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May 18th, 2017
This is the Four-hundredth-forty-second week of using the "Perfect Anime Girl Sheet". Notice: This Blog may contain Unmarked Spoilers.

Welcome back everyone. If you're just joining us, earlier this month I was set with a task. I was supposed to go deep into enemy territory to rescue Kanade for Hibiki. With a superb disguise and Ririchiyo's great acting we were able to infiltrate easily. However, while we were taking a side trip to talk to an assy mother for Mother's Day last time SOMEBODY took it upon herself to break in.

*Topaz glares over at Cure Melody.*

: Hey, it's not my fault you were taking so long!

: This is just like you, sticking your nose where it doesn't belong!

: Just like what Zettai likely did to Aphrodite.

No, I'm pretty sure his nose belongs up there. It's likely built to be inserted into mature asses like that.

: I'll give you that. Katja has said that it slides up her ass perfectly. At least, I THINK she was talking about his nose.

: A-HEM! Are you forgetting that I'm here too? This is no time for a tea party!

Right, this isn't KiraKira. We should get fighting!

: I'm not one to talk, but should we keep beating that dead horse?

I'll quit mocking it when it proves itself to me. But Eren is right, we need to get to the main reason everyone came here.

: The fighting?

: Don't say that we're going to be like Aikatsu and let everyone down.

Don't be ridiculous, I'd never let my readers down!

: *CoughTaurosManureCough*

Shhh, we don't like talking about the days back when I was easily distracted like an infant. But I do have a deal first.

: Tell me and I may allow it.

You have to let me do your blog before we battle.

*Beat thinks seriously about it.*

: Hmmm, I have heard that your blogs would weaken me and strengthen your side, but from what I've heard you talk about the other girls I am curious about what you would say. I'll allow it.

: Be careful, you know the old saying: "Curiosity killed the-"OOMPH!

*Topaz quickly covers Ririchiyo's mouth.*

I'm sure that Eren doesn't want to hear silly proverbs, Ririchiyo. We've wasted enough time, and we should get going.

: Wait, I think that she was trying to say something important.

I'm sure she was just saying something silly, right?

*He releases Riri.*

: Y-yeah. Just as he says. Something silly and video game-related.

: Oh really? And what was that?

: Obviously something involving a bird helper in Mega Man, obviously.

: Ah. I can't say I know anything about that.

I suppose that makes sense. Though as a cat is fine too...

Today's girl is:

Eren Kurokawa/Seiren
Suite Precure

: That joke is too old, Topaz. No one will get it.

I do suppose that it's old but I'm sure my friends will understand.

: I'm more surprised at the fact that he correctly called her "Eren" rather than "Ellen".

: I know, right? Even the page on this site has that mistake.

: I will say that I don't have titan blood in my.

Darn, as it would be awesome if you could become a giantess.

: She can already become a cat, Topaz.

Wouldn't be the first time a cat-themed girl became a giantess during this blog, Riri.

: You two have quite the adventures, don't you?

Right. Getting back to her name I do suppose that people always confuse L and Rs as "Ellen" tends to be seen as a more feminine name. Even if the Japanese wouldn't use Western-style names without reason.

: That's why she's Rola and not Laura. Especially since it's still written out and shown IN ENGLISH.

Sometimes people can be stubborn as far as names go.

: Much like you and a certain Cure Magical?

I still say that her name is "Riko" even if balloons say otherwise!

: That's a funny way to put it...

Speaking of funny ways to put things and "balloons"... Maybe the other "R" in your name IS an "L".

: I don't get it.

: Neither do-TOPAZ!

Sounds like you did get it, heh heh.

: Her last name should not be "CULO-kawa"!

: I'm not that assy!

True, you aren't as mature as Aphrodite.

: In all fairness none of us would be.

: She puts our bony asses to shame. But enough about silly name jokes, we should get on with the blog.

: Right, I'm raring to go!

Seems like the girls are getting antsy, so let's go forward with the blog!

