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September 22nd, 2016
This is the Four-hundredth-eighth week of using the "Perfect Anime Girl Sheet". Notice: This Blog may contain Unmarked Spoilers.

*Topaz and Ririchiyo start the blog inside Victorique's library.*

Welcome back everyone! We're here and about to visit the sages in order to find a way to power me up.

: Rika told us to head here, so I hope they're still there. Hey, what do you think she's up to?

She's probably getting drunk at my house or something.

: What if something happens?

That would be awful, but as long as I have you by my side I feel as though I can continue on no matter what!

: Topaz...

...Because this door is heavy and I'm lazy.


*Ririchiyo pounds her fists on Topaz's back, not doing any damage but looking cute.*

Fine then, I'll get it myself!

*Topaz opens the heavy door, grunting to himself as he does so.*

Phew, that was as heavy as expected...

: And look, they're sitting right there in the middle of the room!

: Ugh, more unwanted guests. And it's you, isn't it... Topaz, I believe?

: My dear otouto! I knew you'd find me someday!

*Kazuki runs up and hugs Topaz, knocking him over. Both Ririchiyo and Index are steamed.*

: Topaz! We don't have time for your silly older sister fetish! We have to meet with the other sages!

: Tooouuummmaaaa....

*A loud CRUNCH is heard as the scene fades to black.*


*Topaz loses 5 hp, and when the camera comes back on he's sitting at the table with Ririchiyo and the other sages. He has a bite mark covering most of his face, and Kazuki has her arms wrapped around his shoulders.*

: So you say you came here because you wanted to find a way to power yourself up?

That is exactly what I said in the past five minutes I was explaining.

: Luckily we were able to edit it out. Though I can't believe so much of that was describing Haruka and the other fanservice blogs.

But they were important. ESPECIALLY the butt battles.

: Sounds like Yuuji really likes posteriors. I'm... not that surprised actually, considering he always stared at the secretary but I bet he'll love my big jiggly butt!

: Stop being so perverse, Touma!

: You guys do know that this is "Topaz", right? That's just his abilities at work.

: Stop stealing my fun...

: I'm sure that Kazuki and I both realize it, but I think that Index may be having difficulty realizing it.

I know the perfect way to prove I'm not him.

*Topaz grabs Index's great loli bum.*


See? If I was Touma her outfit would be destroyed.

: You just wanted to fondle her loli tushie, didn't you?

That's just a.. pleasurable side effect.

: Grrr....

*Once again Index starts chomping on Topaz's head, dealing 5 damage once again.*

I suppose that this reaction should have been expected.

: Indeed. So what brings you here to mess up my quiet life even further?

We're here to find out a place where I can get stronger.

: You can get stronger by training with me, my delicious otouto. And by training I mean... Fufufu.

I'm being serious. I ended my training early in order to rescue Ririchiyo and now I regret it as I have to face Aldra without my full power.

*Index releases Topaz.*

: So why don't you go back there?

It was high up in the sky and I don't know if I can get a ride back up there again.

: Ahhh, so you went to the Seat of the Goddess. Fortunately I know exactly where you can go next. You have to travel to the spiritual mountain. There, at the summit, you will be able to get stronger.

That's perfect!

: So the answer is just climb a mountain? What is this, Aikatsu?

: Odder solutions could happen. But now that you've found your path leave us be.

But I have to thank Index somehow.

: I love being thanked! Especially with desserts!

Sadly the only thing that I can do is talk about you in my blog.

: What's a blog?

: He'll talk about you a bit on the internet. I've been a big fan, and you seem like a good willing subject. Though I will hope that you'll do ME next time...

If you're implying the blog, yes. Otherwise Ririchiyo will get mad at me.

: So what, you're going to be staying for TWO WEEKS then?

: Is that alright?

: I suppose so, but I'm against it.

*Index is eating the donuts that Topaz brought.*

: I don't see what the big deal is, these are delicious.

: Were you planning on bribing her with donuts? She's not a human typhoon, you know.

She sure eats like one.

*Index is eating them one after another.*

: MMPHH... Dewicious!

: Chew and swallow before talking. Though speaking of talking, shouldn't you begin?

I will, and as she's given me permission (perhaps through bribery but still) let's turn a page and look at...

Today's girl is:

Toaru Majutsu no Index

: Hey! At least say my entire name!

But it's all long and Latin! Maybe Latin, I don't know languages.

: He barely knows English most of the time. I swear, sometimes you're making words up.

Don't be such a gorblesnarf, Ririchiyo. But yes, if you want to be technical Index's full name is "Index Librorum Prohibitorum". If you're including her magical name it's "Dedicatus545".

: You can't be giving that away willy-nilly!

: Actually it sounds like some chuunibyou video game name when the normal "Dedicatus" was already used. I don't know if there's a special name for that trope or not.

: If it is I bet that the first numbers would be ones like "007" or "420".

: GRRR! If you don't stop delaying the blog I'll bite Topaz more!

Hey! Why are you blaming me?!

: Maybe she wouldn't have to if you'd actually begin...

Fine then, let's get started!

Hair: Index has really beautiful hair. First off it's long and flowing, one of my favorite styles. It even goes past her hips (though fortunately it does not hide her buttshots). Her sides are also long, though sadly they are also thin. As a result you can see Index's ears most of the time, though it's not too terrible. Index's bangs reach her eyes, with a small gap in the middle which doesn't look bad either. On her temples her hair seems to curl upward slightly, though it's hard to tell. Her light blue color is also really pretty. There are also various other hair styles, such as having it up in a bun in the bath, but I like her main look most. Probably the biggest problem is that she wears her habit a lot, and it covers parts of her hair at times. That said, it is a cute hat and overall fits Index's character well.
Grade: A

Eyes: Index's eyes are big and show her emotions really well. They are really cute and adorable, but sadly they are tarame so she does lose a bit there. They are also green, and blue may have been better as it would have been similar to her eyes (though green is close, I suppose). She also has some eyelashes as well. That said, I still really like her eyes. But not as much as...
Grade: B

Face: This area here. I don't know what happened, but Index's face is incredibly appealing to me. As said before Index is really cute and this is definitely her strongest point for me. She has soft-looking cheeks and a rounded chin, giving a great childish look. Childish in a good way, considering she is a loli. She also has a small nose and rosy cheeks, both of which are things I really approve of. She also has a cat smile when happy, and she is also often eating. It, well, it's extremely hard for me to describe how Index's face appeals to me, it just always makes me happy. Oh, and we can't forget about the biting. In the first episode Index made a silly face when eating Touma's hand (the male lead). After that her bites become fiercer, usually leaving bite marks and being offscreen. That said, I do like how it's Index's way of bonding with him as it's not like she'll do that to just anyone.
Grade: A+

Build: Index may be a short, petite loli, but she's extremely appealing. Sadly the only measurement I could find is that she's 148 cm, being about average loli-size. She might be a nun and wear bulky clothing, but the moments she shows off are great. The first example that I continue to think of is in the first opening where she spins in front of the camera while naked and shows off her great loli bum. It's quite big considering her small statue, which is great. There was also the great moment where Touma walks in on her and Orsola taking showers (in separate rooms) and he gets a good look at both from behind or so. Index's legs are nice too, though her tushie is the main thing that appeals to me. To put it bluntly, Index reaches a level few lolis get for me. She's up there with Shana and a few others that have pretty much perfect loli bodies.
That said, she does lose some points due to what occurs in one of the arcs. You see, due to a magical spell everyone in the world swaps bodies. As a result Index somehow gets a guy named Pierce's grown body. She still acts like Index, so Touma continues to beat her up for being disturbing. If curious the one with Index's body was Touma's mother, and as good as the scene where she wears a tiny bikini is body swapping does hurt Index a little bit. Not too much though.
Grade: A-

Chest: Fittingly for a loli Index has a beautiful flat chest. Fortunately the anime isn't selfish and Index gets to show off quite a bit. It does look rather nice, though she like a lot of girls seem to not appreciate her flatness and becomes angry when people point it out.
Grade: B

Clothes: Index is most often seen wearing the Walking Church. That is, a protective white nun's outfit with gold trim. It protects her from injuries, but was quickly destroyed. It's currently being held together by safety pins, though it has lost the defensive properties. Occasionally she'll be nude, such as when her outfit is destroyed (as said just before). Other outfits include a magical girl cosplay, bunny pajamas that she borrowed, a purple bikini as well as a more orange one, a pink swimsuit with a cat ear hoodie, a tiny c-string-like bikini (though as said before this was just her body), a sailor uniform for a disguise, a green cheerleader (boo being used for a nopan joke from the front though), a somewhat miko-like outfit, and a sukumizu-like swimsuit. Overall it's incredibly strong and there may even be more further on in the light novels that haven't been adapted yet.
Grade: A-

Personality: Index is a very cute loli first off. She's very childish, but that makes her endearing rather than annoying. She was raised in a church (the Roman Catholic Church, if I remember correctly) and because of this she gets easily excited about normally-mundane things. She also is a big eater, and seems to enjoy eating more than anything else, Index is usually polite, but does get angered easily (though not without reason either). She also doesn't charge her phone enough, and while that doesn't seem like a big thing a lot of events are troublesome as a result. Also, despite having her name in the title Index really needs more screentime. She's still the main character, at least on the magic side, but her lack of screentime was even referenced in the movie shorts.
As a bit of background Index is named after a list of forbidden books by the church. An actual list, as in real life. This is fitting as it seems that Index has knowledge of 103,000 magical tomes inside her head. The Church didn't want her power to get out of hand so that they had yearly memory wipes. Fortunately Touma changes that, destroying the self-destruct symbol in her mouth. I don't like having memories drained so this is probably her worst part here. Index may not have the magic power to use all of the books, but she's still quite knowledgeable and can use some. For example, one of her most common effects is to take over the opponent's spells using something called "Spell Intercept". She just has to say the commands, though abbreviated to the first letters of each word, to take over the foes spells. She also has an ability called "Sheol Fear" in which the target's mind seems to break down (though that's putting it simply, and it doesn't work if the enemy can't hear it either). She also has a defensive mechanism called "John's Pen" which activates automatically when in trouble. It takes over Index's body and allows her to use her more powerful spells.
All in all Index is a really great girl. And Yuka Iguchi did a really amazing job. It might be a light and high-pitched voice, but I do enjoy it and it suits Index extremely well. Though I will say I like John Pen mode a bit more; it's a deeper voice and she's a bit more blunt and emotionless too. Still, Index surprisingly was one of my favorites from the series, and pretty close to the top as well.
Grade: A

Libido: Index actually has a lot of relationships. For one, prior to the series beginning she seems to have had a past with Stiyl and possibly more (as she had to lose her memories yearly for dumb reasons). She also becomes close friends with Hyouka as well, though not in a romantic way. Of course, the main relationship is with Touma as they're the leads (we'll ignore Mikoto AKA Railgun AKA Failgun AKA Sparkycrotch's rabid fanboys). I would love to see those two get together in the end. In addition Index also lives with Touma too. As said before she gives him a lot of affectionate bites and takes offense when he stares or helps out girls. That said, it's more likely that she's deeply concerned for his safety. She even confessed at one point, making her the only girl to do so (that I know about).
Grade: B

Age: Sadly Index doesn't do too well here. She's 14-15, at least according to my sources (she ages through the series). This makes her younger than her love interest, which is something I'm not too into as well. Nothing wrong here, but it does hurt her a bit.
Grade: C

Total Grades: 83
Average score: 9.2
Final Grade: B+

And that's the blog for this week!

: Well at least she-TOPAZ!

What? You don't need to shout into my ear you know.

: How dare you score another loli higher than me? A-are you going to replace me?

*Riri goes into a corner of despair while Index puts her hands on her hips and makes a smug laugh.*

: Oh ho ho! Seems like he prefers me over you!

It's just a result of me appreciating flat chests more now. You'd probably get at least five more points over your previous score.

: Curse you and your previous mamocentric ways!

I know, I was a real gorblesnarf back then.

: Please tell me you won't try to make that catch on, Topaz. You're trying too hard.

*Kazuki starts hugging Topaz once again.*

: Well, since the little girl's blog is done how about you do me next!

Fine by me, but it'll be next time.

: Boo making me wait. Though I'll make sure that the week will be "memorable"...

: Hey! No hanky-panky or horseplay!

: Finnneeee.... *sighs*

Since we found out who the girl is I'm sure that you guys are looking forward to it. Catch you all next time!

: *sigh* Seems like you'll be loitering around here next week too. When am I even going to find peace?!
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September 15th, 2016
This is the Four-hundredth-seventh week of using the "Perfect Anime Girl Sheet". Notice: This Blog may contain Unmarked Spoilers.

: And sometimes he spoils plot and whole blogs!

Shhh, don't ruin the tension! Anyway we're here with Rin and Priscilla.

: That's us!

: I'm sure he knows that, bonehead.

: Don't call me a bonehead! And anyway I was just trying to tell the audience.

Are we sure that those two are on the same team?

: Teammates fight all the time. But I do think that they were recruited against their will.

: We were, but that doesn't mean that I'll bend over for the likes of you!

How horrible!... Can Rin?

: Stop staring at my tushie, pervert!

I didn't hear a "no".

: TOPAZ! Stop that!

Sorry Ririchiyo, I should know better.

: That's very accepting of you and-

I should only stare at your wonderful behind.

: That isn't what I meant!

: A-HEM. As charming as this little comedy routine is, I'd much rather force you into a competition.

I guess I won't be getting out of this one as easy as I did with Rin's wind.

: Leave my wind out of this!

: Yeah, keep her wind for Zettai! (wait, I can't make juvenile jokes like that. I'm supposed to be the MATURE one here!)

So what is the test you're going to have me do?

: A race! Or a battle race to be more specific.

Battle... Race? What's that?

: A battle where we race... How much clearer do you need me to be, sheesh!

: Sorta like in Mario Kart.

Ah, I see then. And seems like Rin already has her balloons inflated.

: Stop staring at my buttocks! How many times do I have to tell you?!

As many as you need to notice that significant hole.

: I don't have a hole... *checks and panics.* KYAAAHHH! Why didn't anyone tell me?!

I was thinking it was in bad taste and you'd be embarrassed.

: Insert joke here.

: Anyway, we'll race around and the first one to the finish wins. Any questions?

Yeah. Since this sounds really complex do you mind if we do the blog first?

: Be my guest I guess. It's not like I care or anything.

Well, you heard it from her so let's get looking at this classic girl...

: Man, she MUST be classic. Just look at that older art!

: Most shows were like that back in the 80s so don't blame me.

: Hey wait, why is she in other shows if Topaz has only seen 2040. Isn't that bad?

2040 is a different continuity so it should be fine. But I will say that I'll be focusing on that series more than the others. Though I do guess I should use "Priss" as that's what she's called more often, but oh well.

: Plus it's not like it's the first time Topaz did a blog on a girl he barely knew. And sometimes it wasn't even a girl...

*Riri glares at Topaz.*

My first year shouldn't be used against me as I'll admit that it was awful. But enough delaying, it's time to begin!

