Crow "The Blackbullet, Big Brother Crow, Trick Star" Hogan

Crow Hogan

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Yu☆Gi☆Oh! 5D's
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Crow Hogan (クロウ・ホーガン)

Age: 17 (Dark Signer Arc), 18 (WRGP), 19 (Team 5Ds Future), 27 (finale timeskip)
Birthday: September 6
Height: 174 cm
Weight: 56 kg

In Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's
Crow Hogan is one of Yusei Fudo's close friends from Satellite and is also a D-Wheeler. Born in Satellite, Crow too lost his parents in the Zero Reverse accident that caused the split between Satellite and Neo-Domino City. He roamed around and took care of himself for the first couple of years of his life before he discovered Duel Monsters cards and making friends in the process, including Yusei Fudo and Jack Atlus. Later, he met and was good friends with Robert Pearson and Bolger until Pearson's death, when Crow later lost contact with Bolger. Not too long afterwards, Team Satisfaction—the dueling team founded and formed by Kiryu Kyosuke—was disbanded. Crow, being the first to abandon the group, devoted his time to taking care of Blackbird—his D-Wheel that Robert Pearson left behind for him—and taking care of the orphans. He does not actually appear in 5D's until S2 (Season 1 Arc 2), where he is seen robbing the Security Warehouse. The various markers on his face give an impression that he is a thief who constantly gets caught caught by Security. However, he is considered to be the "Robin Hood" of 5D's, where he steals Duel Monsters cards in order to give them to the underprivileged children in Satellite whom he looks after in order to distract them from the despairs of shunned city.

In Yu-Gi-Oh! Arc-V
A Duelist riding a D-Wheel, Crow lives in the slums of City, where he takes care of three orphans. Crow has a similar personality as his 5D's version. He deeply cares for the children he looks after and got angry at Security when they approached them. He also respects those who protect children, telling Yuya Sakaki that he was impressed with him protecting Reira whilst dueling Security. He opposes them stealing when he got angry at Frank and Tanner for stealing and likewise when he was arrested, he told the children not to steal. He dislikes the Tops, seeing them as repressive and unfair, he views Jack Atlas, the Duel King who ascended from the Commons to the Tops as a traitor and urged Yuya to crush him during their Riding Duel.

Voice Actors
Asanuma, Shintaro
Zanandrea, Federico
Kumode, Robson
Portuguese (BR)
Wayland, Tom
Ringelheim, Aurélien
Petrick, Dirk
Levy, Gadi
Adams, Clay
Guillaume, Émilie