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Ellyse Aldomordish

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Ellyse Aldomordish
The target of Lord Guizel's search, Ellyse Aldomordish had escaped the gravity belt complex with the aid (and ultimate sacrifice) of her father, Nalderof Aldomodish. Her last twelve digits of her D.N.A. sequence, decoded using the BRG method, is the code to unleashing the Gravity Destruction Ray, a potent weapon created from one of the gravity belts which could destroy the island colony.

When she was first rescued by Tita, she was more than a little bashful, even when Tita invited her to the Cha-Cha Maru's bathhouse (and VERY embarrassed when Tita accidentally fondled her when she helped her undress for that bath). However, as time when on, she began to trust her. However, in the end, Ellyse decided to go back to the colony to continue her father's work.

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Voice Actors
Grant, Tiffany
Shiina, Hekiru
Leurquin, Sabrina