Hair: Priscilla has fairly nice hair. I really enjoy the brown color, and having it flow down her back also looks really pretty and wild. It is only to her mid-back but her hair still looks nice. Her sides also go past her shoulders, and it's often somewhat messy-looking with her hair sticking out all over. It fits her character of being a rocker well though. She does have a large gap in her bangs, though she does have a middle bang that's long enough to reach her nose so it's not like she shows her forehead. It looks really cool as well. I suppose that's just talking about the 2040 version, and I do have to comment that I'm not a big fan of the hair-curl the older version has. I guess I didn't watch anime that early so I don't feel nostalgic, but to me it does look sorta odd. Luckily it doesn't hurt her too much as I'm not taking it into consideration.
Grade: B

Eyes: Priscilla also has nice brown eyes, and having the color match always helps. Her eyes are also narrow and somewhat tsurime, which looks simply amazing. It also fits her tough personality as well in addition to my personal tastes. It also seems that Priscilla wears sunglasses at some point, but I sadly cannot remember when that was.
Grade: B

Face: It is somewhat unfortunate about Priscilla's face. It is serious looking, but sadly I don't just mean that she's stoic (that alone would be a good thing). Instead she does have a somewhat realistic face and her nose is sizable (such as in the above image). Her chin is also curved as well, but it does narrow pretty far near the bottom. Not too bad, but not my type of face.
Grade: C+

Build: Priscilla seems to have a fairly athletic body overall. Fitting as she does a lot of combat maneuvers, but still. Her legs look fairly shaply, and she seems to be 173 cm (but I'm unsure). In her suit she may be 190 cm, but that's probably counting the tall ears. Sadly she doesn't have any other measurements that I know about, and sadly I can't remember her butt being too shown off either (and sadly as the show is older there isn't any good way to check).
Grade: B-

Chest: Priscilla seems about average considering the other girls on the show. She's still somewhat busty, but not in any outlandish way and she looks realistic. She does seem to have a lot of cleavage shots, at least in official art. That said, Priscilla will hold a special place in my mind. She has the privilege of being the very first female nipples I saw in anime. Sure, Tenchi Muyo was first but the nudity was edited out, and the Love Hina girls didn't show nudity. And it was a real surprise to see the camera showing her running through the halls in one of the final episodes through her armor. Still, this doesn't mean that she gets too much special treatment from me or the series; it's just an interesting piece of trivia for a girl from a 90s series.
Grade: B

Clothes: Priscilla, at least in the 2040 version, usually wears a red jacket though it hangs on her shoulders rather than having her arms in the sleeves. It does look "cool" but I'm not a fan of that. Under it she wears a black tube top which is rounded over her chest (as opposed to being tight), though in early art she wears a green one instead. On bottom she tends to wear black tight pants with kneepads and tall heeled boots. She's also somewhat known for her fingerless gloves. Priscilla also wears a white and black bodysuit at times, which has exposed shoulders and cleavage. I probably didn't notice how much chest she shows until I started looking closer. Her Knight Saber outfit is a blue mech suit (called a "hardsuit") with red stripes and large antenna on the sides of her head (where her ears would be). When the suits are upgraded they are a lot more revealing, especially of the stomach and... "further down" which embarrasses some of the girls. It doesn't help that they have to concentrate as the goop covers them either. While performing Priscilla wears a red suit with large shoulders and matching pants, though her tube top shows underneath. At one point she also loses a bet and gets put in a somewhat frilly pink dress with a rose on the collar. She has pictures taken in it as well. Finally Priscilla also wears a tank top in casual wear and may wear a lot of necklaces (though it kinda seems more like a zipper at times).
Grade: B-

*Priscilla looks impatient.*

: Can you please STOP talking about my body now?

Can't stop won't stop might stop.

: What the H does that mean?

: All I know is that it's a reference to something only Topaz would understand. He needs to stop doing that.

It's just a let's play joke. But what I mean is that I wouldn't stop talking about it, but now that I'm finished I don't need to any more.

: This is all so confusing.

: He just means that he's moving onto the next area.

Personality: Priscilla is a really cool girl. She's aloof and definitely TDB-like, if she does have shorter hair than most of that type. That doesn't mean that Priscilla doesn't have a temper though, which she can easily lose. This is most seen when she's holding a grudge or takes Boomer attacks (Boomers being mechanical beasts) too personal. She's also the vocalist of a band called "Sekiria" and performs with them. She also drives around on a motorslave, which is a motorcycle with a mind of its own. She's definitely a loner, but as the series goes on and the other girls are more open she starts to open up as well. As far as combat Priscilla is considered a "Heavy Assault"-type of fighter. She fights with her fists in melee as her hardsuit has no ranged options. Still she's often the first one on the scene.
While I did see 2040 first in English I will say I prefer the Japanese VA better. Nothing against Christine Auten, but Yuu Asakawa does a great mature/older sister voice. I wouldn't say that Priscilla is either, but it still fits her TDB personality really well. It was also one of Yuu's first VA roles, only being in the second year she started or so. Overall she's a great girl, and I've probably forgotten one or two things but she's still a great TDB and a cool rocker, which I really like.
Grade: B+

Libido: Priscilla has a fair amount of libido. I don't know for sure, but she is considered to be yuri in the original OVAs. However, this is different from 2040 which is what I'm more familiar with. In it, she is tsundere for Leon who is a police officer that the Knight Sabers butt heads with sometimes. There's also some tease with the Nigel guy, who is a mechanic for her bike.
Grade: B-

Age: It is said that Priscilla was born in 2013. While today that would make her very young, that means that in 2040 she's 27. That's a lot higher than I would have expected (though in the original series, which is set in 2032, she would only be 19). I think that this is just barely past my limits, but do know that she does very well here. And that's if the information I found was correct.
Grade: A

Total Grades: 71
Average score: 7.9
Final Grade: B

And that's the blog for the week.

: GRRR! She still got higher than I did!

: Barely.

: I don't care about my score. All I want is to defeat Topaz.

Well, the blog is over, so I suppose that you can explain things.

: It's simple. We're going to go around the track here, avoiding obstacles and attacks from the other drivers.

Sounds dangerous. But I hope that Rin doesn't mind me riding with her.

: HEY! Why am I the one who you have to ride with?

Because I can't ride by myself and you ride a Suzuki which is the only one who will be able to beat her.

: Well, I can't turn down such a compliment.

: Either Topaz is good at sucking up or his mimicry was activated on pure instinct.

*Priscilla puts on her helmet and straddles her bike.*

: Well? You two had better get ready.

I'm doing so!

: You're lucky that I have an extra helmet.

*She hands it to Topaz.*


*Rin gets on her bike and starts it. Topaz then sits behind her.*

: HEY!

It's just the vibrations.

: Do you mean the bike or her vibrating butt?

N-no comment.

: Grrr, pervert. But I guess I have to see this through. Now, hold on tight.

: And she doesn't mean her biggest "grab points" either. I know you were thinking that!

No I wasn't!... But now I am.


Fine fine.

*Topaz responsibly wraps his hands around Rin's waist.*

Well then, you handle the riding and I'll use items.

: What is this, Double Dash?

Oh, so you do know games other than bike ones.

: Of course! Though I prefer the later Mario Kart games as they have motorcycles.

: Should have known...

: So now are you two done chattering? I've got a race to win!

Wait, before we start there's something we need to know.

: What?

The track...

: What do you mean... OH! I can't believe I forgot that.

*Priscilla takes out a hologram-maker and uses it, creating a 3D model of the city. It then shows the path in blue.*

: This is the path we'll be taking, and there's a lot of item boxes throughout that we will can against each other. Shall we begin?

*Topaz and Rin are on the motorcycle and looking ready, as is Priscilla.*

: Remember, if you or your partner wins I'll let you go.

And if you win?

: I'll take you to Aldra.

: Wait, that's something we want!

In the future, but right now I don't think I'll be able to defeat her. I need to get more powerful.

: And what better way than winning races!

: Grinding on the peninsula of power? (Darn it, why do I know these gaming things!)

: Enough silly references, let's begin!

: Alright then, I'll do the count down.

*Riri gets between the racers as they pull up to a line in the road.*

: On your marks... Get set... GO!

*Both Rin and Priscilla zoom off, the former with Topaz. They go by so fast that Ririchiyo spins as they fly past.*

: Sheesh! Watch where you're going. But now what am I going to do?

*Riri looks over and sees an old bicycle. Meanwhile Rin is leading on Priscilla as they go around the first curve.*

: Alright! Looks like we've got the advantage!

I wouldn't count her out yet, look out!

*Rin barely avoids a boomerang thrown at her by Priscilla.*

: What the heck?! How did she even throw something so big!

Don't question it, it will only make your head hurt.

: Are you calling me dumb?

No, but just don't think of video game logic.

: Grr, I should get an item to fire back at her. Ah, here's a box!

*Rin drives towards the box, but it seems to be rotating the opposite way.*

Wait! No!

*Rin isn't able to change course and smashes into the fake item box. Fortunately it just causes her to spin, but that gives Priscilla time to pass them.*

: Eat my dust, Suzuki!

: That's not my name! And I'll be the one eating my OWN dust, thank you! Wait, that's not what I meant...

Less talking, more driving.

: .. Good plan.

*Rin drives off again. Priscilla is still in the lead as the duo goes past some item boxes, which Rin drives through. Topaz gets a two coins.*

Well that solves my money issue but won't help us in this race!

*The two riders pass another curve. Rin hits an actual item box and gets a green turtle shell.*

: Quick, fire that!

But if we do it now it'll probably just bounce back and hit us. Speed up by going on one wheel!

: Roger!

*Rin does so, with Topaz holding on tight as the two speed forward.*

: Curses! Well, time to fling this!

*Priscilla throws a banana peel with a face on it forward. It doesn't even land in front of Rin and Topaz, meaning they never had to deal with it.*

: That never works! Well, time to speed up myself.

*She performs a wheelie as well, sadly not the Kirby ally though. By the time she catches up Topaz and Rin have lowered their front tire for balance and she brushes by.*

: Hey! She can't just beat us like that!

I know, we have to catch up quickly. The finish line is right there!

*Indeed, all that lies before the end is a straightaway, and the camera zooms in on it.*

: Throw it now, it's our only chance!

Go true, green shell!

*Topaz throws the shell, but Priscilla avoids it and it bounces against the walls. Eventually it comes back and despite trying hard to avoid it Rin hits it. Her tires pop, she skids to a stop, and she's unable to continue.*


*Rin pounds on her handlebars in frustration and covers her head in despair against them.*

: Looks like I have this one in the bag!

*She zooms forward, but a familiar sound is heard.*


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September 8th, 2016
Anime Relations: Bakuon!!, Bakuon!! OVA
This is the Four-hundredth-sixth week of using the "Perfect Anime Girl Sheet". Notice: This Blog may contain Unmarked Spoilers.

Welcome back everyone. For those that are just joining us, this will be a clip show. Just kidding, it's the normal summary.

: Stop referencing terrible shows, especially with what happened this week.

That dumb twist was stupid.

: Like you're one to talk.

Shhh... But anyway, last time I infiltrated Aldra's fortress and managed to save Ririchiyo. However, sadly many of those that I was allied with seem to have been crystallized.

: Also don't forget about the butt battle with Haruka and Airi!

That too, can't forget about that! I'll even show a clip of it!

*The video shows a flashback of Haruka and Airi's jiggly butt battle, but not much as Riri interrupts.*

: Don't get distracted, Topaz!

BUTT they were so jiggly! Speaking of butts where is that girl that we were supposed to do today.

: Girl? OH! She's over there.

*Riri points to the Suzuki rider, who seems to be stuck getting off her bike. She slides off, but the bike falls on top of her.*

???: CURSES!

: That looked like it hurt!

I'll rescue you!

*Topaz lifts up the bike well enough that the girl, who is still wearing her helmet, manages to get out from underneath.*

: Wow, I guess you really have trained. (Wait, he could take that poorly. Apologize this instant or he'll hate you forever!) Sorry.

No need to apologize. But are you alright, mystery helmeted girl?

: You don't need to say things like that. We already know who it is.

Shhh, I like being mysterious.

: You're as mysterious as a fossil. And I don't mean the Helix one either.

???: HEY! I can introduce myself!

*The girl looks uninjured.*

: Stop inspecting her so closely, Topaz.

I can't help it! But looks like her rear airbags deployed!

*Topaz smacks the girl's bum.*

???: KYAH! That's it, I'm revealing myself!

: Don't do that! We aren't on late enough to show nudity!

And the glowing light is painful!

???: Not like that! I mean like THIS!

*The girl removes her helmet.*

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September 1st, 2016
This is the Four-hundredth-fifth week of using the "Perfect Anime Girl Sheet". Notice: This Blog may contain Unmarked Spoilers.

Welcome back everyone! Last time we looked at a great thong-wearing ninja and this week we're looking at a bird-girl!

: That's kinda summing things up in a really simple way.

: It's alright, Papi doesn't need a big introduction. So who is this "bird-girl" you're looking at?

: It's you!

*Ririchiyo points at Papi.*

: EHHH?! What does Papi have to do for this log?

It's blog, not log.

: At least those are close enough that the words can be confused.

Right, and to explain it a bit better I want to talk about you on the internet.

: Inside-nets? Like what Rachnera spins?

Not that sort of net. It involves computers and networks and stuff.

: OH! I play video games on computers! So will Papi be in a game?

Not with my blog, but I think that you're already in the Monster Musume phone game.

: Not that Topaz knows as it isn't in English.

: I see. So who is this "Topaz"?

That's me! Been a while since I've had to introduce myself.

: Usually your powers make the girls recognize you, or they just know you overall either from other characters or read your blog. I'm surprised just by how many fictional characters read it!

Does that include you, Riri?

*Ririchiyo blushes and averts her eyes.*

: N-no! Why would I need to, I'm in them anyway.

I knew it.

: Hey! Weren't you going to pog at Papi!

Well, we were talking and I wasn't sure if you were giving permission.

: Of course I give persimmon!

: I'd give him away too. Always dropping inventory and-Oh, you meant something else. Nevermind.

Enough talking about obscure NES games, it's time to talk about...

Today's girl is:

Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou

*Suddenly the loudspeakers come on and a mature woman is heard.*

: Hmm, is this on?

*Airi, who was leaning against the door frame with her arms folded looks towards the others.*

: Ether!

Hmm? It sounds more like Fasalina. Plus the picture and all.

: Okay, so it is, but Ether was her nickname while she was still mysterious.

: Why do villains like making nicknames for themselves?

Probably to build suspense.

: But it seems really inconvenient for them to remember to call themselves different names and-

*Airi holds up her finger, shushing Ririchiyo.*

: Shh, it seems like she's going to be saying something.

: Ahem, anyway. Topaz! If you're hearing this, come to the Forge Arena. I'll be waiting for you, ufufu...

Sounds sexy!

: Don't fall for her trap! Like you shouldn't fall for traps that you haven't even seen the series of!

Hey, my first year I was still figuring things out. How was I to know that a certain "Happy" trap would be so bad.

: You'd think that all the images with him would be obvious...

Fair point, show hogs do normally get a lot of images. But today we should be talking about Papi and now Fasalina wants me to join her.

: Here's an idea. You and your assistant stay here and I'll go confront Fasalina. She'll probably be glad to see me anyway.

But what will happen if you get captured?

: I won't. But if I do I'm sure that you'll be able to save me. Maybe not immediately, but someday.

: I hope that's not foreshadowing.

Don't worry, I'll defeat Aldra. But for now I have to talk about the bird.

: Bird is the word-Curses, now that song is stuck in my head!