Hair: Eren has really great hair. Her hair is long which is always a positive, and it goes about to her mid-back. There's not much style, but I do like how it's free. Well, mostly at least as she does have a sidetail on her left side that's held in with a yellow ribbon (or a cord, it's hard to tell). Her sides reach her chest or so, framing her face well and she has a few strands that stick out. Eren is also helped out as she has a great hair color as well as it's a lovely purple color. It's very good, but not without problems. Eren does have fairly wide bangs, showing off her forehead. She also disguises herself as someone called "Sakura Houjo" at one point, sporting a red haircolor with a wavy hair, and odd bangs. While not too bad it does pale in comparison to Eren's normal look. Of course, we can't forget to mention Cure Beat's hair. It does become a lighter lavender-ish color which isn't that bad (even if it does confused me, as mentioned in previous blogs). Beat has a more pronounced sidetail with a decoration that spins around during the transformation. There's also a lot more strands, like a lot more curls just jutting out all over. She even has an ahoge, which she can use to make a guitar sound too! In general while I do prefer Eren's basic look I do like all the variety she has. Oh, and while I won't mention her cat form too much I do like the heart symbol on her forehead and her big white main that contrasts with her dark fur.
Grade: A-

Eyes: Eren has really great eyes. Much like most of the other Suite girls she has thick (but not significantly so) eyebrows. She also has a strong tsurime which is great, and while she does have eyelashes they aren't too problematic. Eren's eyes are golden which is a really fitting color and they look cool against her dark hair. In her "Sakura" disguise she does wear glasses but her eyes are red and more rounded which are both problems. Sadly I don't think that Eren has worn glasses otherwise, but it does help and in general her base eyes are so fantastic that I really like them.
Grade: B

Face: Eren has a surprisingly alright face. At least compared to Hibiki and Kanade. She has a fair shape and somewhat large nose (though only length wise as it's still a thin line most of the time). It's possible that Eren has partially-pointed ears, but it's hard to tell as they don't point it out. It would make sense, considering her true form is more cat-like. Her eyes are a good size without making the rest of her face seem too big or too small as well. Probably the best part is that Eren starts out somewhat somber and serious, but slowly builds up emotions which is pretty nice.
Grade: B+

Build: Eren has a pretty good body Cure-wise. There's nothing too special, well at least in the sexual way. I mean, she does begin as a cat which is sorta cool but doesn't effect her score too well here. Sadly she doesn't show her ass, but her legs do look fairly nice.
Grade: C+

Chest: Again there's not much to talk about here. Eren doesn't show off her chest and I wouldn't expect that she should considering the age rating. That said, she does seem to have a bit of shadow under her chest in a lot of official art which shows she might not be completely flat (though still somewhat close).
Grade: C

Clothes: Eren has a surprising amount of outfits. Her usual outfit, at least after she stops being a cat and looks more human, consists of a long black sleeveless jacket over a white long-sleeved shirt, black bracelets and a black short skirt, thighhighs, and boots. Around her collar, waist, and thighs she has purple straps with a zig-zag pattern to them. During the warmer episodes she seems to wear a black vest instead of the jacket and a purple ruffled skirt. She also wears the school uniform, both in her Sakura disguise and as a normal student. It does look good but I still dislike the high collar. The bowtie is alright though. Eren also gets overly excited for new outings and always wears outfits for special events. These include a kimono during the festival event, a hiking uniform with backpack, and even a cowgirl outfit with hat). And of course we can't forget the Cure Beat either. It's a Blue uniform with big fluffy shoulders and frills along the collar, sleeves, and skirt. Sadly like the others she is afflicted with a frilly underskirt. She also has tall blue boots with a ribbon around the ankle. She also has two blue ribbons coming down behind her. Overall she does very well, with a lot of passion for new outfits so it's a shame the show doesn't take more advantage of that.
Grade: B

Oh, and speaking of clothes here's a clip of Eren transforming into Cure Beat, as is tradition in Precure blogs.

