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February 16th, 2017
Anime Relations: Sansha Sanyou
This is the Four-hundredth-twenty-ninth week of using the "Perfect Anime Girl Sheet". Notice: This Blog may contain Unmarked Spoilers.

*Topaz drags himself to Ririchiyo.*

: TOPAZ?! What happened?

Intense... *pant pant* training...

: Wait, you actually went through with that? And it wasn't secretly something perverted? What all happened?


==Flashback begins==

*Topaz is back at the gym with Sakura and Miu.*

So what are we going to do?

: Isn't it obvious, we're going to ride you all day!

: We're going to work you so hard that you'll be sore tomorrow!

That sounds like something I'll enjoy...

: I even called some friends that are even better teachers than me.

Even better!

: Somehow I think that you're going to be disappointed...

: Look, they're here already!

*Two shadows loom over Topaz, intimidating him.*

: Gwahahaa, Is this the one you're telling us to train, Miu? You know you should stop picking up such scrawny men.

: Now now, that's why we are here to train him. Come, let us start immediately.

*Topaz trembles as a montage begins. First he's pulling Akisame on a tire.*



*Akisame whips him, forcing Topaz to run faster. Next up he's standing next to a post covered in ropes.*

Am I really supposed to punch this with my bare hands?

: Of COURSE! That's what all true men use! Now get going, you have to punch it a thousand times!

*Topaz reluctantly punches it.*

: Not like that, punch with REAL power!

But it's hard and I might hurt my hands.

: DO IT!

*Topaz punches it harder, hitting it more and more. In the next scene he's blowing on his bloody hands which are covered in bandages.*

: Do not worry, do this every day and you shall become stronger in a few years.

But this is so hard, and why can't I have Shigure instead?

*The TDB fundoshi girl pops down, hanging from the ceiling.*

: Sorry, I would only do that for... Zettai. He is the one that would properly praise my... ass.

*Shigure returns to her ceiling spot, bending to show off her fat ass to the camera. It comes so close she just about touches, with a great view.*

: Did you make sure the viewers saw your ass, Shigure?

: Ye..s?

: Thank goodness. It was vitally necessary!

: Apapa, when is it going to be my turn to train Topaz?

: Right now! That's all for your break, Topaz. Get back to work!

: I shall gather the statues for your next task afterward.

*We return to the current day. Fortunately Topaz seems fixed up, if exhausted.*

: Sounds painful, but I hope that it was effective.

I don't know. I don't plan on fighting anyone anytime soon.

: I suppose, but even a bit of hard work should be good for you. And no, "exercise" does not mean that you get "extra fries".


: (You're so out of shape...) So how did you get so fixed up so quickly?

I ate a bean.

: A rainbow one? Look, I know that the guy says that they're tasty, but save them for the Pokémon.

Not that sort of bean, a healing one. Though that just lead to more training.

==Another Flashback begins==

*Topaz is in a large canyon-filled desert, with a green guy in a white turban floating in the sky above him. Yes, he's wearing that. Blame his MAL image of that outfit being poor.*

: So you think that you can get away with stealing one of the beans? I'll train YOU good, so DODGE!

*The demon/slug alien shoots many energy balls at Topaz. Fortunately he's able to avoid, as he has in the past.*

: Color me impressed, you're actually fairly good at this. Much better than my last pupil. But don't think that will make it any easier on you, DODGE!

*The barrage of ki shots at Topaz continues, as he runs through the canyons to block the attacks.*

==Flashback ends==

: I see. Well, just be glad you didn't have to go to a swamp planet to meet the green guy. Though speaking of meeting, isn't it about time to introduce the girl?

Well, I think we still need to travel there.

*Topaz and Riri arrive at the school, with Topaz being surprisingly back to normal.*

: At least that scene change made you not look as awful.

Thank glasses for screen transitions. But no time for meta-comedy, we have to set things up!

*The two head to a room, waiting for the girl of the week.*

: Did you really tell her to come?

I'm sure she'll come. I need to thank her for... things.

: Sounds suspicious. You didn't do anything perverse while appearing at Zettai's blog, right?

... Shhh, I hear footsteps. She's coming.

: Don't dodge my question.

But dodging is about all I'm good at!

*The door creaks open, and a blonde meganekko appears. Topaz blows a party popper at her.*

Happy blog day!

*The girl looks panicked and defensive, but quickly calms down.*

: HEY! Don't surprise me like this! Who are you and what do you want with me?

I'm Topaz and this is Ririchiyo. And I'm here to do my blog on you.

: I'm here to assist, but first... What did you do with Topaz?

: None of your beeswax. But if you're so nervous about Topaz why didn't he come to YOU?

: Um, er...

Teru! Stop that this instant!

: Fine fine... I'll let you talk about me as well, so do your blog. Be sure to talk about all my charming points too, tee hee.

*Teru has a cutesy smile, with her tongue out.*

I'll be sure to, and now that she's given permission...

Today's girl is:

Teru Hayama
Sansha Sanyou

Hair: Teru has great hair, fitting a meganekko of her stature. Her hair is usually in braids that hang over her shoulders, with big poofy sides that lead into the said braids. Sorry as I can't describe them better other than "poofy", but in comparison she reminds me a lot of Yayoi as in Cure Peace. They both even have bright blonde hair. Teru's hair is a little longer, as her braids reach her chest or so. Length wise I'd say that her hair reaches about her mid-back which is really nice. She also has a few other hairstyles for variety, including a ponytail as seen above and also cute twintails (of the upper pom-pom variety). Teru's bangs aren't bad but are average, with the standard large middle bang with some gaps through the rest of her bangs. It looks fairly cute, and I really like how her face is usually framed well by her cute hair. While not long or dark, I'm a big fan of Teru's hairstyle.
Grade: B+

Eyes: Teru has cute eyes. They're tarame, though she certainly doesn't have the personality to match. Still, I like how rounded they are and the art style is very much to my liking. I'm... not sure on Teru's eye color. At first glance she seems to have golden eyes, which averages out (golden eyes don't really fit her personality, but I do appreciate when eye colors match the hair). However, it's hard to tell with the gradient and I swear that sometimes she looks more green than yellow (a yellow-green, but the shadow is the problem). That said, I still really enjoy the gradients used in eye colors in this series. It really looks amazing.
Sadly Teru's glasses don't stand out too well, though at least she wears them most of the time. Her glasses are a simple thin-framed (if framed at all) pair, with a defined nosepiece. They still fit her pretty well, covering the lower part of her eye and the thin frames work well as it makes the lenses look taller. She even wears them to the beach!
Grade: A-

Face: The art style again really works in Teru's favor. She has such soft-looking rounded cheeks, her nose is small, and everything just works well together. She also has some incredible expressions, which works well with the animation style being so fluid. Kyaahh, it's so hard to describe that just look at it:

Such adorable expressions.

Grade: A

Build: Sadly Teru doesn't do as well here. She's about average for a teen, and isn't too shapely. She doesn't have anything too impressive either, and since she wears a skirt to the beach we don't get a good look at her ass either. I do suppose that her waist and navel are cute when shown, and her legs aren't too tube-like either. Overall not awful, but not too special either.
Grade: C+

Chest: Teru is also pretty bad here too. Not just because she's flat, probably the flattest of the main cast, but because she doesn't show off too much either. She even fits into the loli's maid outfits! Luckily she doesn't seem to show any jealousy from what I can remember, but her frilly bikini doesn't show off her flatness well.
Grade: C+

Clothes: That said, Teru does pretty well on the clothes front. Her school uniform, which she is usually seen wearing, consists of a beige sailor uniform with a brown collar, a brown necktie, and a plaid brown skirt. This seems really dull and boring, but the color is more surprising as most school uniforms tend to be red or blue (not that I mind those, of course). It's somewhat interesting in how drab it is, especially when the rest of the anime seems so full of color as it sorta works. Teru has thighhighs as well, which are always good. She also wears a red maid outfit (with frilly hairband) while working in the cake shop with her friends. She also has a frilly bikini which I mentioned before doesn't fit her too well (she needed something that showed off her modest charms like a school swimsuit or something) which also has a horrible skirt bottom, but she does have a pink one in official art. Speaking of official art she also has a pink wet dress as well. Teru has a lot of great casual outfits, though none stand out too much (though they are quite cute still). We can't forget about her green sleeping bag either, I liked the moment where they all tripped over one another xD. Overall while Teru could use a bit more variety the uniform-with-tie and great maid outfit really help her out.
Grade: B

Personality: Teru is best defined as the way Sonobe, the maid, described her at the start of the ending. She's a black-hearted class representative. That said, it's not like Teru is really that evil; it's more that she has a sharp tongue and knows what to say to shut down arguments easily using her words. She starts by sounding nice but really seems hit a nerve intentionally (with the other characters, not with the viewer). She is also brutally honest, and will hurt feelings if necessary. She's occasionally portrayed as a demon, complete with black wings and occasionally horns. Really it's not as bad as they make it out to be, they could have used more scenes of it but I understand as it does sound like her gag might stop being silly after a while. It seems that the reason that she acts this way is to intentionally fool Santa as she received the incorrect cat doll as a child. Teru is still the class representative and is fairly responsible, which is good, but it's unknown how much of it is an act. And she's extremely distracted by animals, especially cats. She even meets Youko and starts off the series by chasing one. She has one at home named "Beelzebub" because it was surrounded by flies when they found it (poor cat). She even dreams of owning an island and name it "Hayama Park" so that she can live her life with just animals. Teru was also an ill girl when younger, often being in bed and needing her sister to take care of her, but fortunately that doesn't seem to be the case now that she's older. Teru is voiced by Ayaka Imamura who does well, both the acting nice and being blunt portions as well as the cat-fanboying. Sadly she doesn't have many other big roles (and the others she does have seem to be mamocentric characters), but it's still good to hear new voices.
Grade: B+

Libido: Sadly Teru doesn't have much of a libido, unless you count the amazing love she has for cats. And I don't mean that, it's just that her reactions and sudden euphoria are great to watch. The closest human she bonds with really is the not-Hinagiku Serina as the two are rivals that eventually bond over their mutual love for cats. I suppose that she does hang around Youko and Futaba, but I don't sense too strong of yuri from those girls. Teru's sister Kou also took care of her while she was younger, which could also cause some emotions (though not too strong). And I should also point out that Teru definitely seems in control in whatever relationship she's in.
Grade: B-

Age: We have a definitive age, at least as far as the Japanese places I looked say. Teru is sixteen, though I'm not sure if that's before or after her birthday as that happens in the series. Her birthday is on Christmas, December 25th.
Grade: B

Total Grades: 74
Average score: 8.2
Final Grade: B

And that's the blog for today!

: That's all? I was expecting something big.

: Be glad that Topaz didn't force you to do some horrible fanservice thing. I THINK...

*Ririchiyo glares at Topaz who sweats.*

N-not at all...

: Oh please. As he said earlier I'm quite flat. Both the chest and ass. What would he want me for?

: Hmm, fair point... At least I have excellent hair and ass.

: Though speaking of the blog, I did enjoy it. *whispers to Topaz: You had BETTER have enjoyed your friend's blog too.* Wish I would have done better though.

I agree, you're a great girl and your show deserves more credit.

: A lot of shows these days are like that...

: But don't worry, I won't dislike you for judging me. You only talked about me fairly.

That's a relief. After the two angels I'm afraid of who may be after me. I don't need more enemies.

: Especially ones that are as diabolical as you.

: Oh ho ho, I take that as a compliment. But since it seems that my blog is over, I should get going.

Thanks for letting me blog about you!

: Of course! Now I'm going to go spend time with my cat!

*Teru leaves.*

Lucky girl, though I guess I still have a pet.

: Topaz, Rika isn't a pet. And I hope you don't mean me.

I meant my dog...Well, now that it's just the two of us only one thing left to do.

: Discuss the next girl?

I guess there is that, but THIS!

*Topaz takes out a box of chocolates.*

Happy late Valentines!

: Oh Topaz, you shouldn't have!

*She happily takes the candy.*

: Wait, aren't girls suppose to make it for guys?

I'm too used to the Western way of mutual gifts.

: Well, I still appreciate it.

I'm glad. And since you're likely still wondering, we'll be staying at this school again.

: We're at schools far too often these days. (Okay, so I know that a lot of girls go to them in anime, but still). Is it going to be another student?

Nope, it's an art club teacher this time. And another meganekko too!

: W-wait, are you doing a non-month theme of seasonal meganekkos-AGAIN?

There were so many good ones in 2016 that I didn't want to miss out on any!

: Aren't you forgetting the theme for March or something? I mean, you'll probably be doing the Long Riders meganekko now that her show's done but that will run into problems.

What do you mean?

: I mean Pretty Cure. As in the March tradition.

That's not really a tradition, it's just that I talked about PreCure characters a couple of times.

: A shame that we won't be talking about magical middle school girls.

Don't feel bad, I'll still talk about Cure girls sometime this year. It just won't be the theme for March.

: I guess the wait can't be that awful. I hope.

I hope it's not too troublesome. But as said before, we'll be looking at a teacher next time so be sure to tune in!

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February 9th, 2017
This is the Four-hundredth-twenty-eighth week of using the "Perfect Anime Girl Sheet". Notice: This Blog may contain Unmarked Spoilers.

Welcome back, viewers! Last time I had my homage blog for Zettai's blog which has finally returned! Not only that, but I got to see the great wrestler Sakura face off in assy combat with Takane and Nozomi. However, a mysterious martial artist came forward to fight her. This warrior was none other than Miu Furinji, one of the four Devas who are the four strongest unarmed women in anime.

: Luckily Topaz decided on the girls before that one female Broly that's currently unnamed was previewed.

I know, right? Now I don't have to watch Super. I mean, I will, I'm just not rushed to do so.

: A-HEM! Speaking of blonde fighters don't forget about me! I'm going to train with all of you.

Wait, if you're just going to train us why should we fight?

: Have you seen some of the training from my show? You'd be BEGGING to fight instead.

: I think this is more like a spar than any actual training. But it should still be good for you, Topaz.

: We'll help you out all we can.

I think that Miu might want a one-on-one battle with me instead.

: But you'll be pulverized into a fine paste! Or butter!

It's alright, I don't have a mondo pompadour. I should be fine.

: Not sure what hair styles have to do with this, but that's no reason to bet your hair either!

: Enough of these silly references. I've come here to fight, and I imagine that Topaz wouldn't be enough of a battle either. As a result, I'll allow you to use anyone on the mat.

Well, before the battle starts I'll summon-

: HEY! No calling reinforcements.

: But didn't you say...

: I meant at the time I said that, so no bringing more girls here.


: Don't worry, Topaz. You have two great assy girls at your disposal!

: I bet we'll easily be able to beat this so-called Deva! I've beaten plenty in my time!

: That's a different kind of "Diva", Sakura.

: Don't underestimate me.

Wait! Before we get to the battle there's something I have to do first!

: Get the rules down?

: It's simple, if you or one of your girls are able to get me down on the mat it would be my loss. Not that I can imagine you'd be able to do so.

*Miu gets in a fighting pose.*

That's not it.

: Please don't say you have to get into a special uniform.

Ew, no. Only girls are allowed to show off in my blogs.

