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February 15th, 2018
Anime Relations: Fresh Precure!
This is the Four-hundredth-eighty-first week of using the "Perfect Anime Girl Sheet". Notice: This Blog may contain Unmarked Spoilers.

*We join this week's blog in what appears to be a dressing room. A middle school girl seems to be brushing her hair in a mirror. Once she stops she smiles at her reflection.*


*In a cheerful mood she sashays over to the rack of clothes. She looks through them.*

: Hmm, now what was the outfit I was supposed to wear for my next modeling appearance? I know it was here somewhere..

*She keeps looking through the hangers until she sees something that surprises her. It's Topaz, who seems to be hiding within the various garments.*


*The girl is about to scream, but Topaz gets up and covers her mouth.*

Listen! I know that I shouldn't be in here, but I'm currently trying to hide from my assistant. Do you understand?

*She nods, but when Topaz removes his hand.*


Hey, I'm not... I'm not a DANGEROUS pervert at least.

*Drawn in by the girl's screams a figure enters the room. Fortunately (somewhat) for Topaz it turns out to be Ririchiyo.*

: So THIS was where you were hiding! I knew that I should have realized I'd find you in wom..an's... clothes... Wait, scratch that. I want to word that better.

Go ahead.

: (Good thing he wasn't writing his blog yet or that line would be embarrassing) Anyway, what are you doing hiding here.

: I want to know that too!

Well, I was running from your questions about the battle, and eventually I found myself here. I'm not even sure how I got into this dressing room either.

: I suppose that I should be used to you popping out of strange places. *turns to Miki* Sorry about this, it seems like Topaz was trying to push his duties onto me.

: Well, at least I wasn't changing-wait, did you say that this is Topaz? Like of the famous blog?

No, I'm Topaz of the very slightly famous blog.

: I think she still means you.


: Aren't you the one who did the blogs on Buki and Setsuna?

Right, those were last week and the week before.

: Zettai also did a blog on Setsuna as well, though that was a few years back.

Right, and if anything his is still better than mine as he likes her better.

: Nonsense, I'm sure he enjoys all your blogs. Ignoring the trap ones, of course.

Makes sense. Anyway, since Riri has caught me I have to go talk to the girl I've planned to do this week.

: Oh? Who is that? Perhaps I can help you track her down.

That sounds way to easy for you.

: Why's that?

: He wants to talk about you, Miki.

That's right!

: M-ME? Well, I do suppose that you did two of my friends so I should allow a blog done on me as well. I'm sure I'd do well, I'm perfect after all!

That you are, and to prove how perfect you are...

Today's girl is:

Miki Aono
Fresh Precure

But perhaps it wouldn't be good to talk in this stuffy dressing room.

: You just want to not get arrested.

That too! Let's go out into a more open area.

*The three exit the building and are in the middle of the street, which seems oddly empty.*

This seems oddly empty.

: Thank you Captain Obvious...

: It is odd. Usually this time of day is much busier. I-It's almost like a villain is about to show up.

: Wait, don't say th-

: WAH AHA AHA! Look at what the cat dragged in!

: Too late...

If you want something the cat dragged in I'd take a look at the mirror!

: How can a cat drag in a mirror?

That's not what I meant.

: Insult me all you want, Topaz! You'll never be able to defeat THIS! I paid careful attention to which girl you'd be discussing today!

: I'm surprised that you put in so much effort...

*Momo has a flashback to back at the evil lair. She's flipping through pages, and a hooded figure stands in front of her.*

: So you're saying that these items are enough to defeat Topaz this time?

???: Affirmative: They will allow you to create a being capable of defeating this week's girl.

: That's good to hear. And I'm thankful that you wrote so much on this girl. You've certainly done your research.

???: Embarrassment: You praise me too much for my work.

: You deserve the praise. Unlike with the other girls who have given up on me, you're still on my side Gemini.

*Momo leaves, even if her flashback doesn't end.*

Gemini: Betrayal: If only you knew what those stones would cause you, you would not choose to think that.

*Momo's flashback finally ends and we return to the present time.*

: That's right, Wah ah ah! I've done the research!

: We all saw the flashback, Momo. You forgot to put that in a spoiler.

: Curses! But no matter. You won't be remembering it for long!

Certainly not. I have a poor memory!

: I meant more that I'm going to make you into squished Topaz soon. Get them, Creature!

*Momo activates a stone which mixes with a nearby Takoyaki. The result causes a giant squid to appear.*


Wait, that's a squid that came from a takoyaki.

: Sounds like someone has a lot of explanations...

*They turn to Miki, who seems frozen in place.*

You alright, Miki?

: KYYAAAAHHH! I hate all things with tentacles!

What if it only has eight tickles?

: This is no time for wordplay jokes, Topaz! She can't transform at this rate!

: That's right! I'm exploiting your weakness to tentacled beasts to paralyze you in fear!


*The giant squid rocks while waving its tentacles.*

: No more! No more!

: There must be some way to get her calmed down and able to transform.

Maybe if I bolster her by starting my blog her nerves will go down.

: Might as well try it. It IS Thursday, after all...

Hair: Miki really does have some of the best hair in the franchise. She has great long hair that reaches her hips if only slightly, and I love the purple color as it's a nice dark shade. She does have a bit of a bump in back, as she usually wears a hairband, but I suppose outside of me not being able to describe it well it's not too bad. Her hair starts out somewhat straight before being wavy about halfway down. Miki's bangs are also pretty nice, being parted in such a way that her left eye is almost covered in the "glamorous" sort of style. Miki even has some variety, with a high ponytail either going down her back or on her shoulder. Cure Berry is a slight downside, but still pretty good. Her hair does become a lighter shade of purple, maybe lavender but I'm not good with exact colors, which is slightly worse but not enough to complain about. She also puts all of her hair up in a ponytail, though the way it zig-zags it looks more like a sidetail instead. She does keep her glamorous bangs, and not all of her hair is in the ponytail as she has some sides. Overall, even with Cure Berry causing a bit of an issue Miki really has outstanding and beautiful hair.
Grade: A

Eyes: Much like with her hair Miki has very lovely eyes. They're a nice blue/purple color as I'm bad at noticing colors, but they fit very well with her hair color. In both forms as well. Still, they're very pretty and fit well with her theme colors. Miki even has a slight tsurime which looks great, and she has sultry eyelashes on the outer corners of her eyes. There might be too many, but it's not too noticeable in the series I think. Overall she does really good, so the only thing-Yep, you guessed it. Miki has a glasses moment! She wears red-framed glasses when trying to describe how she'll be a stern guardian to one of the two resident mascots. She should really wear them more, unless I'm forgetting another moment. Still, that little bit does help her.
Grade: B+

Face: That said, Miki does have a lot of difficulty in this area. The main problem is that she seems a lot more mature compared to the other girls. This means that Miki's nose is a bit larger than normal, with a bigger line than I'd like. Her face also seems long, though that might be the art style. The art style, as mentioned last week, does also have some QUALITY moments and it's possible that Miki gets hit the worst. Her chin can appear pretty pointed as well, which is something that I'm not a fan of. Overall Miki is still pretty good, just not as good as her costars I'd say. In fact, I had to carefully choose which MAL image I'd use for her and Berry due to some looking pretty bland. That said, like the other girls she does have some good reactions. Miki's main moments involve her reactions with octopus.
Grade: B

*Miki is still shaking with fear.*

: I don't think that this is helping, Topaz!

It's got to, we have to help Miki through her fear!

: Gweak wek wek! You should know that there's no way that your silly blog will lift fear!

Nonsense, I've got to keep trying!

: Maybe it will help if we attacked the squid?


Good plan. Though I don't want to rip off the tentacles.

: If you make a reference to something your readers wouldn't get-

Nothing of the sort. Though, heh heh heh...

: Stop thinking of something dumb that came up in spell check! There's no "I" in it anyway, let alone having an "N"!


*The squid attacks Topaz and Riri, but Topaz manages to get a hold of one of its tentacles while Riri avoids.*

Well, this seems uselessly cruel but here goes...

*Topaz tugs on the squid's tentacle.*

Heh heh heh...

: Act more mature, Topaz!

*I know, right? But anyway, despite all his pulling the tentacle isn't coming out.*

Darn, how could a fat Italian plumber pull these off.

: Because he jumps around far more than you do, and can do handstands and such.

Fair point.

*It then picks up Topaz and flings him away, causing 30 damage as he falls to the ground.*

: Topaz!

It's alright. It's just a flesh wound.

: You don't have to keep doing this!

I have to! It's my blog, and it's because of me Momo is attacking the city with this Gezora-knockoff!

: Seriously Topaz? You can use that name but not the actual name?

: Can't you see that you have no chance?

To make our time?

: For a meme that ancient I don't regret destroying you. Beast, attack!


*The giant squid leaps into the air and falls right above Topaz and Ririchiyo. It even crashes into the ground, leaving a crater.*

: Mwah ahaha! Looks like I was the one who finally defeated Topaz!

: Not so fast!

*Miki's voice comes from under the squid. It gets lifted up, and soon Momo sees that not only had she transformed but both Topaz and Ririchiyo are safe.*

: Ew ew ew ew!

*Cure Berry then tosses the squid a bit, causing it to slam hard against the ground with a rubbery impact.*

Thanks for saving us!

: No, thanks to you talking about me I realized that I couldn't be afraid. Well, that my fear won't paralyze me at least. That's still gross.


: Looks like he's offended by that... And when did you transform?

: Offscreen, while Topaz was doing his blog.

In that case how about we play the transformation sequence again?

: Do we have to?

: It's a Pretty Cure tradition.

: Well, I won't ruin traditions. I'm perfect!

Now that the transformation footage has been run, it's time to battle!

: Gwah ha ha. You'll never be able to face my squidly terror!

: That's what you think!


*The giant squid continues to attack Berry, who avoids the attacks and deflects the tentacles. Momo laughs up on the roof as expected, but another hooded figure peeks out from the alley way.*

Figure: Looks like Topaz and his cuties are still fighting. I shall wait some more, for a good time to introduce myself...

*She then disappears.*

Build: Miki does really well here. She's 164 cm tall, and is the tallest one in the group. Heck, she's probably one of the tallest in the entire franchise! I like tall girls so this is a good bonus. Not only that, but Miki has a sleek and curvy figure. When she's in Cure form she exposes her waist and navel, possibly giving her the nickname of "Cure BELLY" though that's likely a Western name. Or at least a personal one. Anyway Miki also has great legs, maybe not shown off as much as Setsuna's but they did state that Miki's main appeal is her kicking when pointing out the Cure's strengths. There's also a bit of her ass in the beach image, though not much considering the show is for kids (though I wouldn't mind more butt-punches). Speaking of being for kids, probably the most interesting thing about Miki is that she actually manages to have a shower scene. Okay, so outside of her feet and shoulders/head they didn't show anything, but still!
Grade: B+

Chest: Miki does seem to have some curve, but it's not really too noticeable. It's probably just a trait of the art style, like with the other girls. I will mention that Berry's outfit, as because it's cut so high and has a white fluffy top it might bring out her chest a little. Still, she doesn't do anything too bad and it's not brought up or anything.
Grade: B

Clothes: Miki has a lot of good outfits, likely a result of her wanting to be a model. Her usual outfit is a blue sailor uniform with a ribbon and pantyhose, which is always a plus. She also has a nice blue dance uniform with pants, a blue and white sports outfit with pants, light blue pajamas with dark blue pants and pink slippers, a one piece swimsuit, and many great casual outfits. She even wears a scarf sometimes! I do like her blue theme, it fits well with her color and the whites also work really well too. Cure Berry has perhaps one of the most revealing Cure outfits, with a lot of her midriff being visible (as mentioned earlier). She also has a short frilly skirt, a white short shirt with flared sleeves, dark blue thighhighs, and high blue boots with heels. She also has a ribbon on her right hip, which has cloth that goes down past her knees. Like the others she has the Fresh clover symbol over her heart. Overall Miki does well, with a nice touch of color and style.
Grade: B

Personality: Miki is a great girl. She's an elegant and mature girl, though not an ojou due to her mother working at a hair salon. She's still pretty serious, almost to a class rep-like status which I do like. That doesn't mean that she's stiff and picky though; Miki still has great social skills and is good at talking. She's extremely graceful as well, with her catchphrase being "I'm perfect". That said, she does try to hide her flaws (such as her fear of octopus). She also gets worried when the other two girls get upgrades and begins to treat the mascot both too seriously and too careful. Overall Miki is a good example of how to make a "perfectionist" character while not making her overly obsessed. She is also trying to become a model, and she's very charming as well. Miki does seem more mature and is often the voice of reason with her friends. Oh, and speaking of "voice" Miki is done by Eri Kitamura. She's high on my list of favorite VAs and most readers will realize that this girl isn't the only blue "Miki" that she's voiced. She also has a lot of popular roles as well, and Miki is done quite great. There are some scenes of great raw emotion, and Miki is definitely my favorite from Fresh. Not that the entire cast isn't great, of course.
Grade: A-

Libido: Miki has many admirers due to how beautiful she seems. One in particular is Yuuki (Yuki? I can't remember which one the subs used but still), who is friends with Kento from last week and Daisuke. He certainly has a crush on Miki/Cure Berry. The three Cures (at that time) even go out the trio in an early episode, but considering I completely forgot about this for Inori's blog should show how important it must be. Anyway the main appeal is that Miki does have a younger brother named Kazuki. The two do seem to be close, such as during the opening where Miki ignores some guys to walk to her brother. I do support younger brother-older sister pairings, but the two are only year apart and making Kazuki more of a shota would have been better. Still, there were a good amount of scenes (the second episode was pretty good for this). I will mention that the two don't live together as their parents are divorced and he lives with the unnamed dad. I do like how Miki protected him even before she became a Cure though, it was a great scene.
Grade: B

Age: Much like the previous two Cures Miki is only 14. She might look older, what with being taller and her more mature look, but she's still the same age. Sadly like the others we don't have a birthday either.
Grade: C

Total Grades: 76
Average score: 8.4
Final Grade: B

And with that, this week's blog is complete!

*The camera cuts back to Berry, who is swinging the squid around by its tentacles.*


: Good to hear, as I'm about done with this blasted beast!

*She then throws it far, it's tentacles falling off. After squirming they turn to dust, and the squid crashes. Berry then runs up and punches it a few times before uppercutting it and kicking it in mid-air.*


*Berry then gives the squid a rapid-strike of kicks, proving her ability in that skill.*


: That's right! Espoir Shower!

: GOoooooo....

*The squid enemy gets destroyed by Berry's attack. She falls back to the ground and untransforms.*

: Phew, that was a tough enemy. But I'll never be fettered! I'm perfect!

That was definitely a great job!

: And you didn't have to eat any androids for it either!

: Androids?

Nice Toei joke, Riri!

: T-thanks... (I don't need you to point out all the jokes, T-Topaz...)

Now, time to defeat you Momo!

*Momo has her hand up to her lips.*

: Grrr, I was so sure that Gemini's research will pay off! But those who lose and flee can fight again, so with that I say good bye!

*Momo disappears before the characters can confront her.*

Drats, she ran off again!

: Don't worry. I'm sure that she'll be getting her dues soon!

That's right, and by the process of elimination I'm sure that everyone knows who is coming up next time!

: Hint, this week may have been Valentine's Day but next week we'll be discussing a very appropriate girl!

Not that Miki, as my favorite of the Fresh girls, isn't an appropriate girl this week.

: T-Topaz, you're going to make me blush...

: S-speaking of blushing and Valentine's... Take this!

*Riri pushes a box of chocolate at Topaz.*

I-Is this chocolate? From you?

: Don't get t-too excited. It's merely obligation!

I'll still honor it and keep it forever!

: It's chocolate, so eat it!

Fine by me. Luckily this is fictional so I can!

: What does he mean by that?

: Silly religious things. Nothing too important for the purposes of the blog.

: I see then. Well then, I shall say good bye to you.

Have fun, and enjoy your modeling job too!

: Modeling... *Checks watch* Oh no, I'm going to be late at this rate!

: Don't worry. As a named character you'll get there right in the nick of time!

Right. At least she's not a Pink idol and thus get unfairly biased.

: Exactly. And we'll be seeing all you fans next time! At least I hope so...

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February 8th, 2018
Anime Relations: Fresh Precure!
This is the Four-hundredth-eightieth week of using the "Perfect Anime Girl Sheet". Notice: This Blog may contain Unmarked Spoilers.

Welcome back everyone. Last week we went over Setsuna AKA Cure Passion AKA Eas for Zettai's anniversary blog.

: Topaz, this is no time to catch up our viewers. We're busy right now!

*Topaz and Riri are inside an animal hospital.*

: *Whimper*.

Ah yes. We're here because my dog here ate a suspicious stone.

: They were certainly "suspicious"! I could have sworn that it was like the ones that came out of the enemies that Cure Passion defeated last week.

That would mean that they would have come from monsters. This one was just laying about.

: That's still suspicious. One could imagine that the enemies left it there on purpose.

*Meanwhile, back in the alleys between the streets. A pink-haired enemy is looking around.*

: Hmmm, I know Specs gave me three of these superior stones, but I only have two right now. Where did that third one go?

*She looks in various places.*

: I know that it didn't just get up and walk away. It HAS to be around here!

*She continues her search as we return to Topaz and Riri.*

: You can come back here now, I'm done with the previous patient.

*The young vet lets out various animals out of the door. They don't even seem to have owners.*

: Wait. I'm so confused...

Because Inori can talk to animals I imagine strays can come into this office and get help when needed.

: That does answer one of my questions, but-

: I'm not the actual vet. That's my parents. I'm just working here while they're out.

: I guess that does explain things.

: That's good. Now, how about I ask the questions? That's not a serious question, but this one is: Why did you bring your dog here?

Because he would look funny going to the actual doctors.

: No no, I mean what is the reason for your visit.

: He ate something bad, and now he's all listless and lazy.

: *Grumble Grumble*.

To be fair he was pretty lazy before.

: He gets that habit from you.

: Sounds dangerous. So what was it?

A suspicious stone.

: Unless it's really big I don't think that's much of an issue. It should pass through your dog easily. But just in case let's see how much he weighs.

*The vet leads Topaz's dog to the scale, where his dog sits down.*

: Let's see here. WHAT?! 30 kg!?

: That's quite heavy for a Lycanroc, Topaz. Are you sure you're not feeding him too many scraps?

Probably, but he just looks so cute that I can't help it.

: You can probably guess what I'm going to tell you, right?

That despite your nickname being "Buki" your name is "Inori" and not "Ibuki" which I keep thinking of first?

: "The size of your Lycanroc is... colossal. This is indeed exceptional. Fascinating!"?

Oh, I know now. You're going to allow me to talk about you in my blog this week!

: Great plan.

: NO! I was going to say that you have to stop feeding him so much.

That's a good guess too. But does that mean that you won't allow me to talk about you?

: Well, Setsuna did say that it was alright. Y-you won't make me f-fart a lot, will you?

That was a special occasion.

: That's good. Not that Setsuna didn't enjoy it. She loved playing with Zettai all day.

That's good to hear. And since the vet has allowed it...

Today's girl is:

Inori Yamabuki
Fresh Precure

: So are we not going to discuss the fact that your dog is overweight?

That's fine. I'm sure that it's the stone that's making him so heavy. Then again, it's possible that it's magical and-

*Upon saying "magic" the stone inside Topaz's dog glows. Magical energy then surrounds the canine, and soon a horrid monster is in its place.*

: GWAHH! So hungry!

Oh no! The villains have transformed my dog into a monster!

: Those fiends! Even if this was just an accident...

: No matter, I believe that I can do it! The yellow heart is the emblem of faith!

: Prepare yourself, vile animal-beast!

*Cure Pine poses epically, but the beast is nowhere to be seen. A large monster-sized hole is in a nearby wall, with various pieces of the wall crumbling as the trio looks on, dumbfounded.*

: How lucky, the Chosen has gone through here. What am I saying, this is terrible!

I agree. We'd better go and hunt this creature before it causes mischief!

*They travel through the hole and see the monster lapping up cake after cake.*

: How horrible, now this is going to be confused with the terror that is KiraKira!

The worst possible fate to befall any Cure series.


: Well, at least he's not an animated cake. That boss battle is much harder...

: This is what I think of you, you beast! Now give Topaz back his pet!

*Pine gives the beast a few powerful strikes, but the springy flesh seems to deflect some of the damage.*

: What? It's absorbing my blows!

: No, I can see that it's getting affected! Keep trying, and I'm sure that you'll be able to do it!

: You sure?

Yes, but it'll probably take a lot of time at this rate. I know, I'll buff you by starting my blog!

: How does that work?

: It just does. I don't even wonder anymore...