*Airi nods and heads down to the arena as Topaz begins the blog.*

Hair: Papi's hair is one of her weaker areas. The light blue color is nice, and fits well with her personality (though she does have the most "outlandish" hair color of the cast I think). It also matches her feather-color as well. The main problem is the style as her hair is barely shoulder length. I'm not a fan of short hair, but the spiky and wild style fits her as well. Papi has somewhat long bangs, which are swept to the left usually, with the middle hanging down past her nose and sides that go past her chin. She also has an ahoge sticking up from her bangs in the middle. The main problem I have is that her hair is short, which keeps it from going higher. Though I do understand that long hair would probably get in the way of her flying.
Grade: C+

Eyes: Papi has wide and round eyes, looking really childish though in a good way. Her eyes are also golden, and while I don't know much about birds (so I don't know if that's a reference or not) I'm not a big fan of golden eyes. Unless they're on KDEGs, which Papi isn't. Papi also doesn't have good night vision, like most non-owl birds. Sadly Papi is one of the few girls of the main cast that haven't worn glasses at one point (and in Rachnera's case she would need really specialized glasses due to her multiple eyes).
Grade: C

Face: Unlike the past two areas I will say that Papi is absolutely adorable. She's really cute and childish, which fits her really well. She also has soft-looking cheeks and a fair amount of blush (though she doesn't get a great blushing scene like Centorea. It's more of a permanent luminescent blush I'd say). Papi also has a small nose and often has a big, really cute smile on her face. Overall she's quite strong here, as said before.
Grade: A

*Airi finally makes it to the Forge arena. Fasalina is standing there in shadows as Airi gets on the main stage.*

: Ara ara, seems that my little invitation got lost. Still, it seems that I've still attracted a RAT that needed to be sniffed out.

: Can't you see that what Aldra is doing is wrong?

: Oh? Making the world a better place is "wrong"?

: A world created on the blood and power-stealing of others is!

: Ara, but is that not how civilizations are born? People with power give it to others, who use it to rule over.

: Nonsense, we should be more peaceful!

: What a nice world that would be, but your optimism is unfounded and humanity is nonredeemable.

: Then I suppose that we should fight as our words are not getting anywhere.

: Quite.

*Fasalina and Airi charge at the other, their respective weapons clanging together as they swing.*

: Hmm? I didn't notice it before, but seems you look a little different...

: I don't want to talk about it.

: Seems that one ninja changed your body permanently, perhaps. Now you have a huge tushie to match that huge odor you can release!

: S-shut up!

*Airi becomes madder, her attacks becoming aggressive and she nearly slashes Fasalina a few times though the dancer manages to evade or block.*

: And it seems like your panties are gone as well... Been using too much energy lately?

: I don't need energy to face you!

*Airi suddenly strikes Fasalina, slashing her on the cheek. A small amount of blood drips out, which Fasalina brushes with her finger before licking.*

: Ara, seems that you're more powerful than I had expected. But no matter. I'll end the battle here. Consider this a gift for scratching my beautiful face.

*Fasalina smirks as she approaches Airi. She tries to back away, but her lack of energy makes her fall down (on her plump butt). She crawls back as Fasalina draws a vial.*

: Oh what misfortune you have, as now that you've been blogged by Topaz THIS will effect you now...

*She tosses the vial at Airi, who is quickly encased in crystal. Airi's scythe then crashes to the ground, stabbing into the floor.*

: See? Now that you don't have a choice. I'm sure that Aldra will thank you for being able to use your energy now. Besides, you get to be with your friends again. Maybe, I'm not sure how this thing works. But at least you won't be as troublesome.

*Fasalina walks over and steps on the crystal where Airi's face is.*

Build: Papi has a really great, if unique, loli body. She's about 157 cm tall and weighs 31 kg, making her really light though that's important for flying. Her three sizes are 70/51/75, and as you can tell she does have a much larger butt than chest. In fact her butt is shown off quite a bit and looks nice. It's likely because the other cast members don't have the opportunity to show off their derrieres due to that being their monster half, but even then it's considered her charm point. It is quite shapely so I appreciate it. There's also an omake where they pose a "what if Papi had tail feathers?" question and show that, due to not being able to wear shorts or panties she just shows off her bare butt everywhere and even peaches the lead (and other the other side, though that's not as attractive). And guess what? Her chicken butt is shown to be HUGE at times in official art! She does have a really outstanding loli body, I approve.
Except that, like Centorea and Miia before her, Papi's monster side does cause problems for me. Luckily for the harpy she doesn't suffer as much, having a lower body certainly helps. Anyway Papi's arms are more like feathery wings than actual arms, even coming with a single digit which birds actually do have. And Papi's wingspan has been said to be 4 meters, if curious. The arms themselves aren't much of a problem as they are unique and cool-looking. Oh, and I mentioned it before but Papi's feathers are blue like her hair. It's her legs that hurt, and I mean that in both ways of the word. You see, from about the mid-thigh Papi's legs are bird-like. This takes away a bit of her leg-appeal, and as she has sharp talons on her feet that are dangerous. They've even bent a bed in half! That said she still has a great body, even with her harpy parts.
Grade: B

Chest: Papi is a really important character in the series, being the token loli of the fanservice series. Surprisingly she also doesn't mind showing off her chest and she's actually treated as an equal when it comes to chest service (well, I do guess the busty girls get more, but it's not like the lead doesn't appreciate Papi either). She's not exactly flat either, though still pretty slender. She has nice nipples like the rest. Sadly what keeps Papi from getting higher is that, despite not being too concerned with such things, she has been pushed into roles that make her seem bothered by it. Be it wearing Centorea's shirt with balloons or Suu's unfortunate costume making her look busty Papi got forced into a couple of moments. That said other than those missteps she does quite well.
Grade: A-

Clothes: Papi has a fair amount of clothes. She tends to wear a specific blue tank top with short leg-less jean shorts. I like this as it shows off her nice figure well. Other outfits include the wedding dress from the opening, a school swimsuit which looks perfect on her, and the bad Suu cosplay (even if it is cosplay of Utsuho from Touhou, at least in the manga). In the Monster Musume game she also has a black nighty, a white shirt with spats, a towel, a long black shirt, and a white dress. Finally Papi has had art from the creator of her VA roles which includes Chiyo Sakura and Prinz (sadly the latter is just the hat and not the squishy butt).
Grade: B+

*The antics in the Forge Arena are heard in the prison area.*

: Hmm, seems that Topaz is facing off against Fasalina.

: Or at least he was. Seems that the battle is over. I hope that Topaz-han won!

: Maybe if we press harder we'll be able to hear more.

*Konoka and Setsuna press their heads against the outer walls, trying to hear more.*

: Hey, let me hear too!

*Centorea attempts to join them, but she knocks over many cages on her way over and makes a lot of noise.*

: Curse thy horsen parts!

: HEY! What's going on down there?

*Esdeath, who was woken up by the crashes finally enters the room that Centorea was guarding. There she sees that Setsuna and Konoka have been freed.*

: Really, and if you don't have a good explanation I'll freeze the whole lot of you.

: I blame you, Centorea.

: And I shall take thy blame. As a noble knight I shall pay for my mistakes as well. Have at ye, ice-demon!

*Centorea draws her sword and charges at Esdeath.*


*Esdeath has a grin and her eyes widen as she activates her freezing power. Centorea is soon completely covered and becomes crystal much like many have. Esdeath pushes the large crystal to the side.*

: Now, are you two going to give up and get back in your cages quietly, or are we going to have some f-u-n too?

: Y-you fiend! I can't believe that you'd take out your own units like that!

: Oh ho ho, she was no ally of mine. We were just using her as we still had her friend captured. Much like we did with you.

: S-so is this all my fault?

: NO! And I will protect Konoka with my life!

*She takes out her sword.*

: How fortunate, but a meaningless matter.

*Esdeath uses her ice abilities again, but Setsuna slashes through it with a magic-infused blade.*

: I should have known that you two would be a much better team than that cow that had no idea how to deal with magic. I do hope that this will be more fun.

*She smirks before throwing a few more spears of ice at the duo. Setsuna chops through the projectiles easily, though.*

: Now I'm just getting annoyed.

: I knew she wouldn't have the magic to stand up to the two of us.

: True, but we do not have the energy for a drawn out battle either...

: Looks like a quick battle would be the best for both of us.

: Indeed. Now have at you!

*Setsuna swings her sword, but Esdeath disappears at the last moment.*

: Where did she go now?

: Over here!

*Setsuna turns around to see Esdeath with Konoka in her arms.*

: HELP, Settchan!

: How did you get past me?!

: You should be fortunate that I used my time-freeze ability on you. It will take a month or so for me to recover it, but it's worth it to do THIS!

*Esdeath dribbles the vial on Konoka, her body getting crystalized slower than normal.*


: WAHAHA! Now there's nothing you can do to save her. And what fun it will be to see your failure cause you to suffer like this too.

: Nooo!

: I can still do THIS!

*Setsuna takes a vial from Esdeath's pocket and breaks it in her own hand. The crystalization begins, and she entwines her fingers with Konoka.*

: There, now we'll still be together.

: Oh Settchan...

*The two finish crystalizing together.*

: Pish, that was lame. I was hoping to torture the sword girl further. But oh well. It seems like we have an intruder that I could help take care of...

Personality: Papi is a fairly simple girl. She's cheerful and optimistic, and usually both hyper and excited. As said before she's pretty childish, which matches her body fairly well. She is a little naive, and doesn't know big words all the time so she sometimes gets confused. She even gets confused during her own introduction due to all the words ending in the "pi" sound. Speaking of her mind, Papi has a habit of forgetting things after three steps. This is apparently based on a Japanese myth involving chickens, but if Papi flies or is carried it doesn't take affect. She's also called a "bird-brain" on occasion, which fits her well. Still, she's very likable even if she's a bit lacking in the mind area. And in all fairness most harpies seem to be the same overall. Papi also enjoys video games, often playing them in her free time (especially the Wii). She will also eat nearly anything, but prefers meat and that includes poultry. Later in the series Papi goes to a farm and bonds with some actual chicks, wanting to take them home with her which was cute. Finally, Ari Ozawa voices Papi and gives a really cute voice to her. It's very light and I enjoy it. Oh and to explain the title Papi is Spanish for "father" but I imagine that, because the series mainly keeps to species names or so that it was intended to be based on "harPY".
Grade: B+

Libido: Papi is on the lower end of the perversion scale in this series, mainly having a child-like innocence. She still likes the lead and wants to marry him, and is affected by the full moon like the other girls. Sadly she hasn't had fantasies like the other girls, though. Oh, and I should add that Papi does lay unfertilized eggs every so often, which are quite expensive. Papi also has a few other odd relationships. For some reason the anime wanted to pair her with a bike cop that's a reoccurring if unnamed character, having the two tapping a window to each other but I wouldn't count that for anything. Papi is also really close friends with Suu, the slime girl, and the two are nearly inseparatable once they team up. Must be the fact both are somewhat child-like. There's also a short episode where her and Rachnera tease a yuri kiss, but the two aren't together much in the manga.
Grade: B

Age: The ages of the cast are unknown, but Miia is surprised when she finds out that Papi is the same age as her. It's likely that she's an adult as well, making her a great lolihag. Her birthday is March 21st.
Grade: A-

Total Grades: 76
Average score: 8.4
Final Grade: B

And that's the blog for this week.

: I am honestly surprised. You were a lot more fair and even gave her a better score than your favorite.

I blame Papi's body looking better, even if I do enjoy Centorea and the others too.

: Boss and his girls are all friends, so he should marry us all!

That would probably be the best and most likely ending, but I imagine that won't happen for a while.

: Much better than picking the worst girl, like with a certain ribbon-wearer for sure.

*Suddenly the door bursts open and the three villains emerge.*

: So THIS is where you went off to. How dare you ignore my beautiful request! Though I did manage to capture that ghostly maid of yours, ara~

: I'm sure that if Tatsumi-er, Topaz heard me making the request he'd come running. *licks lips.* And I captured those two girls and the horse one too!

: Stop playing around you two. Let's capture Topaz now and bring him to Aldra!

*Kuvira uses her earth powers to throw a large boulder at Topaz, but Papi grabs him in the nick of time. The rock is flung out the giant window in Papi's room, leaving an exit for them.*


: What, did you get hurt by the rock?

No, Papi is grabbing my shoulders with her feet!

*Topaz takes 10 damage as his shoulders bleed from Papi's talons.*

: Now isn't the time to argue, we should es cape!

Good plan!

*Ririchiyo goes into her demon side and her leaps out. Alongside her is Papi flying off with Topaz in her claws. The trio starts to throw projectiles at them, but luckily none of them hit due to Papi's awkward flight path.*

: *Sigh* I can't believe that all three of us were incompetent enough to not hit a single target.

: And we were all super-effective too. Though I guess it's called Stone MISS for a reason with you. We can only hope that Aldra is in a good mood....

: Fortunately I am.

*Aldra enters the room and the three kneel to her.*

: Our deepest apologies, Aldra-sama.

: Seems that Topaz will continue to be a thorn in my side for a little longer now. But thanks to the energy provided by the people you've captured I'm in a good mood. And that includes the tanline maid too.

: I figured that you would like that, but it is a shame that it delayed me getting here.

: Do not worry, and send out the motorcycle girls to fetch Topaz. I knew we kept them for something...

: Ara ara. I'll get right on it!

*The scene returns to Topaz, who lands softly on the ground.*

: Well that was sort of a bust.

I managed to get you back, but from the sounds of things it seems like many of our allies have been taken captive. And by that I mean in crystal and not just in jail like they were.

: Indeed.

: Don't worry, I'm sure that you'll save them!

True, but now we should get away from the arena as quickly as possible. We don't know what Aldra is going to send after us next, and I don't think I'm powerful enough to battle any of the generals let alone Aldra.

: Do you want me to mortally wound you to make you stronger?

I'm not a monkey! And Little Green isn't here either, so we can't use that strategy.

: I don't follow your conversation, but I have to go search for Centorea. I know she should be around, but I can't remember...

*Riri goes to say something as Papi flies off, but Topaz stops her.*

Just let her think the best. Plus I have to think of who to do next time.

: Or perhaps the girl will show herself anyway...

*A motorcycle pulls up beside them, a Suzuki symbol clearly on her outfit.*

Seems like it should be obvious, but you readers will have to wait until next time!

: You and your cliff-hangers...
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August 25th, 2016
This is the Four-hundredth-fourth week of using the "Perfect Anime Girl Sheet". Notice: This Blog may contain Unmarked Spoilers.

Welcome back everyone. Last week we managed to meet with Konoka and Setsuna and start freeing them.

: They also found me too!

Exactly. However, when we came up to this landing to rescue Papi we were confronted by one of Aldra's troops.

: And he doesn't mean me!

: Right! Or am I, who knows ufufu...

: We don't have time for mysteries like that, we have to save the harpy so that we can continue onward with her blog!

: That seems mean. I'm right here and you didn't even ask if you could do my blog. As a result I request a battle!

What sort of battle, and will I be fighting?

*Haruka draws a circle on the ground using chalk.*

: BUTT SUMOU! ♥ And obviously you can tell the answer to the second question. All your girls have to do is defeat me in posterior combat. I even have a disadvantage as there's only one of me.

I don't know how much of a disadvantage that is...

*Topaz looks at Haruka's butt, which she spanks to make jiggle.*

: TOPAZ! It's rude to stare!

Oh, I'm sorry. I'm not being fair.

*He starts to stare at Riri's bottom, which isn't as big or jiggly as Haruka's but bounces as she's taken aback. She's also wearing spats which aren't as sexy as Haruka's thong, though still sexy.*

: I didn't mean look at MINE! (N-not that I would mind. Ugh, I thought that my arrhythmia was gone since it didn't act up, but here it comes back.)

Fine fine.

: Alright then, let's begin!