: Weeeelll....

Except for one week, but that one never gets fanservice anyway! But no, I still have to ask Miu if she wants to have my blog done about her.

: Wait, blog?

*Miu's eyes become circles in confusion.*

Yes, I talk about girls on the internet.

: I was talked about last week!

: Hmmm, I see. So in other words in order to fight I have to allow you to speak about me. That's an... odd rule.

: I know, right?!

Yes, but it's the way that we do things around here.

*Miu thinks to herself, her eyes returning to normal.*

: Well, I guess that it should be fine.


: -I mean, it's not like you are like that dumb alien who probably has more information. Like on my measurements.

Wait, that would be helpful! Now where could he be...

: I forbid it!

Kidding, kidding. But since she gave the okay it's time to reveal that...

Hair: Miu has pretty alright hair. It's a golden blond, which isn't too bad and you can definitely tell that she takes after her grandfather. Not the best color, but could be worse I guess (and it does look a bit more orange in the manga). Sadly Miu's style also hurts her. She usually has her hair pulled back, which includes most of her bangs (except for a few strands or so). Though speaking of which, one of her most unique traits is her rather large ahoge that sticks up. It even reaches her chin! I'm not big on forehead-showing so this does hurt her a bit. She also has red hair clips on her temples though they aren't too interesting. At night she does take the clips out and her bangs have more of a V-shaped look to them, which looks nicer. Fortunately the back is a lot better as Miu often has her hair free and flowing. Her hair is fairly long, reaching past her hips on occasion (though she still does show her ass). Occasionally, such as at school, Miu has her hair done up in a single braid which looks really well with, well, a certain trait in the next area. Overall I do like the unique look with the ahoge and her hair being long always helps, but unfortunately the trouble with her bangs does hurt her quite a bit.
Grade: B-

Eyes: Miu has blue eyes, which seem to be paired often with blonde hair. That said, at least this series is a bit more unique and Miu and her grandfather are the only ones with that look (at least as far as major characters), at least until far later. Still, while her eyes are a brilliant blue on occasion her eyes are dimmer in the series and look more grey on occasion. Miu's eyes are mostly tarame and very rounded, with fairly emphasized corners that somehow point up. She also has a line on bottom that is disconnected which looks cute. There's also many times where here eyes would become black circles with white insides for comedic reasons, which is fine. I should warn that I'm not a fan of her eyes glowing like they do later on in the manga when she activates her Dou.Oh, and we can't forget that Miu has fairly thick eyebrows either!
Though speaking of things we can't forget, Miu is a meganekko! At least sometimes, I mean. Sure they're thin frames, and there's a chance that she does not actually need them, but Miu still looks good in them. They work really well emphasizing her eyes and bringing out further appeal. If only she wore them more, but I guess she doesn't want them to get bent up during fights or anything.
Grade: A-

Face: Miu does have fairly small features. Her nose isn't quite a dot, but it is a fairly small arrow still and isn't too big (and on occasion it IS just a dot). She also has really cute emotions, which was a surprise but goes with her silly eyes I mentioned before. She also has a beauty mark under her left eye. Overall not too impressive but I'm a big sucker for cute expressions and small features.
Grade: A-

*As we come back from Topaz's blog Miu and Takane are in a match, their hands pressing against the others. Neither seem to be giving up.*

: You know, for an idol like you I'm having a surprisingly hard time beating you.

: That should teach you to judge by appearances. I've had plenty of martial arts training.

: That makes me think of Mahiru, but this isn't just chopping boards!

Though we could use a megaton punch right about now. Not literally, of course.

: Good thing that I don't have to face that other deva though-er, not that I would know about her though!

: It looks like you've got your hands full with just me.

: Do you think that this is too much for me?

*Miu moves her hands down, gripping Takane's wrists as she does so. Takane loosens her grip as she loses strength.*


: See? Even if you have some training it's nothing compared to what I've had to go through! Though I loved every moment of it, mostly, so don't take that as complaining.

*She gets ready for a kick but Takane manages to free herself. The white-haired idol then gets into a battle stance, one that made her ass look super great.*

: Was that last part really necessary?


: I do have a great ass, though.

: And I'm going to kick that very ass!

*Miu charges at Takane, who swings her massive ass right back. It jiggles, but Miu avoids it. She leaps back with a flip and lands on the post.*


What, was it close?

: No, that's an extremely rank ass!

: Thank you!

: I don't even want to touch it now!

: Hey! Many people would love to touch my ass, even moreso because it's so smelly!

: This battle is taking an odd turn...

: Don't think that having a smelly ass and some combat skills are enough to defeat me!

Right, we'll probably drag this fight out through the whole blog.

: Shhh, don't tell the readers our secrets!

Fine fine-WAIT! Miu's on the move!

*Indeed as Miu has bounced off the ropes and started running at Takane.*

: I'll use my ass for a shield!

*Takane attempts to block the attack with her huge ass, but Miu seems to have disappeared.*

: Huh?

Behind you!

*Takane is quickly tackled by Miu and brought down in a hold.*

: Curses! But at least the landing on my fat ass was nice and soft!

: Looks like Takane is out of the battle. Care to continue, Topaz?

I'll never quit!

: WE will never quit!

: I understand, your determination is unmatched. But don't think I'll go easy on you.

*Miu runs at Topaz but is stopped when Sakura gets in her way. The idol-turned wrestler has her arms crossed.*

: Topaz, continue with the blog. I'll take care of her in the meantime.

: You look like a better fighter than the other idol, but you're still going to go down!

: Don't think I'm a pushover. I'll pin you to the ring!

*Lightning sparkles between the two girls' eyes as they press their hands against the others. Again they're equally matched, but Topaz continues with his blog.*

Build: Sadly the only measurement is that Miu is 158 cm, and possibly growing. In contrast Ken'ichi, the lead, seems to be 165 cm. Miu also refuses to state her weight which is also unfortunate. That said, other than lacking measurements Miu is EXCELLENT. She's strong, agile, and flexible. The later is put to the test as she's in the rhythmic gymnastics class and she could sit down with her leg up past her head. She also has a slender waist and trim limbs, with a lot of great shape to her thighs and legs in particular. Of course, we can't forget about Miu's great ass; it's incredible and looks quite large. It even jiggles at times, which is always super-sexy! She also gets praised on it a few times, and while watching I'd often get distracted by Miu's beautiful backside. It's really incredible, but isn't even the best one on the show (though that's more saying how good the show is with asses than Miu being poor). The only problem is that it did seem to get overly censored in the anime, as not only was there a sticker but steam as well. And this was the same episode with uncensored manservice, life is cruel :/. I can't say if that scene is better in the manga, but from a quick look they still show off her ass quite a bit (and nude at that). The OVA and specials are better in that regard, though. Oh and in the specials even she got giantess fun thanks to Ken'ichi being mouse-sized, but sadly it's not like he was sat on or anything (even if he does get pretty close to her bare ass). That said...
Grade: A

Chest: It's pretty obvious that Miu is a chest-focused girl. Not only does she have a large bust that bounces quite a bit, but she constantly gets nicknames from the other characters (mainly by other girls and it's meant in an insulting way). She also gets her clothes ripped, and at one point she barely has scraps over her nipples (though I guess the OVA is allowed to be a bit more sketchy, but still). I'm also not a fan of having nipples seen through clothing, which happens as Miu wears tight clothes. Fortunately she does still show off her ass, but Shigure is more of an ass girl (the fundoshi helps). She does mention that she would rather her chest be smaller, as its getting in the way of her martial arts, which may be a plus.
Grade: B-

Clothes: Miu has a very sexy wardrobe, and one that's bigger than you'd expect. Most of the time, and her token outfit, is a purple skintight bodysuit with a spats-like bottom. It looks extremely good on her and shows off her curves well. Occasionally she'll wear a red jacket with it, while training she wears a gi over it, and while doing housework she wears an apron (which looks great considering how tight her outfit is. Later on it seems that she uses a two-piece blue outfit, as seen in the images. We also can't forget about her uniform either, which consists of a white shirt, blue jacket, a red string around her neck, and a red skirt. I'm honestly surprised she fits in it, considering how tight the jacket seems when buttoned. Other outfits include cute cat paw-print pajamas, a cow bikini in an image spot, a plaid bikini as well as an orange one with dots, a pink bikini as well and also a green one, a white one piece swimsuit with swim cap, a nice sweater and various other casual outfits, gym clothes with blue spats, pink lingerie, a pink leotard with a cleavage window for her club, and a white leotard with blue shoulders and sleeves. There's also another outfit she seems to wear in the manga consisting of a blue ethnical dress with long sleeves that's very short (and nothing underneath) with a bird mask but I can't talk too much about the manga (and that's not counting any other outfits I'm missing from the manga either). Overall she does a great job here, and many of her outfits show off her curves well due to how tight they are. The only problem is that clothing damage is often an issue, and sometimes it becomes silly with what stays on.
Grade: B+

: Phew... Getting tired yet?

: Not at all, you?

*Sakura is panting hard as she had just had a challenging battle last week.*

: I can do it!

*Even though she said that Miu is able to push Sakura back. The idol wrestler is able to break free though before Miu could use another stronger attack.*

: I don't think you can, you fight like a dairy farmer!

: Well you fight like a COW!

: Why does everyone call me that... But no matter, prepare yourself!

: It looks like it's time to use my finisher move... HIP ATTACK!

*Sakura runs across the ring and swings her fat ass at Miu, moving so fast that she could not avoid her assy attack.*

: YES! I got her!

*She's right as her fat ass did hit Miu with quite the impact, but she had braced herself with her arm from the buttacular move. Sakura gets back on her feet as Miu shakes her arm.*

: That was actually somewhat painful.

But in a good way, I imagine!

: NO!

: Not everyone is a pervert like you, Topaz!

: They should be...

: Fine then, let's see how YOU like it!

*Miu swings her spats-clad ass and hits Sakura with it, pushing her back. The two exchange butt-blows, their asses jiggling from the fast action.*

Hopefully Sakura will be able to pull through, but I still can't keep my eyes off the action!

: Yeah, sure. The "action"...

*Sakura's fatigue is getting to her, and her attacks become slower.*

: Don't let up on your opponent!

*She spins around and kicks Sakura's side, knocking the wrestler into the ropes. She tries to untangle herself, but falls out of the ring. Still, Sakura stands up pretty much unharmed.*

: Aww man, I guess I lost by ring out! I should have realized that non-wrestling or non-assy moves would have been fine and kept my guard up.

: True, but you were still a great opponent. I'm sure that we can spar many more times in the future.

: I'll join you two as well!

: Great plan, but first I have to deal with Topaz.

*Topaz shivers, but Ririchiyo steps between the two.*

: You'll have to make it through me first!

Wait, I don't want to see you get hurt. I'll battle first.

: But I don't want you to get hurt either.

But you're our ass in the hole!

: Excuse me?!

: I'm sure that he meant "ACE" in the hole.

: With all the huge meaty asses attacking around I'm not surprised about the confusion.

As they said. But indeed, I want to see how much training I really need to do.

: I'm sure plenty. I bet you don't even know any special moves, much like another guy I know...

I may not, but who knows what I may pull out. Only one request though.

: Go ahead, just don't do anything stupid or perverse.

Well, I was going to ask to finish the blog...

: That's both of those things! (Well, I don't actually think that-You need to stop insulting the blog for no good reason, Ririchiyo...)

Great joke!

: O-of course!

: Well, I suppose that if I do knock you out it would end the blog early and that wouldn't be good. Go ahead and finish.

How very honorable of you then. Let's continue!

Personality: Miu is a good example of a hard-to-approach girl. She's smart, talented, strong, and likable, but despite that she hasn't had a boyfriend as most are too intimidated to approach her. She's quite friendly, but she does seem to have poor social skills. This is mostly due to growing up traveling with her grandfather around the world as she could barely make friends (her parents are dead). Being the main housekeeper to the Ryozanpaku dojo doesn't help, as Miu does the majority of the cooking, cleaning, and bill paying. I imagine it didn't help that at her previous school she got a lot of girls picking on her, so Miu decided to use glasses and braid her hair to stand out less. Sadly this look seems to be discarded later on in the series, but at least she looks good through the anime. She also loves cats, and bonds with a former female enemy over them. She's also easily distracted by childish things, but in battle she regains her focus quickly.
Speaking of battle, Miu is a really powerful fighter even at the beginning of the series. One of the masters even points out that she needs to calm down so that Ken'ichi, the lead, can get some combat experience. She is somewhat of a glass cannon as she oddly can't take many blows, which is the main reason she sits out of most of the battles. She does fight girls, which is used well since Ken'ichi refuses to do so. Some have compared Miu to having wings, which leads to her nickname of "The Feather That Cuts the Wind" (heheh, "wind"). She relies more on speed and grace rather than pure strength (though she is still quite strong), and uses her grandfather's style of combat. Later on it seems that she learns Silat moves as well, though this is kinda unfortunate as she got mind controlled as a result (she got better though). And I can't forget mentioning the fact that she'll throw you over her shoulders if you come at her from behind, which is a reflex of hers.
Miu is voiced by Tomoko Kawakami in the series. It's a little high, but fits Miu pretty well and it sounds cute. Sadly she passed away in 2011 which means she wasn't able to voice Miu in the OVAs, so Rie Kugimiya was used as a replacement. She doesn't sound too similar to Tomoko, but does a good job and it may just be me knowing Kugimiya's voice better but I do like her doing Miu more. Also Miu has a tic of "desu wa" though it wasn't usually subbed so I can't recall it too well. Overall Miu is a friendly and smart girl with some quirks and quite a lot of power and talent.
Grade: A-

Libido: Miu does mostly alright here. She's not a fan of Kensei's antics, though between the fondling and pictures I can't blame her too much. She also gets quite a few suitors, but like many male shounen leads she doesn't realize that they've fallen for her. That said, the best relationship she has is with Ken'ichi. While this isn't too surprising, considering Ken'ichi and Miu are the lead characters, but they do a good job showing the growing relationship between the two. Not only that, but it's a good example of a childhood romance going right (even if Miu soon left and the two forgot the exact details about each other). Her dream was to become a bride, though that's supposed to be a secret. From what I hear the two even get married in the manga, and also have a daughter.
Grade: B

Age: At the start of the series Miu seems to be 17. However, she does get older as the series goes on and from what I can tell by the time the manga ends she's 19 (though I don't know for sure). Her birthday is also January 14th. They also show Miu as a small child a few times, especially when referring to her and Ken'ichi's first meeting where they exchange badges (Miu gets a cat badge). She was powerful even back then, beating up people who were trying to rob a store.
Grade: B+

Total Grades: 81
Average score: 9
Final Grade: B+

And that's the blog for the week!

: Wow! That's fairly high, though I'm not surprised considering she's a curvy meganekko. At least at times.

: Sounds like you really like me, so it's a shame I'll be knocking you out!

Can you at least do it in a sexy way?

: Such a pervert, though at least you're not sneaking around like Kensei. I suppose that I'll use Sakura's strongest move, the Hip Attack!

: Oh no, with an ass like hers it's sure to do a lot of damage!

: To be fair most of the girls in this room would do a lot of damage with it. Even Ririchiyo.