Hair: Inori has a pretty good hairstyle. Her hair is somewhat short, not even reaching her shoulders, but I do like her sidetail (which is surprising as I tend not to like them). I like her hairstyle, though I think the fact that Inori has sorta-wavy hair helps. She also has a ribbon on the sidetail as well, which is on her right side. While Inori doesn't have great bangs for my tastes I do like them. Her bangs have a big middle with the sides being curved to fit well with the shape of her head. Inori also has brown/tan hair, though on the lighter side (and there may be some red in there too, but not enough for me to be bothered by). When Inori transforms into Cure Pine she keeps the overall style, with the short hair and sidetail. Her hair does become longer though, her hair actually reaching her shoulders a bit. Her hair also looks a little messier, or at least a little wavier. This isn't a bad thing though, as I enjoy girls with messy hair. Her ribbon also changes, becoming bigger and gaining a heart clip in the middle. Pine's hair is also a lighter shade, fitting the yellow theme of Cure Pine. Overall Inori could have done better with longer hair, but even if she doesn't appeal to my tastes I did like her hair a lot.
Grade: B-

Eyes: Inori has pretty nice eyes, if not as great as Setsuna's. Her eyes are tarame, but it helps that the top line is so thick (especially the outer corner). She does have eyelashes as well, and the art style doesn't hide them as well as they could. Her eyes are gold/orange colored, which fits with her color but it's hard to tell if they go with her hair color. It's not quite the same color but is pretty close. Much like with her hair Cure Pine's eyes are also a lot lighter, being securely gold (or at least to me). Overall Inori could be a little better (or wear glasses) but she doesn't do poorly either.
Grade: B-

Face: Inori is very cute, though she does have a problem with looking similar to the other girls. Mostly with Love, who has a somewhat-similar bangs with a close hair color and somewhat-similar eyes (Love's hair is lighter while her eyes are darker). Still, Inori does quite well. She has small features which I enjoy, and that includes her nose which is great news for me. The art style is pretty great, though I've heard that Fresh has problems when it comes to QUALITY designs. I can't say for myself sadly, as I'm not good at noticing that. Anyway, Inori is a great girl who shows her emotion well and has a big smile on her face. She's a great cute girl and does well here.
Grade: A-

*Cure Pine continues the battle, seeming to be making headway.*

How's it going over there, Pine?

: Huff... This is an easy but tiring battle. It seems like he has a too much HP. Luckily I'm whittling it down bit by bit.

: C-Can't take it... The hunger... THE HUNGER!

*Belome eats a cake, filling its HP up completely.*

Oh no, that poor Slurpuff!

: And here I thought only wall meat and bologna sandwiches healed HP!

That last one doesn't actually heal anything. It's the game playing tricks on you.

: Wait, you mean that the game lies to you?

I know, I was surprised when I found out as well.

: A little help here?

*The beast seems to be licking Pine with a long tongue.*

: Gross.

I agree. Not Pine, but the huge tongue licking her. Why don't you go over and help her out?

: I suppose I can. What's the worse that could happen?

*Riri rushes to help Cure Pine, but as she approaches her the beast catches her in his eye.*

: C-can't s-stand it! The hunger-the HUNGER!

*With its long tongue it grabs Ririchiyo and eats her whole.*

NOOOO! Spit her out, you horrible monster!

: Hmmm, a little sour at first, but certainly a sweet after taste. Delicious!

: I'll try my best to get her out. In the meantime keep blogging!

Good idea. This way he can't heal himself off the excess cakes. Just keep pounding on him!

*Cure Pine nods and continues to punch and Cure Kick the enemy.*

Build: Sadly Inori does not do well here. She does look pretty similar to Setsuna, but with a lot less fanservice. For one, she doesn't get nearly the amount of leg shots that the former villain does (though Inori's legs are still quite nice, just not focused on). She doesn't show her ass either, which isn't too much of a surprise but not showing off does hurt her. I suppose I can't complain too much as this is a kid's show, but still. It would have helped if she had shown off a bit more, but even the beach episode didn't help. There is an official image of her at the beach, but while she has her back turned to the camera she's also wearing a trolling skirt bikini (though you can see a very slight amount of her ass, and it doesn't look that big). Inori is also the shortest member of the cast at only 155 cm (which isn't too bad, but I prefer taller girls).
Grade: C

Chest: Inori is similar to the other girls here as well. She's mostly slender, and even for a Fresh girl who look a bit older than the others she's not too busty. That said, overall she doesn't do too well here either.
Grade: C+

Clothes: Inori does do pretty well here though. We usually see her in her school's uniform, though she does go to a different one than Love and Setsuna. Inori's uniform consists of a tan blazer with brown around the collar and wrists, a white shirt, a green ribbon around her neck, a plaid short skirt, and mid-shin socks (which aren't great). It is said that she wears spats under her skirt, but I can't remember if we're shown that or not. As Cure Pine she has a cute frilly outfit, though it does look a little like a corset with a white fluffy dress underneath. She also wears tall boots and poofy wristbands. Other than that she also wears a yellow and white elegant dress with a long skirt and sleeves (though it ends up torn up from Inori being heroic) as well as a yellow tracksuit though with a skirt instead of pants. She also wears spats under that, though we only see the upper portion of her legs. As mentioned previously she wears a bikini on a calendar page but as mentioned she had a skirt bottom (and the top is strapless as well). Overall I probably would have enjoyed seeing more variety, but Inori's uniform being a blazer-type helps out quite a bit.
Grade: B

Still doing alright over there, Cure Pine?

*Topaz turns to see Pine pick up the monster and throw it across the street. She then leaps up faster than it, and kicks it to the ground.*

Careful! Ririchiyo is inside!

: I know. I'm trying to get him to spit her out.

*The beast leaps up and starts attacking back, somehow matching Cure Pine blow-for-blow despite it's... unusual design.*

Looks like it's up to me, even if I won't be much help. Here I go!

*Topaz runs up to where the two are fighting.*

: Stick for a body, head full of straw, give me a scarecrow, rah, rah, RAH!

Oh no! It's casting a spell!

*Topaz steps in the way of the triangle-shaped attack. He then transforms into a scarecrow.*

: Oh no! W-what happened to you, Topaz? You've died just to save me from this fate!

Don't worry.

*Pine was on the verge of tears, but hearing Topaz's voice come from the scarecrow makes her jump.*

: T-Topaz?

That's right. This is only a slight transformation spell, shouldn't last long. But while it's distracted attack it!

: Can you still blog like this?

I certainly can. Not like it's the first time I've been completely useless in a fight.

: I'm sure you're plenty useful, but for now I'm the only one who can finish this! I believe it!

*Pine leaps back into action, once again attacking the beast. It seems slower for some reason, due to Topaz being under the effect of his spell perhaps.*

Personality: Inori has a really great personality, likely being my second favorite from the Fresh series. She's calm, gentle, and quiet but a great supporter for her friends. She also wants to go into the family business which is a veterinary office, as she loves animals. Well, at least most animals as Inori does start the series with a fear of ferrets, but luckily gets over that. Eventually she gets the ability to talk to animals, which comes in handy most of the time. Inori is also smart and kind as well, but she does have low self-esteem and has to be encouraged to join the trio of dancers with Love and Miki. It's possible that she's Christian as she goes to a Christian school and is shown praying at a church-like location in one episode. There's also the fact that her powers are "faith"-based but that could just be a coincidence. Inori also goes with the flow quite a bit, though she does have moments of being serious. She is also a good clothing creator, as I probably should have mentioned in the previous area, but Inori made the uniforms that herself and the other two, as well as Setsuna eventually, all perform in. When in Cure form it seems her specialty is her stamina, at least when judged by Miyuki's machines. Overall Inori is quite a good cute and slightly shy girl. While not as interesting as Setsuna's redemption she still had a lot of good episodes and I was surprised by how much I liked Inori. Her voice does help, as Akiko Nakagawa has a great gentle voice. She does really well, though sadly she doesn't have many roles. I think that Inori may be her most famous one, but I don't know how popular that one "Kindaichi Shounen" show is. Oh, and as mentioned earlier because the girls call Inori "Buki" I kept thinking her name is "Ibuki" (her nickname is based on her last name instead) but luckily I kept that in mind so that there wouldn't be mistakes in this blog xD.
Grade: B+

Libido: Surprisingly Inori doesn't get much yuri, or at least that I can remember. Love and Setsuna must have hogged it. But she still does well here. Inori instead has an admirer in Kento, who is a rich boy. He even invites her onto his ship for a cruise and gives her a fancy dress. I don't know how Inori actually feels for him, but it's still a cute pairing. I suppose that one could say that Inori also has some slight character growth with Tarte, one of the mascots. It's not a romantic way, but considering she disliked him in the beginning it is cool that she got over her early fear. It's just a shame that they had to swap bodies for that, but let's stop talking about that now.
Grade: B

Age: Like the other girls Inori is only 14. Sadly this means that she doesn't do too well here.
Grade: C

Total Grades: 65
Average score: 7.2
Final Grade: B-

And that's the blog for this week!

: Great as always! Though Setsuna got more than I did...

That happens. I blame her memetic dominance and great hair. But you still did quite well.

: That's right. And speaking of doing well...


*The beast is destroyed by Pine's attack, leaving the dog on the ground sleeping. A stone falls off his back and shatters, like the others. Ririchiyo also appears, covered in slobber.*

: EWWW! Do you know how disgusting that was?

I can only imagine. Though speaking of problems it's good to see the wall was restored but I'm still a scarecrow! I can't survive like this!

: Can't you use your one ability? The one that lets you brush off petrification?

I suppose that I could try. Let's see here.... Urrrrgghhh

*Topaz's body shifts back into his human one.*

Wow, that really did work. Either that or the battle officially ended and it wore off.

: It's just good to see you return to your normal form. And speaking of which...

*Cure Pine returns to Inori.*

Welcome back. So what did you think about the blog?

: It was fun, if exhausting.

: Why didn't you summon anyone to help out?

I didn't consider that. But I got transformed into a scarecrow so I wouldn't have been able to do that.

: But that ailment isn't like silence. In fact using magic/techniques is the main thing that it allows.

Um, er...

: Not only that, but wouldn't this enemy be better used against the Smile Cures, or saved for the time you eventually do the Yes girls? Even the Heartcatch ones had evil forms you probably could have used...

Well, er, that is... There's a perfectly good reason-See ya Inori!

*Topaz runs off.*

: Come back here you! *Sighs* Well, I suppose that's it for us. Thanks for letting us talk about you.

: Like I told Topaz it was no problem. I'll even tell Miki to be blogged on too!

: That's good, as we're about to talk to her next. Now, I have to catch up to Topaz. Can you take his dog back home?

: Sure. But good luck with the others.

: Of course. Be seeing you!

*Riri waves as she runs after Topaz.*
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February 1st, 2018
Anime Relations: Fresh Precure!
This is the Four-hundredth-seventy-ninth week of using the "Perfect Anime Girl Sheet". Notice: This Blog may contain Unmarked Spoilers.

Welcome back everyone. Last week we finished up the seasonal meganekkos, and do you know what that means?

: Considering I'm wearing a buruma I have a pretty good idea. It's Zettai's blog, isn't it?

Nonsense. Those are on Wednesdays, and it's Thursday.

: I MEANT that it was the dedication to Zettai. And that's why I'm wearing such an assy outfit.

That's right. Though fortunately it's fairly warm even though we're out in the open like this.

: Are you sure that we should be in the middle of the street like this? It seems like we're opening ourselves up for some sort of attack.

Nonsense. Plus it's not like we have any enemies after us.

: There are ALWAYS enemies after us it seems. I bet that there were a bunch of interludes last month describing the various girls we'll be visited by through the year.

What do you think that they are, Ghosts of Christmas blogs or something? Besides, the only interludes worth anything are Zettai's inter-LEWDs.

: That joke is not as funny as you imagine it is. Besides, most of those fail poorly anyway.

I know... I'm a horrible writer. Then I get frustrated and continue to write poorly in some sort of spiral...

: E-er, sorry about pointing out your flaws. I'm sure that you've got something good planned for this weeks blog.

I can only hope so. Now, when is that girl going to show up?

*The camera shows a mysterious hooded figure about to come out, but she slinks back into an alleyway as a bush close to them rustles.*

: That bush is really moving!

I agree. Strange that it still has so many leaves in winter.

: Well, it was a mild one...

Not mild enough! Anyway, let's see what this could be...

: Hopefully it's a cat. Then you'll gain your MP back.

This isn't Miitopia, Ririchiyo.

*Topaz goes to investigate the bush, pulling apart the branches.*

It's a monster!


*The clearly iconic monster leaps at Topaz, biting his arm. Due to ineffectiveness of it he only takes 1 damage. He backs away from the beast.*

Oh no! It's a clearly ineffective enemy!

: Topaz, you know that because you can use whatever words you want you can just call it a Goom-

No no, I have to try and frustrate my readers who might not know what that creature is.


: I have a feeling. Plus it's not like you don't mention SNES RPGs and the like.

This is different though. And watch out, the creature is charging!


*The creature jumps on its tiny legs and begins rushing at Ririchiyo. Dust clouds are brought up with each step, but when the angle is changed to show the distance between the beast and Ririchiyo it seems to be going at an incredibly slow pace.*

Watch out! He's heading right for you!

: A-are you sure? Because I could move away at any time, considering how slow he's moving. Not only that but I'm pretty sure he moved backwards at one point...

He's still a dangerous beast, so avoid him if you can!

: I really don't think it's as big a deal as you think it is.

Oh if only someone could possibly come and save us!

: Really? I don't think that this is the type of battle that requires saving... I could just jump on him and be done with it...

???: Never fear! I'm here to save you from this trouble!

*The camera looks up and gets a faceful of fat PreCure ass. She then heads towards the camera, barely missing it as she lands ass-first onto the creature. It gets flattened and killed in a lucky way, becoming a small stone that shatters in two. Behind another corner, though not the one that the shadowy figure poked out of earlier a villainous pain pops her head out.*

: GRR, I should have known that these stones wouldn't be very effective. I think that Specs gave me a poor set on purpose. Luckily that was only the weakest one...

*Meanwhile, back at Topaz and the girls the mysterious Cure stands up and wipes her ass off.*

Thank you for saving us... uh...

: You should know who I am, Topaz. I'm...

: And I'm here because you requested me for Zettai's blog!

That I did. Though that's not how we introduce blogs here.

: Topaz does things a little different. Though not entirely different.

That's right. I have to ask the girl if she wants to be blogged on, and then after they agree I introduce them.

: I see then. Well, I wouldn't be here if I wanted to refuse the blog.

Good point. In fact, it's such a good point that I'll mention that...

Today's girl is:

Setsuna Higashi/Eas
Fresh Precure

: So where were you?

: Before I came here I had to make sure to pamper a certain someone beforehand.

Does that mean that you visited Zettai first?

: That I did. Though I was Eas. I remember it like it was just yesterday...

*Flashback music starts.*
: Wait, it was only a few minutes ago!

Shhh, don't interrupt the flashback.
*Flashback music continues and concludes. We see the inside of Zettai's house, as per usual.*

Zettai: Hey, Katja. Have you seen Chiaki around? She seems to be missing. Oh no! What if she got kidnapped again!

: Relax, my slave. She said something about being bored staying in her room on Thursdays so she decided to visit her house today. Especially since it's my slave's anniversary blog for Topaz this week.

Zettai: That's right! He's supposed to be going over Setsuna today! I hope that it has fanservice.

: I'm sure he apologizes for Airi's poor blog and won't intentionally cause that to happen again.

*There's a knocking at the door.*

Zettai: Gasp, Setsuna is here!

: Looks like I've got to make myself scarce. See you later, for our private master slave fun...

*Zettai nods as Katja picks up a magazine and heads to her room. He then goes to the door and opens it. However, as he opens the handle the door slams open and knocks him to the ground.*

Zettai: Ow, my nose!

???: GOOD! A pathetic loser like you DESERVES to be on the floor!

Zettai: W-wait, you aren't Setsuna. Well, by technicality you are, but you aren't what I'm expecting.

: That's right, you pathetic slave. You should be glad to see me, and lick my foot!

*Eas pops off her heel and steps on Zettai's face. She pins him to the ground, grinding her foot against his face. Zettai does as she orders and kisses and licks her foot.*

Zettai: Mmmph. This is all fine and dandy, but I'd rather experience your fat ass!

: Ass ass ass. Is that all a LOSER like you can think of? How pathetic.

*Eas has an amazingly dominant look as she glares down at Zettai.*

Zettai: P-please! I want to experience your fat ass!

: Harumph. My ass is too good for the likes of you, but since you insist...

*Eas moves her foot, and just as Zettai was about to take a breath she slams her fat ass down on his face. His throat and nose are filled with her rank villainous ass odors.*

Zettai: MMPH! Feels so good!

: Pervert. Why don't you enjoy THIS then?

*With that Eas bounces her fat ass against his face, rippling her ass which was barely kept inside her tight black shorts. That said she also lowered said shorts slowly, rubbing her ass against his nose to pull them down.*


: That's right, you perverse ass-lover. Now take a deep whiff of my rank ass odors!

*She presses her ass harder, squeezing his nose between her cheeks.*

Zettai: MMMPH! Smells so arousing!

: I knew that you'd love the stench of my sweaty ass. Here, how about I give you a "Happiness Hurricane"?

Zettai: R-REALLY?!

: Of course!

Zettai: Wait, isn't that Passion's attack?

: Stop being precise. Do you want me to NOT fart on you?

Zettai: N-NO! Anything but that!

: Anything but farts? Hmmm, alright then-

Zettai: NO! I mean fart on me! I want lots of your farts!

: Well then, how about you plead to your mistress?


: There we go. You've proved your devotion to my ass, and it's SICKENING. I can't believe that you're so PATHETIC that you'd BEG me for a fart. But then again, a PIG like you deserves something like... well, like THIS!


*With that Eas lifts her leg and releases a shameless fart right on Zettai's face. He sniffs the magical visible odors, trembling at the amazing scent.*

Zettai: Thank you, may I have more?

: Begging for MORE? How terribly perverse. But since it's your special day I'll give you all that you want...

*With that Eas keeps ripping more and more farts on Zettai's face. However, in the real world Passion and the others seem to be interrupted by another mysterious creature.*


: And right when I was getting to the good part of my story too!

: I don't think we have much to worry about. Just lead it to a cliff and it'll fall right off.

: No, this is a serious battle. And due to that we have to take it seriously!

Good plan, Cure Passion.

: And with all the training I had with Zettai I shall prove victorious!

: That's good-wait, don't tell me...



*Passion this time lets one rip on the evil creature. The shell it had for protection is blown off, and even the main body turns to dust. The small stone falls to the ground and shatters in half again.*

: PHEEEWW! I know what it's like to live at Zettai's house. Poor Katja and Chiaki...

I'm sure that they're used to it. Especially Katja as she probably contributes even more.

: Now... where was I in the story?

: H-how about we take a break for now and get started on the blog proper? I think we've wasted too much time already...

That's true. We should get going on the blog. Who knows what foes Passion might have to face next!

: Such vile and dangerous creatures!

*Ririchiyo sighs as Topaz begins the blog. However, a certain rotten peach sits back out of sight in frustration.*

: I know that these are inferior stones, but did Specs really have to give me so many useless ones? I should call her if the next ones don't work out well...

*Meanwhile, in another alleyway.*

???: Topaz seems busy right now. I shall wait for another time, as the battles seem complicated...

*The hooded figure then leaves.*

Hair: Setsuna's hair is quite a ride, with a lot of variety which helps her quite a bit. We'll start by discussing Eas, as we saw that form first. Eas has medium length white hair, reaching about to her chest. Her hair is also draped over her shoulders. Eas also wears a black hairband, which fits well with her color motif and the lightness of her hair, and her bangs are split above her left eye. Setsuna probably has the best hair overall, at least for my tastes. Her hairstyle is similar to Eas's, with her hair reaching over her shoulder and the split bangs (though Setsuna lacks a hairband). Setsuna also has dark hair, which could either be purple or supposed to be black. As Cure Passion her hair becomes longer, reaching her hips or so. It also has a lot of volume, puffing out below her neck to a wide, almost-feathery look. Her hair looks very fluffy, in other words. I'm not too big of the pink color, but it's not too much of a problem either. I do like the hearts over Cure Passion's ears, with the cute wings sticking out, and she also has a tiara with a red crystal in it. Overall her hair has a lot of strengths, but I wouldn't mind seeing her in dark hair more. It's also not as fun when her bangs don't really change, though I suppose that might be common for magical girls.
Grade: B+

Eyes: Setsuna has good eyes as well. She does keep a constant eye color, red, though it's possible that the exact shades change (I'm not good at telling the differences between colors). That said, with Eas' black outfits, Setsuna's black hair, and Passion's red theme her eyes match well with all three in some way. All the forms also have some eyelashes, but it's not too noticeable in the series proper. She also doesn't wear glasses, but I suppose that's to be expected. Finally, Setsuna and Passion have tarame eyes, but Eas the more-dominant one has tsurime eyes. Well, that or half-closed eyes. Regardless, Setsuna does great overall, with a nice red color to her eyes.
Grade: B-

Face: Setsuna does really well here too. Her features in general are pretty good and don't change too much between her three forms. She has a fair-sized nose, with it becoming dot-like depending on the view which is pretty good. Her other features, such as her mouth, are nicely-sized as well and in general very good. The main difference between the forms are how much Setsuna shows emotion. As Eas she's gloomy and pretty emotionless, though she still shows some when in dire moments. After becoming permanently Setsuna she's a lot more relaxed and freely shows her emotions. A lot of her faces are quite cute as well, which I probably shouldn't have to mention but she's very pretty.
Grade: A

: Hmm, this blog does have some differences but overall it's pretty similar.

: Well, Zettai did base his on Topaz's blog.

True, though if he discussed you the blog would probably look different. Not just with the articles but with the scoring system as well.

: Topaz likes complicated things.

It's only slightly more complicated. A-and do I hear another creature?

*Indeed, another creature hops towards them. It seems to have wings.*

: Gwah Gwah...

: Well, at least whoever is sending these things at you is working through the enemies in increasing difficulty...

: How vile! Will this mad villain never stop?

I know! But can you take care of it?

: Gwah?

: But how should I?

: I think it's weak to jump attacks.

Good point!

: Alright! Here I go then!

*Passion runs and does a flying kick at the winged creature. It takes the attack directly, going into its shell for protection. Sadly that doesn't work as she continues to push it further, causing it to crash against a wall and break apart. The stone comes out and breaks in two as well.*

: It's a good thing that didn't come back to hit you!

: Do not worry. I was well-guarded for it! Though since the battle seems to be over, how about I continue my story?