*Haruka and Ririchiyo start to battle, pressing their glorious backsides tightly. Riri certainly has the disadvantage, being much smaller, but she holds steady.*

: You're surprisingly skilled at this.

: Topaz has had me play that dumb game with him far more than I would enjoy or will admit. And while you may have the weight advantage my small but fast butt is no match for you!

*Riri uses her gatling butt-attack.*

: Don't call it that! That's embarrassing!

If only it were more true to that line.

: That could be arranged. ♥

*Haruka uses a powerful clothing-breaking attack, tearing a huge hole in the back of Riri's spats. Her beautiful bum is nearly completely exposed, which causes her to panic.*

: EEEK! Don't look Topaz!

: Now that you're distracted...

*Haruka takes a vial out of her coat and drinks it. Her chest decreases while her butt becomes bigger.*

Oh no! Now her butt has absorbed the flab of her chest! There's no way Riri can win now!

: Thanks for the confidence boost, really. But I won't be intimidated by this inflated sadist scientist and her smelly butt!

: Ufufu, leave the sweaty odors of my hind-quarters out of it. Even if they are very, very rank...

*Riri continues to slam her meaty loli ass against Haruka's inflated one, but all her attacks are doing are making her plump cheeks jiggle. While sexy it sadly does not seem to be affecting Haruka's fat inflated butt at all.*

: Yawn~ Are you finished yet, my darling? ♥ Because I've been holding out for a "finishing move" for a lo-o-ong time...

: Oh no!

: Oh yes, so take THIS!


*Haruka lets out a huge rank fart, blowing Riri out of the circle with the sheer power of her gas. Somehow her thong remains, even if it seemed to absorb much of her stinky blast. Riri picks herself up and coughs.*

: Sorry to let you down, Topaz...

*He helps her get up.*

Don't worry, I'm sure that Haruka won't be too cruel now that we've lost.

: You haven't lost yet, unless you forfeit.

What do you mean, there's no other girls on my side. Well, up here at least.

: What about her!

*Haruka points to Airi who was standing by the door with her arms folded. She lets out a sigh at the actions that have happened.*

: So what, I'm suddenly on Topaz's side? I can't believe that I got roped into this.

: What? Are you scared to face me?

*Haruka taunts the wraith by shaking her butt and spanking it, causing her inflated flabby cheeks to jiggle more.*

: Don't mock me like that! Alright then, here goes nothing!

*Airi gets into the ring with Haruka, pressing their plump cheeks together.*

: Wow, your butt IS really flabby!

: Thank you. It's to make it harder for opponents to tell my moves and also deals more damage.

*The two begin to fight, with their cheeks bouncing and rippling together very well. While distracted for a short bit, Topaz eventually sees Airi not doing well and tries thinking to himself.*

(I've got to help Airi somehow. Wait, I can do my blog! That might make Haruka weaker so that Airi can defeat her.)

Alright, while those two are battling I've decided to do THIS! And as you can imagine...

Today's girl is:

Senran Kagura

: Wow, there's been a lot of single-named girls this year.

I guess ecchi series like simple names. At least Senran Kagura and Queen's Blade, I mean.

Hair: Haruka has really interesting hair. It's a light brown color, occasionally looking blonde but not often. While not a dark color it does fit her ojou-like style of having cute curls on the sides of her head. No, not drills, but rather her hair curls inward below her ears. It's really quite cute, especially when you take her big pink bow into consideration. It looks good on her, even if it's not one of my favorite styles. Her hair seems wavy when it's not curled, such as in a few official images. Probably the biggest problem is that her hair is short and barely reaches her shoulders. It's likely that Haruka's hair is longer if it was down, though. She also has plain bangs, which are shifted to the right. That said, the games are a lot more free as far as hair styles and colors go, and that customization helps Haruka in my eyes quite a bit.
Grade: A-

Eyes: Haruka's eyes are a fairly pretty shade of green. It's not the best, but does look good. What's more surprising is that she does have a tarame but somehow her eyes still make her look dominant (which is fairly important and goes well with Haruka's personality). The soft art style also helps out a lot too. Sadly Haruka doesn't wear glasses in the series but that's certainly something I always do in the games.
Grade: B

Face: Like the other Senran girls, Haruka's face is really soft-looking. It looks great and her cheeks look so plushy and soft. The ones on her face, I mean (not that the other ones don't, but still). Her small dot nose is another appealing thing for me as well. And even if she looks squishy that doesn't take away from Haruka's dominance, what with all her lip licking and other smug and enjoyable expressions.
Grade: A-

*Haruka and Airi continue their heated and sweaty butt battle.*

: Oh ho ho, seems you're doing better than that bony girl over there. I'll give you that. But you'll never beat me.

: My pride is on the line, I've got to defeat you!

*Airi uses a flurry of butt-attacks, jiggling Haruka's inflated bum.*

: AH! My tushie! But not much...

: (to herself: Grrr, I've got to beat her quickly. I'm running out of time...)

*Airi's panties start to disappear, specifically the back as it makes it seem like she's wearing backless panties. The two girls continue their powerful butt sumou, their meaty cheeks jiggling as they press tightly together.*

Build: Haruka has measurements! Unfortunate ones, but measurements nonetheless. Haruka's height isn't too bad, being 169 cm tall. But her three sizes are 99/55/88. That is a VERY big difference between her hips and chest, and it's especially poor for Haruka who is a butt-based character. Really, she has a lot of attacks and combos that involve her hitting with her rear, and one in particular that she shares with Hibari causes both of them to slam their bums against the ground and make a heart-shaped crater. Measurements aside Haruka still has a really great butt. Her buttflab jiggles when her and Hibari slam against each other in the intro to one of the games, and since she wears a thong it's fairly easy to see her backside. Getting to the rest of her Haruka is still great. She shows off her fairly nice navel and her thighs look really thick and meaty (perfect for a choking attack, perhaps).
Grade: B-

Chest: Sadly this is where Haruka will get a penalty. Her chest is really big, but as she's a butt character that's a downside. She's even one of the biggest in the original cast, and as said before her hips are far too small in comparison (she really needs to break the 90 Hip Barrier). Not only is she busty like a lot of characters in the franchise but she also shows off a bit between her cleavage hole and her chest "hiding" a scroll in the anime. It's a shame to see her suffer, but her large chest works against her in this area.
Grade: C

Clothes: Haruka does very well here. Her main before-transformation is the basic Hebijo uniform which consists of a black sailor uniform with black necktie and black skirt. This might seem like a lot of black, but the collar and sleeves do have red stripes which is a nice contrast. Sadly she wears short socks. She can also be put in the winter uniform, which she wears on some cards and consists of a brown cardigan over a white shirt, a grey pleated skirt, and a big red bow tie. That said she is more identified with her transformed outfit; a white and pink top with cleavage window (or even more exposed in the versus games, she needs more support), a thong, and a large lab coat (with or without a puppet buddy, it depends on the game). She also wears thighhigh boots with garters, and occasionally she'll have unattached sleeves. Eventually Haruka gets kicked out of Hebijo so her casual outfit consists of a sweater with a wide neck hole that exposes her bra straps, a short miniskirt, and pantyhose with open-toe but heeled shoes.
The games, including the card games, put Haruka in a lot of outfits which really helps her as well. Some from the card games include a Santa outfit, a kimono, a nun, a nurse, a couple of bikinis (though she does wear one in the first game in a cutscene), a wedding dress, a witch's outfit, and likely many more. Probably the only problem is that Haruka tends to show off her chest with cleavage far too often. She also has a lot of outfits in the games thanks to all the customization, but I don't want to get too distracted by all the costumes she can be put in. Still, some include panty/thong-apron, the casual and transformed outfits for the other girls, a french maid and bunny girl outfit, a miko and Chinese dress, a mecha-like bodysuit, a towel, and gym clothes with buruma to name a few great ones. Overall she does really well here.
Grade: A

*Airi is starting to falter.*

: Oh ho ho, seems like you're starting to get tired too. Just give up now, and maybe I'll be kind to your body. ♥

: Like heck I will!

*Airi snags a similar vial from Haruka's coat.*

: HEY! That's mine!

: If dumb masochists can take your potions then I can too. Not that I'm a masochist-

: If you want to be I'll be a great sadist for you. ♥

: -but with this I'll even up the match!

*Airi drinks the vial and her butt likewise expands at the cost of chest-power. Now both girls bounce their bubble butts together, barely fitting both in the ring.*

Wow, I'd love to be between THAT match.

: Just get on with the blog, idiot!

Personality: Haruka is a really great character. She's a little ojou-like, as she was raised in an elegant household. However, she was treated like a doll by her mother. She ended up nearly burning down her house but was scouted by Rin before that happened and joined the ninja school. She quickly became the first elite ninja, and remained that way until Hikage and the others came. That said, at the end of the first game they flee the school due to helping to destroy the final boss. Haruka still acts like a mix of mother or older sister for her former classmates as well. As far as fighting goes, Haruka loves toying with her opponents and teasing those who are weaker. Though most of her sadistic side is in the next area do know that it puts a factor into her combat as she says a lot of sexy-sounding things. That said she is a combo-based character and I'm not great with those; I much rather like her long-range potion attack but that's limited as far as your health can go. Haruka's VA is Megumi Toyoguchi who did a really great job with portraying her dominant side, and she even gives Haruka an ojou laugh in the anime. Overall she's a great character, but I would enjoy if she was used a bit more (Burst did help, but I don't know much about the Versus series so she may have bigger parts in those).
Grade: A-

Libido: Haruka should score really high. She's an awesome sadist and enjoys teasing those weaker than her. She also has a lot of great, sexy quotes in battle and shows her dominant side quite a bit. As far as the main games go Haruka has a specific interest in Hibari. I'm not sure if it's for her abilities or Haruka just wanting to toy with her, but I like to think it's an actual relationship. Haruka also toys with Mirai quite a bit, moreso in the games where she's a mature big sister-ish teacher to the new recruit. I'm not a big of a fan of that pairing (I like the Hanzo/Hebijo rival pairings more) but as the series goes on this pairing has gotten more than a bit of traction. Haruka also seems to train with Ryouna or Ryoubi, new characters in the future games, but I don't know much about that. I will say that it's horrible how they have Haruka drink her own masochist-making soda and fall prey to Ryoubi. Though it is interesting to know she wanted to mass produce that drug to have many more slaves I imagine. Oh, and technically Haruka has a group of male slaves she calls "pigs" that she toys with as well, but that's not too sexy (I like one on one fun more).
Grade: B+

Age: Haruka seems to be 17, though she is still a third year. I imagine that having her birthday in July (the 20th to be exact) is the reason behind that but I can't be sure.
Grade: B+

Total Grades: 79
Average score: 8.8
Final Grade: B+

And that's the blog for the week!

: What?! I hadn't noticed you were doing the blog! That explains why I haven't pushed this maid out yet!

: Or is it just that my butt is evenly matched with yours!

*The two big-butted girls continue to bounce off the others posterior, jiggling them gloriously.*

: Perhaps, but that's just because my formula made us equals. But there's no way you can overpower THIS!



*Airi rips one first, pushing Haruka away and out of the circle.*

: WOW! That smells AWFUL!

I feel bad for the cakes, but good for Zettai.

: You guys finished insulting my farts now?

Yes, but it's more that we were in awe of your flatulent powers.

: Indeed, I had not expected you to smell that horribly. But a loss is a loss, and sadly it seems like Zettai likes me more than you do.

As it should be, you are more his type of girl.

: Especially if you remain flat with a huge butt!

: Indeed, and now that I have lost I shall escape!

*Haruka somehow pulls out a puppet from behind her which transforms into a jetpack. She then flies off and away from the Colosseum.*

: What an odd girl. But how am I going to go back to normal?

I'm sure it'll be resolved by next blog. So let's enter!

*The three enter the room to Papi's room.*

: Hurray! Seems that friends have arrived!

That's right, but it'll be until next time before we talk about you.

: I hope I don't forget!

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August 18th, 2016
This is the Four-hundredth-third week of using the "Perfect Anime Girl Sheet". Notice: This Blog may contain Unmarked Spoilers.

*Topaz and Airi finally make it inside the walking mechanical Colosseum. Luckily thanks to her wraith-like ability they were not seen, but she is currently peaching Topaz.*


: SHH! You know what will happen if one of Aldra's troops manages to find us!


: I don't CARE how much it smells, deal with it!


: Don't fall unconscious either!

*They sneak around some more, making sure not to awaken the sleeping Esdeath in the next room.*

: ZZZZ... Yes... Beg for mercy... Snooorrreee....

*The two sneak by without any trouble. They make it to the prison and shut the door behind them before heading inside further.*

: Alright, seems that we're in the clear-

*Airi is stopped in mid-sentence as a sword is pointed at her face.*

: Thou hath abandoned us, but you come seeking asylum? I say neigh!

: Horse-related jokes aside I come bearing a great hero.

*Airi pulls Topaz, whose face was deep between her buttocks. They jiggle from his head getting popped out from between them. His eyes are dizzy from the rank scent, but he shakes out of it quickly.*

Man, that stunk!

: Thou art correct, as Airi hath quite the aroma. Especially from her rear end.

: Well at least my butt is sexy and plump, unlike YOUR disgusting ass!

: I art not a donkey!

*Topaz gets between the two.*

Ladies, calm down! We don't want Esdeath to wake up.

: Pardon me, I was ruder than I should be.

: Don't mention it, as I wasn't too kind either...

So where are the girls I'm supposed to free?

???: We're over here!

*Two voices are heard inside a jail cell. Topaz and Airi go over and Airi unlocks it. She even undoes the bracers holding Konoka in place.*

: Finally! Those were so unfashionable!

: True, but they'd also make you explode if you attempted to escape.

: That's another problem with them. But, as I promised a week ago I'll allow you to do my blog!

: I am against it, but I am not able to say much either as you did come to rescue us. Just don't be rude to ojou-sama.

Don't worry, I'll hopefully be better. And as you can see, this week's blog is...

Today's girl is:

Konoka Konoe
Mahou Sensei Negima!

???: I hear someone starting a blog out there... Could it be...?

*A sheet is taken off a loli in the corner. Soon she reveals her identity...*


*Topaz nearly tears up from the reunion. He goes over and hugs her.*

: Hey! No reason to be mushy, idiot. (Though I certainly missed you too...)

*Riri rolls her eyes but blushes, indicating this is more her trying to avert her eyes.*

So what have you been up to since we were separated?

: You know, this and that...

Hey! Why are you such a higher level than me in Go?!

: Somehow being trapped in a moving Colosseum is really good at finding stops... But it is good to see that you're finally here to rescue me..

Of course I do. So where's Criet?

*Everyone looks down.*

That's never a good sign.

: She got captured by Esdeath, and I'm pretty sure she got turned into crystal.

: I'm just glad that she hasn't realized that Konoka holds much more magical energy than that elf girl.

: Thanks! It means a lot that I'm with you too!

*Konoka snuggles against Setsuna, flustering the swordsgirl.*

: AIE! T-this wasn't wh-what I meant!

So should Konoka get off?

: I-I do not mind it. Just get on with the blog, Topaz.

I suppose that I should... Here goes!

Hair: Konoka has really beautiful hair for my tastes. First things first is that it's long and flowing, waving out a bit in a gentle, flowing style. Her hair does extend past her hips, but I don't think it's detrimental to fanservice either. Her sides are also long, extending past her chest and look pretty as well. Of course, as an ojou she has a hime cut and that too looks quite fantastic. She does have a bit of a ring of light around her head, but a lot of characters in the series have that I think and it's just to show how straight her bangs are. Her hair is wonderful and black, but a problem arises as the anime doesn't follow that and tends to give her a dark brown color instead. That change is about the only thing keeping the wonderful hime-cut Konoka from a perfect score. She also has occasional differences, such as having decorations like cat ears during the festival, and when dressed up she has her hair up in a bun.
Grade: A

: You would keep Konoka from a perfect score just because her hair is not dark enough?! Prepare to die!

