Hanamaru Kunikida

Hanamaru Kunikida

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Love Live! Sunshine!!
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Hanamaru Kunikida (国木田 花丸)
Age: 15
Birthday: March 4
Blood type: O
Height: 152 cm
BWH: 83-57-83
Hobbies: reading
Skills: solo singing (member of choir)
Food likes: oranges, anko (sweet bean paste)
Food dislikes: milk, noodles

A first year student, the daughter of a family who's run a nearby temple for generations. A fan of reading, she has a deep fondness for Japanese literature. She's also a gifted singer, earning her a spot in the choir. Gentle and caring to those around her, but often finds herself going in circles anyway.

(Source: Official website)

Voice Actors
Haseney, Tina
Shipman, Megan
Takatsuki, Kanako