Of course!

: How about you have this one be in a spoiler. We don't want the blog to look too long.

I guess, if you insist...

*After the interlude Topaz resumes his blog. However, a horrible villain continues to lurk.*

: They even beat THAT one? That's it, I'm calling Specs.

*She pulls out a cell phone.*

: Hello? Specs, I have a problem! Wait, you're not Specs... She didn't want to talk to someone as lowly as me? How offensive! Well then, who's this? Gemini? Huh, I could have sworn you had a different voice. And that you weren't so, well, monotone. No matter, I'm calling to complain about the stones... Uh huh... Yeah, they're working properly... What? That's all the advice you have for me? How useless!

*She hangs up the phone in anger.*

: That shows me that Specs and the others aren't taking me seriously. To think that I'm only here to judge Topaz's strength and the strength of the girls he's bringing. What sort of lackey does she think I am? Then again, I should be glad for this chance. Hmm, let's see which stone I should use next...

Build: Surprisingly there are measurements for the Fresh PreCure-er, excluding Setsuna for whatever reason. That said, she's about between Love and Miki's heights (at 159 cm and 164 cm respectively) which puts her at a good height for my tastes. I'll also say that the Fresh Cures seem taller and more mature compared to some other Cure teams, though that may just be due to the art style. Setsuna also has pretty pale skin, which pairs well with her dark hair (though it looks nice in general). It also seems that she's a leg girl, as with her outfits her legs seem to get shown off quite well. I'm not sure if she shows her ass properly in the anime, though between her shorts or jeans it wouldn't surprise me if there was a buttshot that I'm forgetting. I say anime as there's a small moment in the manga where Setsuna, as Eas, is naked. They cover her with a red glow in the actual anime, but it's the part where she gets revived by Akarun. Anyway, I bring this up as they do show off her ass in that scene, bare and everything! Well, I suppose that there's a bit of distance from Eas and the camera so it could have been better, but they show her buttcrack! I was honestly surprised when I heard about this moment, as I wouldn't have expected a kid's series to show that. Sadly, while that moment did help Setsuna it's not enough to give her a really stellar score.
Grade: B-

Chest: Setsuna, like a lot of Cures, is pretty much flat. She does seem bigger due to the art style making her seem a little bustier than say, the loli-ish girls of Heartcatch or something, but in general she's not too busty. I suppose she also has the issue of some of her outfits bringing attention to her chest, but I like to think that isn't intentional. Even in the manga she doesn't seem all that busty either, though she might look a little bustier. Still, she's not extremely busty by any means.
Grade: B-

Clothes: All the forms of Setsuna do quite well in this area. Eas likely does the best, with a black tight uniform with a long coat (though it's part of her top and not separate) that also has a wide and frilled white collar. The inside of the coat is oddly red but it fits with the colors I think.She also wears a black choker and the coat has purple diamonds on the chest and around the navel. She also wears long black gloves with purple bracelets, tight black shorts, and black thighhighs with red heels. Why Cures wear heels I can't be sure, but it's not too big a deal compared to some more... modern failings. Anyway, Passion wears a frilly red dress which fits well being a magical girl. Her gloves are instead sleeves, though not connected and they're red like her outfit. She also wears pantyhose which is extremely awesome, more Cures should do that, and like the other Fresh girls she has a clover on her chest. Finally, we have Setsuna who has a great variety of clothes. She wears a lot of casual wear, most of which is red because Toei likes color-coding Cures. She has a t-shirt or blouse at times, and on bottom she wears purple jeans or shorts. She also occasionally wears a jacket. There are also times when Setsuna wears a miniskirt with pantyhose, and a great outfit is her tight dance uniform with thighhighs. Overall while Setsuna may be from a kid's show she has a lot of good surprising outfits, and gets a good score as a result.
Grade: A-


: What's wrong. Is there another stupid enemy coming this way?

We should take every threat seriously.

: I shall make sure it tastes the force of my ass with haste!

: Is that really taking it seriously...

Of course! Passion is going to smash it with her huge Cure culo.

: Right-WAIT!

: Doh ho ho!

: I'm not sitting on THAT.

Good point. Jump attacks are ineffective.

: What, you mean that Passion doesn't have the accessory/badge/sticker/excuse item to smash spiked enemies with her ass safely?

: That's right. Fortunately I have another plan...

: Another- Wait, don't tell me...

*Passion bends over, mooning the spiked adversary.*

: That's right! Take THIS!



*Passion lets out a "Happiness Hurricane", blowing the enemy away with a powerful blast. Like with the others the stone used in its construction falls to the ground and splits in half.*

Well, that's done now.

: PEWW! Please don't be forced to do that again. We may be outside, but the stink is still lingering.

True. You should save that for Zettai instead.

: Funny you should mention that...

: This sounds like an interlude. Topaz, another interlude is coming up...

Don't interrupt, Ririchiyo. Be kind to Cure Passion.

*Flashback music occurs once again.*

Personality: Setsuna does amazingly well here. She started as the villain Eas from the world of Labyrinth, where a being known as Moebius has made all the inhabitants emotionless and almost mechanical beings. As a result Eas was pretty emotionless, only relying on her rage against the Cures. She became Setsuna, her alter-ego, to become a member of their social circle and infiltrate it. However, Moebius wanted to test her loyalty as she was slowly becoming too close to the Cures. This meant that Eas used the triangle of eyes which hurt her each time, and eventually her life ran out after a major duel in the rain. She was then revived as Setsuna with the powers of Cure Passion. She was a little hesitant to join, remembering all the past troubles she caused and even facing Eas as her shadow. She eventually joins though, and becomes accepted as a member of Love's family. Overall the change between evil to good is something that's become (somewhat) common in the PreCure universe, but Eas/Setsuna was the first example. This meant that they could write her using the best topics and as a result she's one of the best girls story-wise. Her social troubles were good, such as not understanding jokes and thus being that kind of comedian as I found that funny. She's also a lot sweeter once shown love from Love and her family, and I like how she wasn't accepted by all the girls either. Miki for example was still a little wary, which meant that there was an episode dedicated to the two supporting each other. I do like how much care they put into both Setsuna's own self-guilt and having to build up not only her own confidence but the confidence of others. She overall has a great kind heart after her redemption, which contrasts with her former personality really well. Setsuna is voiced by Yuka Komatsu who gives her a good voice in both forms, portraying both the dominant Eas and that version's colder Setsuna as well as the Passion version in different ways. They still fit together well and shows how under Moebius' control Labyrinth was.
Grade: A

Libido: While a lot of this portion is based on subtext and fan-theory, Setsuna still seems to have a pretty healthy libido. Eas gets treated like a memetic dom, due to her outfit and assertive personality. Sadly she doesn't show off too much, unless you count moments like the part where she crushes the clover necklace under her heel (and that's just subjective as I'd rather be stepped on by her bare/pantyhose/thighhigh foot instead). Then again PreCure is made for kids so I shouldn't expect too much. That said, once Eas becomes Setsuna she still does well here. Her yuri with Love is very strong, with the two living together for convenience. Unfortunately Love is treated as the dominant one, but it's still one of the best PreCure yuri pairings from what I think.
Grade: B+

Age: Sadly unlike Zettai's blog on Setsuna I can't give her too many points here. She's 14, which means that she's not in my older age range, even though Fresh makes the girls look a little older. Still, at least she didn't get randomly aged up in the finale...
Grade: C

: I know! It's really a shame that the most reason seasons had that moronic trope.

I agree. There's no reason to age up the girls in the finale. Hopefully Hugtto and future seasons won't have that issue.

: Exactly. Not that getting aged-up was the only horrible problem with KiraKira. That was just a mess, what with being unable to throw punches until the finale and wasting all that food. Honestly it was a complete trainwreck from start to finish.

: And don't forget about Cure Pekorin.

: OH BELIEVE ME, I haven't. I'll be seeing that abomination in my DREAMS now...

Sorry about bringing her up then. How about we finish off the blog?

: S-sure...

Total Grades: 76
Average score: 8.4
Final Grade: B

And that's the blog for this week!

: Huh. She did surprisingly well, especially for someone who spent most of the blog in her magical form.

: I don't see how that would effect the blog itself. Besides, you can't forget the interludes.

: Fair. But sadly we haven't seen too much of Setsuna.

True. But that's just because we've had plenty of fights.

: Indeed. I can only hope that we're done.

: Don't phrase it like that. You just know that something's going to come out of the woodwork and-

*Suddenly a humanoid beast with a large hammer and armor drops from the sky.*

: Yo.

: ...See what I mean?

This guy looks especially difficult! Though I have a feeling his clothes would be useful.

: Don'cha be dissin mai hamma' like dat. Ya'll gunna hurt 'is feelings!

: You better be careful. He's definitely got a mean streak!

True. Hopefully you'll be able to defeat this Dr. Topper-looking creature!

*Ririchiyo opens her mouth in disbelief, pointing at the creature. She then facepalms.*

: Of all the obscure things... You can say HIM but not the actual name?

: He does seem powerful, but I'm certain I know exactly how to beat him.

: Beat me? That's it. Ya got my hamma' angry. Ya shouldn't have done that!

: No, it is I who shall defeat you. HAPPINESS HURRICANE!

*Ririchiyo covers her face in anticipation.*

*After using the actual attack the beast is destroyed. The stone used to create him falls to the ground, shattering. Looking on, as usual, is Momo though the heroes don't notice her.*

: Grrr! That was my last one for right now. I've got to go and get reloaded. Hopefully Specs will give me better, stronger ones next time.

*Momo adjusts her ring and teleports away.*

: Phew... I hope that's the last one.

: Considering we're done with the blog I'd imagine that we wouldn't get bothered again.

: That's a relief. Well, better undo this...

: What a shame though. I'm finally in my true form but I have to leave already.

True, but if I know anything we'll likely see you again sometime soon.

: Hopefully not. We already had a buttload of enemies this week, so I'm afraid of what may come.

: Do not worry. I shall insure that I will have another buttload of gas to eliminate any threats that may come for you. Well, unless I give Zettai more fun, heh eh eh... But for now, this is good bye.

Have a pleasant trip back to Zettai's!

: Certainly. I'll train my dominance with Katja and tease him in even greater assy ways!

*Topaz and Riri wave to Setsuna as she goes back.*

: Well, that was an enjoyable blog. But now I'm curious as to who might be coming next time.

You're right. This was a good PreCure blog. No reason to stop there, either?

: Y-you mean?

That's right, we're going to continue on with Fresh girls!

: I hope that the at least smell fresher than Setsuna did!

Perhaps. Though the next one might smell like cleaning products and animals.

: What.

I'm sure that those that know can tell who I'm talking about...
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January 25th, 2018
Anime Relations: Blend S
This is the Four-hundredth-seventy-eighth week of using the "Perfect Anime Girl Sheet". Notice: This Blog may contain Unmarked Spoilers.

*We join Topaz and Ririchiyo standing in front of a certain cafe.*

Alright, Riri. It's that time of the week again!

: You sound way too excited for your dumb blog, you know.

No more excited than I am any other week. Anyway, welcome to the blog readers. Last week we looked at a lovely meganekko explorer.

: Topaz fell into a pit too.

I did, but fortunately I didn't get brain damage or anything.

: That's just because you have a thick skull or something. Then again with some of your tastes it's obvious you already had SOME type of brain damage to begin with.

Nonsense, and that air conditioner jumped out to attack me. But my readers don't care about me. Instead, let's go in and try to find the seasonal meganekko.

: I guess, though you still haven't said who she was...

You'll see!

*The two enter the restaurant. A short imouto-like girl welcomes them.*

: Oh goodness me, a brand new Oniisama has come! I'm your cute imouto Mafuyu! And he has an Oneesama too-wait...

*The girl inspects Ririchiyo.*

: What are you doing over here, Maika? You have work to do.

: Um, I think you have me confused with someone else...

: Nonsense. I doubt many ojous with beautiful dark hair like yours have waitressing expertise like I smell on you.

: That's just because Topaz was blogging and-HEY! Stop pushing me to the back room!

: Come on, Maika. Don't slack off. And Oniisama *puts her hands up to her mouth and acts cutesy* Why don't you take an available seat over there?

*She continues to push Ririchiyo into the back room, not realizing her mistake. Topaz then takes a seat by the window and looks the menu.*

I sure hope that Riri will be fine-oh look, they have great desserts!

???: That we do, and I'll be honored to be your waitress for this evening.

*Topaz turns hopeful but is disappointed.*

: You should be honored to have me as your waitress, the glorious idol Hideri!

Are you sure? I was hoping for a specific girl.

: Hideri is very specific! And I'll wait on you as long as you would like.

Well, if you put it that way...

*Time passes and eventually the loli passes by Topaz's table.*

E-excuse me. I would like a new waitress. Mine seems to be missing.

: Oh dearest me, Oniisama! I'll checky-check to see who should be your waitress.

*She looks through the papers containing today's waitress assignments.*

: Seems that Hideri should be the one to do this section. Hmmm, where could he be? Is he m-missing?!

*Topaz nonchalantly closes the curtains on the window. Said window also seems to have a trap idol-shaped hole in it.*

I have no idea where he could be. Either way, I would like to have a new waitress.

: We are fairly busy-busy, but I think that Maika doesn't have many tables she needs to go to. I'll wave her over.

*Mafuyu waves over "Maika", who is actually Ririchiyo in Maika's waitress outfit.*

You look lovely in that.

*Riri gives a death glare to Topaz.*

: Rot and die, idiot. This is all because you didn't save me.

Wow, very sadistic! Great acting!

: S-Shut up! (H-he likes my sadistic acting... I'm not surprised but my arrhythmia is starting to act up again... N-no, get such thoughts out of your head, Ririchiyo!)

: W-wowie! Seems like Maika-neesama and Oniisama are getting along nicely. Now, if you excuse me I have more tables to seat.

*Mafuyu attempts to leave, but Topaz grabs her sleeve.*

While I do appreciate Maika, and I mean REALLY appreciate her-

*Riri continues to glare at him.*

-I had another girl in mind.

: These picky customers are all the same. S-so what does Oniisama want then? Don't say that you've falling in love with your younger sister! W-we can't possibly be together, society wouldn't allow that *mumble also I have too many tables already you needy freak mumble.*

Don't worry, I understand. You see, rather than an imouto I prefer older sisters. Specifically perverse older sisters who may or may not wear glasses.

: What kind of-OH! Mafuyu knows exactly who you mean. I'll go and get her right away!

*She rushes to the backroom. Once she's back there Riri slams her hand on Topaz's table.*

: You need to stop fooling around and tell them I'm not Maika!

But you look so pretty in that outfit.

: Um... er... D-drop dead!

*Ririchiyo may say that but she's blushing quite red. She covers her hands cutely. Soon after that a red-haired woman joins Topaz at his table.*

: Hmm? I heard that there was a cute young boy with an older sister fetish here.

That would be me, and I'm glad to have you joining me.

: To be fair "older sister" is probably one of Topaz's least offensive fetishes.

Shhh, she doesn't need to know about those.

*The red-haired woman takes out a notepad.*

: Oh? Whatever could you be thinking of? I'd like to know for my doujinshi. In fact, you seem to be hitting it off pretty well with Maika here.

: I'M NOT MAIKA! Topaz, get to the blog so that we can leave this place!


: Ara, I see about you being the "Topaz" that called earlier. You said something about wanting to interview me?

Well, it's more of a blog than an interview. But yes, I do talk about you on the internet.

: W-wait. Topaz, you can't possibly be offering-

: I would still enjoy talking with you like this. I'm interested in what you think about me.

I'm honored you feel that way. Now, as you can probably imagine...

Today's girl is:

Miu Amano
Blend S

: Now just wait a minute!

What's the issue?

: You know darn well what the issue is! This is the seasonal meganekko blog, and she's not even wearing glasses!

: Oh my, so you like me in glasses?

Of course, glasses make all girls look prettier! Plus I blame MAL not having good images for most of the characters from the series.

: I suppose that's the case.

But since people would probably complain would you mind putting your glasses on?

: Most certainly.

*Miu puts her glasses on.*

: Is this better?

I suppose so, at least for me. Sadly the readers at home can't see your wonderful underframed glasses. So let's have a minor image change. Let's alter things a little and-

: Ah, I see. Like this.

: It really sucks whenever you have to customize images like this. They stick out like a sore thumb.

True, but for the sake of seeing Miu in glasses it's worth it. Though speaking about her glasses, how about we begin the blog?

Hair: There are some flaws with Miu's hair, but in general she does surprisingly well. First off, you'd probably guess that her hair color, which is red, is one of her weaker points. Instead I do like the shade, even though it's a lighter variety. The braids work well causing shadows and makes her hair look a little darker in a nice way. Essentially Miu does have red hair but I do kinda like it. Speaking of her braids they're really strong. I like thick braids, especially in a twintail fashion, and Miu's pair rests on her shoulders. They have a nice curve and remind me a little of ojou curls. Miu's main problem are her bangs. While not terrible her bangs are pretty bland. She also has a fairly-common big middle bang that seems to come down from the top of her head. She also often wears the waitress headdress as well, which probably has a more proper name but I don't know these types of things too well. Miu also has some variety, wearing a bun in her hair while bathing or writing and having a short side-tail that rests on her shoulder when crossdressing. In general Miu probably wasn't my favorite hair from the show (Maika had a very strong showing with her long dark hair) but Miu does have really nice hair.
Grade: B

Eyes: Miu has a pair of gentle blue eyes with a tarame. It's not extremely great, but it's her eyes are still shaped nicely. I do think that the relaxed look works for her, as her eyes look a little closed which is cute. She probably could have had sharper eyes, but I suppose Maika has the sharper-eyes appeal taken. As you could probably tell, Miu's biggest flaw is that she doesn't always wear her glasses (Autumn had slim pickings for meganekkos, sadly). Miu never wears then while working, for example (and I hope that she doesn't wear contacts as a result). Still, her glasses are a nice pair of thick under-frame and have a nice blue color that goes well with her hair color (not as well as black, but still). I also like how at one point Miu is compared to an idol, wearing glasses while in public. It would have been nice had she worn her glasses more, but otherwise Miu does pretty fine.
Grade: B-

Face: Miu has a fairly soft-looking face. Her features are small, though there's not much difference between her and the other characters. I do like her rounded cheeks and dot-like nose. I will mention that the art style does have an A-1 generic look to them which might turn people off. Still, she has a very cute smile and pretty funny expressions as well so she does well here.
Grade: B

: I see. So the blog is just you discussing my features and such? Fascinating. I'd love to use this in a book.

*Miu jots down some notes in her notepad. She's sitting across from Topaz as well.*

Sounds like a book I'd like to read. I have a few ideas for other things as well...

: That's good to hear. But we can discuss them another time. For now how about we continue the blog?

I suppose that we should continue with the blog. We don't want my readers getting bored reading... you're not getting bored, right?

: Of course not. I find your research quite inspiring. I can't wait to hear more!

That's a relief-wait, what are you writing?

*Miu continues to write in her notepad.*

: Oh, nothing. Ufufufu...

That sounds like a devious laugh, but I won't think about it too hard. Instead let's keep talking about you!

*Meanwhile, unknown to Topaz a mysterious woman with wavy dark hair happens to look through the window. The camera is unable to get a good look at her before she ducks to the side, though she presses her fingers to her lips.*

???: So that is the famous Topaz. Hmm, I wish to meet him, but it seems that he is busy. I'll wait until a later date...

*She then leaves, her long hair waving behind her.*

Build: Miu has a pretty nice body, though we don't get to see too much of it. She shows off her legs most of all, including a part in the opening where a chibi slides down with her sock. She also does the whole "teacher cross" during one customer, where Miu sits on a table and there's a close up of her thighs as she crosses them. Miu does have a very minor ass moment in the beach episode, showing off her ass a little (which really doesn't help considering Kaho's antics in that episode, but that's not Miu's business). Finally, according to sources I've seen, Miu is 163 cm which is pretty tall and nice. It is possible that she was made taller for the anime, but there's not much of the manga that's available easy (it's translated to the point where she's first introduced, and it's hard to tell from those few scenes).
Grade: B-

Chest: Miu is probably the second bustiest girl in the series, which is helpful as she doesn't get all the problems that Kaho did. Still, Miu is quite generous and still gets shown off on occasion. She shows them off with a shot (though not a close one) in the hot springs in the last episode, for example. She also brings this section up when comment cards are read as one says that she's missing something and considers that a larger chest. I didn't understand that as she's plenty big. Still, despite some issues for the majority of the series Miu isn't too much of a problem. Unlike Kaho.
Grade: C

Clothes: Miu has a few nice clothes. Her theme color seems to be purple as she wears a purple uniform at work, which consists of a button-down shirt, a matching skirt, an apron, and white gloves. It's quite lovely though I'm not a fan of the frilled skirt. Still, I like the purple color as it looks pretty. She also wears a men's uniform at one time, which consists of a white shirt and pants with black apron. Speaking of a white shirt she wears one during the "jungle" theme day as well as high-cut shorts. She also has a lot more casual outfits, most of which are cute but not too special (though I do like her winter clothes when they went to the mountain). During the beach episode she wears a frilly top and skirt with a red bottom, though it would have been better had she worn the string bikini she suggested Maika wears instead. Overall Miu seems to stick with more comforting and reserved outfits, even with her perverse mind.
Grade: B-

*Meanwhile, during Topaz's blog Ririchiyo is waiting on tables. She's doing quite well for herself, her natural sadism working well to please Maika's usual customers. She's currently waving to a pair of guys that are leaving.*

: Have a day! Never come back!

*She lets out a sigh once the pair are past.*

: Phew. Now how much longer do I have to fake being Maika?

: What are you talking about? You're obviously Maika.

: Why won't anyone believe me?