*She unsheathes her sword, but Konoka calms her down.*

: It's alright, I don't mind.

: Yeah, don't kill Topaz!

Thanks, Ririchiyo.

: At least let him finish the blog. I'm curious to see how it ends. (Hopefully he understands that's just a j-joke...)

Oh... Well, let's continue then.

Eyes: To balance out Setsuna's strong tsurime Konoka has a pair of big tarame eyes. They fit her personality well and look very cute. They aren't what I'd prefer, but I couldn't see her with a more rough-looking eye shape. Her eyes are brown too, which means that in the anime versions her hair matches which is a good thing. I'm not sure if Konoka wore glasses at all, sadly (blame my poor memory). In the SHAFT version Konoka also occasionally has what I would call "pudding cup" eyes. That means that her eyes are U-shaped with the tops connected with a thick line, and usually happens when she's suspicious or deep in thought. I imagine that they did this on purpose to reference a previous SHAFT anime (like they needed to reference Pani Poni Dash more, though).
Grade: B-

Face: Konoka is quite cute, but at the same time she's also not too outstanding either. This makes her sorta generic, which isn't bad but she's not quite memorable. Konoka's dot nose is still a plus in my book, and I like her optimism as she often has a wide smile. She also has a nice rounded head-shape with soft-looking cheeks.
Grade: B

Build: Speaking of cheeks-

*Topaz is once again threatened by a large sword.*

: You better not be saying anything perverse about Ojousama!

: But Setsuna! It wouldn't be fair if you made him unable to continue! You got yours completed!

: Yeah, but didn't Setsuna try to kill him THEN too?

: I just don't want people to know more than they should...

Don't worry, I'll be kind. Hopefully.

*Setsuna lowers her sword reluctantly.*

Anyway, as I was saying Konoka has a fairly nice backside. But first we'll talk about her measurements. She's 152 cm and 67.6 kg. I don't mind weight but do appreciate the specifics, and with that height she's 1 cm taller than her proper love interest technically. Her three measurements are 73/54/76, which means that her hips are bigger than her chest. She does get a few nice shots of her backside, including one time where she gets spanked by a villain. Or when Setsuna stared at her butt like a lot in the summer OVA. Not that I'm surprised as it is nice, and as said by the spanker Konoka does have a nice pale butt (the rest of her is pale too, giving the impression of a Japanese beauty like Setsuna). I can't remember if there's any specific buttshots in the manga, but I'm sure that there were. Other than that Konoka has a slim figure, with alright limbs that don't stand out too well.
Grade: B+

Chest: As said previously, Konoka does have a smaller chest than hips. This isn't a problem, but it sure seems that she's not as flat as she could be. Even with the great buttshot in the previously mentioned OVA she still gets jiggle, and when we see her using candy her chest seems to get a lot larger (it's not as easy to notice in the actual epilogue though). Like the other characters I imagine that if Konoka did show her bare chest she wouldn't have nipples either, which is an art choice I don't mind but I suppose that it does hurt her. She really should have had more butt-service, I think.
Grade: C+

Clothes: As with the others, Konoka likely has a lot of outfits I'm forgetting. But her main one is of course the Mahora Academy uniform (copy pasted): which consists of a brown blazer with white shirt underneath, red neck tie and plaid skirt, and short socks. Again better legwear would help. She also wears a nurse uniform in the school festival as well as a black goth loli-like outfit with cat ears and tail (as well as thighhighs). She has both school swimsuits and a variety of swimsuits (including a white bikini, a yellow one piece with "Happy Life" written on it", and a green bikini with side ties). She also wears a moe shirt at a time as well as a lot of traditional kimonos (as she's a classic ojou). She also has a lot of cute casual outfits, though no really stand out. When she's using her powers she seems to have a miko-like outfit, though the sort with talismans-onmyouji I think it's called. Konoka also has fans in this outfit. She also wears a maid uniform with apron, but sadly she wears a corset so the chest portion looks like it stands out a bit more than it should. Speaking of aprons...


In Setsuna's dream world it seems she wants Konoka to wear a naked apron!


It's alright, we all understand it. Finally, as far as official art goes Konoka has worn a race queen outfit and a lot of Santa outfits (including both versions with hats and one with a bow). Overall she's very strong, especially with the naked apron and other sexy outfits. Oh, and before I forget her suka form in Negima!? is a koala. I'm not sure why either (really that should have been Satsuki, who was a squirrel).
Grade: A

Personality: Konoka is the grand-daughter of the headmaster of Mahora academy, and is part of one of the most powerful families in Japan: the Konoe family. She's from Kyoto, which means that she has a Kansai accent (though I'm not sure if that's taken in account in the official English versions or not). Speaking of voice she's voiced by Ai Nonaka who does a great job (Konoka's English VA is Monica Rial who isn't bad either but still). Anyway, despite having such a deep and powerful family Konoka is surprisingly down to Earth. She's extremely sweet and kind-hearted, and always wants to see the best in people. She's the balancing force between Asuna and Negi in the beginning, and enjoys doing most of the household chores like cooking. In a way I guess Konoka is somewhat motherly, specifically when it comes to Negi who she gets roomed with. She's also slightly air-headed, but in a good way and sometimes it's hard to tell if she's just pretending to be as dense as she is since she's quite smart. She's in both the Library exploration team as well as the fortune-teller club, and really enjoys the supernatural.
Of course, we can't forget how much magical power Konoka has. As said before she has a LOT of latent energy, and is an extremely powerful healer. She even gets an artifact based on healing, though it does have limits (the body being intact being the main one, I think). It does have effects though, as the receiver may become ill from just HOW MUCH magic Konoka has. She even heals Negi's petrified hometown in the epilogue. Because the anime series were done so early on, Konoka's artifact does have different effects including making a whip of fortune-telling sticks or manipulating water with her fans. Overall she's a great girl, but I don't remember her doing much besides healing in the last parts of the series. I don't mind healers, so don't think it's that, but rather I think she drops off in character growth early on and doesn't seem to show off her personality too much later on.
Grade: B

Libido: Konoka is sorta low as far as libido goes, maybe. The problem is that it's hard to tell where her innocence ends and actual teasing begins. First up comes the early ships; Negi is shipped with Konoka slightly during the Omiai chapter where he helps her escape from an arrange marriage, and Asuna is her roommate and they're close friends as well. Of course, what's obvious is her pairing with Setsuna. The two are childhood friends and it's deeply implied that they get married to each other. UQ Holder messes this up a bit, as said back in Setsuna's blog, but luckily there's younger versions of them that seem to be descendants that is pretty much proof that they get together. As for their actual relationship, it's unknown how much Konoka intentionally teases Setsuna (as it seems to be a hobby of hers) and how innocent she actually is. That said they do have a mutual yuri relationship and in fact Konoka is the one who didn't have a problem kissing for the Pactio.
Grade: B-

Age: Like the others before her, Konoka is in middle school and is between 14-15 in the series. Her actual birthday is March 18th of 1989, which makes her slightly younger than her love interest by a couple of months. That said Konoka does seem to enjoy taking the age-changing pills during the chapter they're introduced. We see her change to 18, 7, 21, and an infant. Konoka is also about 21 or so in the epilogue, though we don't see too much of that.
Grade: C

Total Grades: 72
Average score: 8
Final Grade: B

And that's the blog for this week.

: Hmmm...I'm not sure what to think. I would like if Ojousama had earned some more points, but with a lower score like this I imagine there would be fewer miscreants after her...

: Don't worry, Set-chan. Any person trying to get me will have to go through you first.

Both in battle and in love!

: L-L-LOVE!? Why are y-you bringing that up?

*Setsuna flusters as Airi lets out a sigh.*

: As much as I like seeing her fluster around like that, we really should be going. Where's that friend of yours, Centorea?

: Papi is being kept in the highest prison. Apparently Aldra-sama enjoys watching her escape attempts fail...

: Alright. Then we'll head up that way.

: Do not worry, I shall protect these two until thy has made thy escape.

: Are you questioning my sword skills?

: No, I merely know that mine hoofs wouldst make too much noise going up the steps. But I hold Papi's freedom in thy hands.

Good, so me and Airi will meet you all down here once we have her.

: Don't worry, I'm coming too! I've spent enough time away, and I don't trust Topaz alone with a girl with such a large butt!

: I'd be more suspicious if it was Zettai though.

Certainly. But let's head out!

*Topaz, Ririchiyo, and Airi head up the stairs as quietly as possible. They eventually make outside the room that Papi seems to be in.*

: Alright, this looks like the spot!

???: OH ho ho! I should have known that when there was an intruder it would be someone like YOU Topaz...

That voice...

: It sounds so dominant and butty!

???: That's right, Topaz...

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August 11th, 2016
This is the Four-hundred-second week of using the "Perfect Anime Girl Sheet". Notice: This Blog may contain Unmarked Spoilers.

Welcome back to our regularly scheduled blogs everyone. Last week was the meganekko day special, in addition to the normal blog so be sure to read them as they're related to each other.

: Bad joke.

What do you mean-OH! It wasn't intentional, just that the two were from the same show. But being sisters they are related.

: For those of you who just want a review, Topaz talked about Benio and Kobeni. He then had sexual unjokes that lead up to him getting the bird from Kobeni.

: And I thought that Kobeni was the nicer one!

She said "get" the bird, not flipped the bird. Though I guess other countries might be different. Anyway, when we returned home who happened to be there but...

*Topaz glances at the twintail maid who isn't paying attention.*

: Oh. *Points to herself* You mean me.

That's right! And I imagine you'll allow me to do my blog on you.

: I suppose that it is only fair. But first I need you to listen.

Alright then.

*Topaz takes a seat on the ground. Airi then clears her throat and starts speaking.*

: Obviously you know by now that Aldra is going on a destructive rampage.

That's the first I heard about that! Though I did notice the giant walking Colosseum when Nina and I passed by, so I'm not surprised. Wait, that must be why I got the messages from Críet from inside!

: You got messages from her? We thought she was killed!

: Your maid friend is safe-for now. But if we don't hurry Aldra will extract her power!

That's terrible!

: Where would we find another maid like that-oh, there's one.

: Ha ha ha... But let's not be too hasty. I still need to continue telling you all I know.

Well then, continue on.

: What happened is that Aldra is possessed by some unknown force. It's making her act differently, and she even crystallized Menace and Melona!

What?! I thought they were your biggest allies!

: They were, which shows how much Aldra is being manipulated. She betrayed some of her most loyal units.

: Wait, I thought you worked for the Swamp Witch-

: That's different.

: I see. But still sounds bogus.

: Anyway, speaking of her units it seems that Aldra has three new generals to replace us. I don't remember their names, but I think that they were called "Esdeath", "Kuvira", and "Fasalina".

For some reason it sounds like one of those three stands out.

: It's probably the one that sounds like a tree final boss.

Nice reference. Though speaking of SNES games I miss Ririchiyo.

: Oh, she's in the Colosseum too. Though she's been hiding from Aldra's troops for weeks.

Now I want to get in there and save them even more!

: And she's not the only one. If we can break out the two prisoners you'll get two powerful allies as Centorea and Setsuna will no longer have any reason to obey Aldra.

That would work as well!

: Though I'd have to come with too. I'm the only one who you can trust to disable her prisoner bracelets. If you don't do it properly the person will explode.

: Better than poison, at least.

: Well, that's all of the information I have for you. Anything else?

Not that comes to mind, but we can't forget that...

Today's girl is:

Queen's Blade

: Fair point about the blog. And if I remember correctly I need to "help" your friend Zettai as well.

That too!

: But I thought I already took care of that!

Huh, I wonder what that big screencut was about.

: It's not important.

: I bet it was perverse and hope Zettai enjoyed it like everything he does for Empry!

I do love his great works.

*Airi sighs and facepalms.*

: Just get on with the blog. I'll try and do something later.

Good plan, but for now let's begin!

Hair: Airi has really lovely hair. It's red, but like Kobeni's hair last week I actually do like Airi's hair color. Perhaps the darker scarlet color helps, as does Airi's black outfit. Anyway her twintails also look great, extending past her butt though as they're side tails they don't cover her butt either. She also has a pair of shorter twintails from the base of the larger ones, being much shorter and looking somewhat like dog ears (though it's not pointed out specifically). She also has some loose strands, I'm not a big fan as I like orderly hair more but they aren't bad either. Airi also has a good sense of decoration, with a fitting frilly maid headdress and cute black bows on the tail's bases. Probably the only bad thing is that her bangs are a little generic. She does have a large middle bang and a lot of long hairs, but her bangs leave a lot to be desired. I'll also add that Rana places a flower lei on her head in one official image, and player 2 Airi has a boring blonde color (like the series needed more of those). Not too bad, especially with her length, but having a better secondary color and better bangs would have helped.
Grade: B+

Eyes: Airi has some fairly rounded eyes, but they still make her look rather cute. She could have used a tsurime, but as said it's not bad. She also has some eyelashes, but nothing too troublesome. Probably the biggest problem is her eye color. While I normally wouldn't have a problem with blue eyes Queen's Blade does seem to have an overabundance of them. That said, it is hard to pin Airi's eye color down. It changes all the time from blue, blue-ish green, and green. It's an interesting effect if done on purpose, but there's really no reasoning behind it that I could find. As is, it just seems inconsistent. Surprisingly her player 2 version does have better eyes, with a reddish or brown color. A shame it's not reversed so that she'd get bonus points for matching her eye and hair colors.
Grade: B-

Face: Airi also has one of the best faces in the original Queen's Blade. I suppose it helps that I like her moe look which stands out against the more serious characters. Her small nose also helps too. I would say that her chin is somewhat pointed, but it is not too troublesome or noticeable. Her cheeks also look really soft too, looking really rounded as well. The ones on her face, I mean.
Grade: A-

Build: That said, Airi's butt looks both soft and rounded too. More on that in a bit though, first we have to talk about her measurements. Airi is 154 cm tall and her three sizes are 86-56-83; while quite great I would say that it could be better. Especially if Airi's butt was as big as or bigger than her chest. It would give her something unique, being the only non-loli like that in the first two seasons. She does have a nice butt and it doesn't look too much smaller than her chest, so I blame poor measurements more than anything. In addition Airi also has fairly shapely legs, shown off by her thighhighs. Her feet, while not seen as much, also seem to be quite good. Of course, I can't forget the fact that Airi is a wraith. That's sorta like a ghost, only with a bit of life-stealing to it. Airi can drain people with a passionate kiss. She can also become incorporeal, meaning she can go through walls and other solid things.
Grade: B

Chest: As said previously her chest is 86 cm. That's not too bad, and is fair-sized compared to some of the "titan" power in the show. Airi is actually somewhat modest and fair-sized, as are her nipples. That said Airi isn't really a chest character (all the more reason for her to show off her booty instead).
Grade: B

