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Glemy Toto (グレミー・トト)

Gender: Male
Genetic Type: Newtype
Era: Universal Century
Birthdate: July 6, 0071
Deathdate: January 15, 0089
Age: 17
Hair: Blonde
Eye: Blue
Love Interest(s): Roux Louka
Nationality: Side 3, Principality of Zeon
Affiliation: Neo Zeon, Glemy Faction
Occupation: Mobile Suit Pilot, Leader of Glemy Faction
Mobile Weapons: AMX-107 Bawoo, NZ-000 Queen Mansa

Glemy Toto is rumored to be a descendant of the Zabi family. He is the creator of the Ple series. His humble beginnings as a pilot under Mashymere Cello are quickly over shadowed by his rise to power. Honorable, chivalrous, and all around goofy, he is a capable commander that believes in the idea of Zeon, though not necessarily its current leadership.

Along the way, Glemy also falls in love with A.E.U.G. pilot Roux Louka, though this affection is one-sided as Roux cannot stand him.

(Source: The Gundam Wikia)

Voice Actors
Kashiwakura, Tsutomu