Personality: Eren's personality is complex. She's very kind and caring, but she was manipulated by the villains to fight for them. During this time she's the leader of three guys (who also bicker among themselves and plot to become the leader themselves). Eren, who is known as Seiren at this time, is cold and manipulative. She's also a black cat, in case I didn't mention that. Eventually, thanks to the heroes, she's able to break free and become Cure Beat. Right after that she becomes worried if Hibiki and Kanade would forgive her, and wouldn't join the team officially for a few more episodes. When she does Eren acts like a girl who hasn't experienced things (as she comes from Major Land) and gets overly excited about things like taking a hike or going to the festival. She's quite awkward but cute due to it, and it shows that she's finally comfortable enough with the duo to act normal with them. Eren is also scared of ghosts and monsters (much like other Cures I like, such as Nao or Minami). As Cure Beat she's able to use notes as projectiles or create a barrier with her guitar (which is called a "Love Guitar Rod"). Speaking of guitars, Eren seems to have picked up the hobby of playing it. Finally, Eren is voiced by Megumi Toyoguchi who gives a great performance in both of her forms. She normally has a touch of dominance in her voice (which is why she does Haruka from Senran so well), and doing girls like Chifuyu or Klan are also a plus. In general Eren/Seiren/girl of the misspelled English names is a great girl and easily my favorite from the series.
Grade: A-

Libido: There's a small amount of shipping between Eren and Ouji, who you might remember me mentioning from Kanade's blog. She does feel jealousy from Eren spending time around him, but Eren doesn't seem to have any feelings towards him either. That said, a much better example here for Eren is the fellow cat Hummy. Hummy is Eren's childhood friend and supports her even when Eren is Seiren and on the enemy's side. They show a much better relationship than Hibiki and Kanade and were my favorite pair in the show (though it is quite odd to see Hummy remain a cat while Eren is a human). Oh, and there's also an episode where Eren helps out a young boy named Mamoru, but I only remembered that due to my research so the relationship doesn't seem to be too important.

: Of course, it's Kanade and me who have most of the lewd fanart!

: Shhh, I told you not to bring that up!

: Well, it's not surprising that they have the most. I mean, they were around the longest in Suite.

: But it's not just Suite. In general they have the most lewd images in Precure overall!

Oh! That's sorta impressive. Much like the beautiful Reika being on top. Of the favorite-Precure charts, not just due to sounding dominant.

: Wait, how do you girls know about lewd fanart of yourselves? Aren't you underage?

: Um...

: Er...

: Quick Topaz, continue with the blog!

You girls can be as perverse as you want in the blog itself, it's not going to change your scores. Sadly.
Grade: C+

Age: It is unknown how old Eren actually is (as she's a cat from Major Land, which is magical). That said, she's said to be 14 like the other Cures and I have no reason to disagree with that. She also does not have a birth date.
Grade: B-

Total Grades: 69
Average score: 7.7
Final Grade: B

And that's the blog for the week!


*Beat outright slugs Cure Melody in the face, knocking her down. She gets up, holding her nose.*

: What the?! Why did you do that?

: Well, he said that we could fight and I didn't want to waste any time.

: Yeah, but you didn't have to be so... violent!

: Think of the children!

: Don't worry. Parents groups haven't complained about the blog yet.

Even if they did I wouldn't change it!

: With half the things that happen in the blogs I doubt that having one Cure punch another is the LEAST offensive thing that we can have.

You say it like it's a bad thing. Besides, er, I think Beat is obviously mind-controlled!

: Like I was, I think.

: Or White-wait, Topaz doesn't know that movie yet!

Shhh. But it would be cool to see Cures fight each other. It would be amazing to see the different teams face each other.

: Yeah, but I'd feel bad for the lower-number ones like Splash Star having a disadvantage.

Unless they use Kaoru and Michiru to bump up their numbers a little, but I do agree that would be a problem.

: Like Toei would actually remember those two though, sadly enough!

Indeed, as sad as it is.

: Ahem. Now that you two are done complaining about Toei can we get to fighting?

Oh, I didn't realize I was holding you up.