: I may not be Celesteela like you girls, but I'm definitely no Tepig either!

: Not sure what that means, but take THISSSS!

*Miu hits Topaz with her ass so hard that dust flies up and obscures them both.*

: Oh no! Look at all that wind!

: Wind... from an ass attack?! Why didn't I think of something so SIMPLE!

: Mwahaha, looks like I got you directly between my teen buttocks!

*The dust clears.*

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February 2nd, 2017
This is the Four-hundredth-twenty-seventh week of using the "Perfect Anime Girl Sheet". Notice: This Blog may contain Unmarked Spoilers.

Welcome back, everyone!

*The camera is close up on Ririchiyo's spats ass.*

: Hey! He doesn't mean MY "back"!

*The camera zooms out and it seems that Topaz and Ririchiyo are in a gym of some sort. There's a wrestling ring in the center, and a girl in a white and red leotard is waiting for them in the center.*

???: HEEEEY!

*The not-so-mysterious girl waves to the duo, beckoning them towards her. They enter the ring.*

I hope that this doesn't mean that I have to wrestle you, Sakura. Not that I'd mind it, of course...

*The girl brushes her long hair back, finally revealing her face well.*

: Of course not, you'll be able to press against my body all you want. Specifically my fat ass.

Indeed, and that's something more for Zettai. At least when it comes to you, I mean.

: Don't worry, I know exactly what you meant. And wouldn't you know it...

*Sakura goes to the other side of the ring from where Ririchiyo and Topaz came in. She pulls up a familiar-looking guy.*


: What are you doing here? Shouldn't you be off blogging with Katja and Chiaki?

Zettai: I should be, and I hope that they aren't too worried!

: Don't worry, I made sure to get the okay from your "masters" before I called you here. They said it should be fine, as long as I don't break you. Though, I might say I may not know my own strength sometimes...

Zettai: I suppose that's fine.

And don't worry about traveling or your own blog plot, this is a separate entity.

: Finales are a funny thing-er, wait. Fanservice blogs are, I guess.

: Right, part of the reason I responded to Topaz asking to do a blog on me was so that I can play even further with you, Zettai. Homage blogs sound like fun, and I'm glad that I got to be a part of yours.

Zettai: Thanks, and it's good to see you not being an enemy either.

: Ah yes, that was quite some time ago. But don't think I won't do the same thing you loved so much!

Zettai: You mean...?

: Yes... HIP ATTACK!

*Sakura bounces against the ropes and rushes towards Zettai. She then spins around so that her ass is pointed towards him. It looks imposing as it flies towards him, and on impact it seems to go in slow motion so that every jiggly ripple of Sakura's huge ass can be seen easily. She pushes so hard he lands on the ground, mostly unharmed.*

Zettai! Are you alright?

Zettai: MMI'M PHINE!

Sounds like he's perfectly alright.

: But don't think that's the last of the things we're going to be doing!

*Sakura gets Zettai in a Boston Crab, his face pressed deep between her buttocks while she pulls on his legs.*


*He still enjoys it, especially with Sakura's ass in his face.*

: I bet that you love the fact that I've been training all day so my ass is extra smelly too. Go on, take a good, long whiff!

*Zettai breathes heavily, coughing at the foul and visible sweaty odors.*

: Hey, that doesn't count! You have to breathe it all! Try again!

*He starts taking another breath but-


-Sakura rips a huge fart just as he breathes. Zettai's body convulses in pleasure.*

: Seems like he enjoyed the "Stink-eye finisher" I was working on.

: A-HEM!

Hmm? You want something?

: As great a homage this may be, I think that we should get going on the blog.

You just don't want to be here any longer than you need to because of the gassy stench, right?

: Well, I wasn't going to say anything...

: Zettai! How dare you let your precious air escape. Sniff better!

*She pulls his legs even more to convince Zettai to sniff more, his nose pleasing her fat ass.*

: Good boy. As a reward I'll allow you to be my chair as we get on with this blog!

Sounds good to me, and as you can probably tell...

Hair: Sakura has really nice black hair. Well, at least I think it's black. It's definitely supposed to be black, but there are occasions where her hair looks more brown than black. That said it's probably just the art style, and she has the great black hair I really like. Her hair style is pretty good. Her bangs aren't anything to impressive, being somewhat basic with a long middle bang, but the long sides that reach her shoulders do a great job of framing her face. Her length is pretty good too, as it goes to her waist which means that her buttshots aren't covered. The reason I left the length of Sakura's hair is that, famously, she gets a haircut in the first episode. You see, she gets egged into accepting a Cabellera Contra Cabellera match and loses, meaning she lost her hair. Fortunately this only means to her shoulders, which while a downgrade isn't as bad as it could be. Not only that, but more surprising is that through the series she actually grows her hair back to her normal length. More shows need to do that (or, I suppose, not have haircuts in general).
Grade: A

Eyes: Sakura has some nice brown eyes.

: And I bet I know which one is Zettai's favorite!

Zettai: MMPH!

: This is no time for such perversion. Save it for later! And Topaz, get back on track!

I suppose that I should. Anyway I do like Sakura's eye color as it looks nice (especially with her hair), though I will mention that in some images her eyes look golden. The shape is a tarame, but it doesn't look too bad either as it fits her "baby face" idol-look. The corners of Sakura's eyes are also somewhat thick and she does have an eyelash near the corner but nothing problematic either. Sadly even though she's an idol we don't see enough from that part of her life to know if she ever wore glasses or not.
Grade: B

Face: As mentioned before Sakura is a "baby face", which works well for my tastes. Her nose is small which is always to my liking, and Sakura really has a cute and infectious smile. Her head is acorn-shaped and all her features work well for her. If anything I'd say that the chin is a little strong but still not too bad. Overall Sakura is pretty good, but doesn't stand out too much here (even if she's very cute). I suppose that some of the faces she makes during her "losing streak" may hurt her somewhat here too.
Grade: B+

???: HALT!

*A familiar white-haired idol enters the ring wearing a sports bra and thong, with the camera looking at her great ojou ass.*

: I demand a rematch!

: But this isn't even a match. I'm just having fanservice fun and Topaz will pretend to train a little bit before getting tired and going home.

Curses, she knew what my plan was from the start.

: If you're actually going to train your body you'd better get better discipline! I-I just worry about you, alright? Harumph!

: Regardless I still want to battle with you.

: I'll never back down from a challenge!

*Sakura gets up, leaving Zettai on the ground though he sits up quickly.*

Fresh boring air, I guess?

Zettai: No fair, she told me she was going to use me as a chair the WHOLE time. Not that I mind Takane being here, but-

: Exactly! That's the kind of battle we shall have, a butt-centric one.

: Sounds good to me!

Zettai: Me too!

: Hey, look what I found!

*Ririchiyo grabs a wheeled platform from under the mat.*

: Here, sit on this Zettai.

Zettai: Okay, but I'm not sure...

*Zettai sits on the platform, his head being level with both Sakura and Takane's asses.*

Zettai: OOOO! I like the view from here!

: Good, because you're going to be the referee.

: Be sure to be fair to both of our fat asses too!

*Takane and Sakura put their asses on opposite sides of Zettai's head, neither peaching him directly (for fairness). They then push hard, enveloping his entire head in their fat asses.*

Zettai: MMPH!

: Now all we have to do is push you to the opposite side!

: Don't think that this will be easy for you, Sakura.

: Certainly, but my fat ass and inner strength will pull through.

*The two girls grunt and push against the other. The whole time Zettai is feeling the soft pleasure of their fat asses pressing hard against him, their cheeks rippling and bouncing. They exchange the ground each time one of them gets the upper hand. After about five minutes of assy battle.*

: Wait, why did I have to find that thing for Zettai to ride?

Because I didn't want to put too much stress on his neck. If he's going to choke it's going to be from the rank, smelly odors of their asses rather than something else.

: Getting tired yet?

: Not at all! I could do this for hours!

: Good, because I have plenty of energy left!

: Don't take too long, Topaz still has a blog to do.

Don't rush the fanservice, Ririchiyo. Zettai deserves this.

*Suddenly, when Takane is about to gain the upper hand her foot slips. This allows Sakura to push her to the other side of the ring.*

: Noo! Looks like I lost again!

*Both Takane and Sakura release Zettai from his ass-enjoying position.*

: Right, but honestly I think that you threw that battle.

: I won't say that Zettai's pleasure was my main concern, but I have this to say: Would you like to join ASSIE, Sakura?

That's a name I have not heard for too long.

: Well, at least before this blog. I bet you've even forgotten about the Ancient Secret Society of Immeasurable Extremities too.


*Topaz averts his eyes.*

But jokes aside it's just because a lot happened last year that they weren't able to return.

: Regardless, the power of Sakura is worthy of joining our society.

: So that's what all this is... But I accept! I'll be the best ASSIE girl I can be!

: Good to hear, but I'm not the last challenger you'll have to face.

B-but aren't you the strongest ASSIE girl there is?

: I was, until... Well, you'll soon find out...

: Sounds like there's going to be even more fanservice later on, so continue with your blog Topaz.

On it!

Build: Sakura has some measurements! Okay, so it's just that her height is 160 cm but that's better than nothing (better than having just a bust measurement as well). I guess it does make it seem like Sakura is shorter than I'd expect (especially for a wrestler), but still not too bad. She has a fairly thin frame (excluding certain curves), but that means that she's more of a striker than a grappler. Her waist and her legs are both pretty nice, but I keep thinking that her navel is higher than it should be (sadly it cant' be seen in her usual outfit). Speaking of her legs one of her moves is the "Sakura special" which is effectively a flip that kicks the opponent twice. Of course, and on the topic of Sakura's special attacks, we cannot forget about her ass. Really, she's a very assy girl and should be considered as such. Especially with her famous hip attack and I don't just mean in that image (though sadly not as much as I would like). Still, she needs more ass support from the fans (and support for her series in general). I do dislike that she had so many crotch shots, though. Overall her strong ass gives her a great showing here.
Grade: A

Chest: Sakura does have a pretty large chest, but fortunately that doesn't take too much away from her being an assy character. Sure, fanartists might be dumb but in the series itself she shows both sides about equally. This show is a fairly good one where fanservice is concerned, which is why it's so awful that people hate it for no good reason. That said she does show off her bare chest, and even watching the series it wasn't too impressive either (though the censorship may have been the reason, but still). Sakura's chest is a little bland though, but I'm not sure why. It's likely the art style though, but fortunately it doesn't hurt her too much. I will mention that it's pointed out at one time that her chest is somewhat muscular, which isn't something I look for (and fortunately most of her is slender anyway as far as definition goes). At least she's not as big as another Sakura wrestler, though again that measurement is likely more muscle than anything else. Like Ryu!
Grade: B-

Clothes: Sadly Sakura doesn't have a wide wardrobe, but what she has is actually quite good. The outfit we mainly see her in is a white and red leotard with an opening down the front (which does show a lot of cleavage) and an open back as well as showing plenty of her ass though it does look like she has a second "bottom" on as well. With it she also has detached sleeves and tall boots, both matching her main outfit. In the early days she wears a white jacket idol outfit with detatched sleeves, a red tie (necktie, though with a long collar it ruins some of the appeal. Not that Sakura should appeal that way, but I imagine you know what I mean), a pink shirt, black thighhighs for maximum appeal, and white boots. While training she wears her Berserk tracksuit ("Berserk" being the title of her gym) which is red and white. She also wears a casual outfit consisting of a white shirt and red skirt. Seems like there's a pattern here... The specials do have some other outfits as well, which include a white and black sports bra with matching panties, a white and red bikini, and matching pink bra and panties.
Grade: B

: Topaz! You can't just copy and paste Zettai's blog like that!

But he has useful information!

: But it makes you look lazy. Not that you aren't, but still.

*Topaz looks off to the entrance of the gym.*

Hmmm, shouldn't the next girl be getting here soon?

: Don't try to avoid my questions any further. She'll get here when she does anyway.

: No, I think I do hear footsteps.

: Me too.

*Takane and Sakura are casually sitting on Zettai's face, as they had been doing since their battle was over. As they are watching the door a ponytail girl bursts in wearing a tight one-piece swimsuit with deep wedgie as well as a scarf around her neck.*

: It's her... The chosen one...

: W-what? HER?!

I can completely understand this.

*The girl flips over the turnbuckle with one arm and lands on the mat.*

: I reckon it's time ta find out how well ya truly are at assy battles, Sakura!

: I'll never turn down a challenge, and today is no different!

*Sakura stands up as does Takane.*

Zettai: I'll assume my position!

*Zettai sits on the creeper.*

: Wait, Topaz.


: Really? "Creeper"?

That's the actual name for that kind of device. You know, the slide-y thing mechanics use.

: What is this, Minecraft?

: I dun get what y'all are talking about, but I'm ready wheneva' ya want!

: Fine, and from the looks of things we'll be doing the same thing Takane and I were.

*Sakura and Nozomi press their fat asses against the sides of Zettai's head and start battling.*

Wow! Look at all that assy action! I can see each girl's fat ass rippling!

: But it looks like Sakura is in trouble already!

*As said Sakura seems to be pushed by Nozomi's well-trained (but still fat and flabby) ass. Slowly, but it looks as if Sakura will lose soon as she approaches the edge of the ring.*

: Come on, Sakura! You can defeat her!

: Right! You can beat her, and then join ASSIE! Then you can have all the butt supplements you want!

Eh? Butt supplements?

: Yes, both in the "growth" and "stench" variety.

: Does stench include gas? N-no, don't answer that. I don't need to know...

: It DOES. Not that most of us need it, but still.

*The focus goes back onto Sakura, who is dangerously close to the end of the ring. Or at least the predetermined area where she would lose.*

Come on, Sakura! Use your Burning Inner Strength!

: She can't win now, my ass is too strong! And by ass I mean ass, as subtitles are terrible!

: Never give up... Never give in... Never give up...

: W-what's she doing?

*Sakura bends forward and somehow lifts not only Zettai but also Nozomi using only her fat ass. Nozomi's full weight is pressing on Zettai's head, which is enveloped past the shoulders between their fat asses.*

: What the?!


*Slowly Sakura carries both Zettai and Nozomi across the ring, eventually dropping them on the other side.*

: Looks like Sakura wins!

Though I think Zettai is the one that truly won...

: At least I hope he enjoyed that.

*Zettai struggles to give a thumbs up as he's nearly unconscious from all the sexy assy fun.*

: Dang, ya are really strong!

: You're not so bad yourself. I can see why your ass is the strongest in the land!

: Indeed, and now dat ya're a member of ASSIE I'll be seeing more of ya. But for now I'd betta get going! Jus' don't fo'get, asses may be weapons, but dat don't mean dat dey can't be sexy. Specially big meaty ones like hers!

*She points to Takane.*

: Why thank you, I take great pride in my fat ass.

: Hey! What about me!

: True dat ya ass is also big, but without official sizes I can't give ya full credit.

: I guess that's fair, if unfortunate.

: Measurements don't mean much when it comes to blogs though. Take me for example, as my ass is much bigger than my standings would say. And that's not saying that my chest is smaller by a few centimeters too.

: Dat's even betta, but I must be going!

