Kureha "Kurechin" Tsubaki

Kureha Tsubaki

Yuri Kuma Arashi
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Kureha Tsubaki (椿輝 紅羽)

Hair: platinum blonde
Eyes: indigo blue
Age: 16-17
Class: 1-A

Daughter of Reia and a Matagi hunter.

In the manga, she is a transparent high school girl. She's not really transparent, she doesn't leave much of an impression. From time to time, she sees this "dream" over and over again. Seeing the same human girl in a bear costume. One day, she assumes that one of her classmate is truly a bear. She became friends with Yurishiro Ginko. She was bullied by her classmate as kids. After taking off her hair-tie and glasses, her classmates notices her changes and goes on friendly terms with Tsubaki.

In the anime, her mother was mauled by a bear eleven years ago. Since then, Tsubaki hated bears and will pledge to kill every one of them at her sight. Her only true friend and lover, Izumino Sumika, was also mauled by a bear. She does not want to be anyone's friend ever and will never join the "Invisible Storm." When she met two new transferred students, her attitude softens over time for them.

Voice Actors
Tipton, Alexis
Yamane, Nozomi

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