: Stop making excuses and go help those two guys over there in the corner.

: I don't see why I have to wait tables, I don't even work here. Have Miu do it instead.

: Miu is on her break, and she isn't even working today. She just came here because this was where Topaz wanted to meet her.

: And he never said anything about an assistant or anything?

: Not that I recall. Now, stop wasting time and go wait on those two.

: Fine...

*Ririchiyo goes over, her head down and looking at her notepad for taking the order. As she begins to talk she looks up.*

: Welcome, whatever. You're trash so I shouldn't even have to listen to your orders, but if you pigs manage to oink out some semblance of an order I'll be happy to take... it...

*Riri turns bright red when she realizes who she's talking to. She quickly turns around and hides her face with the notepad.*

: E-excuse me, have I seen you before?

: N-not at all. I'd remember some one as p-pathetic as you (please, please don't remember me Soushi. Our relationship in a former life is too much for me to take.)

: Are you sure? I could have sworn that I've seen you before.

: I was describing the sadistic girl to you once, so you've probably thought you've seen her.

: But she still seems quite familiar. I'm just not sure from what...

: N-never mind that. Either order something or leave!

: I believe that your beauty has already filled me up, I couldn't eat another bite. Young waitress, would you please tell me your name?

: I-I'm not allowed to say that.

: See, I told you you'd like this certain waitress. And I believe that her name is Maika, or at least that's what I've heard from the other girls.

: Y-yeah. Maika or whatever. Something like that.

: Well then, Maika. How about I dedicate my life to you? I would love to spend all of eternity being your loyal servant and guardian. Just say the word and-

*Soushi, the guy with heterochromia, gets hit in the back of the head by the sweet loli boss. Fortunately his friend Renshou manages to catch his body which is losing consciousness.*

: We have rules against harassing waitresses. Please, take your friend out of here.

: Certainly. I guess seeing waitresses was too much for my friend. I was hoping to cheer him up, as he seemed to be depressed recently.

: (I-Is Soushi slowly remembering me? The love we once had? I sure hope not, as I can't remember if Topaz has brought up this issue before or not. Curse him and all his ideas being awful and running together...).

: Well then, if you return be sure to be on better behavior. And if this customer disturbed you too much you can take a break, Maika.

: That's good. (Even though I've been wanting a break for a while, I really do need to take a minute to get my thoughts together.)

*She goes into the backroom. Meanwhile, Topaz continues to talk about Miu.*

Personality: While a lot of things I'll discuss that make Miu good would be covered in the next area, she still has a great personality in general too. She's introduced after she leaves a doujinshi at the restaurant, one of the ones she wrote presumably. She then joins under some tight demands, such as not having to work before a deadline (as she's the type to wait until late before working, something I'm quite familiar with). It also turns out she's a great artist under the pen name of "Hanazono Folder", in case the title was confusing. Miu is quite busy as a result, but she still likes being at the restaurant and with the others on trips to watch people and get ideas. That said she does tend to keep to herself if she had her way, as when she went shopping she got enough paper that she'd lock herself in her house until the doujinshi was finished. She's also counted as one of the "indoors group" of gamers/otaku. In the restaurant she's the seductive older-sister type, which seems to go over well as she's also one of the ones that's most able to keep in character (Maika is the other, though hers is mainly accidental). Miu is voiced by Atsumi Tonezaki who gives her a great gentle and seductive voice (especially during the more teasing moments). Sadly Atsumi Tonezaki isn't a major VA, with the biggest roles that I know her from being either Mizore the quiet oboe girl from the second season of Euphonium or Lilith the devil from Monster Musume. She also has two sets of triplets that she voices all three of, which I find interesting. In general Miu is a pretty interesting girl, having a habit of observing people but not wanting to get too close and she also has a pretty good voice. She's not outstanding, but she is a pretty good girl for my tastes here.
Grade: B+

Libido: Miu has a very strong libido. She's even a famous writer in-series for her ero doujins which is pretty awesome. That said some of her fetishes aren't exactly the best; she's introduced after she leaves a bondage-based doujinshi (that she created) at the restaurant. She also works in all sorts of gender-based pairings, writing yaoi/yuri/vanilla whichever she feels best about (this is good as there's a poor overused trope in that animes tend to make meganekko otaku into raging yaoi fangirls so it's good that Miu isn't that crazy). There's also the fact that Miu often gets inspiration from the characters around her, getting stars in her eyes as she jots down notes. That said, it is good that she supports the other characters as that's always a positive. Miu does happen to get paired up with the trap Hideki due to the two exploring the town together. She does end up punching his stomach, even if not very hard, and that gets referenced quite a few times. Of course the strongest point in this area is how Miu treats her customers. She excels at being erotic, playing her Oneesan character extremely well in a teasing fashion.
Grade: A-

Age: Miu does extremely well in this area, coming in as the oldest girl in the series at 22. This is a great age and gives her an excellent score here. In addition, her birthday seems to be June 9th.
Grade: A+

Total Grades: 73
Average score: 8.1
Final Grade: B

And that's the blog for the week. What did you think about it?

: Fairly nicely done! Though I would have wished to have had more points.

: Perhaps if you had more screentime wearing your glasses it would have helped.

That's a big thing, yes. Especially since you're this season's seasonal meganekko.

: I apologize for anything my lack of glasses. But look, I'm wearing them right now!

True, but sadly this is non-canon and I can't score you due to your actions in the blog itself.

: Are you sure about that?

*Miu leans in close to Topaz, her face nearly touching his. She teases his chin with her finger, attempting to seduce him.*

: I could apologize to you in many special ways. I'll even show you the proper way to eat a banana <3.

: That sounds too suggestive for this blog.

It's not really that suggestive. She did something similar in the series-wait, when did you get here, Riri? And why are you still wearing that waitress outfit?

: Wait, you mean that's really not Maika?

*As if calling her the real Maika comes through the front door.*

: I'm here! Sorry about being late!

: What the? Two Maikas?

They're actually pretty easy to tell apart. This is my assistant Ririchiyo.

: And you couldn't say that earlier while I was waiting tables?

: It's my fault. I was so excited for the blog that I think he was concentrating on me exclusively. I apologize.

: No... no. At least without my help he managed to get the blog going. I'm going to go change.

*Riri goes into the changing room and puts on the outfit that she entered in. When she returns Mafuyu is apologizing to Maika.*

: I apologize for not knowing the difference between you two.

: Do not worry, I can see how someone can confuse us. Though I wish I could have hair that straight...

That would be nice. And since Ririchiyo has returned we'll be going now. Thank you for letting me discuss you in this blog, Miu.

: It was my honor. I only hope that my books get more orders now that you've talked about me.

I wouldn't know if that will happen. I don't have a lot of readers, but who knows. But we'll be seeing you. Come on, Riri.

: W-what? HELP!

*Topaz grabs Maika's arm by accident, and doesn't notice that he's taken the wrong girl with him. He then returns silently, exchanges Maika for Ririchiyo (even picking up his assistant to make sure) and leaves once again.*

: I can't believe that you'd mistake me for her!

If I said I did it for comedic value would that make more sense?

: A little bit more, but that would be assuming that you'd know comedy. But now that the blog is done we should discuss the character who you'll be doing next time.

Ah yes. Well, as you probably know we'll be honoring Zettai's blog next time. This means that we'll be looking at a girl he likes.

: Let me guess, she's really assy or something?

Not quite.

: What do you mean?

Being assy isn't the only type of character Zettai enjoys. Though I do hope that he enjoys the blog. It's about a girl that he's quite passionate about, after all.

: But didn't we already to the Spanish Jalapeño girl?

Technically yes, though jalapeñoes are more Mexican than anything. No, instead we'll be looking at another red girl he loves quite a bit. I just hope that I do her justice. But that's for you readers to find out for yourself! See you next time!

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January 18th, 2018
Anime Relations: Made in Abyss
This is the Four-hundredth-seventy-seventh week of using the "Perfect Anime Girl Sheet". Notice: This Blog may contain Unmarked Spoilers.

*Topaz and Ririchiyo are at the top of a rather deep hole. It seems to go down for miles and miles. The bottom can't even be seen either. They start to walk down walkways, that seem to be wobbling with every step.*

: Are you really sure that we should be here? It looks dangerous.

It is true that it's dangerous, but we're going to have to go down if we have a chance of discussing the girl this week.

: Can't you just pick another girl?

No way. I already previewed that we'd be discussing this girl, so I'm sticking to that.

: Sure, you can stick to dumb things like that but not to worse promises...

What was that?

: N-nothing. Anyway, are you sure that it's safe?


: Phew, I thought that you hadn't thought this out-wait, did you just say "No"?

Right. I have no idea if we'll be able to make it down to where they are. And safely would just be a bonus.

*The walkway the two are on starts to sway dangerously.*

: Topaz! Out of all of your ideas this is one of your worst!

Nonsense, I've had plenty of terrible ideas! Like when I called it unfortunate that Eu was flat or Rika was being proud of her terrible mamocentric scene. And for those I'm sorry. Very sorry, of course.

: Those were indeed poor ideas but I blame not being around to control you for those moments. Plus those weren't as d-dangerous as this. These walkways look way too flimsy!

Don't worry, Riri. These walkways may look unstable but despite their teetering appearance they've lasted for many years.

: I highly doubt that.

Just take a look!

*Topaz starts jumping on the walkway section he's on. The vibrations make the ones next to him swing as well.*

: T-TOPAZ! Don't do that! You're going to upset the balance!

It's fine. These things are really sturdy!

*He moves the walkway section side to side, holding the chains that hold them up as he does so. Ririchiyo is getting even more concerned.*

: Stop that Topaz! You're going to knock everything over and fall to your death!

They wouldn't allow us to use this walkway if it would just fall apart. And look, I moved and bounced around and nothing happened.

: You're right... Maybe there really isn't anything to be worried about...

Well, we should still keep a watchful eye on the dangerous fauna. We never know what's going to hap-

*The chains holding up Topaz's section of the walkway fall, and Riri watches as he slips down her line of sight.*



*Topaz continues making odd sound effects as he rolls down the side of the cliff. The walkway clangs down faster than him, spinning deeper as he falls onto an actual pathway. Riri follows, sliding down the side with the aid of her scythe. She eventually makes it to where a roughed up Topaz lays.*

: TOPAZ! Are you alright?

Owww... Well, I've felt better but compared to some attacks I've endured this is nothing. Luckily the mountain broke my fall! And my back, but that part is less lucky.

: OH NO! We can't have your back broken! Then again that WOULD mean that we'd be able to leave this hole...

*Topaz stands up. Fortunately he's still alright, though the tumble down the cliffside did do 60 damage to him. He stretches a little, cracking various parts of his body like his fingers and back.*

Ouch ouch... Don't worry about that. I'll be fine to continue on. Fortunately we didn't pass any major distance so we shouldn't have any strains of the curse on the way up.

: Why does this keep sounding worse and worse? Why can't we find that stinking meganekko?

*As Ririchiyo screams out in frustration two youths come from the bushes behind them.

: Look Regu! Some more explorers!

*The young boy holds out his hand.*

: You two! Are you friend or foe?!

No need to blast us with your powerful beam. We're not going to raid you or anything.

: That sounds like something a raider would say...

: Put your hand down. These two seem to be peaceful.

*The boy obeys her words. Then the meganekko looks around the two, investigating their features and prodding them in various ways. She starts to move so quickly between the two that there seems to be multiple copies of her. Eventually Riri gets frustrated and waves her arms angrily.*

: That's enough! Stop floating around us so much!

: Sorry, but I was just amazed that you'd come this deep without whistles.

I can't even whistle.

: We were looking for a certain person and took an awful spill. We weren't supposed to come this far down, sadly.

Don't worry, you two can trust us.

: Well then, who is this "person" you're so desperate to seek.

: Maybe we can work together. I'm looking for my mother, but she's deep within the abyss.

We're looking for a cute young girl named Riko.

*The meganekko blushes.*

: E-eh? But that's my name!

I figured. I want to discuss you in my blog this week?

: What's a blog?

: It's something that Topaz keeps and puts online.

: Ah, so it's like an investigation journal.

Somewhat, that's a good way of putting it. And I want to do it on you!

: So you're going to investigate me? I'll be honored!

*Riko starts to strip. Both Topaz and Regu blush and cover their eyes.*

: Not like that! You're not required to be naked!

Exactly. I just want to talk about you with you.

: I see then. I suppose that does make more sense. I'll allow your blog.

That's good to hear as we're too far down to find another girl with this short of notice. But our travels have been worth it because...

Today's girl is:

Made in Abyss

: Are you sure that you want him to talk about you?

: Of course I do, I'll never stand in the way of scientific exploration! Besides, I'm sure that the guys back at the orphanage would love to read your article.

: Somehow I don't think they have access to a computer. But sure, people will hopefully enjoy it.

Agreed, so let's get started!

Hair: There are a lot of good things about Riko's hair. For one it's fairly long, reaching to her hips or so but kept in twintails as to still show her ass (though more on that later). I do like the length of her hair and the twintails fit her personality well. She does have a ponytail in official art, but I'm not sure if that was in the anime yet or not. She does have blonde hair which isn't too bad, though not as great as if she had darker hair. Riko's bangs are also average, and I'm not too fond of the fact that she shows so much of her forehead. I do find the explorer's helmet she usually wears to be cute, as well as useful considering she's usually exploring. I will mention that there's a few times in the anime where there's coverhair, but it's not too bad. Her ears also show as well, in case you're curious. Overall her long hair and cute helmet help her to stand out, and Riko does pretty well here.
Grade: B+

: I see, so you're calculating how great I am thanks to my physical traits?

Somewhat. This area is mostly physical, but near the end the personality and other mental features come into play.

: Unlike the other bloggers Topaz tends to lump too much into personality. At least they give "voice" a separate area.

I could do that, but I'm not good at describing voices and such. Plus it's unfair for those characters who lack voices.

: Like in games or manga, I suppose. Though maybe if you'd play them with the sound on you'd actually be able to hear that current games have voices!

Oh sorry, I had your volume down low. What did you say?

: *Angry Ririchiyo noises*

: I'm glad that we just have to lead you back up. If you two were to go deeper it could be deadly.

: In all fairness it's probably quite dangerous to walk back up. Especially with the walkway destroyed like that.

: Blame Topaz for that.

True, but we were able to catch up to Riko and Regu. I'm sure it's not too difficult to help us back.

: The only danger would be if the adults manage to notice us doubling back.

: Don't worry, this meeting is outside canon.

: A cannon? WHERE!

Relax. She just means that you probably won't remember this meeting. Though that doesn't mean that we can't continue!

Eyes: Riko does have some issues here. She does have a tarame which while fitting isn't as preferred as a tsurime would be. Her eyes also look a little too bright; maybe she needs a lower line to emphasis the curve of her eye but I'm not sure the problem I have with the shape of her eyes/pupils. Riko's eye color seems to be green, but it's possible that it could be gold or another similar color as I'm not great with colors sometimes. Riko also has glasses, which isn't too surprising considering her placement as a meganekko of the season. They do have frames only on the lower half, and thin ones at that, but I do like how she's required to wear them. Not to see, but rather due to the conditions of her birth she has to keep crystals from the Abyss in front of her eyes. Otherwise she gets headaches, I think. That said, my main issue with this area is that Made in Abyss was a surprisingly brutal anime. As a result in episode ten she ends up bleeding from every orifice. This includes her eyes, and I'm not fond of eye-injuries like that so the whole sequence was so awful that I had to take pauses to deal with it. Even her sclera becomes red, it was an extremely awful moment. It's a shame, really, as Riko could have done so well without that awful scene.
Grade: C

: That scene was really terrible, wasn't it?

: I'm not sure I know what you were talking about.

Ah yes, I suppose that you wouldn't know that at the moment. Let's just say that there's a lot to watch out for in your future.

: Painful stuff.

: It's alright, I knew that traveling would be dangerous. But I must ask, is this the worse I'll have to deal with?

I don't know. The manga is further along than I know about. I do hope that there's not worse eye moments in the future...

*Topaz shudders.*

*Under his breath: Curse you flower garden...*

: What are you talking about.

It's forbidden to speak about. But it's not something that Riko has to face, at least I think so. Let's just say that there are insects deep in the Abyss that are like a nightmare come true for me.

: That does sound incredibly awful.

: A-are you sure that we should be going down? It seems very dangerous.

: Don't you worry. We'll face whatever obstacles with a smile on our faces!

That's looking at it in a positive fashion. Though speaking of faces, let's continue with the blog.

Face: I will say that a lot of people online aren't fond of Riko's face. They consider it to be "derpy", but I guess they haven't seen to many KyoAni shows. Riko just has a puni art style, with rounded and soft-looking cheeks. I can see how people might not like how much her eyes are spaced apart, especially since her nose is just a dot, but I like both features (the small nose mostly). Her mouth is somewhat large, but fits well with the overall art style and look of her features. She does pretty well here, even if Riko is a little young for my tastes and this shows in her face.
Grade: B

: I'm not sure what "der-pee" means.

: It means that people mock you for your appearance.

Exactly. It's a shame too as your face really fits the art style and I like it.

: People complain about too much these days. Especially with girls as lovely as Riko.

Agreed. Riko looks really lovely. Don't you agree, Regu?

: *blushes* W-why are you asking me?

: I think that his opinion is fairly obvious...

Fair. But yeah, people complain too much about Riko. Both with her physical and personal details.

: Is that why you wanted to discuss me?

One of the reasons, but mostly because you're a great meganekko in the Summer season.

: That and it's easier to discuss you than any other girl in the series.

Or guy. Or Nanachi.

: What's a Nanachi?

You'll find out sooner or later. I should really stop saying hints about your future.

: And being fair you think Nanachi's female anyway.

I do, even if there's no official data about her gender. I'm just guessing though, judging from fanart and such.

: You should never judge things based on fan works.

I suppose, but when the official information is lacking I have to go to doujins.

: "Have to" isn't implied! You know how perverts are!

: What's a "doujin"?

N-never mind about that. How about we get to talking about Riko's body?

: R-Riko's body! Irredeemable! You can't speak of something so vulgar.

: It's alright, I'm fine with people talking about me.

Unlike Regu who gets embarrassed.

*Regu blushes.*

: Do you mean when his body is talked about or when Riko's body is?

I suppose both. But getting to that topic let's continue onward.

Build: Riko is a mixed bag here. She has a slender body that fits well with her preteen age. She's a little taller than Regu, the male main character and "love interest", though they are close so it's hard to tell (and it could vary scene-to-scene). She also has a pretty nice navel as well. Sadly though Riko isn't very good when it comes to fanservice. Not that she doesn't show off, in fact the anime gave a shot of her bare ass getting into a bathtub. The main problem is that she's young so she doesn't really have any curves whatsoever. Her ass is bony as a result, and they weren't even brave enough to draw her a buttcrack. I'm not sure how she is in the manga or will be in the second season (for some reason I have a problem with deciding on seasonal meganekkos and then their series getting another season), but it would be cool if she had more fanservice scenes. Especially if they finally get crack-in. Oh, and due to poison/impromptu surgery she spends the end of the first season of the anime either in a coma or with her arm in a sling.
Grade: C+

: Sounds like that scene really hurt my chances a lot.

That it did, which is really unfortunate. Then again not having that scene probably would have lowered the impact of the series for me.

: Though it would have given her more points.

Points isn't the only thing that matters. And being fair it didn't help that the rare fanservice, which would normally be pretty good, was lukewarm due to her slender body.

: If only she had a bigger ass!

Agreed. Then again this isn't a fanservice series so it's somewhat excusable. But only somewhat.

: Unlike with certain terrible fanservice series that shouldn't be mentioned that have flat asses.

Don't swear in front of the children, Riri.

: E-enough about Riko's butt! Can't we just move on further?

You know that you can call it an "ass", right? Anyway, I suppose that we can move to the next area.

: Phew.

Meaning Riko's chest.

*Regu looks nervous again.*

: I-irredeemable! The whole lot of you!

Chest: Like with the above area the series isn't afraid of showing Riko without a top. Not in the manga at least, as the anime does give her coverhair during those times. She is flat, as mentioned before and fits her age. The only problem is that, at least in the manga she does have bigger nipples than I'd expect, which is unfortunate. Still, she does well here.
Grade: B-

: A-are we about done talking about that?

Yes, but what is the problem you have?

: Talking about-MPH!

*Riko was about to state a fact but Ririchiyo placed her hand over the young girl's mouth.*

: Yes yes. I understand what you were going to say. How about we change the conversation?

We could go back to talking about Riko's eyes. Or, more specifically her glasses.

: Didn't you already talk about those?

Sure, but there is something that I forgot to mention. That is, she reminds me of a certain girl from a video game.

: Wait, I thought that Elizabeth the Fire Eyes girl had red hair.

I suppose that she does, but in the game itself it looks blonde. That and the twintails remind me of her.

: I suppose, but Riko has to deal with far more dangerous things than just dinosaurs.

I don't know, some of them can get pretty fierce. Like those Raptors...

: What are you two talking about? It sounds fun!

: Video games are indeed loads of fun. But we shouldn't talk too much about them.

: Why not?

That's a secret for us, and we'll keep it evermore. Anyway, it's time to talk about the next area anyway.

Clothes: Sadly Riko isn't too strong in this area. We first see her in a pretty white dress, but sadly it isn't all that interesting even for cute casual wear. Instead her usual outfit we see is an explorer's outfit with a brown jacket with many pockets, brown thick gloves, tight suit, and boots with thighhighs. During her moment in Ozen's care she wears a strapless shirt with shorts (a shame she didn't wear a maid outfit instead). Overall it's quite lacking, though I suppose it's not like she can bring a lot of impractical clothing with her either. It's cute, but not too sexy. I probably should mention that during a cold moment Regu lends her his cape, and Riko herself gets a lot of whistles over her trip. The whistles indicate how deep she can go, and she eventually travels so far that she gets bumped up to the next level. In general Riko does fairly average here, not blowing me but keeping me interested in her outfit well enough.
Grade: C

: So it's a shame that I don't wear more variety of clothes.