*Nozomi leaps upward into the rafters, leaving the blog.*

Looks like you've become a member of ASSIE, so what are you going to do now?

: Phew, I'm quite tired so I'll just take a seat here.

*Sakura sits down on Zettai's head and is soon joined by Takane.*

: I'll take a seat here too.

Zettai: MMPH!

: Sounds like Zettai is still enjoying this. At least, I hope that's what that moan meant.

I imagine he is, but for now let's go ahead and finish the blog!

Personality: Sakura is a girl who quickly became amazing, going from a simple idol to a hot-blooded wrestler. She started out as the leader of the idol group "Sweet Diva", after many elections where she swept fairly easily. She then defends an ally at a wrestling event and gets caught in a wrestling match. She was easily defeated and lost her hair, but she gained a new respect for the sport. After training and many matches (a bit too many, if you ask me) she even broke out and became a prodigy of sorts. Sakura eventually became a great shounen-like lead, having a lot of exciting matches in the second half. As far as her personality goes, she's very hard-working and kind to her friends. She's also incredibly GAR as far as her matches go (at least past a certain point), and some of her special moves include hip attacks of course and the Sakura Special which is a double kick somersault. I'd probably write more, but the anime was sadly only a season long and the manga has been stalled for too long. Sakura also is named after real life idol-wrestler Mimi Hagiwara, and many of the characters from the series also have similar themed names. Sakura is voiced by Ayana Taketatsu who is a fairly famous VA, and she did a good job with Sakura. Well, except for the fact that her “Itai!” or “It hurts!” became notorious with the show, but even then that's not Ayana's fault. It's more the fault of the horrible un-fans who dismiss this show. Really, a lot more people should have given it a chance as it's a really great and exciting and not at all the torture porn that people think that it is. Then again I think that people's opinion of wrestling tends to be the more cartoony and scripted versions, and while SekaTsuyo was "scripted" many of the blows and holds have a lot of impact to them. Now, I will admit that Sakura's hard training, where Misaki kept her in a hold until Sakura could escape, should have came earlier as we had a few episodes of her being a terrible wrestler (mostly just losing to the "newbie killer" Boston Crab). Still, the second half (which incidentally also had a lot less fanservice) definitely made it worth watching. But this series isn't just "forced fanservice" or "torture porn" that people seem to think it is, and while I'm not as vocal about it as Zettai I do want to give it the chance and love it deserves. Now if only I could remember the acronym to her show without having to look it up (though that happens with a lot of series).
Grade: A-

If only more good fanservice series with an all-female cast were treated positively.

: I suppose that a certain one by KyoAni is doing-WAH AH AH! See, I told you I couldn't get through that line without bursting out laughing.

Shhhh, at least try to make it seem unscripted. Even that isn't doing well, from what I've heard. And anyway, I said "good fanservice" like SekaTsuyo and most of Queen's Blade, not something a Wyrmling would hide from his parents under his horde and be embarrassed he liked once his tastes become more civilized.

: Good comparison. I mean whoever heard about dragons with such... "Big Pecks".

They're just trying to stay current!

: That's no excuse, Topaz. Besides, think of all the back pain they'll get.

That only means that they'll be able to play at the meganekko lead's strength better though.

Libido: Sadly Sakura doesn't seem to have much of a libido. I mean sure, she does have a "hip attack" as a powerful move, but I don't think that we can count that (even if it is quite sexy). That said, there's quite a few yuri relationships that Sakura seems to fit into. There's Moe who is a younger girl and treats Sakura like a senpai, while the relationship is the opposite with Misaki (who is Sakura's senpai). There's also Elena who is Sakura's rival (both in the idol world and, as revealed later, also being a wrestler).
Grade: C

Age: Sakura starts out the series at 17, which is kinda surprising. That said the series does have some short time skips, so it's possible that she's older by the time the series ends.
Grade: A-

Total Grades: 79
Average score: 8.8
Final Grade: B+

And that's the blog for the day.

*The camera goes over to Zettai, who is currently in an arm lock with both Takane and Sakura. Their legs are pulling on his arms while their fat asses are pressed against his face.*

Zettai: MIT MURTS! Mut in a mood may...

: Seems like Zettai is really enjoying our "death trap"

: But it seems that he's running out of air, so we'd better give him some!


*Both girls rip huge farts, and by smelling the visible odors Zettai faints.*

: Well, seems like he couldn't endure any longer.

: At least we didn't have to smell that gas as he sniffed the whole cloud. But now that the blog is done what are we going to do?

I'm going to offscreen some training, then go home.

: And by offscreen he'll actually do it and not just say that he will.

Curses, she saw through my plans too...

: I swear, if you put half your effort into lazy planning as you do everything else you might have turned out as a halfway decent person.

???: WAIT!

Hmmm? Nozomi's back?

: Nozomi's ass?

It can't be Nozomi as it sounds different...

*A hooded figure leaps into the ring and tosses off her cloak.*

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January 26th, 2017
Anime Relations: Stella no Mahou
This is the Four-hundredth-twenty-sixth week of using the "Perfect Anime Girl Sheet". Notice: This Blog may contain Unmarked Spoilers.

*Topaz and Ririchiyo are seated in front of a table. They're still in school, though in a club.*

Welcome back, readers. It's time for another week of Anime blogs!

: Whooo.

*Riri waves a small, handheld flag.*

: So when are we going to be meeting the girl this week?

Well, she was supposed to meet us here but it seems that she's running late.

: And that doesn't mean Long Riders, with its excessive lateness, right?

Nope, as much as I would have enjoyed talking about Yayoi I made the decision to wait until her show was over. Instead we have-

*A loud screeching noise, as if someone was running and had to make a quick stop, is heard outside. Then a red-haired meganekko opens the door quickly, slamming it against the wall.*

: I'm not late, am I? Oh phew, seems that you're still here.

I am!

: It's not like Topaz does much, he can spend time waiting on a meganekko.

It's true, but I'm still glad to see you here.

: Thanks. Shii-chan needed to scold me for some shoddy phrases but I came as soon as possible.

: *looking at Topaz* If only you had a person who would read your stories and make sure they're perfect before you send them off.

It would be nice.

: So you're a writer too?

Sort of.

: Neat. What kind of things do you do?

: Did you invite her here without saying what you were going to do again, Topaz?

Perhaps. But to answer your question I talk about girls on the internet.

: But there are no girls on the internet. Sorry, old meme eh heh heh.

Not that way, I mean that I talk about girls in an internet blog.

: I see then. I guess that means you want to talk about me then. I don't see why, I don't have any good qualities and-

Nonsense! You're a great meganekko that deserves more love!

: Secretly it's because the other seasonal meganekko got delayed, though I suppose we should stop riding Long Riders. Pun not intended.

: Is that true?

Probably, I'm the one who uses bad jokes intentionally.

: No, I mean about me needing more love.

Certainly, though being fair your series in general needs it.

: Very true. So are we going to get going?

: Topaz needs your permission too.

: I thought it was implied, but I don't need to sign anything right?

: It's alright, you don't have to enter a drawing to get today either.

: Good, I wouldn't want to know that I'd have to have a game done by yesterday.

Nothing of the sort. But speaking of dates...

Today's girl is:

Ayame Seki
Stella no Mahou

*A shiver goes up Ayame's back.*

: Wait, if you're going to talk about me... Does that mean that you'll mention... THOSE?!

You'll have to be more specific.

: M-my old stories...

Phew, I was afraid this was going to take a turn in poor taste. But indeed, I'll talk about them. Why do you ask?

*Ayame sits in the corner sulking with various despair lines.*

: But they're so embarrassing...

You should be proud of all of the work you've done. Even if you regret it now.

: I don't think you should be the one saying that, Topaz.

What do you mean? I'm proud of everything I've done.

: Really? Let's see...

*Ririchiyo puts on glasses, licks her thumb, and flips through some pages in a binder marked "Year four".*

: Oh hey, Topaz. Let's look at this blog on Fate-

*Topaz joins Ayame in the corner of shame.*

I feel bad already about those terrible blogs, you don't need to point them out further.

: Do you understand now?


*He cheers up and offers Ayame his hand.*

Don't worry, I'll just be mentioning them. Not actually reading them or anything.

: R-really?

Of course!

: Good then, let's get this blog started!

: Sure, but first let's find out what Topaz said that Nanoha and the other girls were blessed with: Two big-OOMPH!

*Topaz covers Ririchiyo's mouth before she can continue.*

Buttcheeks obviously. I'd say "asses" but I wasn't using that word in those days. Because nothing else matters. But enough distractions, it's time for the blog!

Hair: Ayame is an odd case here. I say this because in the anime she has reddish hair, but it's fairly obviously brown in the manga (from what I can tell at least). That's not too bad, though I don't get the reasoning for the change considering it's not like there's a lot of brown haired girls in the series. Ayame also has short hair, which does hurt her but considering her character I'd say it fits well. It at least reaches her neck in back, even getting close to her shoulders. She does have sides, though they curl up slightly so her ear can still be seen (though not in a bad way). Her hair also sticks up in places, though it's not as messy as the lead Tamaki. Ayame's bangs are also somewhat blunt, but sadly there's gaps so it's not perfect either. Finally, we can't forget about one of her most distinguishing features: her hair decoration. It's a square pattern decoration that reminds me of a cookie (such as you'd find in Yoshi's Cookie and other similar places though I'm not sure on the name of it). Not only that, but it seems to be anime-based when looked at closely. Overall while Ayame could use some work (or have her manga hair color) her style does fit her and I find her decoration cute.
Grade: B-

Eyes: Ayame's eyes are also fine, though could be better. They're tarame, moreso in the manga as the anime makes her eye shape more of an American football-ish shape. The corners of her eyes are also fairly strong, which I like. Her eyes are red, but with a pretty gradient so they aren't bad. This does mean that in the anime her eye color matches her hair color, at least somewhat as her eyes are darker.
Of course we can't forget about her glasses. Ayame wears a low, but thick, framed pair that are red. They don't have earpieces (or at least they aren't drawn most of the time) but I don't mind that too much. They're a nice, good pair. That said, there are still several problems. At one point she gets mocked for them, which is unfortunate even if I don't remember the context. She also forsakes them when disguised as her alter-ego Iris. To make matters worse is that she gets starry-eyes to show off being more "feminine" while most of her excellent gradient is gone. It's not that I couldn't stand the stars, but with the missing glasses and dead-ish looking coloring I'm not a big fan of this form.
Grade: B-

Face: Fortunately Ayame does a lot better here. The series in general has an excellent art style for my tastes, being soft and plushy. The manga is moreso, as it sorta reminds me of Honya-san (who, incidentally, also had a meganekko). That said I really do enjoy her dot nose and rosy cheeks. As Iris she does wear lipstick, I think, but it isn't too noticeable.
Grade: A

Build: Ayame sadly doesn't do too well here. Not because of her body, though it is a fairly generic teen body without many curves. Instead, her main problem is that she doesn't show off enough. Not that I expect a lot of fanservice, but showing off her ass or thighs or something during the beach episode shouldn't be too much to ask for.
Grade: C

Chest: Likewise Ayame doesn't show off her chest too much either. She does have a slight bump, but she's still mostly flat. That said, the cast is mainly flat so luckily she doesn't have poor envious scenes. There is a bit seen during the beach episode as she usually faces the camera, but even that doesn't help too much.
Grade: C+

Clothes: Again it's the third area that Ayame does well in. Not as excellent as her face, but at least there's plenty to talk about. As a school-based series we usually see Ayame in her school uniform which consists of a white shirt with a orange-ish ribbon around her collar, a green plaid skirt, and black thighhighs. While not too incredible it does have a simple and sweet charm to it. Ayame also wears a number of casual outfits, most of which for some reason tend to include green shirts. She also wears a blue sukumizu-like swimsuit at the beach as well as a sailor-ish dress with orange-ish hankdkerchief. She also often wears a blue band around her left hand. Overall not too strong but she does look good in her outfits (and I find the bow to her uniform to be very cute).
Grade: B

Personality: Ayame is the main writer for the cast. Well, by that I mean that she's the writer for the club while they're making games, not that she's a scriptwriter for the show or anything. She does get writer's block on occasion, which Shiina has to scold her for when she's falling behind on schedule. Ayame also wrote a few novels under the pen name "Iris" as well, and they do sound interesting even if she's ashamed of them now. She even occasionally gets blackmailed with her old works, convincing her to work harder to keep them from being more well known. Even then she still helps when Minaha shows up as she's Iris's big fan and Minaha even convinces the others to make a game out of one of Ayame's old stories. Ayame also doesn't plan well, as she purposely got into a convention with under a week of prep time and made the others rush to finish the game. Ayame is also a very laid back and casual character, and she is a little boyish though it's a shame she wants to change (luckily outside of putting on make up for her Iris disguise she doesn't do much). She also likes anime and manga, admitting that she's an otaku though we don't see much of that side of her. Finally, Ayame is voiced by Ari Ozawa who does a nice job (though it's not as noteworthy as Papi and others would be). Overally Ayame isn't a bad girl, but I would have enjoyed seeing her more in the limelight (not that Tamaki wasn't bad, she was adorable, but still). At least she fares better than the musician Kayo as she barely got screentime at all.
Grade: B+

Libido: Ayame does really well here... in fiction. What I mean is that she used to write erotic/romantic stories, though now when they're brought up she becomes embarrassed. In universe Ayame in her Iris persona does have the younger girl Minaha as her admirer. Ayame also has a younger brother, though sadly they dislike one another and often butt heads. The biggest romantic relationship I can see with Ayame is with fellow worker Shiina. The two are childhood friends and Shiina often acts as the straight man to Ayame's actions, keeping her on track and punishing her for her laziness. In fact, Shiina's mother even suggested that the two get married! That said, a lot of that is subtext so I don't know what sort of couple Japan would prefer (sadly this series got little fanart). I suppose that at least the series didn't turn the anime/manga fan meganekko into a fujoshi as that's been happening too often recently (though there is still a character in the series like that, but at least it isn't hurting Ayame).
Grade: B

Age: Ayame is a teen, though I'm not quite sure how old she is. As said before it's difficult for me to tell between middle and high school girls (even after they say it), but considering she was in the club the year before the series begins she's at least a second-year.
Grade: B

Total Grades: 69
Average score: 7.7
Final Grade: B

And that's the blog for this week!

: I'm pretty sure that last little bit wasn't a part of the "blog", Topaz.

: Either way thank you for discussing me. I even have a gift for you.

Is it a game?

: No. But here.

*Ayame hands Topaz a laminated ID card on a lanyard (or the strap).*

Neat, what is it?

: It's to show that you're an honorary part of the club.

Does that mean I get to help make games? Because that's always been a dream of mine.

: Maybe if you'd make something with your life you could do it. (Aw glasses, that came out poorer than I'd like. I should apologize to Topaz by writing a lot of-I mean, practice my handwriting to him).

: Sadly no. I just wanted to give you something to help.

Well, I suppose that it'll still be useful.

: Right! You never know when you'll have to use a pie to kill a yeti or interrogate a parrot or other strange solutions to puzzles. Plus knowing how lazy Topaz is, this is bound to be useful like six months from now as he's terrible at foreshadowing.