Clothing: Airi doesn't have a lot of variation but her main outfit is extremely strong. It's a black maid outfit with ribbons and frills, some cleavage though with a bowtie, a short skirt, and white thighhighs. She does wear white underwear, but sadly it's just plain. As player 2 she seems to have a more purple outfit, not bad but black is definitely better. It also looks great with her red hair, as stated before. In addition, as Airi is a wraith her clothing is a direct link to her power. Because of this, when she gets weakened her clothing fades out or disappears. She also carries a large scythe as her weapon, giving a grim reaper-look. Airi also has a few other outfits too. In the first season's specials she wears a nice black sailor uniform that exposes her navel, and with it she wears black thighhighs. She also wears a black bikini in the second season's specials. In official art she also wears many Christmas outfits as well as a quite small bikini. Overall she's strong but I'd expect a naked apron to show up at one time. Apparently she was also set to show off different outfits in the combat book as well, though they didn't do it as it would ruin her image of being a maid (instead it went to Melona).
Grade: B

Personality: Airi is the head maid of the Swamp Witch and is one of her loyalest minions. Well, at least until she had a change of heart thanks to Rana, but still. She even puts her life in peril by obeying him and not stealing the lives of people for energy. She's a "maid" due to the pun involving her full title and a pun with the word "Meido" as that's how maid is spoken in Japanese and written it's actually "underworld" or something similar. I don't know, I'm not good at that sort of wordplay xD. Airi is a head maid as recently there's been two more wraith maids revealed, Mime and Meena. Airi is also kind and calm, being the most reasonable member of the Swamp Witch's minions. She also enjoys dancing and fears fading away (though I can imagine the latter if put in Airi's situation). Airi can also command spirits, both for attacking and for scouting. Kanae Ito, Airi's VA, does a great job. Her voice is well-pitched and enjoyable, and when she's trying it's quite seductive. There's also a few references in the games; Airi tends to use moves based on Gundam Deathscythe (for puns, I'm guessing) while her finishing move is based on Jeeg Breaker (at least the hugging part). In addition, during Tomoe's route Airi helps the player cross the river Styx and Komachi of all things gets referenced! Overall Airi is a really great girl and definitely one of the most well-written and growing characters in the series.
Grade: A

Libido: Airi is fairly strong here. As said before she has a passionate kiss that sucks life away, though she tends to prefer to use that on girls. She's also a rival with Nanael, even fighting her once in the second season so sometimes they get paired up. But the main relationship I think of is how much the shota Rana helped Airi open up and start being not so evil. It is an anime-exclusive relationship, but I approve of straight shota (even if Cattleya also makes a good pair for her son). Finally, Airi acts like a maid for the viewer in one special and that was kinda cool.
Grade: A

Age: Technically Airi's age is unknown. It doesn't really matter though, considering she's an ageless wraith. I've heard people say that she's in her high teens to twenties, and I'd say that's a fair estimate.
Grade: B+

Total Grades: 81
Average score: 9
Final Grade: B+

And that's the blog for today!

: Hmm, not bad. So shall we be going or-

: Don't forget about your "fun".

*Rika smirks as Airi lets out a sigh.*

: Here I was thinking that you would have forgotten...

: Of course not. It's a tradition at this point!

: Fine then. I suppose that you want me to go into the kitchen for this.

: Right. I was getting the cakes ready while Topaz was blogging.

*Airi enters the kitchen and sits on the cakes. She then rips a huge fart while rubbing her butt against it. She then safely stores them in cases and takes them out.*

: Alright then. All that I have to do is send this smell-proof package over to Zettai.

: Smell-proof?

: That just means that the smell won't escape.

: Perfect for Oniisama!

Right! Wait, didn't you say "cakeS". As in plural?

: Right. You see, while ripping farts on the main cake I noticed there was an additional one. Here, you can have this.

*Airi forces the cake onto Topaz.*

Er, thanks. I mean I appreciate it, but I might wait until the smell dies down to eat it.

: Won't happen, these are special containers as said before.

: Thankfully. I can smell the stench from the kitchen in here. Nearly smells like the legendary flower of stench or something.

: Why does everyone say that?!

Anyway, thank you for the lovely gift.

*Topaz shoves it in his pants with the other items.*

Now that that is taken care of let's get going!

: Agreed. Now hold on tight...

*Topaz grabs Airi's waist and she flies off.*

: Not to tightly...

Of course, I don't want you to go into "Turbo mode". Save that for Zettai!

*Airi flies off, with Topaz holding onto her.*


*In the cells of the Colosseum.*

: Awww... This is so boring. I would rather be out on the front lines or looking for Topaz.

: Do not covet thy allies jobs. We are all important to Aldra-sama.

: Yeah, but I don't see why she sent me to watch the cells with you.

: Aldra doth not trust me alone enough, perhaps.

: True. You could escape with that bird friend of yours. I don't mean that she could lift you, should be obvious, but just in general run off with her. But I'm going to go check out other things. And by that I mean take a nap. I doubt that anyone would invade, but do tell me if we get attacked.

: I shall do just that.

*Esdeath leaves and heads back to her room.*

: Alright, she has left.

: Harumph, it's a shame that we have to be in hiding so much. I hope that someone gets here soon.

: Right. I'd even let them blog about me!

: Sounds like an even trade, but thy cannot forget my ally that is imprisoned in the upper chambers.

: Don't worry... I'm sure that Topaz is on his way...
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August 4th, 2016
This is the Four-hundred-first week of using the "Perfect Anime Girl Sheet". Notice: This Blog may contain Unmarked Spoilers.

Welcome back after a short break of a single day! I'm still here at the Yonomori residence, where we discussed Benio yesterday for Meganekko day. Today we'll be looking at her younger true sister Kobeni, so let's begin!

: Rushing a bit?

Hmm? What are you talking about.

: Well, usually you talk a lot more before blogs.

In all fairness that's usually because there's a lot of build up and I have to ask the girl for permission. I got all that done last time, so it shouldn't be too much trouble.

: Okay, but I blame having to do two in a row making you lazy and having short parts.

It's not too short, though I can't be sure about this one. Either way, let's begin.

: I know I gave permission, but are you still sure you want to talk about me? I can't be too entertaining...


: Right! Though I hope that no scumbags or perverts read this blog and give Kobeni undue attention.

: I doubt that anyone would read this would put that much effort forward.

: Eh? Why, are they not perverts?

: No, they're definitely perverts. Topaz too. They're just too lazy to do much.

: I see then.

*She turns to Topaz and points.*

: But still, you'd better not say anything unflattering about my adorable little sister!

I apologize if I do, but let's begin!

Hair: It might surprise my readers, but I actually do enjoy Kobeni's hair. It's a reddish color, but not a bad kind. It's a darker shade I think, which sorta helps. Even more surprising is that Kobeni also has twintails, a style I don't normally enjoy. It helps that her tails do hang down from the sides, though she does need some sort of hair decoration such as a band or cute decoration in the base. Like in that one hot spring official art, though she does have the rest of her hair up in a bun. When down Kobeni's hair goes past her shoulders, but not too far (I'm guessing about shoulder blade-length). Her sides are also like her sister, reaching past her shoulders which I do like. Sadly I'm not too fond of Kobeni's bangs, she does have a zig-zag but also a large gap in the middle. Her bangs seem to split in the center, with the hair going towards the sides.
Grade: B-

Eyes: Sadly unlike her sister Kobeni does not wear glasses. Which is a real shame as she could easily have better eyes than Benio. Kobeni's purple eyes are a beautiful, wonderful color and they're really pretty too! I will mention that she did have similar eyes to her sister as a child, being a bit reddish-brown but I would say that this is an improvement. Though I guess that Kobeni does still have circular tarame eyes, though that fits her well. I even find the hearts in her eyes in the opening cute!
Grade: B

Face: While she lacks Benio's epic scenes Kobeni still has a great face. The art style is really great, giving her soft-looking cheeks and a bit of a puni curve. A small dot nose helps as well, and Kobeni's full-face blush is really adorable too. Overall she does really well here too.
Grade: A

Build: Kobeni has a really great body actually, especially for my tastes. She has a curvy figure but she's afraid of putting on weight. It's possible that she's actually plump, which is good, but it's hard to tell. Either way the art style does Kobeni justice. Especially around her butt. She's a bit conscious of the fact that she has "childbearing hips", even if it's meant as a compliment. It's because it reminds her that it's easy for her to put on weight, though I doubt anyone would mind if Kobeni's butt would grow. I know Hakuya certainly wouldn't as he's awesome and thinks big butts are good. Though I guess Kobeni herself minds, as in the series I think she has to buy pants a size bigger because I presume that her butt has grown. That said she does need to show it (but, unlike a lot of other shows, she still has a nice bare butt official art image). Other than her butt she's not too bad, her legs have some nice curve and she's fairly well-proportioned. She also seems to have a scar on her abdomen, from her right side to the middle. Overall I'd say that other than needing to show her butt more she's excellent here.
Grade: A-

Chest: Kobeni does have a large chest, which is funny considering she's the younger sister. That said it's not like her bouncing is out of hand, other than the opening. There's also a moment with Hakuya and Mashiro's mother bounces Kobeni's chest a bit and comments on how heavy they are. There's also a few other moments I'm probably forgetting, and a high amount of official art (not to mention fan art) tends to focus on her chest. It is also said that all her weight goes to her chest, but Kobeni asserts that's a bad thing (I agree, some should go to her tush too). She even says a list of things that big breasts give her trouble with, such as running or squatting. Overall she's pretty nice, but I do wish she'd get more credit for her posterior!
Grade: A-

Clothing: Kobeni has a fair amount of clothing. Like Benio we usually see Kobeni wearing a blue sailor-ish suit with white collars and cuffs and a short grey skirt. Sadly this also includes short socks, must run in the family or something. Anyway Kobeni also has a lot of more-reserved outfits, though they're not boring either. I do like the one we first see her in, a long white shirt with long red and orange sleeves and purple pantyhose. Kobeni also wears an apron on occasion, though it would be much better had she worn nothing underneath. Some other outfits include a winter coat with scarf, a track suit, a pair of red-striped button down pajamas while sick, and in official art a white bikini and a pink bunny outfit. She also wears an olden-times peasant-looking outfit in one of Benio's fantasies. While nothing of Kobeni's is particularly outstanding and she could use some variety, a lot of the outfits fits her well and are cute on her.
Grade: B

Personality: Kobeni is a really adorable girl. She's a responsible little sister, taking care of most of the housework including cooking and cleaning. She is especially skilled at cooking as well. Kobeni is somewhat smart, though not a genius. She's also quick to accept things, though she occasionally shops to relieve stress. She's cheerful and optimistic as well. She is somewhat sickly on occasion, which causes problems as she gets injured as a child. Fortunately Hakuya saved her, but it did give her amnesia for before that moment. He gave her part of her power as well, possibly making her part-Youkai. Haruka Terui, Kobeni's VA, gives her a nice, gentle voice that fits Kobeni quite well. All in all, even if I can't describe why Kobeni is a really adorable girl that has a lot of appeal for me.
Grade: A-

Libido: The plot of the series begins with Kobeni getting into an arrange marriage with Hakuya, a quiet tall guy. Over the course of the series the two start to fall in love with each other in a realistic fashion. I will say it's more of a romantic love, while Hakuya tends to protect Kobeni from the background. She does finally admit her love, even if Mashiro has to point it out to the two. It's not too much of a perverse relationship, but at least Kobeni was alright with the set up (though she was afraid she wouldn't have enough food once Hakuya and Mashiro start living with them). I'll also remind you that Benio also dotes on Kobeni, not wanting to let her little sister go.
Grade: B

Age: Kobeni does have an official age, as she turns 16 in the first episode. She's also shown in a flashback, but that's not counted. Sadly I think that Hakuya is older than she is (though I'm not sure).
Grade: B

Total Grades: 80
Average score: 8.9
Final Grade: B+

: Hmmm, still not as good as Benio. Though I'm not surprised by that fact.

: Yes! Now Kobeni won't get unsavory characters drooling all over her!

: Right, as one is enough...

*She glares at Benio, who does a silly fake smile with her tongue out the side of her mouth.*

: Whoever could you possibly be talking about?

: Hey, if Benio is so into lolis why don't you give her that one photo?

*Benio's eyes become stars.*

: What photo do you speak of?

Oh, I think she means this one!

*Topaz pulls out the photo of Astarotte and Asuha playing around in sukumizus.*


*Benio's mouth gushes as she grabs the photo out of his hands. She wipes it with her sleeve.*

: SUCH BEAUTIFUL LOLIS! And look, you can see their succubus wings and tails! I accept this gift!

Alright, but that means you have to give me something of greater value!

: This is beginning to sound like some type of trading game from a video game.

: Shush, there's no reason to give out hints.

: What does it matter. It's just the vague concept that Topaz is referencing and not any precise one.

*Benio, who has been thinking about a proper reward (though distracted by continuously looking at the photograph and getting a gleeful smile) finally comes to a decision.*

: Come upstairs, Topaz.

*She grabs both his and Kobeni's hands and leads them upstairs.*

: You too, Kobeni.

: But why me too?

: Because you're a part of this reward!

I'm beginning to think this reward might be physical...

: Certainly!

*They head upstairs and into Kobeni's room where they lock the door.*

: This sounds suspicious, I should follow them!

*She goes up to listen to the door, soon followed by Kimiko.*

: This sounds sexy, I'll listen too!

: Sheesh. I doubt it's anything that interesting...

*They press their ears against the shut door, eavesdropping.*

What a lovely chest, Kobeni!

: Thanks, I got it from my mother.

: Here, I'll help you take your top off too.

: I don't need help-Errrgghh... Well, I guess I could use it. The top is surprisingly tight.

Just be careful that you don't bend over too far. Your drawers will fall down!

*Kimiko has a huge grin on her face, while Rika is glaring at her friend.*

: Stop being so excited, pervert!

*We still are unable to see inside though, but their conversation continues.*

: Hey, careful with those!

Of course, I'm just honored I'm able to see such hooters.

: I know, and just look at the boobies too!

Those are quite large as well! May I touch them?

: I suppose, but try to be delicate.

Don't worry, I know how fragile they can be...

*Suddenly the door bursts open, with Kimiko and Rika falling inside. There they see Topaz, Kobeni, and Benio with a chest between them. Inside are all sorts of birds made from various materials, including glass, porcelain, and tin. Luckily none of them are broken from the two falling into the room.*

Rika, Kimiko! You're being very rude to Benio and the others!

: But we thought you were... er...

: She thought you were doing something that Oniisama would be mad at you for. I at least hope that this terrible joke doesn't make him mad either.

What do you mean-OH! Well, I suppose it's a shame there's no birds named the "Tushie" or the "Newfoundland Derrière Bird" or something similar. That would have been better with Kobeni's childbearing hips

: HEY! I'm sensitive about my butt!

Does that mean that your butt is sensitive too?

: N-no!

I disbelieve that!

*Topaz flips up Kobeni's skirt and slides behind her. He then bounces her right buttcheek, exposed in the skimpy underwear Benio made her wear, and makes the left one jiggle as well.*

: AHH~

*Benio pushes Topaz away from Kobeni's tushie.*

: HEY! Get your grubby male hands off my precious Kobeni's amazing rump!

Sorry, I couldn't resist.

: I understand that, but that's no reason to do something so perverse!

But it was so springy...

*Rika sighs.*

: Perverts, the whole lot of you...

*Mashiro pops out from behind them.*

: See, I knew it wasn't anything bad. Benio was just showing off Kobeni's bird collection. Not as cool as my UMAs but still...

: Exactly. Now, how about you take one of these?


: What, are you looking to see which "Chickadee" is bigger or something?

Well, I don't want to take Kobeni's expensive-looking birds. So I'll take THIS unique one.

*Topaz holds up a wind-up bird.*

: Oh, that junky one.

