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Gadem (ガデム)
During the One Year War, Gadem is sent by Dozle Zabi to resupply Char Aznable's Musai after a failed reconnaissance mission at Side 7. Their ships rendezvoused at Luna II.

Unfortunately, they were detected by the crew of the White Base. White Base sent out Amuro Ray in the RX-78-2 Gundam and Ryu Jose in the FF-X7 Core Fighter to destroy the ship. The two went around the ships so that the sun was behind them, rendering the Gundam and the Core Fighter invisible.

While the Musai and Char fended off the attacks, Gadem attempted to unload as many supplies as possible before his ship was destroyed. He managed to escape however, in his MS-05 Zaku I. Gadem tried to destroy the Gundam without weapons to avenge his honor despite the warnings of Char, but the Gundam manages to destroy his Zaku I.

Voice Actors
Dobson, Michael
Mizutori, Tetsuo
Alessandro, Bruno