Or I'm really, really good at making long running jokes.

: Who would have known four white mages would defeat Chaos?-Er, anyway, let's get back to the blog.

It's already over.

: And it was pretty good, I think.

Not bad, though if you had shown off your body a bit more it would have helped. I imagine it's because your series isn't a fanservice one, but still.

: You can tell that it wasn't a fanservice show because it didn't have 90% of the cast lugging around disgusting chest baggage.

There are some exceptions. I think... Anyway, thanks for meeting with us.

: Anytime, though I imagine I won't be revisited.

You never know where you'll turn up again though. But indeed, it looks like the yearly meganekko reviews are over.

: That means that Zettai's blog is returning next time too!

Agreed, can't wait to see who he'll do and where his plot will go.

: And that means that we won't have forced assservice either!

Whoever said it was forced? I want to support my friend in all ways. And anyway, it's still his homage blog next time so look forward to that.

: That stinks, and I mean that more as far as gassy girls than anything. So any hints?

Well, we'll finally be leaving this school and going to a gym.

: Better not be a Pokémon one...

It's not, though I probably will train there. Besides, it has a ring in it!

: Ring in a gym? Must be hard to wash it then.

Nice joke Ririchiyo!

: Grr, it was a dumb one. Don't make me read terrible lines like that again.

No promises, but I'm sure that Zettai will enjoy next week's blog. I hope, at least...
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January 19th, 2017
This is the Four-hundredth-twenty-fifth week of using the "Perfect Anime Girl Sheet". Notice: This Blog may contain Unmarked Spoilers.

*Topaz and Ririchiyo are walking down the school hallways.*

: So it seems that this week is another school girl.


: Been a lot of those recently.

Well, I do watch a lot of school-based series. Just be glad we're not getting sent to a deserted island or something.

: I suppose, and it's not like you're going to have to fight any time soon either.

Thank goodness there's no one after me! Though we should still be cautious. But it looks like we're here!

*Topaz opens the door that they were heading to, proudly walking into the room. Ririchiyo follows as well, and the room they're in looks like a kendo hall. A girl with white hair and glasses is sitting properly in front of a suit of armor.*

: Ah, so that's the meganekko for this week.

Indeed, but let's not sneak up on her-

: Too late.

*The girl stands up and faces the duo. She draws her shinai.*

: State your business!

I'm Topaz, and I'm here to do my blog!

*She lowers her weapon slightly.*

: Blog? I've heard of those things. But what business do you have with me in particular?

: Topaz wants to do the blog on you.

: ...I have no need to do such things. Find another girl for your antics.

: Topaz, what will we do? I mean, we do have that one meganekko teacher but we've already hinted that it's this girl.

Right, and I'm too lazy to go back on my word or go looking up extra images. So please, Peko! Allow me to do my blog on you. I'll do anything.

: Alright. It seems that you will continue to hound me until I say "yes", so how about we have a contest. If I win I won't have to do your "blog" thing, and I'll do it if you win.

Sounds interesting, though I should warn you I'm pretty good at games.

: Topaz, you only beat Mega man 5 with heavy use of save states...

Shhhh, the readers don't need to know that. So what is this "contest" you're giving me?/

*A shinai is thrown into Topaz's hands. He juggles it slightly but holds it.*

: That's the tip, Topaz.

*Topaz panics slightly, spinning the weapon like crazy. He manages to grab it by the hilt. Peko lets out a sigh.*

: Seems that this will be easier than expected.

Hey, you never know. I might just surprise you!

: I would be surprised if you even get a single point against me. But I shall give you a handicap and allow your assistant there to referee.

: I'll try to be as fair as possible.

I wouldn't have it any other way. Though it seems like a fight came sooner than expected.

: That's what you get for tempting fate. But let's begin this. That way we can still make it to the teacher if necessary. GO!

*The match begins, and Topaz barely avoids Peko's initial strikes.*

: Watch out Topaz! She looks tough!

Don't worry! I'll just use my Mimicry ability.

*Topaz takes a deep breath and thinks deeply about the girl from the previous week.*

: Hmmm, who was it again?

*Ririchiyo gets a scene in her head about the girl from the previous week.*

: GWAH! All of this horrible weight is making my back be in such pain! I should just die and save everyone the trouble about caring about me...

*Riri shakes her head, returning to reality.*

: WAIT! TOPAZ! That would be a terrible idea!

*Before she can save Topaz he goes flying in the air and slams against the ground. He takes 60 damage from the whole attack, and he lays there shivering.*

RIRI! I think I broke my... everything...

: That's what you get for trying to emulate a girl that's so BRITTLE. Well, I guess that means that we're going to leave you alone, Peko.

: Thank you for honoring your side of the deal.

???: WAIT!

*A male voice is heard that isn't Topaz's. A young-looking boy stands up from the corner.*

: I saw the whole thing!

: I am sorry that you had to see me win in such a one-sided battle. I shall make sure the next battle will be more interesting.

: That is alright.

Wait, when did you get here?

*Topaz is being helped up by Ririchiyo as the Mimicry ability had worn off. As did the comical injuries but he keeps the damage.*

: What do you mean? I was here when you two came in.

You were?

: Wait, you honestly didn't see him?

Wait, let's look at the footage.

*The scene of Topaz and Ririchiyo is replayed exactly the same, only it's pointed out with a red circle that Fukuhiko is indeed in the room at the time. And if you go back and watch the actual entrance you'd see it too, though it's hard to point out in writing.*

Huh, so I guess you were.

: Indeed, and I'm curious about Peko's blog. What sort of things would you be talking about?

You know, this and that.

: Her hair, eyes including glasses, face, boobies, the rest of her body including ass, wardrobe, personality including voice, libido, and age.

You didn't need to tell them everything...

: I didn't. I didn't mention anything about the fanservice scenes you've been having. Though I guess the actual girl hasn't had those scenes so it shouldn't affect her.

*Peko turns to her master.*

: Are you sure that you want to hear about all that nonsense?

: I suppose I am.

: Then consider our deal null and void. You may blog about me freely.

*She bows for Topaz.*

Alright, then before Peko decides to change her mind let's say that...

Hair: Peko has some fairly nice hair. It's about medium-length, though being fair it's also bound up in braids most of the time. Her braids reach about to her chest or so, and since the bases of the twin braids are somewhat near the top of her head it's possible that her hair seems shorter than it actually is (not by much, though). Peko also has white ribbons at the base of her twin braids (though they're black in the anime) and red bands at the bottom. Her braids also rest on her shoulders. Her bangs aren't too interesting, being somewhat windswept but they're relatively plain compared to her braids. Still better than not having them, I guess, and her sides do reach her shoulders which is nice. Oh, and before I forget Peko has grey hair which looks pretty cool. Not the best, but at least it isn't a common color.
Surprisingly, in the other forms of media Peko seems to have a few different hair styles. In her beta art it seems that she had long free hair, with a bow on one side of her head. It looks good, but I can see why they changed it (She looked a little too close to Sayaka from the first series). She also pulls her bangs back and wears a ponytail in the Danganronpa 2's game. I don't mind the ponytail, but she doesn't look great with her bangs pulled back. Finally, in the Future arc it seems that she has her long hair down and she's sporting a side-tail. I'd say that it looks really great, but we don't get too many good looks at her in this form.
Grade: A-

Eyes: Peko's eyes are a great red color, with them being a bit darker in the anime than in the games. It doesn't look bad with her hair color, but red eyes do a lot better with black hair and the like. Still, it's a good color for her. It's helped that the shape of Peko's eyes are a strong tsurime, coming downward with a sharp corner in the upper outer side. It's both intimidating and sexy. She does have some eyelashes but nothing too terrible. She also has thin but still noticeable eyebrows (which are also grey). The biggest problem is that she's a lot like the other Dangan characters and has a ring inside her pupil which bothers me a bit. She also gets hypnotized due to story reasons, which I'm not a fan of. There's also the problem that as part of the Ultimate Despair her eyes glow red, but that's less the color and more because all of her classmates have pretty much the same type of eyes so it seems like they're hypnotized once again. Otherwise her eyes are fine.
Of course, we can't forget to talk about Peko's glasses. Sadly like Botan she has thin frames, but they do fit with Peko's face. The frames seem to trace the shape of her eyes, which are really nice as they're still somewhat trapezoid-like. She also doesn't seem to take them off, which is a big bonus.
Grade: B+

Face: Peko isn't too interesting here. In fact, she's a bit masculine (or at least is a little bit). Her head is acorn-shaped, and she doesn't have too big of features (though her nose is still usually visible). I'm not actually sure why I think she's masculine either, as a lot of girls in the series have similar faces. Maybe it's just how stoic and reserved she ends up being is a factor, but I'm not sure. What I am sure of is that Peko's face is still fairly likable. I should also mention that at one point in the video game she puts on a Princess-looking mask with a lip-licking tongue to pretend to be someone called "Sparkling Justice", but I'm only experienced with the anime. Well, mostly at least.
Grade: B

So what do you think of the blog so far?

: I must admit that you are more skilled at this than at fighting.

: Topaz can surprise you sometimes. He's won battles at the Colosseum before!

: Wait, if he's that strong why did he falter so much against Peko?

: He misjudged the date and ended up with a poor handicap.

Well, that's not exactly what happened.

: Oh, and he's not good with a sword either. He somehow does better unarmed.

: Fascinating, seems that you are more powerful than I expected. Though I doubt that you are as strong as the... FOUR DEVAS!

*Lightning strikes in the background.*

I'm pretty sure that I can defeat a couple of hamsters.

: We're not talking about Gundham's pets.

: Still think his name is silly...

: Indeed. There are the four most-powerful unarmed women in the world. No magic, no mecha, nothing but pure fist against fists.

: Oh no!


: Obviously we'll be facing them sometime soon. Otherwise you wouldn't mention them.

I doubt it would be any time soon. Next week is even out, as that's going to be the Fall meganekko.

: Fair point. Shame that Long Riders was delayed.

Don't worry, I have other plans...

: Don't say that your plans are for fanservice.

Well, not the ones I was thinking of at that time. But let's get back to the blog.

Build: Let's see here...

*Topaz is handed a note by Ririchiyo.*

Ah, thank you very much. *adjusts glasses.* I was wondering where her measurements went. Anyway, it seems that Peko is 172 cm, but for some reason shrinks on the travel to the English release to 168 cm. And it seems like a lot of characters shrunk needlessly too, I wonder why they did that. Anyway, continuing on it seems like she's 51 kg which fits fairly well as she's pretty strong. Her chest size is 85 cm and-wait... Ririchiyo!

: Yes?

This paper you gave me only has her chest measurements. Where are the other two?

: She doesn't have them.

What do you mean she doesn't have them?

: Because DANGaronpa is stupid and mamocentric like that. They're maMORONcentric!

*Topaz crumples up the paper that listed her measurements.*

I agree, that's just dumb. It just points out how unfair the unbalanced measurements are.

: At least they're fair and have the guy's chests as well. Wait, not "fair" as it's still really stupid.

Yeah, it's a pain. But getting back I'll have to eyeball it. Or I would if Peko actually showed off her body more. Granted this isn't a fanservice show, but she's usually pushed to the background so it's hard to tell. Judging by her sprites she does have fairly nice legs but that may just be my love of pantyhose talking. She does have a somewhat slender body, other than her about-average (for the series at least) chest, and she does show off her navel in the game. There's a slight peek at her ass in one of her images, but there should be more. Oh, and her blood type seems to be "O" and her BMI is 17.2. Overall she does need more service and the series needs to give her secret measurements.
Grade: C

Chest: That said, Peko isn't too awful in this area. 85 cm isn't exactly monstrous, especially compared to a lot of the other girls. She's busty but it doesn't get shown off, and like said earlier she's barely average in-series (Sonia, Mahiru, and Ibuki are smaller than her. And Hiyoko pre-spurt, but let's not get into how terrible that was). She does show off a bit more as her future self, with cleavage showing in her suit, but even then it's nothing compared to some of the worse girls in the franchise.
Grade: B

Clothes: Peko has a fairly nice basic uniform look. She's more commonly seen in the black sailor uniform, which she wears in the second game. It consists of a long sleeved black shirt with grey collar and cuffs plus the school crest on her left breast, a red band on the left hand, a red handkerchief around her neck, a grey sadly pleated skirt, and black pantyhose. The black outfit and pantyhose looks great, though in the game she mentions that she gets people thinking that she's a cosplayer at times. Peko also carries her shinai on her back, though secretly there's an actual katana inside. In Danganronpa 3 she tends to wear the standard school uniform which consists of a white blouse, red ribbon, brown pleated skirt, and pantyhose. It's a downgrade but it's still pretty sexy. As a member of the Ultimate Despair she wears a white suit which while she doesn't have pantyhose does show off her legs due to the pants seeming tight. She also gets introduced wearing a blue kimono as well. Speaking of kimonos, that's among the many outfits she wears in the ED. Though sadly it's also the only one that shows Peko off clearly, since as said before she gets pushed into the background quite a bit. In the game Peko is also seen in either a black bikini or her underwear. Speaking of underwear-fufufu, one of the items that you can get in the game is Peko's underwear. While the sprite doesn't show it, the text does state that it's a thong and she wears it to her kendo competitions, and the sprite makes it look black as well. I found that funny. In addition, while she doesn't wear it you can give Peko a maid's apron, stomach bindings, and a few other items (it's the maid's apron I wanted to mention as it seems she really liked it). Overall, not a lot of variety but what Peko has is still pretty good.
Grade: B+

: Not to interrupt or anything, but I found something interesting.

*Fukuhiko had been looking things up on his phone.*

: What is it, master?

: I got curious about the devas so I went to the most prominent girl's site: YuriPeach.

: I just hope that we don't see that horrible girl and her harem plan...

: Well, she does have a harem plan but it seems that you know her!

Wait, what?

*Fuku shows an old video from years ago involving Topaz battling "YuriPeach".*

Wait, so "YuriPeach" is MOMOYO?!

: That was even before I came into the picture!

: Must have been some time ago. Just look at how terrible that formatting and small images are.

: At least he praised her ass.

That still stands, Momoyo's "peach" is definitely in my top ten. At least it's better than Kana or another joke pick.

: Prison School is always a troll pick.


: Ahem.


: You two are missing the point.

: You BEAT one of the Devas. I mean, it looks like it was a difficult battle and luck was on your side, but still.

: This is a very rare occasion. And I imagine that if you used that summoning ability on Peko...

: I would have lost.

: Curses, if only you had used Summon Bigger Sister!

But that didn't seem fair. It's like waiting for Metaknight to get bored because you want to keep your power-up and not use sword.

: Even so do know that I respect you more.

*Peko bows to Topaz.*

: Wait, so we've faced one already? What's the deal with the other three then?

: True, YuriPeach is merely the most well-known one. But the other three... well, Peko can tell you more.

: I will, but first Topaz shall finish my blog.

Of course!

: Hmm? What's that? Sounds like someone isn't getting on with the BLOG.

Yes yes, I'll get back to it.