That's right. Not that you've had much of a chance to look pretty. You're a very practical girl, after all.

: Exactly! We have no need to wear frilly things when our lives could be in peril.

Agreed. Though it's a shame that you didn't wear a maid costume at Ozen's place instead.

: Topaz! That's not what the title "Maid in Abyss" is for!

Fair point, but it is a shame we don't see her in more outfits. Well, at least so far but I imagine that her outfits won't change much in the manga. That said, let's continue onto the next area.

Personality: Riko is an orphan, as her mother is a legendary raider of the deep hole called the Abyss. It's so deep that going a certain way, even for people who have dedicated their lives to exploring it, would be nearly suicidal. That said, Riko feels a drawing towards it, wanting to go as deep as she can go. She eventually finds Regu, a robotic boy, and after receiving a note from her mother they sneak out and go deep into the Abyss as they think her mother is at the bottom. They have to deal with a lot of trials, and the whole way Riko is an optimistic ray of sunshine. This is probably one of her best qualities, she's a good example of an energetic and cheerful character done right. She's very inquisitive and smart, able to strategize well and being quick to act. Riko is also extremely determined to reach the center of the Abyss, and while that is a little stubborn it works in-series. Even when she's dying she refuses to quit, having Regu break her armbones rather than cut off her arm at a joint. She also has a lot of research curiosity, which while not always the best gives her a very cute quality. She's also a good cook, which is always helpful (though I suppose it doesn't appear that great). There's also the reveal that she may technically be dead. This is because she was born stillborn in the Abyss and had to be carried up in a relic. Said relic can reanimate meat, so even though Riko is (perhaps) on borrowed time after finding out about this her passion to reach the bottom only increases. Overall she's a great main character, always filled with optimism even in the most brutal situation. Not only that, but Riko is voiced by Miyu Tomita. While she doesn't get many roles the way she does Riko is extremely amazing. Seriously, out of all the new characters in 2017 Miyu Tomita's portrayal of Riko was my absolute favorite. She just fits Riko so well, and I hope that when the second season airs she does just as good a job. She makes a really great character even better, and I'm excited to see more of Riko.
Grade: A-

: So you would say that my voice is my greatest asset?

It certainly helps, but you're a great girl in general too.

: I do like how Topaz really started to appreciate Miyu's voice. Not that he didn't enjoy Otako or Yume's, but between Riko and Gabriel he really loved her voice last year.

Agreed, though the latter is more for a later blog. Shhh, don't tell people spoilers.

: Aren't you the one that said you're doing her in a later blog?

I was talking to myself, Riri.

: Yeah Riri, he was talking to himself!

: Learn to understand!

*Ririchiyo bangs against Topaz's back.*

: Stop making children gang up against me!

I'm sure that they were just joking. Don't worry, as I'm sure we're approaching our destination. Just a little bit more, for the blog as well.

Libido: Riko is quite the inquisitive girl, and that extends to her libido which is fairly high for her age. She does seem to have some shipping towards her partner Regu, including toying around with his.. boyhood. Some things aren't that sexy, such as some things she did during her analysis of his body, but I do like how she mentions that he gets hard in a cute manner. I suppose that some of this could be her just experimenting with his body-wait, let me rephrase that. Riko is mainly trying to find out how Regu's body works. That said, she doesn't mind being seen by him naked and is fairly casual about teasing him as well. I'd like to see the two get together as they're a cute pairing. I suppose that I should mention there's a dumb naked punishment early on that Riko has to deal with, but she's not submissive and that was just a punishment from school. Overall Riko does surprisingly well here, with her cute shota companion helping.
Grade: B

: Believe me, you wouldn't want to be experiment on you.

: Why would I have to experiment on Topaz? He's a human.

: Only mostly. He has a superpowered evil side.

Well, it's more of a demon form but still.

: REALLY? May I see it? Is it because of a relic you found? Where did you find it? What does it look like? Can I have it? I promise I won't break it!

S-sorry. I can't actually show it off willy-nilly. The form I mean. It's on this necklace.

*Topaz shows Riko the necklace. She looks dazzled, with stars in her eyes.*

: LOOK at this Regu! He can transform with his relic!

: Wait, if you could transform why did you fall down all this way?

I need some time and even with the training it still takes a lot out of me. I can only really use it in major battles.

: Well, I hope you won't have to use it.

: Luckily we're approaching the elevator.

Cool, as we don't have much blog to go.

*Ririchiyo glares at Topaz.*

: Wait... There was an ELEVATOR?

Yeah, though it's more like a gondola.

: Why didn't we take that?

That's not adventurous enough!

: I can understand that!

*Riri starts bashing on Topaz, dealing no damage as they continue onward.*

A-anyway, let's finish up the blog with the next area.

Age: Riko is extremely young for my tastes. She's only about twelve or so, and looks her age as well. It is possible that she's aged in the manga, as I'm not sure how long in-series time has passed (and I imagine that it's hard to tell in the Abyss), but regardless she only gets an average score here.
Grade: C

Total Grades: 63
Average score: 7
Final Grade: B-

And that's the score for the week. What do you think, Riko?

: Seems a little low, which is unfortunate.

Well, there's a lot of things that could be improved on. And others aren't quite your fault, like the art style not leading to very fanservice-ish designs.

: But really it was that one scene that pretty much traumatized Topaz. Though just because he's traumatized doesn't mean that he dislikes it plot-wise.

Exactly. It's a bad if powerful scene. And look! We've arrived at the elevators!

*Indeed, the four have arrived at their destination.*

: Looks like this is where we split paths. Regu and I will continue downward.

: Stay safe, and good luck!

: You too!

*The two wave as Riri and Topaz enter the elevator. They start going up automatically, being the only ones there.*

: You owe me for taking such a dangerous trip down into this pit, you know.

It wasn't that dangerous. Well, except for the part where I fell down the side. But that just builds character!

: That's just code for "it sucks so deal with it". Anyway, what are we going to be doing next time?

We're going to go visit a cafe with character actresses.

: Hmmm, sounds sort of expensive. I hope you don't expect me to pay for it again.

Don't worry, I know a certain writer that knows I want to talk about her.

: Certain writer... Wait, you can't mean... Topaz, she's not even a full meganekko!

It's not my fault the fall season was sorta bad for meganekkos. You don't want to see her competition.

: Oh yeah, THAT aired didn't it... Well, I suppose that this is a fair compromise for pushing that series away for the future.

Hopefully far future. Though in a much more recent future I hope that our readers will enjoy next week's blog.
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January 11th, 2018
Anime Relations: Sakura Quest
This is the Four-hundredth-seventy-sixth week of using the "Perfect Anime Girl Sheet". Notice: This Blog may contain Unmarked Spoilers.

Welcome back, everyone!

: That's right, this week is Zettai's anniversary blog or whatever.

Actually that was a mistake, I only meant that as a joke. His blog will be at the start of February, as usual.

: Wait, really? But you completely fooled me!

That wasn't my intention.

: You mean to say that I wore this buruma for no reason?!

*The camera focuses on Riri's fat loli ass in her buruma. She's also wearing gym clothes to complete the outfit.*

Well, I wouldn't say that it's for NO reason, heh heh heh...

: You're a pervert, Topaz.

I know. That's not really an insult as I accept that.

: Fair, but that doesn't mean that you should do disgusting things off-camera to that poor innocent succubus teacher!

She offered! Plus you know that people don't want to hear about what happened.

: Why not, because they'll know how much of a mamocentric idiot you are?

: *Ahem* I think it's because he wants to keep this meeting about the city districts.

*The camera shows the room that Topaz and Ririchiyo are in. It seems to be a meeting room in a government building, with a beautiful meganekko in tight pants in front of a big whiteboard.*

: Psst, why didn't you remind me that we were in this meeting.

Because it's more fun to bounce conversations between us than plain boring exposition. Anyway, as I was saying this week we're joined by Sanae who will be using her small-town experience to help out with the problems facing our small town.

: I'm still not sure why you brought me here. Your town looks fairly fine.

But we deserve more Pokestops!

: That's no reason to call Sanae here. She probably doesn't even know what those are.

: I actually do. And you have plenty, especially for such a small town. Not only that but it seems that you've got plenty of businesses around here.

True, but we also deserve more fast food!

: Curse you bypass, getting rid of our Burger King and McDonalds! At least one of those was pretty good, and now all we have is a Subway!

: You can't just eat fast food. Besides, you've still got plenty of restaurants. You've even got four within a short walking distance of your house.

Sit down restaurants are different though. And expensive.

: Stop being lazy and work for a living. Besides, the next town over has all the restaurants and shopping you could ever want.

But that's not our town!

: I see, it seems that Topaz has a bad view of his town.

It's not that bad here, I just want more!

: Being fair it seems that being overly proud of your city is a small town tradition. Sure we're small but we're so much better than that other small town that thinks the exact same.

: Hmmm, then I don't see why you need me. Is it a tourism thing?

We get tourists sometimes for our historic district, and our library was recently redone.

: Not that Topaz has been far inside it. He doesn't have the time for books, he's too busy for the blog.

Plus we have all kinds of attractions like the Fourth of July fair, the chicken barbecue, and probably many others I'm not familiar with.

: Wait a minute. So if I'm not here for industry, marketing, or tourism why did you have me come to this small town?

Well, it's mainly so that I could do my blog on you!

*Sanae leans against the table, her head down in shame. She even facepalms.*

: That's not a good reason for me to come all the way out here.

: Considering how long Topaz was dragging out the conversation I say that it's a terrible reason.

What are you talking about? I wanted to do a beautiful meganekko this week.

: W-well, if you say that I'm beautiful-

-And has a huge ass, that always helps!

: Topaz! You can't say that outright! (Wait, what am I thinking. He shouldn't count that as a reason in general!)

: E-eh?! You actually appreciate my ass? Normally only old men do...

Old men are geniuses, at least compared to the babies that seem to infect harems these days.

: And yet despite Topaz's age he gets terrible baby moments too.

Succubus pheromones aside I really do want to discuss you.

: I don't know what you mean by "pheromones" but I-I suppose I'll allow you to discuss me. It's the least I can do since you brought me all the way out here.

I'm glad that you've calmly allowed the blog. As she said...

Today's girl is:

Sanae Kouzuki
Sakura Quest

Hair: At least most of the time Sanae has a pretty cool hair style and I like it. Probably the first thing you'd notice is that her hair is a dark brown color, which I really enjoy. She usually keeps it up in a ponytail but the style with a wide back so the back of her neck is still covered. Sadly her hair is still pulled back, which reveals her ears, but luckily her sides and bangs are untouched. Her long wavy sides look really great too, resting on her shoulders and matching the length of her hair in back (even with her hair up in a ponytail). Her hair seems to be a bit more than shoulder-length, but still quite lovely and fits Sanae well. Probably the biggest problem and what's keeping her from getting higher is her bangs. Sanae's bangs are mostly above her right eye, and is in an odd reverse-V shape with a long middle bang. I would probably compare it to a chicken wing, for example, considering the shape. This isn't the worst part of her bangs though; when we first meet Sanae she has her hair up in but only her bangs. It looks bad, at least for my tastes though I suppose I'm not the biggest fan of foreheads. She also has this style during her more casual points, such as when she's staying home and relaxing. Overall Sanae does quite well, but the issues with her bangs kept her out of the top spots.
Grade: B+

Eyes: Sanae has some really nice eyes. They're slightly rounded but still have a tsurime appeal. Her sharp eyelashes/lines on top and corners certainly help, something that I really enjoy. She also has small eyebrows, which can be seen due to her forehead exposed and look pretty nice. I also like the way her pupils look, with the nice gradient. Probably the hardest part to describe is her eye color. To me Sanae's eye color looks to be either a silver or grey color, but it's possible that they're more green and have more color than I can notice. Overall her eyes are quite pretty.
Of course, what makes Sanae really good are her glasses. They're of the underframe sort, but with her mature look they fit her pretty well. They're a nice blue color with thick frames, and I like how you can see the lens at times too. Not necessarily my favorite type of glasses, but I really do enjoy Sanae's eyes and glasses as they work together really well. Better wearing them than not wearing them, which is a curse that seems to be common among the 2017 meganekkos. There are still occasions where Sanae doesn't were them, but fortunately they aren't too common.
Grade: A

Face: Sanae has at least a somewhat unique face, but I'd consider her to look like a lot of mature P.A. Works girls. I say somewhat unique as older girls aren't usually the focus, working out in Sanae's favor and not making her look as generic as she could have been. She does show off her lips with make-up, but it doesn't look bad and fits with her age. She also has a small line nose, which is something I always enjoy seeing, and her cheek is quite gentle but still soft-looking. Finally, Sanae does have some quite cute expressions at time, making faces when confronted with insects and the like. Overall she's a great girl.
Grade: B+

Build: This is perhaps what Sanae is most well known for. Well, other than wearing glasses for me, I suppose. She has a very nice body, even if her only measurement is that her height is 163 cm (which is fairly nice). This means that her height seems to be the second tallest among the main female cast (with only Maki being taller). What's more important is that her lower body though. Her legs look quite nice, and she shows them of pretty well too. This is emphasized by her thick thighs as well. Sanae also gets people talking about how big her ass is, which is awesome since that's so rare. Both kids and an old man mention it, with the latter even being attracted to asses in general. She could have used more ass service, even if this wasn't too much of a fanservice anime, but it would have helped her score more.
Grade: A-

Chest: As said previously, there aren't many measurements for this show (just height). As such it's hard to tell Sanae's chest size. I would say she's about average or in the higher half as far as the rest of the female cast is concerned. She's definitely not Shiori-sized, though I suppose that even she's not too busty as the show is fairly realistic. Fortunately Sanae doesn't get attention for her chest, only with her ass which is somewhat welcome. Too many series seem to only give ass moments to flat girls, so Sanae does pretty well with her balanced figure.
Grade: B

Clothes: Sanae has a lot of variety when it comes to her outfits. We first see her in her blue track shirt and shorts, which is nice as that shows off her legs amazingly well (like when she's laying on her bed). She also often wears a blue sweater over a white dress shirt and white pants, the latter of which makes her ass look quite good. More women should wear pants for that reason. She also has a yellow sweater (I quite like sweaters) as well as many other casual outfits including a blue sleeveless shirt or white frilly top. Some more unique outfits include a bee-keeper outfit, a blue kimono with purple flower details, a winter outfit, and a white or black turtleneck. There's probably many that I've forgotten, but Sanae's outfits work really well with her more laid-back personality. Maybe having more ass-showing outfits would have helped, but I suppose fanservice wasn't a priority sadly enough.
Grade: B+

: D-does he usually focus on asses like this?

: Sometimes, but not nearly enough. He'd rather appreciate disgusting lumps than asses.

Sadly true, and I apologize for that. I mention yours a lot because yours is memetically big, which is always worth a mention.

: Far too few girls get the assy respect that they deserve.


: Like you're one to talk. Just look at your early blogs! (Wait, I shouldn't bring that up. I don't want Topaz to feel that ashamed....)

The early blogs had different criteria and are poorly written. Which is a shame as I'd like to revisit a lot of girls.

: Including Koharu?

She does have a lot of great moments recently, but even though her blog was far too early I still enjoyed discussing her. And hey, even if the blog didn't stay up-to-date for long I still get to see Koharu being amazing.

: Fair point...

I still have a lot of skeletons in my closet, and I'm afraid that they'll jump out and I'll revert back to my previous form.

: That would be awful, but don't worry as I'll be here to help!

: I won't be here as often, but do know that I'll be cheering for you from afar!

Thank you both for that.

: So what are some other memetically assy girls, as some examples?

There's that one Naruko girl. Or the sniper Shizuru.

: So is that a hint for Zettai's ACTUAL anniversary blog?

Sadly no... but I won't say that at least one of those girls will come at a later date.

: Shhh! You know that if you give him too much advance warning he'll come to expect more than an idiot like you can provide!

: I feel as if this conversation is getting off topic again...

That's true, how about we get back to Sanae's ass-I mean Sanae's blog.

: That was a terrible save, you know.

Sorry, I got distracted.

*The camera shows off Sanae's fat ass in her jeans. She's even bending over for additional service.*

: Then don't look at my ass!

A shame, but I suppose that we have other topics to discuss.

*The camera continues to slide back to showing off Sanae's ass while Topaz returns to the blog.*

Personality: Sanae moved to Manoyama from Tokyo a half a year before the start of the series (Manoyama being the town the series is set in). She's a city girl, and while not as much of a newcomer as the lead Yoshino does seem to be a newcomer. This is because, despite having a blog where she says that she's out exploring, she barely leaves her house and is almost a hikkikomori by the time the main characters meet her. She's alone in her room, which was messy, and only leaves because she's scared of insects and it needed to get cleaned out. Okay, so the others came to recruit Sanae for web design and that was the actual main reason, but the insect issue is why she moved in with them. She then joins the heroes, working with the internet site and other digital things as the appointed Minister of IT. This means that she helps the city and residents to the internet, even helping out a group of old folks to use it well. She enjoys cup noodles and other foods that take very little effort to make.Overall Sanae is a great girl, with a realistic and practical personality and a talent for making websites. She's also voiced by Mikako Komatsu, who gives her a great voice. Mikako also did Tsugumi from Nisekoi and a few other male voices (such as Sei from Gundam Build Fighters).
Grade: B+

Libido: You might not expect much to be here, but Sanae does have a somewhat love interest. I say somewhat as it's one-sided, with Sanae having a crush on the older woodcutter that they meet when looking at local professions. He's too stoic to pay too much attention to her, sadly enough, and their romance really doesn't go anywhere. Sanae also doesn't appreciate the smart old man's advances as he admires her ass. It's odd that older guys tend to be smarter for fanservice, though I suppose there's younger exceptions like Dandy but as a whole old people know what's important. Getting back to Sanae, it is good to see her have a bit of a crush even if it doesn't work out as this type of show usually doesn't do so.
Grade: B-

Age: Unfortunately it's unknown how old Sanae exactly is. She is definitely in her twenties, I think, as she mentions having gone through college (a character she meets later on is her college professor, I think). She does quite well here, but without a more specific age she can't reach the top spot. That said Sanae is still quite mature, meaning she's good for my tastes. Her birthday is also May 27th as well.
Grade: A

Total Grades: 83
Average score: 9.3
Final Grade: B+

And that's the blog for this week.

: Looks like I did pretty well. Not exceptionally well, but it seems I've beaten the previous week's girl.

: That's right. It puts you in the top spot for this year. Though I suppose that you should thank Topaz for not going with his idiotic instincts.

She doesn't need to thank me for showing the restraint I should anyway as a human being. Anyway, it was good to see you Sanae.

: It was good to come by, even if my talents weren't shown off.

Oh believe me-

: Don't say that the camera was pointed at her ass for most of the blog!

Only sometimes...

: Drat! If only the narration would have mentioned it more I would have caught on!

: I knew something funny was happening. Oh well, too late to do anything now. I had a pleasant time here, so thank you for bringing me.

Thank you for accepting the blog as well.

*Sanae waves goodbye to the duo and gets up. She then leaves the office that the two rented for the meeting.*

: Well, that was a fairly alright blog if I would say so. Who do you have planned for next week?

Well, it seems that we're going to go exploring a certain chasm.

*Sanae pops her head back in.*

: I hope you guys aren't still talking about my ass.

We're not!

: And he's being honest about that.

: I see...

*She leaves once more, this time for good.*

: So what were you talking about with the cavern girl?

Oh, we're going to go exploring to find next week's girl. In a pit.

: Between this week talking about business administration and next week talking about a meganekko in a hole it seems that this blog is getting more exciting by the girl.

I agree. I'm sure that my readers are waiting eagerly for next week's girl!

: I was joking, but if you insist I'm sure that they probably want to hear about her.
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January 4th, 2018
This is the Four-hundredth-seventy-fifth week of using the "Perfect Anime Girl Sheet". Notice: This Blog may contain Unmarked Spoilers.

*We join Topaz and Ririchiyo at a particular school. They're currently walking through the school hallways, which are empty.*

Welcome back everyone. Last week took a look at a certain meganekko witch teacher, and it was pretty good.

: That's debatable.

Hey, I enjoyed it! And so did Ursula, I imagine.

: The blog itself wasn't the problem. It's more that it wasn't an interesting blog, especially for the yearly meganekko one.

I guess, I suppose that I've been in a bit of a slump recently.

: Leave Arale out of this.

No, I mean an actual slump. I guess it has to do with the changing weather.

: Or you're just being lazy because you were on winter break.

True. Even if I've had more time to write it's as if I've lost a lot of ambition. That and without standing out in the wilderness I'm not able to brainstorm as much as I'd like to. Though I'd rather stay inside where it's warm anyway.

: You're such a lazy guy.

I know. If only I had some way of perking myself up...

: What I'd like to know is why you're able to walk freely through the halls of this schools. I'd imagine that the faculty thinks you're some pervert or a stalker.

But I am a pervert.

: That's not what I mean!

Fair point. Luckily I'm able to walk through the halls and classrooms when school isn't in session. It's not like I take any girls out of class, at least that I know about.

: That doesn't explain my answer.

Just imagine that the principal or director or whatever the person in charge is quite lenient about my coming and going.

: Whoever is in charge must let just about anyone in...

Well, it helps that I'm well known in the community and help out. Just because I do this blog doesn't mean that it's the ONLY thing I do every day....