: What, did you expect us to be fighting off-screen?

: That does sound like something the lazy Topaz would do.

Shhh, the readers don't need to realize that!

: Well, since his blog is over I can finally battle for real! GAAAAH!

*Beat leaps at the two other Cures, but they leap towards her as well.*



*The two use a flurry of punches and kicks, pushing Beat back slightly. However, even if she's sliding back on the ground Beat still gets her advantage.*

: There's no way that you can take both of us at once! I'm betting my pride as a woman on it!

: We'll return you to normal, even if we have to use force! I'll show you my spirited recipe!

: You may be thinking that you have the upper hand, but you can't stop my heart's beat!

Holy Glasses!

: Do you mean that literally, or just wanted to fit in with all the other catchphrases?

Uh... I mean look!

*Beat starts to push back both girls, moving much faster than before. Even the two girls using their powerful teamwork is no match for her as Beat even grabs Rhythm's leg during her kick and throws her at Melody. She knocks both down but they get up, struggling a bit due to the damage they've taken.*

: Pant.. pant.. Looks like we'll have to try much harder than we've been!

: We'll have to try our combination move!


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May 11th, 2017
This is the Four-hundredth-forty-first week of using the "Perfect Anime Girl Sheet". Notice: This Blog may contain Unmarked Spoilers.

Welcome back everyone. Currently we're behind enemy lines in a hidden fortress on an extraction mission. We were sent here to rescue Kanade.

: That is me.

Exactly, who we were successfully able to free.

: It was strangely easy.

I'm not complaining. I mean, we did see an enemy but through our superior wisdom and stealth we were able to make it inside.

: That and I don't think that she's that evil.

That too. Either way we took a side mission to speak with the queen of Major Land.

: I prayed at a fountain to make her summon.

: That you did, young one. But now that I am here Topaz has asked upon me to be the subject of his... blog, was it?

: I was talked about last time, if you are curious.

: And what did he speak about?

: Nothing too embarrassing.

: Being fair Topaz doesn't talk as much in certain areas about girls in kids shows as he does in more... "mature" works.

There are reason for that, those girls have more to talk about usually.

: Oh! I would hope that you would not talk about me in an improper way.

You shouldn't worry.

: But I'm so much mature than my bony daughter. No offense meant, of course.

Don't worry, we understand. It's more the show's content than the character.

: I don't know Topaz, she IS the "goddess of Love".

I think that's just her namesake, she's not actually a goddess.

: Your friend, my seat, does believe as much. He even bowed and prayed to me.

: To you?

: Well, to a certain part of my body. Meaning my ass, of course.

: Yep, that sounds like Zettai. So where is he now?

: I'm currently sitting on him. I know you can't see him due to my big dress though.

*Aphrodite shakes her hips, jiggling her meaty cheeks. A moaning is heard from under her skirt.*

: W-wait... You're sitting down?

: Why yes, yes I am.

: But you're STILL over a head taller than us.

I guess she's just a really tall woman.

: That's edging on mini-giantess size though!

: My height isn't the only thing that is mini-giantess-sized though.

*She shakes her ass again, even bouncing up and down on Zettai's face.*

Sounds sexy. Though speaking of your body, do you mind if we start the traditional beginning?

: Of course, I was under the impression that it had begun already!

: Well then, since Topaz has been granted permission it looks like...

Today's girl is:

Suite Precure

Hey, that's my job!

: Not like you were doing it properly. You kept getting distracted by her ass!

No I... Okay, so I was but still. I suppose that I can be lazy just this once.

: Just once?

Okay, so I'm quite lazy. No need to keep picking on me for it. Though I have to ask, why did you offer to introduce Aphrodite, Kanade?

: I figure that if I didn't keep speaking up I'd slowly get pushed into the background.

: I understand that, especially with how your show treated you.

: It doesn't help that Aphrodite's fat ass is so intimidating too, there's no way my bony ass could compare!

: I'm sure yours will grow eventually. But I will warn you, I may disappear for a short time.