Personality: Peko has a fairly likable personality, at least to me. She's a stoic and somewhat emotionless girl, her face barely reacting (though it still does). In the game it seems that she looks for advice on how to smile as well. She's somewhat authoritative, commanding a lot of mutual respect in her voice, and to-the-point when speaking. That said she's definitely more of an "honor blade" than a "class rep"-type character (even if the glasses and braids might indicate otherwise). She also enjoys practicing martial arts, though she still participates in class events. The main problem, as mentioned before, is that she is pretty underused. She's usually pushed to the background in scenes, and other than the battle with Mukuro she doesn't do much to advance the plot (at least in the anime). Peko does think of herself as a tool for Fukuhiko, being his bodyguard and childhood friend. She's so dedicated that, in the game, she's the second murderer as she thinks that he's under attack and gets the "drop" on his "attacker". She also likes animals though they find her intimidating. Peko's voice is Kotono Mitsuishi, who does a surprisingly good job. I'm not usually a big fan of her work (Usagi in particular I'm not a fan of) but the serious tone in Peko's voice works well for my tastes. Overall she's pretty good, but the lack of screentime or good scenes does hurt her.
Grade: B+

Libido: Peko, well, surprisingly she does alright here. There is a yuri tease with Mikan as when she (meaning Mikan) is overcome with lust she wants to use Peko's shinai as, well, just to have some "fun". That said she does have a lot of affection for Fuyuhiko. The two grew up together, and that even means that the two were infants together. Peko seems to have a bodyguard crush on him, and the two are often together. As the game goes on it seems that she takes lessons on how to smile, and that she wants to learn how to ask her "childhood friend" out. Peko also tries her best to save Fukuhiko, but thinking she'd get the drop on his attacker she was the one who kills another student. Her execution "Rambunctious Girl" (or "One Woman Army" in English releases) even shows her admiration of him as she hit him and gets surrounded trying to protects him. It's both badass and touching, at least to me. Apparently in the game "Dangan Island" the protagonist can romance any girl in the game, except for Peko as her route just ends in a handshake like if you went down a guy's path. As said, this is because of her dedication to Fukuhiko (though the game doesn't outright tell you).
Grade: B+

Age: Peko seems to be 17, which is a pretty nice age for a student. It's possible that she's older in the games, and she does show her older side in the Future arc as mentioned before. I'm not sure how many years were between the two time periods though. Still, it's really good here, and Peko's birthday is June 30th. Not that it's important or anything, but I like knowing birthdates still.
Grade: A-

Total Grades: 77
Average score: 8.6
Final Grade: B+

And that's the blog for the week!

: Harumph, not too bad.

: Seems that you did better than the girl prior, so good job.

Now, about the other girls?

: Ah yes... Well, the next prolific fighter is the "Fightin' Angel ♥".

Wait, is the heart a necessary part?

: Yes.

: I've heard that in battle she seems to be so elegant that she appears to have wings.

: Indeed, and she's been trained by many powerful teachers. Among the Deva's she's the most skilled, relying on her superb techniques to win.

: Of course, compared to the raw power of the other Deva's she is the weakest. Do not underestimate her, though.

: Next up is the one named "Jo ★".

That sounds sorta familiar somehow...

: It does remind me of a show, but I forget which.

: She's extremely powerful. There are legends that her fists can produce the force of a tiger and she routinely fights bears! I have even heard rumors that she split time itself with her punch!

: WHAT THE?! That sounds impossible to defeat!

: She is quite muscular though, so her speed is an issue. Not that she needs it with the raw power she possesses.

*Topaz gulps.*

That sounds incredible, and there's still one more to go.

: Indeed. Unfortunately not much is known about "EarthShaker" other than her name.

: Some say that she lives far away, in a small village.

: She's still powerful, as I've heard that she's a robot or an alien bent on world domination. Though perhaps what is most surprising is that she may not even realize her status as a Deva.

Wow, these girls all sound so powerful.

: We can only hope that we don't meet them.

Well, I did beat Momoyo so maybe these girls will be easier.

: I warn you now, do not take any of them lightly. Especially EarthShaker...

True, but now I've had my potential unlocked. I'm ready for anything.

: So then, mister "Ready for anything", what are we going to be doing next time?

Video games.

: *Sigh* Why am I not surprised...

But for you two I must say good bye. Thank you for all the information as well.

: No trouble. Maybe the next time we shall meet we shall have a better battle.

: Until we meet again.

Certainly. Come on, Riri. We have a silly-named club to visit!

: I sure hope it's not the SOS Brigade.

No, but being fair it's only off by a single letter...
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January 12th, 2017
Anime Relations: Anne Happy♪
This is the Four-hundredth-twenty-fourth week of using the "Perfect Anime Girl Sheet". Notice: This Blog may contain Unmarked Spoilers.

*Topaz and Ririchiyo are walking down the halls.*

: So you're sure that she is going to be the blog girl for this week, and the meganekko of spring?

Sure. Well, unless she has a problem.

: I'm surprised that you didn't pick another one, though.

Well, there were quite a few girls in spring so I had a good amount of choices.

: But THIS girl... I think that she'll have some problems.

Perhaps, but that doesn't mean that we shouldn't talk about her. And look, we're at the nurse's office already!

*Topaz and Riri freely go inside.*

: Wait, are you sure that we should even be here? It's not like we're students or teachers or anything.

I think that the principal gives us the ability to enter. It's not like we're causing trouble here.

: I'll leave that up to you. You'd BETTER not cause trouble!

*They look around.*

: Wait, she isn't here.

Hmmm, though there seems to be a mummy of some sort laying in the bed here. I'll just move the privacy sheets over.

*He moves the sheets that go around the bed that I cannot find the name of. The bandaged up body starts moving, though stiffly due to all the bandages.*


: Quick, Topaz! Kill it with fire, before it curses us!

But that will just turn it into a Stalfos. Besides, this isn't a mummy! It's...

*Topaz pulls a loose bandage and slowly unravels the bandages around the "mummy's" head. A meganekko with braids is revealed.*

: Phew... I do believe that I tied myself up too tightly. No one was around, so I was wriggling for quite some time.

How horrible!

: Oh? Who might you be?

: I'm Ririchiyo and this is Topaz.

: I am not familiar with either of you, and I would know the nurses... C-could you be INTRUDERS?!

*Botan tries to get out of bed, but due to being tied up for so long her feet were asleep. As a result when she goes to stand up she faceplants onto the floor.*

Are you alright?!

: What unluckiness!

*Topaz helps Botan up, who has dizzy eyes and blood from the mouth.*

Oh no! I broke her! What should I do?

: Hit her really hard!

*He incredulously looks at his assistant.*

: What? It works with electronics!

: D-do not worry. I will be alright.

*The meganekko shakes her head and regains consciousness.*

: It happens all the time.

That's good. Wait, no, not "good" but at least you know what to do.

: So are you really alright?

: I guess, but I do apologize.

*A black funk emerges from Botan, hiding her eyes as she leans forward.*

: Even these intruders have sympathy on me. Not that I deserve it, I am a waste of a human being that will never amount to anything. Everything is painful, and I do not even deserve to breathe the same air as people like you. Uhoohoo hoo...

: Oh no, she's spiralling!

Don't worry, I know exactly what to do!

: I don't think she'll appreciate having stories pushed onto her!

Not that, I mean this!

*Topaz affectionately pets Botan's head. She starts to feel better, the darkness fading away.*

Now now... Everything will be just fine.

: Y-you really mean that?

Yes, now how about-


*Ririchiyo interrupts Topaz as his petting is starting to make Botan's scalp bleed.*


: Holy... what?


*Topaz and Ririchiyo panic, and a screen transition is done. After time passes Botan has a nice bandage hat around her head.*

Phew, let's hope that holds.

: We're just lucky that we didn't cause even more problems!

I know.

: Sorry to be so much of a bother.

*She takes Topaz's hand and holds it close.*

: If there is anything that I could do to repay the favor...

*Topaz looks up and down her body.*

I know exactly what you can do!

: Explain yourself before I start making YOUR head bleed!

Why do you always think I'm going to be doing something perverted?

: I know how your mind works.

I-I swear, I was just going to ask her to let me do the blog on her! I promise!

: Blog?

: Topaz talks about girls like you every week. I'm surprised he hasn't gotten tired of it yet.

Blogging is fun! So what do you say?

: Well, I was going to use my family's riches to pay you back but I do suppose that this is also a good idea.

Wait, can I change that...

: It's too late for that, because...

Today's girl is:

Botan Kumegawa
Anne Happy

Hey, who said that you can do the introductions like that?

: You were taking too long. Besides, I figured you'd like giving me a shot. This way you can remain lazy.

I do enjoy being lazy...

: Do not be so lazy as to not blog me correctly, even if I am not sure as to what it entails...

: Don't worry. You just have to sit there and listen. And hopefully not injure yourself again...

: I shall try not to.

Hair: Even though I prefer dark hair, Botan still has really excellent hair. First I'll discuss her color; Botan has a lovely light pink though also somewhat grey hair color. Or maybe it's white with purple highlights around the edges. Either way it does appeal to me in that I do like white-haired girls, and the bit of pink or purple works really well with the soft art style. Botan also has a wonderful hair style, especially for meganekkos: the dual braid. Her hair is also really long, meaning that the braids go all the way from the base of her head down past her hips. It looks really amazing, really. Above the braids are two big, poofy parts that are cute. Her bangs aren't great, only being a simple middle-dip (meaning her hair comes down in the center) but her sides are long enough to reach her shoulders. Normally this would be it, but Botan actually has a few alternate styles to back herself up. She even lets her hair out freely while trying out other styles, which shows that it's big, wavy, and voluminous which is amazing (though as a downside during this scene she sadly wasn't wearing her glasses). During the same scene Botan also puts up her hair up in a ponytail, and that style returns for her magical girl moment (though her hair color turns a light green. She's the "Green" magical girl of the group). Finally, she also wears a cute hat while wearing her priest outfit in the virtual world (a frilly one with flower buds on the sides of her head), a cute Zun-like hat when sleeping or in pajamas, and in the pool episode she wears a swim cap (because trust me, that's a LOT of hair). In general Botan does absolutely amazing, but her poor bangs do pull her down a bit.
Grade: A-

Eyes: Botan still does well here as well, but like with hair she does have some flaws I'll have to point out. For one, her eyes are a tarame shape. It's understandable, considering her personality, and the thick lines on the top of her eye do seem to help. She also has a very substantial corner of her eyes. She also has eyelashes, but I actually find them nice too. Of course we can't forget about her eye color, as she has a beautiful dark purple which really helps her here. It fits well with her hair, though her eyes are far darker.
Oddly enough, I'd say that Botan's glasses could actually be a little bit better. They have thin frames, though the nose- and ear-pieces can still be seen. I'd personally like them a bit thicker, but Botan still has her advantages. There were a few occasions where she didn't wear them, which was unfortunate, but surprisingly they weren't the normal offenders! Okay, so she didn't wear them at the pool, but she did wear goggles instead which I'll allow. She also wore them when she became a magical girl as well, more of them should keep their glasses.
Grade: A-

Face: The art style of Anne Happy is really amazing for my tastes. Every one seems to be cute in a puni-plush style, and Botan is no exception. She's extremely cute and has soft features, especially her rosy cheeks. She also has a dot nose, which always helps. Overall it's simple but she does look really amazing.
Grade: A

Build: Sadly Botan seems to drop off here. Outside of the obvious "big problem" which is the next area, Botan doesn't show off her body too much. She has a fair if slender waist that fits the rest of her body. Her legs are also usually quite good, when she shows them off, and there's no information about her ass sadly enough (the best is a side-shot in her sukumizu, which being fair does give her a rosy mark to make it seem soft). I should mention that Botan's body is very battered and injured, even if it doesn't show on the outside. Her bones break often for comedic fashion, and she has very low stamina and takes a lot of medicine. One can only imagine that the only thing keeping Botan alive is that all her illnesses are caught trying to get her at the same time and cancel each other out. Botan is also tied for the tallest girl of the main cast, with Ren also being about as tall as she is. Finally, she's unable to reach her toes which makes one of the measurements they gave the class a negative (It had the person bend over and touch a scale of some sort. Botan broke her back reaching for it).
Grade: C

Chest: Oh boy, we get to the main problem with Botan. She has a very large chest, perhaps the biggest in the main cast, and like too many busty girls she gets pointed out quite a bit. Especially from the main heroine Ann who happens to be flat. Botan is even called part cow as well (at least by an eyecatch). There's a particularly bad moment when she's running and she's bouncing with sound effects which is pretty terrible. She also has a moment where she wears an outfit too small for her chest. Fortunately most of this was early on in the series and later on the show becomes a lot more lenient with her service. She pretty much only gets cleavage shots or similar, even in the beach moment. In other words, while she doesn't do anything to redeem her former problems she also stops being such a nuisance.

: Wait, if her chest is so big I wonder why her back isn't broken by now.

Have you heard the legends of Milo of Croton?

: Excuse me?

Milo of Croton.

: ...I can't say that I have. What show is he from.

No show. At least, as far as I know. He's a greek wrestler from ancient times.

: I see, and why would that factor in here?

Because he's known best about buying a calf and lifting it every day. As the animal grew he slowly became stronger, and eventually he was carrying a full-grown bull around.

: Ah, I see. It's like that, only with a "cow"...

Right, it's one of the few things that her body can actually handle.

: You two are not making fun of me, correct?

Not intentionally.
Grade: C+

*Botan sighs*

What was that for?

: I knew that my disgusting fat would drag me down. I have no clue as to why, but I have been on a solid spiral upward as far as weight goes. I do not even know where it goes, considering my somewhat slender waist...

: I can think of two major places...

Riri, stop staring there. Besides, there's nothing wrong with plump girls though.

: No, your scores show me how wrong it is. Do not lie to my face. Just come out and say how disgusting I am and how I should die. I know that everyone is thinking it, so please do me a favor and end my life...

*Botan's black funk arrives again, clouding her eyes.*

Don't say such things.

: Why not, I am nothing but a waste of human that is absolutely useless and no one will ever care about me so I should just disappear. It should not be that difficult either, I am quite sure that you could reliably pass it off as an accident...Uhoohoo hoo...

Listen to me! You're important and deserve to live!

*Topaz shakes Botan as she does this.*

: Careful Topaz!

True, I shouldn't be rough with her. I don't want to break her again.

: That and you might cause bouncy fanservice!

Bouncy... fanservice?

*Topaz's head starts looking down, but Botan catches him and gives him a slap. He spins around a bit, though the slap itself didn't injure him.*


*Indeed as Botan comedically shattered her hand. Fortunately she bandages it quickly, and it should heal shortly.*

: That's what you get for that.

I'm sorry, but it seems that Botan is in a better mood.

: Better than what?

: Quick, continue the blog before she realizes what happened!

Good plan, and I think that her hand will heal by the time we return tool

: Eh? Return? Don't tell me you're pandering to Zettai again.

I have to, I want to make things up to him.

: But who are you going to get. It's not like he's seen this show so any girls would be lost on him.

Don't worry... I have a perfect idea.