: Certainly not. You laze about watching let's plays and anime while playing video games on your 3DS and phone.

Hey! I don't (often) play games while watching anime. Just to make it clear to everyone I watch everything on my list carefully!

: I suppose, but you're still a lump of uselessness.

*Suddenly as the blogger and his assistant turn the corner a woman in a track uniform bumps into them. Or bumps into Topaz, specifically. He and the lady fall to the ground.*


: S-sorry! I wasn't looking where i was going.

I-It's alright.

*The lady gets up and reaches out her hand to help Topaz up. He blushes and refuses.*

: E-eh? Why won't you take my hand?

Er, I-I wanted to be on the ground anyway. Don't worry as I'm not injured.

: But you seem to be holding your stomach, no-Eep.

*The woman blushes cutely under her glasses and races away.*


: (Talk about your lumps of uselessness...) Er, you alright Topaz?

Yeah, I'm fine... I really want to go after that vision of beauty though...

: Vision of-what? I mean she did have glasses on, but-

Everything about her was so wonderful and beautiful!

: (Damn mamocentric idiot) Fine then! Go chase after her on your own!

I'd love to, but I really can't stand up right now.

: Why not-WAIT NO, forgot I ask that.

Yeah, figured the reason would be obvious...

: You know, I'd make a reference to you being "manly" but the reasons I won't should be obvious. For one, HEH. Second because I wouldn't be caught DEAD looking there. Third I don't think your readers want or need to know about that. And the more obvious reason is that your readers don't read that manga, nor should they really.

I suppose, but luckily I've calmed down a little.

: So you don't think that teacher is the vision of loveliness anymore?

Well, she is quite beautiful and I want to blog her. But her pheromones aren't affecting me any longer, at least like they were.

: Good to hear. Now, let's go find her!

On it!

*Riri helps Topaz up and they head to the teacher's lounge. Fortunately the other teachers aren't there, with the meganekko sitting alone at her desk. She is eating a sandwich cutely, blushing and swallowing in a cute manner once the two enter.*

: O-Oh my! Sorry to have ran into you!

Don't mention it. Neither of us were at fault.

: And sorry for afflicting you with my pheromones too! If there's anything I can do to help, I'll do it!


*Ririchiyo smacks Topaz with her fan.*

: Stay appropriate for the blog!

O-of course! Though I was considering making a few more attempts at speaking and catching myself before you smacked me.

: You have a strange sense of-hmmm, is it really "humor" if it wasn't funny in the first place?

I do have a habit of writing things as they pop into my head. That's not always a good thing, mind you.

: Certainly. It leads you into trouble.

: E-er, may I interrupt?

Oh, sorry we were arguing in front of you.

: Sometimes we bounce off one another and it gets out of hand. But still, Topaz has a good request for you.

: Oh! I thought I recognized you. Didn't you do one of my students sometime last year.

That's right, I discussed Hikari the cute excited vampire. So what do you think about letting me about talk about you?

: Well, I can't say that I wouldn't be honored. But are you sure you'll be able to make it through the entire blog... without succumbing to my, er, "powers"?

I can try my best. And as she allows it...

Today's girl is:

Sakie Satou
Demi-chan wa Kataritai

Hair: Sakie has pretty nice hair, if not styled that well. Her hair is pretty long, reaching about to her mid-back though not past her waist. The sides go down to her shoulders, framing her hair well. However, her ears still show as her hair is pulled back into a ponytail. This also affects her sides, making it look like she has lopsided bangs on the right side. A lot of her forehead is shown as well, which is a slight problem. Still, the reason she does it is to make her appearance as "bad" as possible, and even then I like her thin ponytail. She also usually has her hair down at home, and even shows off her long hair to appeal to the male lead Takahashi. She also has it up in a bun in the OVA for a bit of variety too. Oh, and her hair is black/dark blue (more likely intended to be black) so it's really appealing. Overall I like her hair, and while I prefer her with hair down I can understand the reason why she has it up.
Grade: A-

Eyes: There are some issues with Sakie's eyes, but I still really like them! Sakie has rounded/tarame eyes, and they look a little narrow as well though it might just be me (or her face, as I'll mention in the next area). As with Hikari's eye shape a few months ago Sakie's pupils are a circle with a dot in the center. There's some nice shading with the colors, but I easily prefer Sakie's eye color as purple is probably my favorite eye color. She also shows a lot of emotion, though that doesn't include the symbol sort like how Hikari was.
Of course, we cant' forget about Sakie's glasses. She wears a lovely pair of lower frame red glasses, which looks really nice with her hair color. They look really great, and make her face look a lot less empty. She doesn't wear them in the pool, which I suppose shouldn't surprise me, and at home, but she does need them as she's wearing them in a flashback to high school. Sadly she thinks that she's more attractive without them, removing them during one of her seduction attempts. I don't see the appeal and that's unfortunate as if anything she's sexier with them on! That's as bad as girls getting haircuts as part of a makeover, boo that horrible trope! That said, Sakie at least wears them enough to do well in this area and it helps out her base purple eyes as well.
Grade: A-

Face: I should probably mention, if it isn't obvious, that Demi-Chan is an anime by A-1. As a result most of the girls have the problem of generic A-1 faces, which is kinda unfortunate. Sakie is no different, and it's possible that she has the worst treatment. This doesn't mean that she's ugly, just a little generic compared to the rest. She is extremely cute, don't get me wrong. She has a lot of great blushing moments and while not as silly as Hikari's her facial expressions are some of the series' best. Her nose is usually a simple line, which helps too. The main problem is, again, with how generic she looks. Without her glasses she looks incredibly plain. Maybe it's because her cheeks aren't too distinct, or her forehead makes her face look too long. Something is off about her face for me when not wearing her glasses. Well, I suppose that might just be my tastes talking, and other than this issue Sakie is quite a cute and lovely mature woman.
Grade: B+

: So this is a "blog".

Certainly. Well, this whole thing is a blog and also talking about the girl is a blog, but that makes it confusing.

: You need to think of a better word than just calling both "blogs".

But this makes it easier to understand. At least to me. Anyway, what do you think?

: I'm not quite sure myself. I'm a math teacher, not a grammar one.

Not about the words, I meant about the blog itself.

: Oh. I do think that it's quite good, but I'm not sure how well I do compared to the other girls.

: Didn't Hikari tell you her score?

: No, though being fair she doesn't like showing me her grades either...

Fair point, plus your glasses put you at an unfair advantage.

: I'm just glad that during the teacher joke you didn't make a "Grammar? You don't even look that old" joke. Because "grammar" and "grandma" sound sorta close and that's your type of humor.

True, but that's what I have you for.

: What do you-CURSE YOU TOPAZ!

*Upon realizing what has happened Ririchiyo punches the desk beside her.*

Hey, no reason to take it out on furniture. We don't want to have to call Ursula again.

: I'm not sure what you two mean, but seems you're bouncing off one another once more.

Oh! Sorry about being distracted. How about we get back to the blog?

: Notice that doesn't mean that Topaz won't be distracted. In fact I bet that there's a distraction coming up.

Build: Sakie has a fairly nice build, even if it isn't shown off too well. She's usually well covered up, as showing off skin as a succubus could cause issues. She does have a nice stomach as seen in the pool episode, though that has another issue I'll touch on later. She shows off her thighs a little in the opening in a sexy succubus outfit (though she gets flustered by it). Sadly she could have used more ass shots, especially with what I'll speak about next. Still, she has a sexy body that she should show off more.
Grade: B-

Chest: Now we approach the main issue with Sakie. She has a lot of mamocentric moments, most of which are due to her bouncing around. I'm pretty sure that she wears a tank top instead of a bra she's so bouncy. She also often uses her chest to tease Takahashi as well, though in unintentional ways. Some of this is probably perpetuated by A-1 being themselves, but at the very least the zipper moment seems to be in the manga. Still, that doesn't excuse her issues here. That said, I suppose it's more acceptable for an adult like Sakie to be busty over a student, but it's still an issue with her numerous moments.
Grade: C

Clothes: Being a succubus Sakie has to be really careful of her outfits. If she exposes too much she runs the risk of her pheromones going crazy. Because of this, she usually wears a red tracksuit, being somewhat frumpy to her but oddly sexy at the same time. Might just be my tastes, I suppose. She usually wears a white or black tank-top underneath, as mentioned previously. At home she relaxes in a green tank top and light blue shorts which looks great as well. As mentioned she wears a succubus outfit in the opening, complete with wings, but she doesn't wear it in the series proper. She also wears a pink jacket and pants over her white bikini with red designs on it. Overall she does well, mamocentric issues aside.
Grade: B

: Tauros feces!

: Such language!

I agree! What's gotten you so angry?

: Oh you know exactly what I'm mad about.

*Riri glares at Topaz.*

What's wrong with Sakie's scores? I though they were pretty accurate.

: They would be, but I've seen the rough drafts.

*Topaz becomes nervous.*

W-what do you mean? The score is what I wrote down...

: PLEASE! I know that you initially wrote down Sakie with higher score in "chest". Curse you and your mamocentric ways!

Y-you have no proof!

: Nonsense as I have the rough draft right here!

*She pulls out a notebook.*

Ack! Give that back!

*She doesn't, flipping it open to a page with a mechanical pencil in it. She even shows it off to Sakie.*

: See here, Sakie? He was going to give you a high score despite your mamocentric issues and then blame it on your pheromones. What a mamocentric racist!

: I-I see.

Sorry about that... I can be a terrible person most of the time. Being an idiot and easily distracted by useless puddings...

*Topaz looks quite gloomy.*

: Oh please, don't beat yourself up like that. Heh, then again it wouldn't be the first time Sakie inspired that sort of "reaction".

: What do you mean?

Don't tell her! Plus Zettai hates these kinds of jokes!

: It's not really a joke if it's true. And believe me, he certainly enjoyed your scenes.


: My... scenes?

: Right. He would watch them while warming the bishop.

: Excuse me?

: You know... tenderizing the beefstick, roping the unicorn and challenging it to a tug-of-war. In general he was strangling that purple-headed warrior as if it owed him money. And with how tight-fisted Topaz is with money you can just imagine what that means... Ugh... Just saying those types of things are disgusting.

*Riri looks up as she was talking innuendos on her fingers. Both Topaz and Sakie are blushing deeply.*

: OH! I didn't mean to embarrass both of you. I just wanted Topaz's fans to know what kind of horrible person he is.

I think that they already know, I just wish I wasn't this way as it's such a terrible flaw of mine.

: I-it's alright, I think. All boys think about perverse things sometimes. H-how about I-er, if you want I can "calm" you down a little?

That does sound pretty good. Hopefully it'll give me a little bit more inspiration too.

: Oh please. Between the meganekkos Spartan gave you and that girl Zettai sent last week I don't think you need any more "inspiration". And I think that the latter had to make a pit stop at the tire pump to get back to her disgusting "normal" version too.


: Please, you know what you did. You should be ashamed of yourself.

I am....

: I mean more than usual! I mean come on Topaz, you're accepting favors from girls you don't even KNOW!

And I'd like to keep it that way as well. Her anime looks awful, but I still thank Zettai for sending her to me. Though I also enjoyed Mai.

: What about Rin?

Rin? Hmm, for whatever reason she didn't show up. I'm not sure why. But getting back to the girl at hand, what sort of "techniques" are you suggesting?

: *blushes* I-I don't know. I'm not too big of an expert on this, so you'll have to help out a little.

Don't worry, we won't try anything too extreme.

: *Sigh* I guess you're going to end up with fanservice anyway. Call me when you're done...

*Riri leaves the teacher's lounge, closing the door behind her. She also sighs as well, putting in headphones as she plays a phone game.*

: This way I don't have to imagine what's going on behind that door. And neither should you readers either...

*Time passes as Riri plays her game.*

Alright Riri, it's alright for you to come back.

: Finally. It's like it took fifteen minutes or something.

*She reaches for the door handle.*

: A-actually can you wait a little bit longer?

*Riri looks down and shakes her head, trying not to face palm.*

: Fine, whatever. Take all the time you want...

*After about ten more minutes pass, with Riri playing her game, Topaz finally speaks up.*

Alright. I'm pretty-*cough* s-sure that we should be done now.

: You sure this time?

: Yes, we made sure.

: Fine, I'm coming in...

*She enters, and sees Topaz blushing and facing away from Sakie. Sakie is also blushing though she's trying to put her hair back in her ponytail as it was free.*

: Looks like everything is clear. What happened?

: Well, we were done but then while I was getting dressed-

: No, no. Just from that I can imagine that it was something dumb. So how do feel now, Topaz?

Reinvigorated! I can't wait to continue with the blog!

: That's good to hear, I think. Just don't make a habit of it.

I promise! I'll even give Zettai some fun since he deserves it for putting up with someone as terrible as I am!

: You pamper him to much, but at least he's reasonable. Unlike you, who is an idiotic sheep when it comes to fanservice.

I know, I just hope he accepts this apology even if it's not nearly enough...

Personality: Sakie is a math teacher at the school where the series takes place, and like a few of her students she's a demi-human. As mentioned before she's a succubus, though she tries not to show that. She even goes to great lengths to not cause her pheromones to go crazy. This means that she often stays at school working until late, then rides the bus home as she lives in the middle of nowhere or so. She then wakes up early to catch the first train, all to make sure she has as little male contact as possible. This kind of hard work is very sympathetic. Sakie is also pretty jumpy, which I suppose might be normal considering she can arouse someone at the slightest touch. As seen in high school she has pretty awesome judo skills, easily able to take a guy down and make him beg her to continue to sit on him. Sakie has the same tastes in anime and manga as her student Yuki, the yuki-onna, and they even exchange books and other things. They also share a love of puns and innuendo, which is cool as I like seeing characters bond between a shared interest. Sakie also enjoys to drink beer, though in public it seems she'd drink fancier drinks perhaps. In general Sakie is a very sweet and adorable teacher character, helping out the other girls when Takahashi isn't around. I really liked her too. Oh, and she's voiced by Yoko Hikasa who gives her a great voice. I like many of her cute embarrassed sounds and she puts a lot of feeling into Sakie's voice. While a few years ago she did a lot of TDBs (like Mio from K-On or Maya from Occult Academy) she does a lot of recent great roles like Diana from LWA or Maria from Symphogear. Overall it's easy to see why I like Sakie so much, from her inspiring struggles, to her sense of humor, and to her older mature personality she does quite well.
Grade: A-

Libido: Sakie is a succubus, though not like a usual one. She's still inexperienced both in romance and relationships, though this is because she wants to fall in love with someone and not just seduce them with her pheromones. Her pheromones are so strong that she has to be careful around men as if she falls asleep or lets her guard down guys will have sexual dreams (though in the manga it seems that this effected people of both genders). Sakie also falls in love with the lead, a fellow teacher named Takahashi as he is able to resist her charms (at least to a certain point). She even takes the lead, asking him out on drinks. She also hugs a teddy bear pretending it's him, which is pretty cute. I would say it's sort of a minus that she likes his muscular build and arms, but there could be worse things she could have admired. I also like it when girls are perverse as it makes them more understandable in perverse situations. Sakie also has a young student admirer which is cute, and she also knows a young detective who probably isn't affected by her charms (though it's not known if it's because he's an incubus or if there's another reason behind it). She also has another adult male friend who is also a detective (and the younger one's boss), but due to his white/grey hair he seems a little too old for the pairing for my liking. Still, Sakie does well here, what with her cute moments of accepting her perverse side and wanting to pursue a relationship enough that she'd ask the guy out.
Grade: A

Age: Sakie is canonically 24 years old. This is a great age for my tastes, and fits with her being a teacher. I'm not sure if she's older or younger than her love interest (he looks older, but that could be deceiving), but her age is still so good that she gets a perfect here.
Grade: A+

Total Grades: 82
Average score: 9.1
Final Grade: B+

And that's the blog for the week! How did you like it, Sakie?

: I-It was a little embarrassing. Especially the certain things we did during the intermission.

Don't worry. Those things wouldn't affect your score.

: Unfortunate, as it would have likely given me an even higher score.

: So would the previous draft. Then again you did do a lot better than Hikari.

In fairness Sakie also wears glasses and is securely in my favored age range.

: That's true. And thank you for discussing me as well.

*Sakie bows to Topaz and Riri.*

Thank you for having me as well.

: Please word that better next time. But it has been good talking about you.

Indeed, but for now we need to get going.

: I understand. I still have to catch the last train home too, but I hope to see you again!

: We'll be seeing you then! (Not that I imagine that I'll be seeing much of Sakie, but still).

*Topaz and Riri wave as they leave. Eventually they make it back to the front of the school.*

: So now that this seasonal meganekko is done who do you have planned for next week?

Well, in honor of Zettai's anniversary blog I'm planning-

: Wait... What about next week?

What do you mean?

*Topaz slides close to Riri, the two whispering.*

I-isn't next week his anniversary?

: No, moron. It's the week after. Haven't you learned anything?

Sadly no. You can't teach an old dog like me anything, apparently.

: Stop using your memory as an excuse!

*The two notice that the camera is still rolling so they come out from their huddle. Both have beaming smiles.*

W-well, I still have to pick a girl for next week! And in honor of Zettai's *cough-week before* Anniversary blog I think we'll do a girl that he liked.

: Hmm? And which one is that?

Well, what have you heard about... tourism?

: Sounds boring. (Like most of your blogs-Er, good thing I just thought that).

I ASS-ure you, this girl is quite fascinating. So be sure to join us next time for the Spring Meganekko!
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December 28th, 2017
This is the Four-hundredth-seventy-fourth week of using the "Perfect Anime Girl Sheet". Notice: This Blog may contain Unmarked Spoilers.

*Topaz and Riri begin the blog in their living room once more. It's still ruined from last week's battle.*

Welcome back everyone, to the last blog of the year! Last week we had Panty and Stocking defeat two evil angels who hopefully won't show up in any blogs ever!

: I wouldn't count on it...

Shhh. Anyway, it seems that their battle has left us with a ruined living room, so I hired a professional.

: A professional cleaner? I'm surprised that you could afford that. And that you're responsible enough to hire someone without my input.

Cleaner? Didn't I tell you last week that we're working with a certain magical woman?

: Oh yeah, that one magical teacher. Where is she? The blog has already begun.

I'm sure that she'll be arriving any time now.

*Nothing happens.*

I said... ANY TIME NOW!

: Maybe you should check the bus schedule.

*Topaz looks it up on his phone.*

I don't see why that would be rela-

*A witch on a broom lands outside and knocks on the door frame.*

: E-er, is this the house I was supposed to visit?

Huh, though it seems that the bus won't be back for a long time. How did you know that would work?

: I learn a lot through retro video games. This one is Earthbound in particular.

Fair point.

: Uh, sorry to interrupt-

Don't worry, you've got the right place. Sorry about leaving you outside, so come on in.

: Though it won't be much warmer, what with the door caved in.

Shame as it's been so cold, but at least snow didn't get in!

: Seems like you two have had a hard time. Well, since I'm here I'll repair the door, as you asked prior.

*With a simple flick of her wand the witch repairs all the broken objects and walls in Topaz's living room. All the bullet holes are fixed, the doors are returned to their usual position, the whole works in a cool sequence.*

: Don't think that you can flake out on the whole action by being lazy.

Hey, it takes a lot of mana for this, and I'm just trying to conserve Ursula's MP.

: Stop being so laid-back!

: Don't worry, I fixed everything while you two were arguing. I'm just glad that you two already knew about magic and I was able to use it so freely.


: I know you love that game, but we can't keep cranking out that joke so often. We already referenced ONE SNES RPG...

But we could always reference more! Or we would if I had the ambition.

: Stop being so lazy!

: Er, sorry to interrupt again, but may I take off?

Well, you did do a good job repairing things, but that's not the only reason I brought you here to do.

: What do you mean?

Ursula, will you allow me to talk about you on the internet?

: The inter-net?

: It's a bunch of interconnected computers, and is full of tubes, cat videos, and porn.

: Oh, I don't know about this. I've had a bad experience with magical electronics.

Fair, but I assure you that these won't go beserk and start shooting missiles randomly.

: Well, at least not due to Topaz's blog.

: So all you need to do is talk about me? Well, since I suppose m-my secret is out I can talk freely.

That's good to hear, and as I've mentioned...

: Hmm, it does look strange to have my name written out like that.

Fair. You were probably expecting to have your actual name of "Chariot du Nord" or something similar.

: True, but considering which form I'm in right now "Ursula" is more fitting.

: Forms? This isn't even your final form?

No, silly Riri. It means- well, let's just get to the blog and I'll hopefully explain it a little bit more...

