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Cheza (チェザ)

Cheza is the Flower Maiden, a girl who was artificially created from a Lunar Flower by the noble Darcia the First using the lost art of alchemy. First appearing in a state of suspended animation within a scientific research lab, she was awakened by the smell of wolf's blood spilled in the brief fight between Tsume and Kiba. After the wolves steal her away, she is pursued by various other characters, forcing the pack to protect her constantly. She shares a special bond with the wolves and is the key to finding Paradise.

(Source: Wikipedia)

Voice Actors
Lynn, Sherry
De Bortoli, Federica
Lee, Yong Sin
Ogasawara, Arisa
Turba, Magdalena
Rivero, Yensi
Kwan, Andrea
Lima, Márcia Regina
Portuguese (BR)
Orra, Ana
Charpentier, Célia

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