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Lady Armaroid

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Lady Armaroid (アーマロイド・レディ)

As Cobra's long-time partner in adventure, Lady represents the serious half of the duo. She and Cobra share an unspoken but deep trust, and each always comes through to the other's aid in times of need. Lady is a top-class Armaroid, a mechanical being whose manufacture was based on advanced technology recovered from the ancient lost civilization of Mars. She possesses superhuman strength but does not carry a weapon and is rarely involved in direct physical combat. When Cobra is off on adventure, Lady typically supports him as the pilot of their spaceship Tortuga.

(Source: Wikipedia)

Voice Actors
Takayama, Minami
Sakakibara, Yoshiko
Henning, J.C.
Jeru, Gabrielle
García Valero, Concha
Pereira, Silvia Suzy
Portuguese (BR)
Dourlens, Laurence
Volle, Danielle

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