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Yu☆Gi☆Oh! 5D's
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Lua (龍亞)

Lua, along with his twin sister Luca, aid Yusei Fudo and Team 5D's. They both look up to Yusei and see him as a hero. The twins care deeply for each other despite their bickering and would do anything for each other. Together they live in the Tops, mostly by themselves as their parents are always on business trips. Lua is the older twin and spends much of his time looking out for Luca.

Although he is young, he runs into harsh duels without hesitation and with complete bravery. Lua is lively, loud mouthed, and a blundering boy. He is often the comic relief of team 5D's, he is often cracking jokes and acting like a goofball. However, he loves Luca with all his heart and would give absolutely anything to protect her despite never being of much use. Jack Atlas is his biggest inspiration and he wishes to be just like him when he grows up.

Voice Actors
Horanai, Ai
Stevens, Eileen
Wietzorek, Luisa
Morris, Cassandra Lee
Richter, Soraya
Correa, Alexandra
Novara, Renato
Martins, Gabriel
Portuguese (BR)