Clothes: Botan has a fairly nice wardrobe, better than I would expect. She tends to wear the school uniform, which makes sense considering the majority of the series happens at schoo. It consists of a short black blazer (though maybe just in the winter), a red necktie, a white shirt, and a plaid skirt. Botan also wears pantyhose, which is always a plus. She also wears comforable and maybe-expensive casual outfits, looking really nice and ojou-like. As said before she does wear a priest's outfit in the video game episode, which consists of a flowing white gown over a purple bikini and thighhigh socks. It looks really cool, but sadly her butt is covered by the skirt of the gown. She's also wears a green magical girl outfit, though for a sadly short amount of time. Other outfits include a sukumizu with swimcap, a squid outfit, a gym uniform with red shorts, and a blue one-piece swimsuit with skirt bottom. A chibi version of her wears a cow costume as well. Botan also wears a cheerleader outfit on the one of the music CD covers, with the other girls as well. Overall not too bad (especially the uniform, which I really like), though there are some fanservice woes...
Grade: B+

Personality: Botan has a few obvious traits that are exaggerated for the sake of comedy. The first one is her "bad health". You see, each character in Anne Happy (or at least the students) have a trait of bad luck, and Botan's is her unluck with health. Not only is she a sickly girl in general, with a low amount of fatigue, but she gets constantly injured. Even just going about her daily life she might stub her toe on a wall or suddenly bleed while brushing her teeth. She was even introduced with the lead girl Ann breaking Botan's hand with a handshake. It's very sympathetic, at least to me, even if she usually is fine in the next scene (though she has become fairly good at fixing herself up). The other aspect is that she's extremely pessimistic and has low self esteem. She's the type that, when things go wrong, she blames herself and wishes herself to just die complete with a gloomy look on her face. In fact she's so negative that, when she tries to heal herself as a priest it injures her further (with the other girls commenting that she's similar to an undead). Still, she gets great joy out of being with her friends as it's possible she was somewhat sheltered as a kid (though it may be due to her illnesses or injuries). As for other aspects of her character, Botan is also an ojou with a big fancy house and servants. She's also somewhat knowledgeable, with the occasional trivia bit every so often (so she's sorta like Miyuki from Lucky Star in some aspects). Botan is voiced by Kiyono Yasuno, who is probably most well known as the voice of Sakura from the original Aikatsu (seems like there's a lot of Aikatsu references lately xD) as well as a certain boring girlfriend. Still, she gives Botan a nice bubbly and soft voice, fitting her well. I'm not sure if she speaks in ojou speak or not, though. Still, her voice is wonderful as the gentle-ness in it really shows (her singing voice even sends shivers down my back). All in all she's a great example of a meganekko, even if the comedic traits do seem to take over.
Grade: B+

Libido: Sadly Botan ends up being sorta the third wheel between the two main yuri girls of the five girl cast. I suppose that she could be in a three-way relationship with Ruri and Ann, but I think that she doesn't have an interest in that sort of thing. Though I will mention that when they were talking about Ruri's underwear Botan took a good look (though sadly the audience was not able to see). Ren, the yuri-magnet kuudere, also princess carries Botan when she gets exhausted, but I think that's more a sake of convenience than romance. Besides, Hibiki and Ren tend to be the most obvious couple and I don't see the two splitting up for any reason. About the only character I could see ending up with Botan would be the meganekko teacher Saginomiya, but that's a stretch and it's only because she seems concerned after the lightning incident.
Grade: C

Age: Botan is a first year student of their high school. Because of this, I think that she's between 15 and 16. It seems that her birthday is February 23rd as well, though I can't find any data to back that up.
Grade: B

Total Grades: 73
Average score: 8.1
Final Grade: B

And that's the blog for the week!

: I am not familiar enough with your works. Is that grade good?

: It's not bad, you at least beat Otako for the highest score so far this year. Even if just barely...

I don't know how well it will hold up, though...

: It is still a blessing knowing that you think so highly of me. Perhaps I'm wrong in thinking that I should die.

I agree, you should never talk about something so serious. Nothing could be worth killing yourself over, as things can always become better.

: But things DO get worse...

Then you should always have hope in your heart that things will become better.

: You know you're not great at inspirational speeches.

I'm bad at inspiring myself, so why would you think I'd be better with other people?

: Get a job, freeloader! Wait, that's not inspirational at all either.

Indeed. Now, speaking of hope I bet you're wondering who the other girl is next week.

: I am, but I bet that there's some obscure clue instead.

I suppose. And I guess that rather than "Hope" she's on the "Despair" side of things. But don't cut the tension with a sword, be sure to tune in next time!
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January 5th, 2017
Anime Relations: Oshiete! Galko-chan
This is the Four-hundredth-twenty-third week of using the "Perfect Anime Girl Sheet". Notice: This Blog may contain Unmarked Spoilers.

*A female announcer with a great voice introduces the characters, using various clips of them through the blog. Topaz is up first, with him lazing about, watching TV, and playing games.*

Announcer: Emperortopaz. Blogger. He likes cute girls and wants to share his feelings on them with others. Wears glasses and likes girls that do as well.

*Next up is Otako, with various scenes of her from her show.*

Announcer: Otako. Cute meganekko. She'll be the topic of this week's blog, so look forward to it. Wears glasses.

*Last is Ririchiyo, with various scenes of her showing off her butt while cleaning, bending over, or other sexy shots.*

Announcer: Ririchiyo. Topaz's assistant. Allows Topaz to talk about cute girls even if she's in love with him. Wears glasses occasionally.

*The intro begins but Riri pushes it away, silencing it. The three appear to be sharing a school classroom.*

: Somehow I feel like that wasn't quite fair!

Yeah, I know. I should have asked Otako if she wanted to be blogged first before using that introduction.

: It's just good manners, plus we always have a bit of a prologue beforehand anyway.

: That isn't what I'm talking about Topaz, and you know it...

*She glares at Topaz.*

Fine, so yours was a little fanservice-y. Better than mine as no one wants that.

: True, but what about Otako? Hers wasn't fanservice-y.

: That's mainly because I haven't done much fanservice yet. And I doubt I will.

*She slumps forward on her desk.*

Awww, why is that?

: Just look at me. I have no curves and could easily be confused for an elementary student. Honestly I'm surprised that you would want to talk about me.

Hey, I like meganekkos!

: I suppose that's a fair reason, but I'm sure you'd rather have Galko instead. I think she's downstairs in the cafeteria eating lunch, so I'll go get her.

No no, stay here! I want to talk about you!

: More than the curvy Galko?

: I'm sure Topaz is telling the truth.

Right, you need to have more pride in your beautiful figure! Just because it's different from the normal doesn't mean it's not loved by many!

: I see, you're right. Though if you're going to keep being this inspiring I'd rather just hear my blog now.

Sure, and as she has said before...

Today's girl is:

Oshiete! Galko-chan

: Wait, are you sure you want to do her?

Sure, why?

: I hope it isn't anything to do with me...

: No, it's because there will be an OVA some time next month.

Right, it was supposed to air in December I think but was delayed. I'm not putting that into considerations.

: Good to hear.

Besides, it's just an OVA. It shouldn't have anything too major in it. At least compared to the information I already have.

: Right, it's not like Long Riders which got delayed, then delayed again, and is now delayed to next month.

Right. That studio really needs to get its ACTAS together.

: Speaking of getting acts together, isn't there something that you need to begin?

Oh, right! Let's get started!

Hair: Otako has pretty nice hair, though she does have a pretty big flaw. Her hair is really short, not even reaching her shoulders. That said, I do like the bob cut-like look, it's boyish and the fact that it's messy shows a lot of character for her. Her bangs are somewhat blunt, though they seem to curve across her forehead. What I mean is that it's higher in the middle than on the sides, so she does show off her forehead quite a bit. Sadly she even pulls her hair back in a few scenes, making sure her forehead is seen. Her hair is wavy, which adds to the messiness though I do like it. Her hair also fans out slightly at the bottom. When swimming it seems that Otako has a top knot which really isn't a great look in general. Her hair color is... either dark brown or a black color. It's hard to tell, but either way she does well.
Grade: B

Eyes: Otako has really great eyes. They have a mostly tsurime shape, which works well with her being the "straight man" most of the time. Her eyes are also a nice brown color, lighter than her hair but still a nice normal color. I'd say that Otako has serious-looking eyes as well, though that may just because she's somewhat stoic in general (though that doesn't mean she's emotionless). She also has large triangle-shaped eyebrows, but only apparently over the inside corner of her eyes. Of course, we can't have a seasonal meganekko without discussing her glasses. And man, Otako's glasses look AMAZING. They're thick framed red glasses, with a full frame that circles her entire eye. It's good to see such quality glasses, and this series certainly likes its share of them. Even then, Otako is above the rest and looks amazing. Really the only problem is that her eye color is a little bland, but it's still likeable.
Grade: A

Face: Otako has a bit of trouble here. The art style is somewhat realistic when it comes to faces, so Otako isn't too beautiful. She is quite bland, though that in itself is pretty unique as it fits her character well (not that she's bland, of course. More that she's not too concerned with her looks). She also has a large and noticeable nose, and while her glasses rest on it I'm not a big fan. I will say that Otako does have some fantastic facial expressions, and I approve of her cute freckles even if they aren't easily seen (they're on her nose).
Grade: B-

*Ririchiyo looks lost in thought.*

Something the matter?

: Nothing. I was just wondering... If my introduction wasn't the "fanservice portion", then what was?

What if we don't have a "fanservice portion"? It's not like it's required...

: Considering the recent track record I'd be surprised if that was it.

Don't be silly Riri...

...We can't pamper Zettai THAT much!

: I heard about this "Zettai". Isn't he here teaching Spanish or something? I heard a lot of people are skipping his class just because it has a sub.

: Tooopaaazz.....

*Ririchiyo glares at the blogger.*

What? It's not like I built up anything special for him.

: Building up better be ALL that you do! But for now, why don't you return back to the blog...

Build: Sadly Otako doesn't do too well here. She's on the short side and isn't curvy almost at all. She even looks like a grade school girl. While she does show her body off a bit, which is nice, there isn't too much to talk about. Her legs are pretty bland as are her feet, and her butt is flat which is unfortunate as she gets a few minor buttshots in the series (at least I think she does). She also has barely any waist either. Despite this I still wouldn't consider Otako to have loli appeal either, which is kinda unfortunate for her.
Grade: B-

Chest: Otako doesn't do too well here either. She's pretty much flat as well, though I think that her chest has freckles as well. The main problem is that we don't get too many shots from her, unlike with Galko. We do get a bit of Otako, such as at the pools, but I wouldn't consider that enough. Plus she does seem to make fun of Galko being busty, not necessarily in a mean-spirited way but more of a banter between friends way. I can't tell if this is jealousy or if it's just the show's usual sense of comedy, but it happens more than it needs to.
Grade: C+

Clothes: Otako usually wears the school uniform. It consists of a short sleeve white shirt with red bow tie and a blue plaid skirt. She occasionally wears a grey sweater over it as well, though at those times she doesn't wear her tie. Otako also wears pantyhose, which is always a plus. It's also said that she wears character panties, though this may just be a guess from the boys. Otako does wear really cute underwear though, with a frilly bra and matching bottoms (though panties would be better than bloomers. And I don't mean the "buruma" sort either). Other outfits include yellow pajamas, various casual outfits that include a cute cabbie hat, a pink one-piece swimsuit to the public pool, and a school swimsuit at the school pool. Overall there's a lot of great outfits here, which is always good.
Grade: B+

: I know, I know. I'm not great at all and you'd rather look at Galko than me...

I won't deny that, but it's also because she gets shown off so much more. You also need more confidence in yourself, and maybe the series will reward you with more service.

: So that's the only problem? Those scores do look rather low for that.

Not too low, but for "chest" it's because as funny as it is to mock a girl's large chest in her face all it does is bring more attention to it. We don't need more of that in the world.

: We already have too much of that in Tawawa. And it was disgusting.

Don't swear, Ririchiyo.

: What? All I said was Taw-

Oh, I'm sorry. I thought you were saying something that revolved around fecal matter. WAIT, you were.

: I don't think... no, that's a pretty apt description.

: I'm not sure what you guys are talking about.

The worst anime of last year.

: Easily, not that Okusama didn't try hard for that crown (among some others I can't remember at the moment). But enough helping Zettai out even though he apologized, shouldn't we be moving on with the blog?


Personality: Otako has a very simple name. She's an otaku, and thus the nickname "Otako" since "ko" tends to mean "girl". Well, at least as far as my meager Japanese goes. But the naming scheme goes with the other characters who are all nickname based, and we don't know Otako's real name (unless it's revealed or teased in the manga or something). It seems that she was an ill girl growing up, but she's better now. As she was sick she read a lot, reading everything around the house and she eventually got into manga and anime (though it seems that they're actually her brothers). She reads almost anything though. She's also fairly monotone and stoic, especially with topics that usually embarrass others. It's kind of interesting how her and Galko got together as well, with Otako being somewhat judging of her but Galko's surprisingly friendly personality helping to break the shell that Otako usually had. Thus lots and lots of girl talk occured. I really do like the friendship between the two of them as well. I found Otako rushing to Galko's house when Otako thought she was missing school because Otako accidentally said something that broke Galko's heart to be really touching, even though it was only because Galko got sick. Overall I do like her conversations and her personality, and while it would be nice to be a bit more descriptive Otako is a great slice of life girl. Oh, and Miyu Tomita does a really good job of performing as her, giving Otako a low and somewhat mumbling voice, which fits her really well I think. It's really hard to believe that this is the same VA that does Yume from Aikatsu Stars (though it seems that she'll be a lot busier in the coming season ...).
Grade: B

Libido: Otako really enjoys teasing Galko (and to a lesser degree, Ojou) about things of a sexual nature. It's almost all they talk about, in fact, and there's quite a bit of implied yuri through the group (even if they still talk about boys). In the pool episode Otako also gets sprayed with "pheromone water" and as a result gets hit on by a couple of guys (even if the water is fake). That said, they were grade school boys which is kinda sexy if I think about it. Still, I wouldn't count that too much but in general Otako's perversion is high. She also gets embarrassed while watching a movie when they get to a sex scene even though Ojou and Galko were fine with it.
Grade: B

Age: Otako is in high school, I think. It's hard to know for sure, but I'm pretty sure she's in high school.
Grade: B

Total Grades: 72
Average score: 8
Final Grade: B

And that's the blog for the week!

: I'm surprised I did so well.

: Me too.

*Ririchiyo puts on glasses and looks at the notebook.*

: Especially because it looks like your rough draft was much lower...

True, but that was done while the series was just ending. In other words, before my revelation. Now I can see the charm of a great meganekko like her. Well, moreso.

: And I am thankful for that. Though speaking of meganekkos, since my blog seems to be done is there any information on the next girl?

Yes! Though sadly it won't be helpful for the reader.

: Why not.

He doesn't know her. But just in case, we're going to be remaining in the school for some time.

: Really? That must mean that she's a student. Or a teacher.

Right, and we'll going to be going to the nurse's office too!

: Don't tell me she's another nurse, we've had too many of those lately.

No no no. Nothing like that, though she does know a lot about medical things. Instead we'll be looking at an ill girl. Well, not just plain "ill". Let's just say that when it comes to health, she's more than a little UNLUCKY.
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December 29th, 2016
Anime Relations: Aikatsu Stars!
This is the Four-hundredth-twenty-second week of using the "Perfect Anime Girl Sheet". Notice: This Blog may contain Unmarked Spoilers.