I wouldn't mind that. But why are you saying that?

: My previous meal did not agree with me. Though speaking of which, I shall return.

*Aphrodite disappears as suddenly as she appeared.*

: I wonder what that was all about.

: I'm pretty sure I know what it was.

Same here, especially since as a proper queen she wouldn't want to do it in front of us.

: I think I'm lost here...

*Aphrodite returns, with a relieved smile on her lipstick-wearing lips.*

Feel better?

: Quite.

: I still don't know what went on!

: Hmmmm....

: I would rather not inform you of that.

: This STINKS!

You don't know the half of it...

: Anyway, fanservice scenes aside let's begin!

Alright then, let's go forward!

Hair: Aphrodite has really great hair. It's long, which is always a plus, and it's wavy and looks extremely good and majestic. Her hair is so long it even reaches the ground (quite the accomplishment considering how tall she is), and even the side reach her waist. Aphrodite does have curved bangs with an M-shaped opening in front, and she wears a tiara of sorts on her forehead (it's mostly hidden by her bangs). She also has a cute rose headdress/crown with some cloth that looks extremely great. Oh, and we can't forget that Aphrodite is blond (and actual blond, unlike what the wiki says about Kanade). Overall she looks really beautiful and majestic, befitting the character well. I'd say that I'd prefer darker hair, but it may not fit as well with how "good" Aphrodite is (shame her hair didn't turn black and her eyes turn red when she becomes evil in the movie).
Grade: A-

Eyes: Aphrodite's eyes sadly are not as strong. They are a tarame, but at least they do look narrow which is kinda cool and fits with her mature look. She does have some eyelashes but nothing too noticeable in the actual show. Golden eyes also work with Aphrodite, playing off her hair well. Sadly, as mentioned before her eyes don't change to a cooler color in the movie. In fact, the movie hurts Aphrodite quite a bit as her eyes look empty or lifeless. I really dislike this effect, which is a shame as she would have gotten an alright score without that.
Grade: C+

Face: Aphrodite does have some problems here. I don't mind the fact that her face is more mature than the girls, that much is understandable. I don't like the fact that she has a long nose though, and she also wears lipstick which isn't something I look for. It is mostly noticeable on her lower lip, if curious. That said Aphrodite's head is a nice shape, and I like how her face is framed by her long hair. Overall while it has some problems it's not completely terrible.
Grade: B-

*Topaz picks up a newspaper.*

Huh, did you girls see the good news about PreCure?

: KiraKira is ending early and will be replaced with Cures that actually fight?

Sadly no. Wait, did I say "good" news? I meant the opposite. Saban picked up DokiDoki and are going to dub it.

: Not even Mana deserves that...

Agreed, and that's saying a lot!

: At the very least we should be glad that they are going in the forward direction. Our series barely made it to safety as it was directly before Smile.

: I can only imagine how awful they would ruin Suite and the prior series...

Bet that they would give the great sounding Aphrodite the voice of a sixty-year-old woman who has smoked for over sixty years. And try not to think about that.

*Riri pauses for a little bit, but places her hand against her head.*

: ARGH! I thought about it! Quick, change the scene or something!

Good plan, let's get on with the blog!

Build: Sadly due to Aphrodite's clothes we don't see much of her body. Her clothes hide her so much that there were rumors going around that she was pregnant, and being fair it does look that way. Sadly despite mentioning it in the blog Aphrodite does not have a huge ass (though maybe she does, we just don't see it). What is shown is that Aphrodite is really tall. Like to the point where she's almost twice as tall as the Cures (who are mostly middle school girls). I'm not sure but she's possibly even taller than her husband Mephisto which would help her out. Overall, I'd like to see more of her but I do really enjoy her being as tall as she is.
Grade: B

Chest: As this is a kid's show (or specifically one for girls) Aphrodite isn't too big. As an adult she's not flat either, putting her in the middle ground. It's somewhat hard to tell, again due to her outfit, but she does have some curve to her chest.
Grade: B

