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Tokiya Mikagami (水鏡 凍季也)

Age: 16
Blood Type: A
Birthday: November 13
Zodiac Sign: Scorpio

Tokiya is a second year student at Nashikiri High School, and he wields the madogu Ensui ("Dark Water"), a sword that utilizes water to create its blade and is capable of creating and controlling all three states of water (liquid, solid and gas). He is often referred to as by his last name, though his companions have made up nicknames for him, such as "Mi-chan" or "Mi-bo".

Despite the difference in his age in the anime and manga, Tokiya wanted to take Yanagi from Recca because she looks exactly like his sister, Mifuyu Mikagami, who was murdered in front of his eyes when he was young. He uses the Hyomon Ken style which was developed specifically for the Ensui and the Hyoma En (a madogu that also controls water, but focuses more on water in its solid form). Tokiya joins forces with Recca in attempting to rescue Yanagi from Mori Koran's mansion, and he continues to be part of their team throughout the rest of the series.

Tokiya in both the anime and manga is initially portrayed as callous and aloof; often insulting his teammates' abilities and intelligence. He is protective of Yanagi, who closely resembles late sister, and he is shown to be interested in her romantically in the manga. Other characters have often praise Tokiya for his intellect and composure during battle, with some going as far as to say that he might be the strongest Hokage member when it comes to normal battles. Another characteristic of his that makes him stand out among his teammates is the fact that he is more ruthless and cruel than the rest, a fact recognized by both Kurei and Mikoto, who both act as antagonists throughout most of the manga.

Certain characteristics in Tokiya's personality and appearance are different in the anime series as opposed to the manga and games. His hair is light blue in the manga and games, and brown in the anime series. In the booklet accompanying the Flame of Recca Original Soundtrack Vol. 2 CD, his age is listed as 17, while the filler page in the manga states that he is 16 years of age. Apart from these differences, Tokiya's character development in the anime is not as obvious as it is in the manga, wherein he becomes more open to emotions other than his desire for vengeance towards the end of the series. Tokiya attributes this change to his encounter with Kai, a fellow Hyomon Ken practitioner, and his friends.

Voice Actors
Midorikawa, Hikaru
Asano, Mayumi
Kim, Min Seok
Luhning, Ryan

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