Benvolio de Frescobaldi

Benvolio de Frescobaldi

Romeo x Juliet
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Romeo x Juliet
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Benvolio de Frescobaldi (ペンヴォーリオ・ド・フレスコバルディ)

Romeo's best friend. He dislikes fighting, is often the voice of reason for Romeo, and is one of the few people who cares about Romeo's well-being. He and his family are later stripped of their nobility and go into hiding with the help of Juliet and her friends. Because of his status as a noble, he also has little experience with manual labor, and Curio gives him shelter rather reluctantly. He later tells Romeo about the assassination attempt and tells him he'll be waiting for the day he becomes the Duke who'll save Neo Verona.

He also takes care of Curio's house after he runs away, giving shelter to Cordelia and (apparently) Antonio after the assassination fiasco. At first Cordelia treated him somewhat like a child because of how he was unable to do menial work due to his lack of experience, despite that it seems she's developing feelings for him. The couple happily wed and later have a child by the end of the series.

Voice Actors
Tachibana, Shinnosuke
Novara, Renato
Michael Teague, Sean
Előd, Álmos
Bang, Seong Jun
Wilhelm, Marc
Blümel, Sandro