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Suguru Getou (夏油 傑)

Age: 27
Birthday: February 3, 1990
Height: over 180 cm (5'11")
Hair: Black
Eyes: Purple (Manga), Brown (Anime)
Grade: Special Grade
Favorite food: Zaru soba served on a woven bamboo tray.

Suguru is a tall, slim, and muscular man with long black hair partially tied up in a man bun while the rest drapes down his back. He has thin black eyes and bangs that occasionally cover the left eye. His earlobes are large enough to fit fairly large circular earrings. In 2006, Suguru's hair was much shorter as a student, most of it tied up but his bangs were still as prominent. After August 2007 when Suguru became a curse user, his hair began to grow longer and reflect the length it is in 2017. As a student, Suguru wore a normal jujutsu high uniform. While masquerading himself under the facade of a Buddhist priest, Suguru dons the appropriate attire. He sports a gold-colored kāṣāya garment over black yukata robes. His monk attire is completed with white tabi socks and zōri sandals.

Suguru Geto hated non-sorcerers, usually referring to them as "monkeys". He felt sorcerers are the superior race and humanity's next stage of evolution. He was smug and extremely condescending towards normal humans, using fake personas to lure in vulnerable people who were cursed. Suguru found non-sorcerers disgusting enough to spray himself in order to disinfect the "monkey stench". He believed monkeys only have two roles in association with him, money-collecting monkeys and curse-collecting monkeys. If they weren't fulfilling their roles, Suguru would gladly allow curses to kill them without any remorse.

(Source: DebatesJungle Wiki and Jujustu Kasien Wiki)

Voice Actors
Sakurai, Takahiro
Lang, Lex
Strempler, Christian
Le Minoux, Martial
Maestroni, Omar
Santana, Wesley
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