The "Lalo" Landlord

The Landlord

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The Landlord
The Landlord (a.k.a. Lalo) (Ōya), born 1970) and is a bald, blue-skinned creature with a head shaped like a daikon radish. He is Milk's landlord. As Milk is perpetually over six months behind on her rent, he continually tries to get payment from her. However, whenever he tries to get the rent, she does or says something that shocks or tricks him, causing him to run back across the ladder to his own home. He is also anxious, as he once thought he lost his "purse," but shortly finds it after making a racket over it. The landlord has admitted to being a homosexual in the Japanese version of episode 9, "Financial Decay Peninsula". His homosexuality is openly referred to in more than one episode.

Voice Actors
Mungle, Rob