Hair: Ursula has really good hair. It's a nice dark blue color, looking really pretty and fitting well wit her usual outfit. She keeps her hair over her right shoulder with a cute tie at the end and it's about chest-length. She also has two side curls that come down, one on each side of her face. Considering her hair is up on her shoulder I like how much volume it still has around her shoulders and neck, looking quite nice. She doesn't have the best bangs, with a part in the middle, but they aren't awful. I really do like her witch's hat, the wide brim looks great and the moon and red feather decorations are good too.
Probably the biggest problem is with Chariot's hair, though it's not a major one (just worse than Ursula's hair). I'm not a big fan of Chariot having red hair, with Ursula's blue hair being the "illusion" color as I like the blue more. Not that the red is bad, it's a really cool looking red but I like her blue more. That said I do find it cool that her hair changes when she uses a lot of magic, especially during the awesome battle sequences. Her hair is also a lot more messed up, and Chariot also has a long middle bang as well. As an aside, in high school her hair was much shorter, not even reaching her shoulders or so. Overall I do like both hair colors, even though I don't normally like red Chariot looks pretty great.
Grade: B+

Eyes: Speaking of red things I usually don't like.. My Arceus do I LOVE Ursula's eyes. The shape is probably the strongest point out of many good ones, with amazing upper corners that I really like. While a tarame the corners and the fact that her eyes are often a little bit shut make it a bit better than usual (really, you can see a bit of her eyelid, at least in screencaps). Ursula's pupils are also round, giving a bit of uniqueness compared to the other characters. I also really like the color of her red eyes, as they look really brilliant and play well against her dark colored clothing. That's one reason I like her blue hair; while black hair/red eyes tend to be a wonderful combination most dark colors work (such as Ursula's blues). The idea of giving her dots under her eye to signify where it ends is a good one, as it makes her look cuter as they look a little like freckles. And of course we can't forget about her glasses! She has a simple pair of round frameless glasses, though they do look pretty still
So does Ursula not have a perfect here? There's a few reasons, actually. Despite having fairly simple eyes the problem is that they aren't always transparent, meaning the viewer can't see her eyes through the lenses. She also loses her glasses as well, especially in action scenes. I suppose that often happens in shows, but it's still unfortunate. I think it's also said that she doesn't actually need them, which is quite unfortunate as well. Overall, even with these issues her red eyes are simply incredible and beautiful.
Grade: B+

Face: Ursula has a pretty alright face. She's a bit older, so her face looks more mature than say her students would be. Normally this isn't an issue, but when it comes to the nose mature women tend to have larger ones and Ursula is no different. Fortunately it's not too detailed, with just a simple line but a long one still. She also has a fair complexion and a normal sized mouth, and she has a lot of wonderful expressions. Especially when she's being badass as Chariot she's got a lot of great looks. Overall, while not excellent or unusual she still has a great face.
Grade: B

: Ah, I see now. She has different appearances.

Exactly. And as much as I don't want to how about we take a look at Chariot.

: I'm not sure why this would be a bad thing.

: You'll soon find out. Here I go!

*Ursula spins her wand. Sadly her dark blue hair turns red and she loses her glasses, the biggest downside of it all.*

: See? I look a lot different like this.

: I can see exactly why Topaz thinks this is a bad thing. Even your hair looks shorter!

It's not actually shorter. That's just a problem with the MAL images for Chariot.

: It's a shame, really.

That's right. And of course the biggest shame is Shiny Chariot losing glasses and-oh no!

: What's wrong?

It sounds like Kimiko and Rika are getting up. There's no way that Kimiko will live it down if Chariot is here on a day that's celebrating the yearly meganekko!

: What should I do? It'll take a little bit to transform!

You two, go into the kitchen!

*Topaz pushes Chariot and Ririchiyo into the kitchen. Just as soon as the door between the rooms is closing Rika and Kimiko enter from the hallway.*

: Do you have girls here, AGAIN?


: Then why did we hear something about a Shiny Chariot?

Er, Chariot is the... name of my...

*Topaz looks around and sees a plush Pokémon.*

Azumarril! It's even a shiny!

: Wait, you have a shiny Azumarril...

: ...In the kitchen...

: ...With perfect IVs...

: ...And Huge Power...

: ...And Belly Drum AND Aqua Jet?


: Do you think that we could take a look?

No. Now, how about you two go back into your room. I'll bring you some steamed hams later.

*Topaz shoos Rika and Kimiko back to their rooms.*

: Grumble mumble they're not even steamed they're grilled.

*Just as the two girls return to their rooms Riri and Ursula returns.*

: That was a close one.

I know. But at least I wasn't caught with a non-meganekko during this blog.

: At least she wears glasses the majority of the time, at least now.

: That I do. But aside from my glasses and head will you discuss anything else about me?

Funny you should mention that...

Build: In what could be surprising considering the series, Ursula has a pretty great body. It's hard to tell considering her usual outfit, but during the action sequences where she wears a bodysuit we get a much better look at her curvy body. Her waist is pretty thin though not in any bad way, and she has nice wide hips as well. Unfortunately I can't remember if there were any good ass-shots in the battle moments, but it wouldn't surprise me if she has a particularly good ass either (she is a teacher, after all). Finally, she has great legs. I'd say that Ursula would do better here if she showed off more, or at least have some moments I could point out as being especially good.
Grade: B

Chest: Ursula is basically adult-sized here. She's somewhat busty, but it's not like she's outlandishly busty either (it might be her clothing but I think she has bigger hips by a good margin). Due to wearing a bodysuit in Chariot form she does look a little bustier than normal, but still not to any extreme. Even at her worst, which is a somewhat busty cover image of her in her Chariot outfit, isn't anything to get too upset over. In general Ursula stays balanced here pretty well.
Grade: B

Clothes: Ursula has a surprising variety as far as outfits go. The first outfit we see her in and her usual outfit is the teacher's uniform. It consists of a black dress with long sleeves and hood, a belt, and knee boots. The skirt of the dress goes to her knees or so, and is flared a bit so it looks like it's bringing out her hips a little. Another outfit is a red tracksuit which looks pretty good, at least for casual outfits. As mentioned quite a bit she seems to battle in a tight bodysuit, or maybe it's tights and I just can't tell. She also has a lot of outfits in flashbacks from when she was Chariot. We see her in the school uniform (which isn't too different from her current uniform) as well as a white hooded robe. As Shiny Chariot she wears a white hat and somewhat revealing top, a short blue skirt with belt, blue thighhighs, and white boots. The skirt is flared and she's also wearing a red cape, but I do like her white witch's hat. In general she does quite well, with her bodysuit being one of her top outfits (which you could probably tell due to how often I mentioned it xD).
Grade: B+

Personality: Although it is a well-kept secret in the universe, since I've warned you about spoilers I can outright say that Ursula and Chariot is the same person. Well, at least if you didn't realize from the blog itself. Anyway Chariot was an ambitious youth that found the Shiny Rod. She tried hard to break all seven seals on the rod, but faltered at the last one. Still, she was a powerful witch which made a lot of her classmates surprised when she became a performer. However, as the years went by her show started to become less and less interesting. Eventually she went to a friend who suggested Chariot use her homemade magic amplifier. She agreed, not knowing the consequences would rid the audience of their magical abilities. From that day on Chariot went into hiding as she couldn't forgive herself, and became a astronomy teacher at the school. Currently she's a shy and clumsy witch, and is often used as a gofer for the other witches. I really like the way she defends Akko as well, seeing the talent and enthusiasm in her student's heart and confronting her superiors with great passion. Since childhood Ursula's whole goal has been to make people smile, and even as Chariot her passion for magic lead to a lot of mistakes. Overall she's a great woman and I really like her. It's a shame that her secret had to be held for so long, even if there was reason for it, as she kept trying to admit it to Akko but kept getting interrupted.
Oh, and Ursula is voiced by Noriko Hidaka (well, among many others but hers is the one I know the best). She does a great job voicing the magical teacher, bringing her to life really well. She's probably most well known for voicing Kikiyou from Inuyasha and Akane from Ranma, but for those of you who want a more modern series she's the one who voiced Aphrodite the Suite goddess I talked about last year too. For a bit of Gainax/Trigger crossover she even voiced Noriko from Gunbuster/Top wo Nerae!. In general Ursula is a great character and her voice makes that even better.
Grade: A-

Libido: Sadly Ursula doesn't do too well here. Not because she's against perversion, but more because we don't see her interact with people in this sort of manner too much. As far as relationships go, she's either got a mentor/student relationship with Akko (which is amplified due to Akko's love of Shiny Chariot perhaps, even if finding out the truth was rocky) or the rivalry relationship with Croix (as they were school friends, meaning that they are also somewhat childhood friends despite butting heads). I'd probably say Akko is a little more likely, but she has her hands full with characters like Diana and the rare male love interest whose name isn't important.
Grade: C

: Oh dear me! How vulgar! I did not realize that you would judge me on something like that.

I judge people on all sorts of things. Speaking of which, I like the work you did on the living room. But perhaps you'd like to go to my bedroom and we can have a truly magical time?

*Topaz gets slapped by Ririchiyo's big fan.*

: I know that was mainly for humor's sake, but didn't you have enough meganekko fun during Spartan's blog?!

Fair, but we can't expect readers to have to read all the blogs I've inspired. Even if he's really good. Zettai as well, though you should certainly read his!

: I-I think that I'm missing something here.

: Topaz has a lot of friends that he's inspired.

: Ah yes. It's always to good to inspire people to do their best!

: The "best" in this case is apparently perving on girls.

: Uh-huh... I-I suppose that is something that can be a goal in life...

Being fair most of the girls are alright with them fooling around.

: And the rest of the time?

Those are mostly just accidents of the sexy manner.

: Exactly. But how about we finish up this blog?

Good idea, Riri!

Age: It is unknown how old Ursula actually is, though she is quite mature still. I say that because she's a teacher, so she's likely over 18. She's also a fairly young one, at least from the other teachers' appearances. She was also an alumni of the school, and after graduating she took it upon herself to be a performer. She performed 10 years prior to the start of the series, so it's possible that she's in her thirties or so. Still, she's a witch and while I don't know if the series affects much it's possible that she's older than she appears. Either way she seems to be a great age for my tastes.
Grade: A

Total Grades: 77
Average score: 8.6
Final Grade: B+

And that's the blog for this week. How did you like it, Ursula?

: It was quite well done, though I may have been expecting a higher score.

: Blame that on Topaz being overly judging of you not always wearing your glasses.

Pretty much, though your low libido doesn't help. Still, it's a pretty good score.

: That it is. Thank you for discussing me.

Thank you for fixing up the rooms as well. We really needed it.

: I would help any time you wish. For now though, I need to get back to the school.

Have a good trip!

*Topaz and Riri wave to Ursula as she flies off on her broom.*

: Well, since the yearly meganekko is done we'll likely be going into the seasonal ones next. (Curse all these meganekko traditions. No wonder the beginning of this year was so covered in them).

That's right! And we're be going back to school this time too!

: Wait, didn't we just do a meganekko teacher? Are we going to be talking about a student this time?

Sadly no, we're going to a completely different school. Though I will say that the teacher next time is a little bit monstrous...

: Hmmm, so that's who is coming next. Just remember that I'll keep a close eye on you so you're not affected by her "pheromones".

I'll try my hardest to contain myself. But hopefully you readers continue to read and are excited for next time's blog!
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December 21st, 2017
This is the Four-hundredth-seventy-second week of using the "Perfect Anime Girl Sheet". Notice: This Blog may contain Unmarked Spoilers.

Welcome back everyone. If you haven't been paying attention we're going to talk about another angel for our traditional Angel blog.

: You and your dumb traditions. Though at least this one isn't as aggravating as the April one...

Fair and I apologize to people who have to sit through that. Still, to continue explaining what's happening we had to fight Dokuro and Zakuro again last week.

: "Fight" is a strong word. You just defeated a machine that they brought in a game of rock-paper-scissors.

I would still count that as a win, even if I cheated. Anyway we also discussed Panty last week.

: Yo. We're still around and I still can't *explictiving* swear. *Explicitive* the censors who are a bunch of *explictives*. I wish that they would just *explictive* themselves in the *explictive* with a rusty broom handle then *explictive* their *explictives* while *explictiving* *explictive*. Then *Explictive* their *explictives* *explictive* *explictive* with a ham sandwich.

: I think that was just bleeped out excessively.

Maybe, but I don't question the censors.

: At least you didn't reference that one character from your old comics.

Indeed, mostly because my readers wouldn't know about him. However, that's enough distractions. It's time to say that...

: I'm looking forward to hear what you have to say about me.

: Judging by my score I doubt you'd be much better.

Prepare to be surprised then.

Hair: Stocking has really excellent hair, easily better than her older sister. Her hair seems to be black, but judging by certain light it's actually a really dark blue. It's a nice color, and the blue color is a lot more noticeable in her angel form. She also has pink streaks around her bangs and the end of her hair, and the interior of her hair is pink as well though that gives it a bit of a shell-like appearance. Stocking also has really good bangs, with a nearly perfect hime cut. In the more detailed angel form you do see some slight differences but it's still really good. The length is both a blessing and a curse; I do like how she has long hair but the fact that her hair reaches her knees or so does mean her would normally get covered. She does have a cute bow in back, which is blue so it matches her angel outfit and her namesake stockings. Overall she does quite well, with the color and hime cut helping out quite a bit (though I do find it unusual that the outside and inside of her hair are different colors). Oh, and she has some variety in that she's had her hair in a ponytail, a bun, and many varieties of hat or hairband.
Grade: A-

Eyes: Stocking's eyes are somewhat cool-looking. Due to her hime cut her eyes look a little straighter than Panty's eyes, and I like the eyelashes under her eyes as they go well with her gothloli outfits for a touch of gloom. Sadly her angel form makes her eyes cuter and thus tarame, which is unfortunate. Her eye color is a little hard to tell. In the pictures I've used for these blogs her eyes look blue, but there are also images I've seen with her having green hair. I mean neither are probably that impressive, but still. It's also possible that Stocking's eyes change color between her normal and angel forms, the former being blue while the latter is green. Stocking also wears glasses on occasion, though they're more sunglasses. Still, MAL has deemed it to be a good enough image that they use her in glasses for one of the MAL images (at least at the time I'm writing this). I wouldn't count that too much, but I do like the creative stylish look of her normal eyes.
Grade: B

Face: Stocking in general has a cuter face than her sister. Because she's plumper it makes her cheeks look a lot better, in a more curved fashion. Her long hair also works well with her face, and I do like her cute moments and gentle smile as seen in her angel form. Stocking is gloomy most of the time so seeing her smile is a nice touch of variety. Much like Panty Stocking has a small nose in her base form and a larger one in her angel form. She just has a cute face that I like.
Grade: B

*Panty lets out a huge sigh.*

: This is so BOR-ING!

: You just think it's boring because it's not about you. Can't you be patient for once in your life?

: Hey, I bet that you wouldn't have been that patient if Topaz didn't feed you cookies!

Girls girls! You two are sisters, so you should get along better!

: It's not my fault that there's nothing to do here! Namely handsome men, of course. I just want to have some *expictiving* FUN!

: Sorry about that. There's no fun allowed.


: What do you-Oh no... You aren't trying to imply.

Well, it is getting close to the holidays so I figured that he might need some cheering up.

: You pamper your friend far too much.

: What the *explictive* are you talking about?

Just that I sent some gifts over to a close friend...

: *Sigh* Like I said, you pamper him too much!

There's no such thing, as he deserves it for putting up with the blogs.

: Eh? He has something against us?

Probably not. It's just that he was expecting other people.

: What a... You know, let's just forget about it and get back to the *explictiving* blog...

Good plan!

Build: Stocking is similar to her sister in that there's a big difference between her standard and angel forms. Her standard form is quite blocky like with Stocking, with stumpy forearms and legs. It's her angel form that's more appealing to me, as it's more anime-styled than her standard one. Stocking also shows off her ass in the music video, though it's a lot rarer for her to show off (she still gets a slight moment during the transformation). Since she removes her namesake stockings it's possible that she has some leg appeal, but I don't see too much out of the ordinary. Her nails are painted blue, including her toenails (though they aren't shown as much as her hands and I'm pretty neutral to her feet in general). She is definitely plumper than Panty, which I do enjoy. Though there does get to be a point where she becomes so fat that she becomes a gigantic ball (it's due to a evil plot by a ghost). As mentioned with Panty Stocking also has random numbers for MAL measurements that I'm not sure where the source came from. If curious Stocking is said to be 152 cm and weighs 43 kg. Her three sizes are 98/61/84, so it's good if those aren't her actual sizes as that's far too big of a discrepancy between bust and hips.
Grade: B

Chest: Speaking of Stocking's bust, we've approached that area. That said, while she's busty and it does get shown off I don't remember it being too obnoxious either. I also enjoy that she has some roundness to her chest, as opposed to Panty's triangle chest in base form. She also mentions that all the sweets she eats goes to her chest, but I think that's more to bother her sister than anything else. Much like her sister Stocking also shows her nipples in the manga, but they aren't the type I like. Overall Stocking does fairly well here, with some service and being the bustier sister but not having too many memorable scenes either.
Grade: B-

Clothes: Stocking does a lot better than her sister here, and a lot of that is due to the default outfit. Stocking wears great gothic lolita outfits, which go well with her long dark hair. She also has a bow on her back, right above her hips or so, and we of course can't forget about her namesake stockings. They're lovely thighhighs with blue and black stripes (though the stripes are blue and white in angel form, fitting her white dress instead of black). Speaking of her angel form, the dress is a one piece with a short if puffy skirt which is kinda unfortunate. She also has a few other similar outfits, including a pink and white gothloli outfit she wears out on a date. Like with Panty Stocking wears a lot of various outfits through the series. This includes a blazer uniform with necktie and short skirt, a sports festival outfit, a sailor school uniform, a hoodie, a lovely fancy dress, a sports bra bikini, and a rock band outfit among others. She also wears striped underwear, her panties being side-tied as well. Overall with the strong goth loli base it's not surprising Stocking does so well for me here.
Grade: B+


*Panty sighs again, this time rudely picking her ear and flicking her excavations away.*

Something the matter?

: Hearing you drone on and on about how much "better" Stocking is than me is getting annoying. I really wish that something would happen!

: Why do people keep inviting trouble using that type of phrase?

: What do you mean "trouble"?

*Suddenly the closet door bursts open, and two angels fall out. The door falls to the floor.*

: FINALLY! We're free, and it felt like we had to wait a whole week to break out!

: Luckily these seem to be filled in advance.

: What's this? Two girls are coming out of the closet, Topaz. Ufufu.

: That's really weak and crude humor, Panty. Then again, considering who's writing this blog I'm not surprised...

Sadly most of my jokes are only funny to me. But what are you two doing here?

: They must still be trying to fight you, Topaz. Watch out for surprise attacks!

I'll keep my eyes peeled!

: Well, I suppose defending Topaz would be good for a break. Watch out, I'm going to GET you!

*Zakuro whispers in Dokuro's ear.*

: Um, does she mean in battle or in bed?/

: Considering who she is I'm not completely sure.

*The camera goes back to the heroes.*

: Pssst, do you mean in battle or you're going to *explictive* them?

: I haven't decided. Probably battle, as that way we'll ascend.

Good idea, and take those two angels with you when you go.

: HEY! Don't kick us out already! I want to hear the end of my blog.

Fair point. In that case, let's continue onward!

Personality: Stocking is a lot more level-headed than her older sister. She's also a bit more intelligent, but she also seems a little rude at times. She's calm and very serious about her job of ghost hunting (except during the time she's dating one, but that's for the next area). Stocking is also identified by her love of sweets, disliking spicy food and is a pretty big eater which is cute. Stocking is also pretty snarky, which is pretty nice as well. In general I like the more lowkey Stocking more than her sister, by quite a bit. Of course, we can't forget about her thighhighs/stockings which are her namesake weapons. I find her dual katanas to be cooler than Panty's dual-wielding guns, but that's just my personal taste. When using one weapon she seems to be left-handed, though I only know that through other people mentioning it. To add to her cute goth look Stocking is often carrying a stuffed cat named "Honekoneko", and the face on the cat often mirrors Stocking's own expressions. In general I tend to prefer the quieter type of girl like Stocking, though her appearance does help quite a bit. I probably should mention that she cuts Panty up in the last episode and has a twist where she's a demon, but since we have had no resolution people aren't sure if that's really Stocking, if she's being mind controlled, or any number of factors that could be in play. Stocking is voiced by Mariya Ise, who does a good job. She also does characters I don't know like Bonnie from the XY series or Urara from Yes Precure, though she's also done characters like Sen from Ben-To and Eco the loli dragon from Dragonar. Overall Stocking is more my type of girl, but she's still not quite as great as I probably remember either.
Grade: B-

Libido: Stocking is not like her sister in this regard, but does have some factors that hurt her here. Instead of being sex-crazed like Panty she's not really interested in most men. She mocks her sister's obsession with sex and seems to dislike it too. That said she does fall in love with a ghost during one episode. And when she falls, she fell DEEP. The problem is, besides Stocking being an angel and the guy being a ghost, is that he was a complete loser. He looked awful and treated Stocking really poorly. He did end up falling for her, but the whole incident made Stocking seem like the type who falls for the wrong type of men. One good thing is that she's loyal though, not cheating on someone if she truly loves them. It's possible that she has a masochistic side, which is also unfortunate, but I don't remember that being much of a problem while actually watching it. Finally, in the manga's Western chapter Stocking calls herself the best "lay" in town and has fun with Panty as mentioned last week.
Grade: C+

Age: Stocking is in the same boat as her sister; I don't know how old they actually are. They're angels so they're technically ageless, but they don't seem too out of place in high school either. She is younger than Panty, but probably not enough to affect her score at all. In essence, I'll give her the same score her as I did Panty as official ages could be useful.
Grade: B

Total Grades: 71
Average score: 7.8
Final Grade: B

And with that the blog is completed.

: Good job, Topaz. Er, I think... Didn't I do better with your rough draft?

Being fair that was created many years ago. I've changed and matured since then.

: I'm not to sure about that...

At least as far as the blog scoring goes.

: I suppose that's true.

: GOD! Stop gabbing about boring things! When are we going to be able to battle?

Calm down, Panty. Don't get your-mmph-panties in a bundle!

: *sigh* Really, Topaz. You stooped THAT low for comedy?

You should know that I'd stoop much lower, Ririchiyo.

: The blond floozy is right. It's time for us to battle!

*Dokuro gets out Excalibolg, her spiked club, while Zakuro gets out her towel.*

: Oh no, Panty! We'd better watch out! She'll whip us with a wet towel or something!

: I wouldn't mock our weapons too much. After all, what do YOU two have?

: I'm glad that you asked...

*Panty and Stocking transform*

: Was the video really necessary, Topaz?

