that if Piccolo dies so does Kami so Kami is afraid Goku will not kill Piccolo. Kami tries to defeat Piccolo using the "Mafaba" but it back fires and Shen is nearly caught in a bottle, but Kami refuses to sacrifice the human and leaves the body before it is caught. The human awakens with no memory of the events and finds himself receiving cheers of "good fight" and "nice try" from the crowd. Believing that he had gone on a severe alcoholic (sake) binge, he flees in embarrassment, only to run into his son, who is so proud of his dad, the great warrior.

Voice Actors
Aono, Takeshi
Sabat, Christopher
Laffey, Luiz
Portuguese (BR)
Tomé, Jorge
Machado, Nelson
Portuguese (BR)
Legrand, Eric