Liselotte "Rikka Minamoto" Cretia

Liselotte Cretia

Seirei Gensouki
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Liselotte Cretia ( リーゼロッテ=クレティア)

Liselotte Cretia is the youngest child and the only daughter of Duke Cretia Family, a prominent Noble household on Galwark Kingdom. She is the top most sought noble daughter in the whole country.

She graduated from the royal academy by skipping grade several times, build a business that grow into an international enterprises famous in neighboring countries, become a governor and develop a city that she got from her parents into one of the most prosperous city in the kingdom, all while she still just 15 years old.

(Source: Seirei Gensouki Wiki)

Voice Actors
Touyama, Nao
Yokobori, Jenny
du Bled, Marie
Ortiz, Verania
Capella, Monalisa
Portuguese (BR)