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Emma Guzman (エマ・グスマン)

Emma Guzmán is a Makai Priestess who acts alone. She is a smart and bold person, seeing how she voluntarily lets herself be known as 'witch,' physically beaten up, and then locked up so as to get into the enemy's lair. She is also rather brash, as despite her harsh predicament at the hands of her captors, she remains calm and never stops mouthing off.

She wields a retractable monomolecular wire contained in a gun-shaped spindle, both a weapon in physical combat as well as a magic focus.

Despite being a Makai Priestess, she is shown to be very adept at physical combat. She also shows some recognition of León's markings and their meaning. Emma adopts a playful and teasing, yet concerned attitude towards the boy, deeply shocked and apologetic when she causes him to reveal he is still a virgin. Emma exhibits some distaste towards Makai Knights in general for reasons unknown as of yet. Nevertheless, she comes to the aid of León's company time and again, and is on good terms with them.

(Source: Wikipedia)

Voice Actors
Park, Romi
Rial, Monica

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