: Just because I have multiple of that nightingale doesn't mean that it's "junk". I take care of all my collection, so if you wind that it won't make a noise.

: Wait, doesn't that mean that it doesn't work?

: I mean the winding is silent. Once wound up it sings a lovely song.

Seems like a good trade then.

: Perfect then. Now get lost. Even if that cute loli can stay.

: As much as I appreciate the kind words I feel Topaz will need my assistance.

: Sad to hear, but good luck with all the other girls!

: Right, and thanks for the blog too!

: I didn't get a blog but I imagine I might not score well anyway so I don't mind.

: Don't worry, Mashiro. I'll blog you every night from now on!

*Benio hugs Mashiro.*

: This isn't what I wanted! Nooooo!

*Topaz slips the bird into his pants and waves goodbye to the girls. They then return home, but as they approach it Kimiko remembers something.*

: Wait, didn't the fortune teller say something else?

What fortune teller?

: The one who told us to wait for you. And yeah, she did. Something about "wraith" following shortly. I sure hope that doesn't mean Sohara!

*They enter the house.*

I doubt it. I haven't finished the manga and might not as it sounds boring. But I do wonder who will show up then.

*As they turn the lights on, they are greeted by a mysterious woman sitting in the living room.*

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August 3rd, 2016
This is the Four-hundred-first week of using the "Perfect Anime Girl Sheet". Notice: This Blog may contain Unmarked Spoilers.

Welcome back everyone. Last week I gained a lot of power thanks to a goddess in a tower, and now after returning home I set out to blog a certain character for meganekko day.

: Note that the tower does not mean the new Exeggutor form. Even if it did gain a small dragon head.

: I still don't understand why you want to talk about Benio. The newspaper does enough of that already.

: I highly doubt they mention the things that Topaz will.

True. So bring Benio here and-


*A girl's yelling is heard from nearby. Topaz and his assistants look around for the location of the shouting, right and left. However it's not until they look up that they see a girl hanging out of an upstairs window.*

: There's no way I'll allow you to come in here and interview me. I only allow cute girls to have that privilege!

: And he's the furthest thing from a cute girl! What can we do now?

I haven't come this far and promised Benio's blog just to leave now. BENIO! Allow me to do my blog on you.

: There's nothing that you can do to get me to say yes!

I have lolis!

: Nonsense! That girl beside you in the glasses isn't a loli at all!

: Ouch...Though I do guess I'm taller than lolis should be.

What about HER!

*Topaz holds up Rika in both hands under her arms. Rika makes her cutest smile.*

: Ni~pah!


*Benio races away from the window so quickly papers blow in the wind. She then, very noisily, comes down the stairs and races to the front door. Once there she presents an elegant air to herself, waving her hair in a gorgeous fashion.*

: Oh ho ho. How rude of me to make an adorable loli like her wait like that. Please, come in and make yourself comfortable.

*They head inside the house, though Rika and Topaz have a conversation without words just glaring at the other.*

: I can't believe you'd sell me out to a lolicom like that!

I couldn't help it! Besides I'm sure you like the attention.

: I-I-I... S-shut up!

: Hmm? Something upset you, little miko that should never be forgotten and should win every moe contest?

: I'm fine. Really.

: Good then, now we can start on the blog.


: But only if Rika sits on my lap.

*Benio pats her lap, as she's sitting on a chair, waving to Rika to sit on her lap.*

: Who do you think you are, my Oniisama?

: Don't be silly. Though if you were to call me your "Oneesama" I'd fluster with glee.

: Ufufu, that sounds entertaining...

: What was that?

: Nothing, "Oneesama".

*Rika waves a false grin. Benio starts to smile wildly, her face nearly melting from the satisfaction.*


*Benio pats the loli's head.*

: I'm glad that I'm not being doted on because I'm not j-jealous at all!

Sure sure...

: You don't have to mock the loli. Just start the blog.

I suppose that's only fair. And in celebration of this meganekko day...



: Something is seriously wrong here!

: What's that?

: Here it is meganekko day but Benio isn't wearing glasses!

That's a good point.

: Is that all? Being fair I don't usually wear them at home but how about THIS!

*Benio puts on her glasses in an epic way, adjusting them as well.*

: What do you think now?

: Looks wonderful, but a shame you don't have better images of glasses on MAL.

I agree. There definitely needs to be more. But as seen, she is an occasional meganekko so let's begin this blog officially!

Hair: Benio's hair is really great. Color wise it's a nice light brown or tan, though occasionally it looks golden blond. I prefer the brown versions, it looks really nice on her. Her length is likewise good, reaching about midway down her back and leaving ample room for showing off her butt. Her long sides are also good, reaching her chest or so. It does give her coverhair on one occasion though. Benio's bangs also aren't anything too special. They are a bit zig-zag with a large triangle-shaped part in the middle. Overall Benio is quite good, but her problems (such as her boring bangs) keep her from getting higher.
Grade: B+

Eyes: Benio has fairly pretty eyes, which are a reddish-brown or rust color (possibly for the latter, at least). Still it matches well with her hair, and her darker eyes do remind me of purple which I do like more. Benio also has tsurime-shaped eyes, which is always great. The shape and shading of eyes in this series was grand, giving her a really shiny but in a good way eyes. They also look soft too. Benio, as the yearly meganekko, does occasionally wear glasses. It's mainly at school, as it seems she has an image to maintain. I'd still say that she needs to wear them more. Oh, and to describe the glasses they have a thin frame but it's fairly easy to notice when Benio is wearing them.
Grade: A-

Face: Benio has a somewhat pointed chin, but the rest of her face is really well-rounded. The art style certainly helps with this, making Benio's cheeks squishy-looking. Other pluses for me include only having a small dot nose and a nice-sized mouth. That said the main reason Benio does so well here are her well-exaggerated expressions. Really, some of the most humorous and thereby best moments are from Benio's over the top and adorable reactions. She's really great all around, though she still needs a little bit more to be perfect. Oh and apparently in the picture slide-show in the opening Benio shows off her lips a bit, including one time when she's drinking from a water fountain. Nothing I'm too interested in, but figured I should mention.
Grade: A

Build: Benio has a fairly nice body. Unfortunately we don't have any measurements, but in series she's at least treated as having a fairly good body. She's also an athletic ace, and can jump out of upper-story windows without flinching. That said, between the three heroines Benio is in the middle. She's not as curvy as Kobeni or as loli as Mashiro. Not that Benio is bad, of course. The art style does sort of hurt her, making her legs and arms fairly simple (though they do show off her legs somewhat well in the opening montage). She does have an amazing buttshot in one of the OVAs after running out of a bath, showing her really nice peach-shaped bottom. Well, I suppose that Benio would make for a fair "butt" girl, but she still needed to show it off more to score better. Not that she's bad, of course. Also helping is the fact that Benio is one of the taller characters in the series, only beaten by the male lead (who is fairly tall anyway) and she's not interested so she's likely taller than all her true love interests.
Grade: B

Chest: Again Benio is fairly average here, both size-wise and compared to the other characters. As said she does show her chest some with coverhair, but her younger sister seems to get more of the chest moments (though this still isn't a fanservice series).
Grade: B

Clothing: There's a fair variety that Benio wears. She is still usually seen in her school uniform though. It consists of a blue somewhat sailor uniform with a red stripe around the white collar and cuffs. She also wears a red bow ribbon around her neck and a grey skirt. Sadly the worse part is that she only wears shorter socks as pantyhose or thighhighs could have improved the otherwise somewhat dull uniform. It does help that Benio wears a great variety of casual outfits. One in particular I liked was a black suit-like dress with white shirt underneath and pantyhose, it looked really great and appealing to me. She also wears a variety of clothing in the opening, including pajamas with nightcap and a cowboy hat (not at the same time as that would be silly). There's also official art of her in a wolf bikini with ears and tail, but sadly it doesn't show too much as Mashiro in a sheep costume is blocking most of the view. There's probably a lot more I'm missing, especially as far as casual outfits go, but I couldn't find anything too impressive.
Grade: B-

Personality: At first glance Benio might seem like the perfect student. She's very intelligent, she's great at athletics, and is very popular. In addition she's the student council president and is a very proper girl. She even sparkles in a shoujo style. However, this hides a "dark" side. Well, not quite dark but rather it's that Benio is incredibly doting on girls. Especially her younger sister and sister-in-law. I'll explain this in the next area but do know that a lot of her personality seems to revolve around her unabashed love for the female characters. It's really humorous seeing her reactions, as said before though she does sometimes get so trapped in the world of her fantasies she ignores reality around her. Luckily her friend Nadesico to pull her out of these moments. Also she's an incredible older sister, usually called "Neesama" for additional points, and cares a lot for her younger siblings. She's also voiced by Eriko Matsui, and it's done really well.
Grade: B

Libido: As said Benio's libido is really high. She's a siscom and lolicom that doesn't always have the power to hide it. She's extremely passionate too, and has adorable squirming moments where she can't control her affections. She can get a bit over-protective and aggressive, but she means the best. She's also said to be a "sex criminal/sexual harasser" as a child, something that Kobeni didn't fully understand back then. Anyway Benio's main loves are her younger sister Kobeni and new sister-in-law loli Mashiro. She wants a harem with a younger sister on each arm, and when Mashiro scolds Benio for her actions humiliating her Benio offers to take responsibility and marry the loli. However, these aren't the only girls who are connected with Benio. Konoha seems to idolize her, and her friend Nadesico (who also keeps Benio on a figurative leash) is also a childhood friend. Probably the only problem that I have is that Benio doesn't support Kobeni and Hakuya's relationship, but it's not like that outbalances all the epic moments she had. The reason she's so defensive of Kobeni is likely due to blaming herself for Kobeni's accident where she nearly died when she was younger.
Grade: A-

Age: Benio seems to be 18, but I cannot find any exact evidence to that. She does still go to high school so she can't be too old, and she's older than her 16 year old sister Kobeni (whose birthday kicks off the series). That's not too bad of a range for my tastes, though. We also see her as a child in a flashback, but I wouldn't count that.
Grade: A-

Total Grades: 81
Average score: 9
Final Grade: B+

And that's the blog for this wonderful meganekko day! What do you think of your blog, Benio?

*The camera turns to Benio, but she seems to be pouring affection on Rika and not paying attention.*


: Hmm? Did you say something? I was busy playing with the loli.

: Nothing, it's just that Topaz talked about you a lot and we were wondering your opinions.

*Benio still isn't paying attention as Mashiro has come over and she is distracted by patting her too.*

: You say something?

: D-don't think that this means that I want to have affection poured on me. I was just trying to make you feel more comfortable.

: Sure sure... In fact why don't you take my place.

*Mashiro slides on Benio's lap as Rika slides off.*

: Not as soft, but I'd never turn down having my sister-in-law try to show affections.

*Benio squeezes Mashiro close, who looks like she deeply regrets her decision.*


: Perhaps, but it was about time for me to leave anyway. Come on, let's return home.

: But Empry hasn't had his birthday "enjoyment" this year!

I wouldn't want to put Benio out though. Plus I read this great Touhou story...

: Your friend's gift doesn't count! At least for blogs, I mean.

It's alright. I can go without. Now, how long until the next blog?

: Tomorrow!

Wait, that quickly! I don't have that kind of turnaround! We'll never be able to get home by then!

: Obviously you should do someone else here.

Great plan!

: I wouldn't mind getting a new blog, what with you actually seeming smarter now.

Hopefully we won't have to come to that. Mashiro, come here!

: Hmm?

Would you like to be blogged on tomorrow?

: What is a "blog"-OMMPH!

*Benio quickly covers the loli's mouth.*

: I forbid it! I cannot expose Mashiro to such perverts like you!

: Speak for yourself...

: And besides, isn't my wearing glasses good enough for his "enjoyment"? You should be glad as I wouldn't do this for every guy.

True, but if we can't do Mashiro...

*A third girl, well fifth if you include Rika and Kimiko but don't be smart, exits the kitchen in an apron.*

: Benio! I told you to help out! I've been in there cooking alone and-eh? Who are all these people?

: That's Topaz or something, and he came here to talk about me.

And hopefully someone else. Hey, why don't I talk about you Kobeni.

: E-EH?! But I'm so normal and uninteresting...

: Nonsense, you're my beautiful imouto!

: And you have those wide birthing hips too!

: *Under her breath* Bet someone is thinking naughty thoughts now...

: A-alright! I'll allow it!

Well then, catch you all tomorrow or next time when we'll be looking at Kobeni!
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July 28th, 2016
This is the Four-hundredth week of using the "Perfect Anime Girl Sheet". Notice: This Blog may contain Unmarked Spoilers.

Happy four-hundredth blog everyone! This is a major moment in blogging history! I never expected to get this far when I first started.

: Certainly. You've been through a lot more than you could have ever expected. And I'm sure that you'll have to face many other threats.

That sounds sort of ominous, but considering I still have to face Aldra I do have at least one more major battle in the future. Though I do wish that Ririchiyo was here to help celebrate. She must be having fun back home, I suppose.

Nothing but fun times for her!

: Getting away from your absent assistant, have you remembered who I am yet?

I have, and if that's a sign that you want to be blogged on I won't misunderstand!

Today's girl :


Wait, why?

: Because we have a few things to discuss first.

Not more discussions! I can't write that much!

: It's your own fault for causing so much strife. Then again one of the things I have to talk about involves powering you up.

Powering me up?

: Yes. I shall unlock your potential. But before that, you have to be punished! I mean... “trained”!

Wait, that sounds like something bad...

: Nonsense! All you have to do is enter this room over here...

*May leads Topaz over to a nearby room with an open door.*

Hey, is this some sort of Hyper-Potion room?

: Yes. That's exactly what it is. Now go inside and gain your 200 HP.


: No. The Hyperbolic Time chamber will provide the punishment for all the times that you've betrayed Zettai.

*Topaz gulps.*

ALL of the times?

: Well, I suppose that I'm only counting the blog ones. But that's still a lot, so get in there!

*May kicks Topaz inside and closes the door. She even locks it using the gigantic safe-like handle.*


: That seems to be for Ayaka's blog. Ufufu...


: And seems that you've seen Azusa's torture too.


: Ufufu, seems you're facing Maou's challenge now...


: Seems like there's a lot of girls who you have to pay for now. Like a certain yandere whose measurements you didn't notice and thus graded her higher than she deserves, or putting that gif of a certain MEAT in her blog that burned his eyes. Not to mention the silly "motorcycle" girls who will remain nameless... Hmmm, Tsubasa should be coming up soon too...


: There we go. *Looks at her watch* Hmmm? Been a full day already? Well, I guess I should let you out.

*May opens the door and bright light shines out. A silhouette of a muscular man is seen.

: Wow, I guess that the training really DID make you stronger!

*Topaz emerges and he's as thin and wimpy as ever.*

Actually I think that was just the lighting. But I do feel tougher, and training in there meant that I didn't lose HP!

: Well, not technically anyway. But what have you learned?

Big breasts aren't the only thing to appreciate on a girl's body! And that I should appreciate flat chests more!

: Exactly what I wanted you to learn. Here, I'll give you a big busty hug and rub my breasts all over you!

Only if you pull up your skirt and rub your butt against me for an equal amount of time!

: Good answer. That's what I wanted you to say. And I'm not actually rubbing my chest on you.

What about your butt?

: That either.

Shame. But now that I have newfound appreciation for flat chests what can I do about my blog?

: Hmm? You mean about the girls in the past who you have wronged?

Exactly. There's so many that I feel like I should apologize to. Like Nagi or Shana!