Clothes: As I mentioned before, Aphrodite has problems with her clothing. Not that it's a bad dress, the big frilly dress looks really majestic on her, but it does hide her body quite a bit. The big portion in the middle, as I said, makes it look like she's pregnant though she isn't (as far as we know). The big ribbon in front is pretty, and I do like the feathery shoulders as they look cool. It's mostly white, signifying her as a sign of good and there's also some pink (sorta like a wedding dress, in a way). It really wouldn't have been too bad if we could have seen her in a more casual outfit, in like the finale or something after all the problems were solved.
Grade: C+

*A loud crashing sound is heard in the other room.*

Huh, I wonder what that could be.

: Probably just that unsteady suit of armor I told you not to touch getting knocked over. I'm sure that it's nothing to do with us.

: Hey, where did Aphrodite go off too?

*She reappears, again in the water.*

: Do not worry. I needed to feed my loyal seat.

: Feed? I don't understand.

: I wouldn't pry into it any further.

: I merely gave him some homemade chocolate. He seemed to enjoy it quite a bit.

: Wow, I can't believe that you'd make Zettai chocolate. I didn't know you were skilled at cooking.

: Whatever do you mean?

I think that we're getting too distracted. How about we return to the blog.

: That is fine by me. I even feel more refreshed after the "meal" as well.

: Go to the blog, Topaz. Change the conversation!

Well then, let's finish it up!

Personality: Aphrodite is the Queen of Major Land, or is it "Empress". I'm not sure, it probably depends on which subs you use (I don't know enough Japanese to know for sure). Either way she's the reigning leader of Major Land and is a great one at that. She also helps out the Cures when they need advice. Sadly she does troll sometimes when she promises to go to the real world but doesn't. Still, she supports the PreCure in a good way even if she doesn't get a lot of screen time (still, she's one of the best Cure-helpers I imagine). Aphrodite can also create a barrier with her harp, which is used to protect her from the big boss of the series. Speaking of bosses, Aphrodite took a creature called "Howling" inside her during the movie, showing that she'd sacrifice herself to save her country. Overall Aphrodite is a gentle and loving mother and queen, and is a great character which gets additional support in the movie. She's voiced by Noriko Hidaka who gives Aphrodite a beautiful and mature voice.
Grade: B

Libido: Well, as Aphrodite is a mother we can assume that she had sex at least once xD. Well, at least if Major Land is anything like real life, they have magic so who knows. Anyway, what is more important is that she's in a devoted relationship with her husband Mephisto. The two seem to care for one another very much, even when one becomes a villain.
Grade: B

Age: Aphrodite is the mother of one of the Cures (Ako) so she is fairly old. The only question is that I'm not sure how old she is actually. Ako is one of the youngest Cures (in the franchise, I mean) so it's possible that Aphrodite isn't that old. Then again she could also be centuries old, due to Major Land not being the "real world". Still, she looks good and mature which is a major plus.
Grade: A

Total Grades: 72
Average score: 8.0
Final Grade: B

And that is the blog for this week!

: How wonderful, and it seems that I have obtained a high score.

: Way higher than I did, which is a shame.

: Blame your bony ass!

And the age, likely among other things. But since you're here how about you give us that power that Kanade was planning on getting.

: Oh yeah. I almost forgot that.

: Sadly I cannot give you any more power, Topaz.

Ah, I do suppose that my potential was already unlocked last year.

: Which means it's all down hill from here.

: Now, to give you the ability to transform when alone Kan-BZZT-ade..

*Aphrodite's connection to the real world is getting scrambled.*

: What's happening, Aphrodite!

: Looks like she forgot to pay her internet bills.

: Something-BBZZZZTTT-Is interfering! I-I might-BBBZZZTTTT-suddenly disa-BBZZ! But, don't forget-BZZTT!-very important-BBZZZT! *click*

*Aphrodite's connection is lost.*

: What's very important! APHRODITE! APHRODITE!

It sounds like something evil is afoot!

: But in reality it's a BACK as in BEHIND US!

