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Chooki Mason (蜂須賀チュウキ)

Chooki has a calm disposition. He is the best athlete of the team and always looks forward to a challenge.

He can transform into Lydendor. He describes himself as "Tenkai Agility". As Lydendor, he is armed with a short blade that he can wield in melee combat or cause the blade to shoot out on a chain to use it as a flail, and a shield that has three curved blades that he can throw and have it return to him. He is the third to unlock Titan mode, enlarging to twice his normal size and his shield resembles a large shuriken which he uses offensively and defensively.

Voice Actors
Papenbrook, Bryce
Taneda, Risa
Bourlé, Bastien
Käser, Daniel

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