*Topaz and Ririchiyo are seated in a large theater.*

Welcome back everyone! This is the last blog of 2016!

: Finally, this year has been awful!

While there's been a lot of problems with this year I'd rather not talk about that sort of thing. Instead, let's do what we always do and talk about cute girls! Specifically the meganekko for this year!

: I mean seriously, have you seen all the terrible shows you've seen? Wait, that didn't make sense. Er, sorry, I was getting lost in thought.

Don't worry, happens to me all the time. But this is no time to talk about horrible mamocentric series, as it's better just to forget they ever happened, but rather we get to celebrate the meganekko of the year!

: Speaking of which, you still haven't told me who it was going to be...

Shhh, it's time for the show to start.

*The lights start dimming.*

: You're just avoiding the question with convenient plot occurrences, aren't you...

*A meganekko walks out, sitting seductively on a chair. Her plump, sexy thighs press against each other as she crosses her legs.*

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December 22nd, 2016
This is the Four-hundredth-twenty-first week of using the "Perfect Anime Girl Sheet". Notice: This Blog may contain Unmarked Spoilers.

Welcome back everyone. Last week we looked at a ghostly girl.

: And it isn't even Halloween either! What is this, some strange parallel world where Christmas is scary? Did Jack Skellington succeed?

Nothing of the sort. It's just that the girls don't have to be held by a theme such as that. Though one theme is always the same, and that's doing angels during Christmas week!

: But where are we going to get an angel? It's not like you saw that one show with the angelic meganekko...

Maybe sometime, but I do hope that there we'll happen upon one or something.

*Suddenly Rika runs in, only wearing a towel. Her loli bare ass is shown.*

: RIKA! Properly dress yourself!

: Nipah~

*She shakes her ass proudly.*

: Wait, this isn't the time for fanservice. Topaz!

That's me!

: Some girls have infiltrated our bathroom. I was all ready to take a nice soak but they said that they wanted to talk to you first.

: That sounds incredible contrived, it must be a trap!

Silly Riri, it's not April. Though did they look particularly angelic?

: They looked positively disgusting... WAIT, I do think that they had halos.

: Hmmm, so they had halos... Topaz, any idea who it may be?

N... No. It can't be...

*Topaz runs to the bathroom with the two girls following him. He flings open the door and meets with a familiar face.*

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December 15th, 2016
This is the Four-hundredth-twentieth week of using the "Perfect Anime Girl Sheet". Notice: This Blog may contain Unmarked Spoilers.

Welcome back everyone. Last week we took a look at a surprising guest.

: Kogasa suddenly came out of the closet!

I'm not so sure you should phrase it like that. But as promised, it's time for Oshizu's blog!

: I give my permission as well, though I do wish not to be put in such perverse situations as what happened last week.

: I'm fair game, tee hee.

Don't worry, Oshizu. I'm sure that Ririchiyo will be willing to take your place.

: What now?

Alright everyone, it's time to say...

Today's girl is:

Oshizu Murasame

: Hey, I'm sure you said something important there!

So Oshizu, do you prefer "Oshizu" or "Shizu"?

: Either is quite fine, but I believe that you have been using "Oshizu" so I believe that you should continue using it.

That's good to hear then. Well, let's begin!

: Wait, I really want to get this straightened out! Don't ignore me!

Hair: Oshizu has really amazing hair, likely the absolute best in the series. She has a blue hime cut, which by itself is amazing but her hair also goes down to her mid-back (about to her waist) which is a good range being long without covering her ass. This is a perfect combination, and in her "body" her hair is BLACK instead. Or at least an even darker blue color. It's extremely beautiful and fits Oshizu's classic-Japanese personality as well. The hair on her sides is also nice, going to her chest. This hair is also bound by bows and ribbons that go from her temple to cheek (that's an estimation on my part). In general, it's pretty much impossible for Oshizu to have better hair for my tastes.
Grade: A+

Eyes: Oshizu doesn't have the best eyes, but still fairly good. I'm not fond of tarame eyes, but they do fit her well and look really adorable so this is a positive actually. Even the manga has a fairly nice gentle curve. Sadly her eyes are blue which is somewhat generic, but the fact that her hair is blue she gets the "match bonus" so to speak. I enjoy it, is what I mean. Overall not too much to say but I do find her eyes to be quite lovely.
Grade: B

Face: As I've said for the other TLR girls, the art style is really lovely. Oshizu in particular has a very soft and beautiful face. She has shapely cheeks and small features which is always a plus. She also has a cute smile, looking extremely warm and gentle. It may just be me, but she does look a little pale compared to the other characters (though that may just be her ghost form). About the only problem would be that her ears show, but even that's nothing too terrible.
Grade: B+

: Finally, a break! Now you can finally tell me what you meant by "using" me instead?

Oh, are you still focused on that? Don't worry, I'll be fair.

: That's not what I'm afraid of!

*Suddenly barking is heard and a dog runs into the room.*


*It comes up to Topaz and jumps up at him. Topaz pats the dog on the rocky ear.*

: I should tell someone that there's a dog in here.

Don't worry, I'll take him with me when we leave. He's mine, if wondering.

: Figures you'd make a Pokémon joke...

: I smell trouble!

But he shouldn't do that inside!

: No, I mean that Oshizu is scared of dogs.

*The camera goes to Oshizu, who is still out of fear. However, she finally regains her senses.*


*Oshizu's psionic power lifts Ririchiyo.*

: Why only meeee!

You were the closest!

*She gets lifted up so far that Topaz gets a good look at her spats ass.*

Looking good, as always!

: Hey! Stop staring at my b-bum!

It's alright, Ririchiyo. You can call it an "ass".

: That's asside the point! Er, I mean BEside! Look, she's even pulling my spats down in her panic!

*As Ririchiyo is saying, her spats are slowly being pulled down. She holds it from the top, her thick meaty ass stretching the fabric.*

: You'd better get that dog out of here, Topaz!

Fine fine. Go wait outside, boy.

: *Whine*

*The dog leaves with a sad but cute expression. Oshizu finally calms down, but releases the hold on Ririchiyo's spats first. As a result the force that she was holding up her spats soon met with no resistance, causing her big cheeks to bounce as her ass plows through the spats. It looks amazing and assy.*

: No, I just got these spats!

*Oshizu isn't done as she releases Ririchiyo completely, causing her to land butt-first on Topaz's face. Her cheeks jiggle from the impact as well as his moans.*

: Hey, don't moan against my nude butt! AH! Stop it this instant! (W-we can't do this on camera).

: Stoppp!

*Oshizu comes between Riri and Topaz, separating the two and allowing both to stand up. Topaz dusts himself off with a smile.*

: Wipe that perverted smile off your face!

But it felt really good!

: Fine, I'll allow it since asses are great, but you'd better not use me for service again!

: I concur, such immodest things shouldn't be commonplace.

Fine then, I won't have Ririchiyo do anything else perverse.

: Good.

*Topaz says under his breath "This Week...".*

: Wait, did you say something?

You must be imagining things. But enough dilly-dallying around-

: "Dilly-dallying"?

Yes. Dilly-dallying.

: You're trying too hard to use words, you know.

That happens. In school I had to learn to use multiple words with the same meaning or else the paper would look boring.

: Luckily girlasses are never boring-WAIT, what am I saying!

: Ufufu, seems Ririchiyo is a little bit of a pervert herself...

: Noooo!

I'm sure she is, but for now let's return back to the blog!

Build: Oshizu, as said before, is a ghost. This means that in that form she had a ghostly tail and a little transparent in her natural state. However, she eventually received an artificial body and that's where the measurements come from. Her height is 159 cm and her weight is 49 kg (being fair we don't know how accurate that weight is. It's possible that her body is mechanical and... I suppose I'm thinking too hard but still). Her three sizes are 82-56-81 and it's a fair shame that her ass isn't bigger than her chest. That said, it's not like her ass isn't bad either. It looks quite plump and peach-like, though it could stand to be a bit bigger. Oshizu's thighs are also quite nice, and the soft art style really helps out here.
Grade: B

Chest: Oshizu is about average here, with a chest size of 82 and not getting shown off too much. Considering the series that's kind of a surprise, but I imagine it's more because Oshizu lacks screentime. If only the author would give more chapters with the rarer characters like her or Saki. Or Mikan. Especially Mikan. That imouto needs to get her fat ass on screen more, both literally and figuratively. Er, anyway. I do suppose that Oshizu is the lower end of average considering the series but I won't give her a bad score as the lack of bad memorable scenes does help.
Grade: B

Clothes: This is another area where Oshizu really accels. She's first seen in a white kimono with purple obi, like a usual Japanese ghost. Once she gets her body she becomes a student and wears the appropriate uniform. The uniform is a yellow vest (or yellow jacket) over a white shirt, green bow tie around the collar, and a green plaid skirt. Another outfit she's usually seen in is her nurse's uniform which consists of a pink one piece dress with a button front and short skirt, white pantyhose, and a pink hat. Sadly the hat does not have a cross on it. Anyway, for another great costume Oshizu also wears a white school swimsuit to the beach, looking great in it due to her dark hair. She also wears a blue version in at least one official image. In a quick flashback eyecatch Oshizu's old uniform was a black sailor uniform with a red ribbon (though I would say that the black of that uniform should be the jacket's color; I'd really like that a lot). In one chapter she also gets to wear Ai Enma's black school uniform, as a nice VA joke. Some other outfits in official art include a lovely red kimono and a frilly dress with hat. Finally, technically she DOES wear a wedding dress in the second Darkness season's opening, but it's too far away and we sadly cannot get a good look at it.
Grade: A-

: On the topic of clothing, may I ask why you are not wearing panties?

: Who, me?

: Yes, the lewd one.

: HEY, I u-usually wear panties! It's just that with spats my butt sweats and Topaz likes a fresh clean ass.

I certainly do.

: Unlike Zettai.

Exactly. Speaking of which, I wonder what has been happening to him.

: Another spoiler block Topaz? Are you sure you aren't pushing the service for him?

I wouldn't be so sure. This one felt... different. More ominious.

: Stop turning Christmas into Halloween.

But we have a Christmas spirit right here!

*Topaz gestures to Oshizu.*

: W-what? I am not involved with such a holiday.

: I think that Topaz was just trying to make a joke. Emphasis on "trying".

: You should do better jokes, Topaz.

I am poor at writing sometimes, these things happen. I make mistakes all the time too.

: Like misjudging my big fat ass!

Exactly! As punishment I should have to study it carefully.

: Sounds like a good punishment, ufufu.

*Ryouko bends over and lifts her skirt. However, a dog again interrupts.*


: KYAAH, another dog!

Actually that's the same one.

: Keep that thing in your ba-wait, I'd better rephrase that.

*Before she can do so Oshizu's powers activate. However, Topaz was closer and he gets flung face-first against Ryouko's fat 91 cm ass.*


: Ara are, impatient aren't we?

: Wait, I think he's stuck. (Not that he deserves such things.)

*Riri shoos the dog back into the hallway.*

: *whimper*

: Just stay out there for a little bit longer...

*Once the dog is out Oshizu calms down and Riri is able to extract Topaz's head from Ryouko's ass.*

Fresh air finally!

: Hey, my ass doesn't stink! Though for Zettai it would, ufufu...

: Putting that aside, how about we continue with the blog.

: I concur, and while I thank Topaz for not including me with his perversion I would rather not be sent into a panic and cause more moments either.

Fine then, let's just get going...

Personality: Oshizu is a very cute and quiet girl. She was originally thought to be haunting a nearby school building, but that turned out to be aliens (though she was indeed still there). After that she joined the cast, though she didn't start making regular appearances until Ryouko builds her an artificial body. Oshizu now possesses it, and as she feels a debt to Ryouko she works as a nurse-in-training for the school nurse. As said before Oshizu is a ghost, and she's from a time when people were starving. It's possible that she was a sacrifice to make it rain, but I don't remember if that was mentioned in the anime or not (her body wasn't, much like Celine it just sorta appeared in one of the OVAs without explanations). Personality-wise is where Oshizu shines though. She's a kind and gentle girl that makes friends easily and supports them. She even befriends Haruna who has a fear of the supernatural. Oshizu is quite curious about the modern world and technology. She also has psychic powers with telekinesis and the sort (as you've seen), but with a fear of dogs it means that she's easily prone to using it out of panic (which ends up causing fanservice moments). She's also somewhat clumsy but in a cute and not annoying way. And, of course, we can't forget that Oshizu is voiced by the great Mamiko Noto who does a great job in any role. Overall while I would have liked some more recent focus on her, Oshizu is a great proper girl with some interesting powers.
Grade: A-

Libido: Oshizu is technically low here, but there's a few good choices if you count subtle things. For one, she has art of a yuri shower with Ryouko, and the two are often seen together (as Oshizu works as her nurse as thanks). She also helped to save Mea's mind in Darkness and is one of Mea's closest confidants, though that's not too strong of one. Probably the biggest example of her libido is her closeness with Haruna. Unlike Ryouko I don't mean this in a yuri way; I mean that Oshizu supports Haruna. And the poor girl certainly needs all the help she can get, I don't get why such a shy cute girl is disliked so much... *sigh*. Anyway, currently it seems that Oshizu is one of the few girls that's not into Rito, at least at the moment from what I can tell (who knows what the future holds). She does try to kiss him, but that's just because Oshizu is possessing Haruna's body at the time. She also dislikes perverse things, which does hurt her a bit.
Grade: B-

Age: Technically Oshizu is ageless, but we do have a good idea of her "age" still. She died at 16 so her ghostly body is estimated to be that old for my sake. Technically she was haunting the building for 400 years it seems, so she's quite old if you want to go by that. Also her birthday is July 26th, for further information.
Grade: B-

Total Grades: 79
Average score: 8.8
Final Grade: B+

And that's the blog for this week!

: Wow, I'm surprised that she got more than Ryouko!

: Especially with "certain features".

Don't think I haven't changed. Oshizu's personality including voice and wonderful hair helped her out quite a bit.

: It was still worth listening to your thoughts, so thank you for finally speaking about me.

Anytime! Well, I suppose I won't do you again but thank you for allowing me.

: Shouldn't you two be getting home?

Right, good to talk to you for a while now.

: Be seeing you, perhaps.

: Bye!

: It was our pleasure, *bows*

*Topaz and Ririchiyo head out of the school, with Topaz waving to the dog and having it come with.*


: Good dog, even if he is a little bothersome.

I blame him liking the snow and eating it.

: No wonder he's a Rock-type then... Hey, you aren't planning a major battle next time, right?

I never plan major battles. They just seem to happen on their own.

*She glares at Topaz.*

Fine fine. I wouldn't know. Just know that next week will be the annual Christmas Angel.

: I see, then comes the yearly meganekko.

Right, and I have a good idea who to do. Man, I can't believe the year is almost over.

: But I feel that we have a long year still to go!

I doubt it'll be as difficult as the previous one. Hopefully with more fun.

: I hope "fun" doesn't involve fanservice.

*Topaz smirks as the two continue heading home.*
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