: And the girls from kids shows like Aikatsu or Precure!

Well, they'd still score low. Outside of transformations scenes it's not like they show off too much, which is something I still plan on scoring on. Shiny, featureless skin is still kinda strange. Wait, "Scoring"! How am I going to score girls now?

: You could always CHANGE the blog.

You're talking crazy talk. Changing something this far into it? That would make the calculations all wrong and complicate things so much!

: No, you see all you have to do is change "breasts" to "chest".

What's the difference.

: Well, with "breasts" it's implied that there's a pass or fail rating. Basically be big or lose points. With the new scale it's better at showing appeal and how often they show it off.

Alright, but I'll still punish girls who either use pads for fakeness or get jealous and have bad scenes. Girls should be proud of their chests, no matter the size!

: Good boy! Now that you've finally experienced your failings and learned from them now you may start my blog!

Wait, what about unlocking my potential?

: That comes after the blog.

I see. Well then, you readers should be excited because...

Today's girl is:

May Hyou
the Nyntindois series.

*May ahems.*

Hmm? Did I forget something?

: Well, what is my full name?

I said it. "May Hyou".

: No, my FULL name.

*Topaz sighs.*

"Mayella Ann Hyou".

: And why do I have such a silly name?

*Topaz sighs again.*

Because I didn't understand Japanese at all back then and made up random stuff. And your first name is based on May Oak from Dengeki Pikachu too.

: Ufufu, you really liked that manga way back then, didn't you?

I didn't have a lot of manga at the time and was an idiot.

: Explains a lot. But then again you were terrible at names. I mean, I have to keep your actual name a secret but let's just say that "Topaz 1510" was a dumb name. Especially considering your SPECIES of monkey-like people were named the "Topaz".

Hey, you don't need to point out every moment of my chuunibyou-ish days! Or, technically, before that, but still.

: Oh don't worry. I'm only "Topaz"-ing you. Tee hee <3. And be prepared to have me chime in and out during the blog itself too!

That sounds... great. Well then, let's get started!

Hair: One of May's most obvious traits is her dark black hair. It has a nice blend with her light skin, though currently her hair has turned brown to match her inspiration closer (one of her inspirations was from a manga, so it seemed that the character's hair was black). Either way it's a nice dark color that looks nice. Style-wise some things haven't changed. May's hair is still long and flowing, being free in back. Her hair seems to reach about her mid-back, but I apparently drew her with windswept hair so it was hard to tell. Not to mention my poor art skills, but still. Probably the only problem are the average bangs. I think I was trying to have her hair come down over her eye for a seductive look, but now it just looks like she's emo or something.
Grade: A

: You can tell I was from way in the past. There's no way a character Topaz would make now wouldn't have a hime cut or something.

What about Kimiko?

: She doesn't count as she was supposed to be a character based on you, but she was "popular" and got her own spin-off. Speaking of her, I do notice that both her and I have brown hair. Could it be that you were just lazy in creating my sprite?

Who me, Lazy? Don't be ridiculous! It's more that I had problems as the preset black in the program made it look grey. Now, let's continue onward and not speak of this.

: The joke there would be funnier if you didn't give a good excuse, you know.

Eyes: May has small black eyes. It's possible that I was trying to make them narrow, matching her Japanese descent, but I just drew them as dots. While the majority of the characters are like that, with a couple exceptions, it is odd that I didn't give her anime-like eyes. Also in demon form, which I'll talk about later in "body", she has yellow eyes. Overall I imagine that they aren't bad but I am poor at putting my thoughts into art.
Grade: B-

: You weren't bad, but if you were looking forward to this being a career I'd suggest that you would have practiced more.

Luckily I knew that I wasn't going to be an artist, though I wouldn't mind making video games.

: Maybe someday. Or you can just watch an anime about that instead.

Sounds like a plan!

: Oh, and while you mentioned that it's odd about the eye shape I'm surprised that you didn't give me glasses. Though I imagine it was far, far before you knew that about yourself.


Face: As mentioned before May has pale skin, though it's very beautiful. It's also quite soft, and she prides herself on having no imperfections. I will say that her face is a little simplistic-

: A LITTLE? I'm pretty sure heads shouldn't be that round, and other than having a nose I'm pretty sure my SPRITE has more facial emotion than your art.

Fair point. I was and probably am still a poor artist. Regardless, May has a mostly average face. Oh and she seems to have facial markings in demon form.
Grade: B

: Before we continue, how about you show that full-body sketch?

I'd rather not...

: It's not like it's mamocentric-well, I suppose that because it's from the front it could be considered, but it wasn't deliberate as there were more males in the series and they used the same forward-facing pose. So anyway, here you go!

As you can see I'm not good at the arts.

: To be fair this was done over a decade ago, and likely even further as well. Not that it completely excuses it as I imagine a current image wouldn't be better, but you're too lazy for that.

I am! But anyway May is a fairly curvy girl with a thin waist. Her feet and legs are alright, but are likely better than my poor art can show. Sadly there's no measurements-

: What are you talking about? YOU are the creator of me, you decide my measurements.

I suppose, but I have no information about back then. If I were to give her measurements now, I'd say that she's 167 cm tall and her three sizes are 90/60/90.

: Any reason for those?

Yeah. As the love goddess I used the measurements that are the average "perfect woman" sizes. Though I hope my friend wouldn't be angry.

: We can't all have measurements like that cute loli imouto of his.

: Ufufu, seems someone is speaking about me and required me to give a cameo. I hope that they're saying something nice, like me being butt-tastic.

Anyway, getting back to May I have to describe her demon form. As she has succubus blood in her she has the ability to go into a demon form. Her forearms turn red and thicken into clawed hands, her legs become hoofed, and she gains both wings and horns.

: Sorta like your demon form. HINT.

I-er, I'm a very creative person!
Grade: B

: Nice save.

*Ahem* Anyway, let's get to May's chest. As one of the inspirations behind her is Tifa from Final Fantasy VII, she is quite busty. As said before, it's likely that her bust size is 90. Luckily her chest isn't too insanely large for her body shape, and she doesn't show it off or bounce too much either. Other than that, not much to say. She hasn't shown her nipples, either.
Grade: B+

Clothes: It's a factor that May is fairly fashionable, but the only outfit I've drawn her in is her basic one. As said, Tifa was a major inspiration so May has a similar outfit. She wears a tanktop that exposes her middriff, jean shorts with black belt, and sandals. She also carries a bull whip that she uses in battle. The Elemental Gem Jade hangs around May's neck, and it has been fashioned into a scorpion-looking brooch, with four legs, two claws, and a pointed tail. The jewel is set into the body, and is protected by a gold back.

: The whip gives a nice sting, pun intended. Though you won't know why until the next area.

As far as variety, May has none. But as a custom creation I can pretty much put her in any sort of outfit I want.

: What I'm surprised about is the Chinese dress. I mean I know you like them, but it doesn't show off my body as well as I would like.

It's to symbolize your goddess powers.

: What it symbolizes is that I like covering up. I'll just tighten it, and there! Though my "meat buns" look so great and about to pop out.

Meaning her butt, of course. In that case let us continue onward!

*May shakes her big meaty butt at the camera.*
Grade: B

Personality: May is a very beautiful, but not quite egotistical, character. If she seems that way blame my poor writing skills. Anyway she's pretty flirty and can enjoy being the center of attention. Despite this her attacks tend to be subtle, not doing a lot of damage but dealing status ailments instead. She uses a whip and a bunch of insect-based attacks. The latter is due to her third and final inspiration, Jean from the second Lunar game. The insect attacks are due to Jade, which is her elemental gem and goddess, being a large scorpion. I have no clue either, I think the name "Jade Scorpion" came from some movie from around the time (and not a memorable one or one that I saw either). Overall she's not bad, but I wish I had more to say about her other than her attacks or the characters she was inspired from.

: You could always show an image of what the goddess looks like.

But that would require effort!

: What about THIS:

*May pulls out a parchment and undoes it, revealing the picture inside.*

In all fairness that's the updated version of Venom Jade, which is the third form of the goddess's power.

: Because the Nyntindois gods have not two but THREE forms! Power creep and all that.
Grade: C+

Libido: May, being a goddess of love, has a fairly healthy libido and is quite lustful. She's also married to my namesake in the Nyntindois series, both for tradition (as I am the king of the gods) and out of love. She also has the ability to attract others just by playfully flirting, though she sometimes forgets to turn that power off.

: I can't say that I dislike the attention, but at least I can turn it off. I mean, can you believe if I had to wear a veil all the time to hide my beauty?

Exactly, though you're probably not as attention-grabbing as I'm making you seem. Also I'd like to recon May's past as it currently seems really cruel, involving sexual harassment and her becoming a lesbian because of a cruel father.

: Topaz didn't exactly understand anything way back then. Luckily he now has the internet for more information and is kind enough to remove horrible backstories that cause poor plotholes and Gary Sue-ing of his own character.

What are you talking about?

: I'm sure every guy probably had a dream at one point of "converting" a lesbian through the power of his own, well, you understand. Besides, with all the abilities your author avatar has, from copying other abilities, near-instant regeneration, reality manipulation, and even creating life or a solar system as an attack you're already checked too much off on the "Gary Sue" chart.

I knoowwwww.... If only I could go back and teach my younger self a lot of lessons! But that's aside the point. Only one more area to go!

: But before that, don't forget the short cameo I had in the PSWhoa comics.

Ah yes. You see, in one of the chapters the PSWhoa cast faced off against the holders of the Elemental Gems. May had to go against the sexy Shiek, a Newman (which is that game's version of elf). After Shiek got her clothing removed by Exhi!e's Secret Button May took that as a challenge and stripped herself. They then wrestled off-screen to the excitement of all the guys. I'm not sure how but Shiek seemed to win.

: Ufufu, in all fairness we both "won", and same for several bystanders as well...
Grade: B

Age: May is 19, and her birthday is April 16. Why, I have no clue but that is her birthday.

: And to specify, at the time of my creation "Topaz" was 23. Not this Topaz, the one from Nyntindois and my husband. So I'm technically younger than him. Still older than the real life was when he created me, by quite some time.
Grade: A

Total Grades: 76
Average score: 8.4
Final Grade: B

And that's the blog for the week!

: I would have expected to get higher, but I guess your tastes really have changed. But now that it is complete I can finally "touch" you.


: "Touch" you. I'll pull things out of you that you never knew you had. How does that sound.

I need an adult.

: I am an adult. Couldn't you tell by my "age" score? Besides, I know it's your first time so I'll be gentle. Now, stand still and relax as I reach deep inside you and grab hold of your essence...

*May places her hand on Topaz's head.*

I definitely need an adult...


*Cosmic energy flows into Topaz, filling his body with energy. Visions of past girls flood into his head, empowered by the souls of the sacred gemstones:

Like the wind blowing through the hair, Diamond enhances HAIR!

+30 HP

Like the reflections off a winter's ice, Sapphire enhances EYES!

+10 Defense, +1 Summon, and 2 meganekko points.

Like the power of expression and emotion, Moonstone enhances FACE!

+25 Defense

Like a body of a statue and carved of earth, Quartz enhances BUILD!

+15 defense and 5 HP

Like the flames of the heart burning with passion, Ruby enhances CHEST!

+60 HP

Like a thread of hope in troubled times, Emerald enhances CLOTHES!

+10 defense and 40 HP

Like his own personality, always supportive and positive, Topaz enhances PERSONALITY!

+5 Defense, +20 HP, and +1 Summon

Like the ties of marriage and affection, Jade enhances LIBIDO!

+5 Defense and +3 Summon

Finally, like the passage of the years and wisdom, Cordierite enhances AGE!

+5 Defense, +10 Hit Points, and +1 Summon

*After receiving such great power May removes her hand from Topaz's head. She seems to pant afterwards.*

: Seems like the powers connecting me to my home world are trying to drag me back for manipulating this world too much. But do not worry, I have enough power to continue training you.

More training?

: Of course!

===Meanwhile, in the Colosseum jail===

*Ririchiyo approaches a girl who is tied up and her mouth taped shut. She removes the tape.*

: YOW!

: SHHH! Do you want us to get caught?

*Riri unties Críet.*

: So what happened?

: Some girl came and kidnapped me! Luckily I have enough magical power to contact Topaz.

: Try to do it steathfully, so that Aldra and her troops don't pick up on it.

: Right!

*Críet gets down on her knees and prays. As her current troops have next to no magical abilities they aren't able to notice the magical signature. On the ground Airi notices, turning her head as it flies off. She shrugs it off and continues to Topaz's house. It eventually reaches Topaz, who is trying to sit still but spasms.*

: I told you, you need to sit still for this to work!

Sorry, my leg cramped up.

: Well then, uncramp it and sit down!

*The message reaches Topaz's ears...*

: Help us...

My friends are in peril!

: But you can't leave now! If you do, I won't be able to power your focus up further!

But I fight for my friends. C'mon Nina, let's go rescue them!

*Nina, who was sleeping against a post letting May and Topaz have their private time, is shocked awake.*

: Eh? Oh, I-I wasn't sleeping!

*Nina becomes a bird, ready to transport Topaz back.*

: You'll never be able to defeat Aldra at your level! Even if you did just gain a bunch of experience.

There's no time! I have to make sure they're safe!

*Nina flies off towards the Colosseum.*

: *Sigh* When will he listen to reason...

*As Nina and Topaz approach the Colosseum, it starts shooting at them.*

Watch out!

: You think?!

*Nina avoids many shots, but her wing gets hit.*

: I can't maintain my form any longer, I have to become a humanoid again!

Fine, but don't drop me!

: I make no promises.

*Nina goes back to her normal form, even if the picture didn't change as I am lazy. She holds Topaz princess style as she flies past the lasers.*

Quick, go through that alley! They won't be able to get us if we do that!

*Nina dives through, getting caught in a bedsheet that somehow wraps around her body like a toga. She also gets a golden disc of sorts stuck to her head as she does aerial maneuvers.*

===Meanwhile, back at Topaz's house===

*The sun is in the middle of setting.*

: You sure it was before dusk?

: I think that's what the sage said. Though who knows if she was a real fortune teller anyway.

: Yeah, probably some faker and-

*Suddenly, in the sunlit sky Topaz emerges. The sun behind Nina, combined with the golden disc and outfit makes it seem as if she's an angel descending to drop him off.*

: I have brought you Topaz.

: Uhhhh....

: That was an oddly specific fortune that came true...

Rika! Kimiko! You're both alright!

: You're alright too, Topaz!

: What happened?

I was crystallized, lost my memory and wandered about, and then a beautiful goddess of love touched me and I felt something I never felt before!

: I'm jealous! Of the latter mostly!

: Where's Ririchiyo?

I thought that she was with you.

: Nope. Last I knew she was at the Colosseum with you.

Curses, she must still be there. No wonder she's in such peril! But we can't get there now. It's too heavily guarded.

: And I'm too hurt to fly next to it too. I'm going to take off as a result.

That's fine, though I may need a ride back to May.

: F-fine, but give me time to prepare first!

*Nina flies off with a floppy wing.*

: So who are you going to do next week? It's the special meganekko blog remember.

Ah yes. Meganekko day is a special day so it's a shame that Ririchiyo isn't here. But don't worry, I know EXACTLY who to do...

: Who?

Someone I should have done a long time ago....

==The Next Day==

*Topaz knocks on a door of a fairly average house. It is opened by a loli.*

Hello there. Is your meganekko "older sister" home?

: She is, not that I enjoy it. But if you promise to keep her busy I'll let you in!
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