Well, I do transformation videos for all the PreCures and presumably with other magical girls. Even if they're not the orthodox kind Panty and Stocking still sorta count.

: Did you two get a little bit taller through that? No matter, I'll destroy you all the same!

*Dokuro leaps at the group, but the crowd scatters. Her club destroys Topaz's couch.*

Oh no! My couch! It's ruined now!

: Better than your life, at least!

I suppose...

: So that's how you want to play. Don't worry, I can dance!

*Panty shoots many bullets at Dokuro, but Zakuro leaps in front of her and deflects the bullets away by spinning her towel. However, the bullets are reflected and shoot holes in Topaz's walls and windows.*

Aw man. You're still destroying everything!

: When you're battling in angelic ways you need to be prepared for some property damage and causalities.

: That's right. Now leave this to me!

*Stocking, wielding her swords, prepares to slash at Zakuro. Dokuro moves in the way and attacks, her club dropping down as Stocking uses her blades to block. The four continue their epic battle, each side fighting hard but neither gaining ground. Topaz is definitely losing out though, as his property gets shot, smashed, sliced, and toweled.*

Oh no! Not all my things and items!

: Stocking! Watch out!

*As Stocking was leaping back and forth she doesn't notice an armchair sitting in her path. Even though it had been there since the beginning. She crashes into it, breaking the chair apart and falling into the pieces.*

: OW! Who the *explictive* puts a CHAIR in the middle of the battlefield!

*Ririchiyo turns to Topaz.*

: I know. It's extremely annoying!

Hey, that's what happens in games. And you girls should have been paying more attention to the battle too! Or, better, not fought in my living room.

: But otherwise we'll never get our revenge on you!

Why are you that preoccupied with revenge! It's not like I did anything that bad to either of you two!

: Didn't you complain about us and make us villains?

Just because I talk poorly about you doesn't make you evil though! That's all your choice. Just look at Panty!

: Right! Just look at-hey wait a minute...

So there's no reason for you to try that hard to get revenge for such a one-sided rivalry!

: Huh, so put it that way if we take the upper road we're the true winners?


*Even though the battle had calmed down and Dokuro was beginning to understand, Panty still shoots her gun at the evil angel. Well, the evil-ER angel. She hits Dokuro's halo, cracking it slightly.*

: What was-Urrph... That for?

: I just wouldn't feel good with myself if I didn't actually defeat the angels. Plus they had dropped their guard.

That was still rude.

: And you didn't consider me rude already?

Fair point.

: Guwaaahhh... Stomach... Cramping... Must use restroom...

: Down the hall, on your right.

*Dokuro travels down the bathroom but it seems to be occupied. Her legs are crossed and she's hopping as she knocks.*

: I'm in here!

: So that is where she went after she locked us in the closet...

: Grrr! This is awful! It stinks in there so I don't want to use it! Come on, Zakuro-Gwaaahhh.... Let's get going before I ruin Topaz's living room even more!

My carpet thanks you.

*Dokuro and Zakuro rush out the destroyed door. Since the battle is effectively over Stocking and Panty return to their normal forms.*

: Whoa. She's really moving now.

: I guess so. But it would be really funny if she blasts off like the deer in Castle Crashers!

That's a bad joke, both for the subject matter and that I don't know if my readers would know that game.

: *Explictive*! Well, I suppose that it's about time for us to go as well...

: It was a pleasure to finally visit. Though I wouldn't want to live here. This place looks like a dump.

That's only because you... *Sigh* I guess I can't say too much. Thank you for saving us, and have a pleasant trip home.

*Panty and Stocking wave goodbye and get in their car and drive away. Panty further waves as they leave, though the camera doesn't show it.*

: Topaz, you don't have to disguise giving the finger as "waving".

Oh, so that's what she's doing. I thought it looked funny.

: So what are we going to do with this huge mess on our hands?

Hmmm.... I would love it if we could bring someone who can repair and clean things up with magic.

: Wait, you do know that next week is the meganekko-of-the-year blog, right?

Of course. I wouldn't forget something that major! And in case the readers are wondering, let's say that the mess would be too hard to clean up for a meganekko who talks to spirits. We might need her dual-persona teacher at this rate...

: Wait, I think I know who that is!

I should hope so! But stay tuned, readers-wait, is it "staying tuned" if you're reading this? Oh well, just join us next time for some meganekko fun!

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December 14th, 2017
This is the Four-hundredth-seventy-second week of using the "Perfect Anime Girl Sheet". Notice: This Blog may contain Unmarked Spoilers.

*We begin the blog with Topaz and Ririchiyo playing a card game.*

: Let's see. I can attack with my Humming-Kangaroo. for the game!


: What-HEY! Grrr, you like that card way too much.

I do. But it's good to just be home and be able to play games. You know, since we've been fighting the anniversary blog and everything.

: Don't talk about how calm it is here. That's just tempting fate.

*As if having perfect timing the doorbell rings.*

Darn, I guess you're right. Riri, go answer that.

: Why do I have to? It's likely for your blog, so you should take care of it.

But my hand is being a Token right now, and if it stops blocking you'll win the game.

: And how is that my problem? (I-I hope he won't mind me winning this way, but I'm more concerned with this week's girl attacking me if I get the door.)

I suppose it isn't. Alright then, I'll take care of the door.

*Topaz gets up, moving his hand from the battlefield and allowing Ririchiyo to win. He goes over and answers the door, but the two angels there are not the ones that he was expecting.*

: Hello, Topaz. We're here to-

*Topaz shuts the door before Dokuro could finish. He goes back and shuffles his deck, preparing for a new game.*

: Who was that?

Just some horrible people that I'd rather not deal with.

: Ah. Salespeople.

*Dokuro smashes the door down with her Excalibolg, allowing her and Zakuro to enter.*

: What was that for?!

Hey, you're the one who broke down our door!

: I just hope that the doorbell still works after this!

: That does not matter, as we're here to challenge you again!

Challenge me? What, did that game last year teach you nothing?

: Maybe she'll be like that one other angel and want to play Smash.

Poor Nanael... But anyway, what are you doing here?

: We were given a second chance to defeat you. And this time we came prepared!

*Zakuro pulls out a machine under her towel. She then removes the towel and reveals a mechanical hand.*

Oh no, she's going to have me arm wrestle a robot arm!

: At least it's just the arm and not the whole body. Use your full body as a brace and win easily!

: Oh no no. This isn't for arm wrestling. This is for a more specialized game.

: Meaning rock paper scissors.

That's it? That's oddly simple.

: Couldn't you have done that yourselves? Or is Topaz just that serious of a competitor?

: Like we'd ever take Topaz seriously. No, this is just so that we can defeat him easily. You see, this machine can predict what you're going to use due to body sensors and heart rate monitoring.


: Probably. I'm not sure how it works either, we got it from Fruit's sister or something. Anyway, can you show them how well the machine works Zakuro?

: It would be my pleasure.

*Zakuro throws one of each attack in quick succession. However, with each play she loses to the machine, who in a split second makes the winning play.*

Wow, that is quite impressive!

: But what is your intention in bringing such a machine? It's not like it will be YOU who defeats him.

: It is our hope that Topaz will exhaust himself playing and thus be too tired for a blog.

I know that I've had a busy week, but I'll still accept this challenge!

: Topaz, don't accept! You're just encouraging them to stay.

If I couldn't get them to give up on me before I want to redeem them this week! Then we'll never have to worry about them again.

: Tee hee, for someone that has no chance to win you sure have a lot of enthusiasm. Go ahead, and do your worst!

Alright! *Topaz rolls up his sleeve.* Ready... One two thrrreeee-

*As Topaz swings his hand towards the robot time seems to slow down in a shounen sports anime style. It takes long enough that the others are able to comment on the play. His index and middle finger start to be brought out from his curled hand.*

: Oh no! Topaz is going straight for scissors! He must be thinking that the robot would go for paper as everyone chooses rock first!

: Then the machine will sense that and go immediately for rock itself!

*Topaz continues to swing his hand out. Unusually his thumb also gets extended as far as his two fingers.*

: What sort of silly scissors is that?

: Perhaps Topaz has no knowledge of the hand motions required.

: That can't be it. You showed him all the actions before hand.

: W-wait, no. He can't be... The forbidden move...


*Topaz ends up with his lower two fingers still curved inward, his index and middle finger outward, and his thumb pointing upward.*

: The Ro-Scis-Per!

*As Riri names the action the symbols appear on screen as if this were a sports series.*

: The... what?

: The most sacred play in the game! It always wins!

: W-what?

: And loses. And ties. Because it's made up of all three plays, it provides the answer to anything the machine could do!

: What do you mean? It's obvious that he will lo-

*She turns to the machine. It was at rock at first, but seeing the paper thumb makes it go to scissors. It then suspects that Topaz is doing rock himself and switches to paper, then rock again. Each time it moves faster and faster between its moves. It starts to spark due to how fast it's forced to change positions.*

: W-what's going on?

The machine keeps thinking that it's losing, since it was programmed to only check for that. Then it quickly goes to the winning play and sees that it's still losing and speeds up the time.

: It's in an infinite loop!

That's right. Plus since it's getting the data for THREE games for each ONE game the data recording will eventually overtake its programming.

*The arm continues to speed up, getting to the point where it looks like it's doing all three at once it's going so fast. It eventually explodes, leaving nothing in its wake.*

Awww, I was hoping it would fall off the screen like a Waddle Doo.

: GRR! You may have won this one, but you haven't seen the last of us!

*Dokuro grabs Zakuro and the two stomp down the hall before entering a door.*

: Aw man. You mean that they're going to be BACK?

They're going to have to be. That's a closet they walked into.

: Well, since we had enough distractions don't you think that it's about time to introduce the weekly girls?

Maybe if they actually showed up we could talk about them!

*Nothing happens.*

I said, maybe if they actually showed up!

*A car screeches to a halt in the yard, landing in the middle and hitting Topaz's mailbox, knocking it over.*

The mailbox!

: What, did I hit something again?

: Wait, is this the place we were invited to come? This place looks like a total *explictive* Hole!

*The two girls get out of their convertible and walk up to Topaz's house. They step over the remains of the door and enter.*

Welcome to my humble abode!

: It certainly is humble. I can't believe that you were finally able to get in contact with us.

Well, I was waiting for a long time to see if there would be a sequel or not. I'd say that seven years is enough time that we'd at least hear something...

: Has it really been that long? Don't answer that, it was rhetorical.

: Who cares how *explictiving* long it has been, it's finally time for you to *explictiving* talk about me finally! W-wait, why can't I say "*explictiving"*?

: I'm more surprised that Topaz is intentionally misspelling "Expletive"...

This is a blog for people of all ages. Also I'm not comfortable with swearing, and thus I had to filter it out somehow.

: THIS IS *explictiving* BULL*explicitive*. WHY CAN'T I *explictiving* SAY WHAT I *explictiving* WANT TO?

: Calm down, Panty. There are standards that we have to follow.

: This is still really dumb. Hey, are there any guys around? I need a good stiff *explictiving* .

I'm the only guy around.

: I meant GOOD LOOKING guys.

: T-Topaz has looks where it counts. I-I mean he's handsome in a way...

Thank you for that. And besides, I like being a pure virgin hero. Like Vaan.

: You're nowhere as cool as he is though.

That should be obvious.

: So I can't *explictiving* say what I want and there's no guys around to *explictive.* Looks like we'll have to get going. Maybe I'll have some *explictiving* fun somewhere else.

: Did you forget why we came here?

: What, are we here to fight ghosts or somethin'? You can do it by yourself!

: No. You're here to be blogged on by Topaz.

I'll talk about you and give you points.

: Fine then, I'll *explictiving* stay here since you're going to discuss me. But you'd better do a *explictiving* good job and not half-ass it.

That's good to hear. And here's your cookies, Stocking.

*Topaz hands Stocking a tin of cookies, which she starts eating by the handful.*

: HEY! How come she gets to partake in HER *explictiving* vices?

Because cookies are a healthy treat for the whole family.

: Don't think I don't know you're *explictiving* bribing her!

: Topaz just had them handy and wanted to give her something for having to wait a week.

That's right, because...

: Wait, why are you doing them separately?

Well, I did originally want to do the sisters in the same blog, but there are enough differences that I wanted to separate them.

: Is that the REAL reason, Topaz...

...Fine! It's because I got lazy and didn't want to work too hard this week. I knew I was going to be busy a lot, so I decided to talk about a girl I'm not particularly fond of. Plus Stocking doesn't deserve to have to share her blog.

: I'm getting a load of *explictiving* mixed signals here... Just get on with the *explictiving* blog, so that we can get going.

*Topaz starts the blog as Stocking continues eating cookies.*

Hair: Panty's hair is alright. It is fairly long and wide, spreading out around her neck. Her hair is very messy as well, a likely consequence of her, er, lifestyle so to speak. Her hair is also blonde, which is somewhat bland in comparison to her sister. Though in certain images it looks as if Panty has a slight gradient to her hair that makes the bottom look a little orange (though that may just be the way the light is). That said I'm not very impressed with Panty's hair, if you couldn't tell. Her bangs even look like a bunch of bananas, and not in a silly way either! Well, somewhat silly as at one point a monkey tries to eat her hair, but still. She looks a little better in her angel form (due to her hair being more detailed) but in general she's bland and boring, especially compared to her sister. The length is good (even if it is long enough to cover her ass, which is a downside) and in one official image she has her hair in a ponytail for some variety. Still, that's not enough to give her many points.
Grade: C

Eyes: Panty doesn't do too much better here either. Her eyes are pretty round, though at times they do have a nice tsurime. Still, I don't like how her pupils look, it bothers me for some reason. I'm also not a big fan of the eyeliner on her eyelids either (I'm not sure that's what it's called but still). She looks overly made up, at least to me. Her angel form also looks better here too, as it's not as stylish and instead looks pretty good. Her eyes are also blue which is a little too common with blond hair it seems. If only the earlier version with red eyes was her actual design as she wouldn't look as generic. Plus her red eyes would look better with her main outfit and I like the shades she wears in that image too. Considering how long it's been I can't remember if there's any occasion where Panty wears glasses, but it still wouldn't save her from her generic fate here.
Grade: C

Face: Panty's face isn't too bad. Sure, the art style is very stylish but it also gives her a lot of room to show off her emotions as well. It's not perfect, but having a line nose does help a little. Sadly the angel form is more detailed, and her nose looks bigger as a result. It's not horrible still, and it suits her well. If only the rest of her head could have been this good in comparison. Oh and she wears earrings; I don't mind the studs but the hoops are a bit too much for my tastes.
Grade: B-

*Meanwhile, in the closet.*

: Grr... Its tight in here. Are you sure that we'll be able to take Topaz by surprise like this?

: Of course. It's not like he knows that we went into a closet instead of leaving. We'll jump out and attack him once those girls are gone.

: You're always full of good ideas! Even if the machine didn't do that well...

: I-it was always my plan to lose to get him into a false sense of security.

: You truly are wise beyond your years...

*Suddenly the door opens and Rika is there. She glares at the two angels and hangs up her coat in the closet. She then shuts the door.*

: Phew. It seems she didn't see us.

: I'm surprised as she seemed to glare at us specifically-Hey, do you hear keys?

*Indeed as on the other side of the closet Rika seems to have locked the angels inside the closet. They pound on the outside, but to no avail.*

: There. Now hopefully I can go back to relaxing in my room in peace and not be disturbed by tumorous angels...

*She goes back to her room as we rejoin Topaz and the others.*

Build: There is obviously a discrepancy between Panty's normal and angel forms. Her normal form is far too cartoonish to be too sexy, with her club feet and sharp, jagged elbows being key points of lack of appeal. Her angel form is easily better, being a more anime style with her curves emphasized. She even shows her bare ass in one official image! She also shows it during the music video moment (though originally there was a cover hair situation), and there were probably other examples too. Again it's been so long that I can't remember if she shows it more often. I'd expect she would, considering how she fights without her namesake on but I don't have any memory sadly (and I wouldn't put it past them if they just used that to troll us further). She also has nice legs with thick thighs and a slender waist in this form. Overall she does pretty well, though I don't remember much about her. I should mention that MAL states that her height is 164 cm, her weight is 47 kg, and her three sizes are 84-58-88. As cool as it would be if her ass was indeed bigger than her chest, I can't verify that information on any Japanese site so I'll just mention that and say to take those numbers even if there's a good chance they're made up.
Grade: B-

Chest: As with the previous area the art style affects Panty's score here. The normal form isn't anything special, with her chest being mostly triangular in shape. Her chest looks fuller in angel form, and she even slides her hands down her chest during the transformation which isn't too good. As said previously the 84 cm measurement on MAL is likely fictional. She also shows her nipples in at least one manga chapter I skimmed through, but they aren't great.
Grade: C+

Clothes: Panty has quite a bit of variety. I'm not a huge fan of her red dress which is her usual outfit, it looks too plan and boring. Her angel outfit has its pluses and minuses; I like the white color as that fits with angels as do the wings in back, the fact that it's two-piece is cool as it shows off her navel, and I like the fact that she doesn't wear panties. Sadly the latter is also a problem as the skirt is big and frilly so there's a lot less appeal when it comes to her ass, which is a pretty big minus. She also has a lot of outfits which helps her out more. Some examples I found in the art book that I like include a police outfit, a school uniform with necktie, a country girl, underwear, a sports bikini with visor for the beach episode, a rock outfit, a police uniform with short skirt and midriff, a red bunny outfit. and probably various other outfits. That's not counting all the parodies she wears during the music video short either, which were cool. She does like wearing casual outfits including short tops that show off her navel. A lot of her outfits appeal to me well, which is a shame as it would help if she was in her angelic form during those times. Oh, and I'm not sure if it counts as clothing or more the body portion, but Panty also looks like a Transformer during a parody episode (though I do not know the series well enough to know which exact one). She also wears a cowgirl outfit in the manga, though I think it's stupid as she has her badge directly on her nipple (though I was mainly counting the anime as far as her final score goes).
Grade: B

Personality: Panty is not a good girl for my tastes, like at all. The biggest problem will be discussed in the next area, but there's still a lot of problems with her still. For one Panty is quite lazy, eventually pushing the work of eliminating ghosts onto a human so that she could enjoy sex. She's also a rude and aggressive character as well, often swearing and I think someone counted that she uses the "F" word over 250 times through the run of the series. I'm not a big fan of that, as you can tell through this blog. Panty seems to prefer spicy flavors, not being a fan of sweets like her younger sister is. She wants to become a celebrity for her work, and will even take a less-than-savory method to get it. In general she's more of a Western-styled character, and as a result I'm not a big fan.
There's a few good things about Panty, but they are fairly minor. While she does take a while to get into combat it's cool to see her gunplay. I like the idea that she can take other people's underwear to use when she doesn't have her own (which she calls "Black Lace" and has a few different styles). She's also voiced by Arisa Ogasawara and is perhaps her most famous role (due to not having many roles. She did do Haro in Gundam 00 and Cheza in Wolf's Rain, but I don't know them well). Anyway, Arisa does a great job (curse words aside), especially if she's the one who sings D City Rock. It's possible that role went to someone named Debra Zeer, but in general it's surprisingly good English and had great visuals go along with it. Overall I'm not too impressed by Panty. She's too brash and while I do like rude dialects I'm not a fan of cursing. She seems like a jerk to be a jerk's sake, and while she does get comeuppance I wouldn't say that she deserved all the things that happened to her (especially at the end there). There's also the fact that her libido is crazy, but that's for the next area...
Grade: C

Libido: Even though Stocking is the one with bladed weapons, Panty is a double-edged sword here. On one hand she has a LOT of libido. She often accepts having sex as a reward and is a very outgoing girl. She also loves being the center of attention and is often having sex in the background of scenes that she's not actively being in. On the other hand that also gives her a bad reputation as a, well, let's just say that she's giving everyone presents and that makes it seem less important. Panty possibly has the highest libido of any girl I've done, and I've done characters in hentai! Still, being so free with others makes me a little wary of her being so sex-obsessed. Not minding being seen naked and having a healthy libido is still good though, so I can't mark her down too far. Then again there is also a plotline where she regenerates certainly womanly parts but the less we speak of that the better. Partially because it makes me extremely uncomfortable. If we include the manga we can see that she doesn't mind playing with girls either, as she sleeps with not only an Indian Princess but Stocking (saying that she was partaking in sisterly love) and a horse. Perhaps I shouldn't have mentioned that last one, as that's disturbing as well.

: Hey! The panels were small on purpose! You didn't *explictiving* have to take them seriously!

I suppose, but it still hurts you overall. And same about your goal of going after over 1000 men before returning to heaven.
Grade: C+

Age: I'm not sure what age Panty is. Being fair it shouldn't matter, considering she's an angel and thus likely ageless. There's also one episode where she goes to high school, though she isn't usually in one so it's possible that she looks close to that age. One can only guess that she's over 18, but without any sort of official age I'm left wondering.
Grade: B

Total Grades: 57
Average score: 6.3
Final Grade: C+

And that's the blog for the week!

: You call that a *explictiving* blog? I barely got any points!

: Maybe there's an obvious reason for that... *munch*

: Hey, I bet you wouldn't do much better!

: Yeah sure. We'll just have to see for ourselves next week, won't we?

: Wait, that's the end? What about the angels? And the rest of the plot?

I don't want to work too hard...

: You didn't even explain why you misspell "expletive"!

Oh, that's right. It's because that's the term I used way back in my Phantasy Star comics. I know that it's incorrect, but I like using it as a nod to that.

: I don't *explictiving* care! Just get on with next week's blog. Maybe then something will *explictiving* excite me!

One can only imagine. Not that I'd sleep with you anyway. But you readers should still read next week's blog, as it's bound to be better than this week's!
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