*The trio look back and see Hibiki all tied up. Cure Beat has her foot on her back, stepping on Hibiki.*

: Sorry, I got caught.

: I should have known that you weren't new recruits!

: And yet it took Hibiki there getting captured to realize that.

: What are you doing here, Hibiki?

: I came to rescue you, but it seems I'm in need of rescue!

: Don't worry. Just because I was able to capture you easily doesn't mean that I won't give you a fair battle.

*Beat tosses the tied up Hibiki at Kanade, who starts untying her friend.*

: Jeez, you always act without thinking. What am I going to do with you?

: Sorry, it's just that the suit of armor looked so cool! Who new that it would fall over if I touched it.

: I guess that just shows how impulsive you are, harumph!

: Sorry sorry!

: Knock it off, you married couple.


: Surrrrreee...

Just transform you two and prepare for battle!


: If you insist...

: We're ready to fight!

But that will have to wait for next time.

: Really, you're going to drag this out for another week?

If I'm good I'll drag it for another week yet!

: He likes doing monthly PreCure series.

: That must mean he'd want to talk about me next time!

That I will, though I wonder how the last one will fit in...

Oh well, I'm sure it'll be seamless. Either way, join us next time where we face off against Cure Beat/Eren!

: While not a mature girl you know she'd do well as she's Topaz's favorite!

: Wait, if she's Topaz's favorite...

: Then why is she fighting us?

I don't know either.

: I think the enemies like using characters that Topaz likes as they might hope that he'll be more lenient on them.

Right, like with Cure Fortune!

: Or Cure Sword! Hmm, Topaz seems to like a lot of Purple Cures.

: I'm not Purple, don't confuse my color with my hair!

: I blame Topaz getting confused then. It's his fault.

I admit that it gets confusing sometimes, especially as I consider "White" to share a slot with Blues.

: I just hope you'll get this straightened out before Cure Berry.

Shhh, I'm still watching her show so it will still be a while.

: It won't matter as next week I'll defeat you!

I'll see about that! And you viewers will too, so join us next time!
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May 4th, 2017
This is the Four-hundredth-fortieth week of using the "Perfect Anime Girl Sheet". Notice: This Blog may contain Unmarked Spoilers.

*We join this blog with a cloaked figure walking up to a fortress. It seem unstable somehow, leaning side-to-side. As it approaches the building they are stopped outside the door by a guard who is holding a spear. Or a guitar, it seemed pretty hard to tell.*

: HALT! Who goes there!

*The hooded figure speaks in a familiar tone.*

: Er, um-I-I mean, I'm here to join this evil group.

: Oh yeah? What makes you think that YOU would be able to join?

: I-I really want to destroy Topaz! Or something...

: A likely story. Do you know how many two-bit villains we have marching up to this door trying to join our group. I mean, you do at least have one of our cloaks but that doesn't mean that I'll instantly let you inside. Tell me a bit more about yourself, and why you want to defeat Topaz first.

: I'm a flat-chested teen that Topaz undersold during my blog, and I want to defeat him for being a huge boob-headed pervert!

*The girl the cloak feels tapping on her leg, indicating she should stop.*

: I suppose that is like a lot of-

: I mean SERIOUSLY. Have you read some of his earlier blogs. Not that his current ones are much better. He must be color-blind if he confuses hair or eye color that easily. He also continues to not see the appeal in beautiful flat girls, even if it's better than it once was, and his taste in age is just awful. Topaz needs to pay for how awful he is!

: Alright, alright. I heard it all. I guess that you can join in. We've been needing some new help since-

: Hibi-Er, Cacophony has been defeated, right?

*The guard raises her eyebrow.*

: Now how would you know that?

: Er, because... I talked with Specs. That's where I got the cloak from, after all.

: Oh! So you ARE a new recruit then. Man, here I thought you were just some girl who found that cloak and decided to infiltrate the base.

*The guard laughs heartily, and the new cloaked girl eventually joins in a nervous fashion.*

: So I can go in, right? I was told to check on the hostage.

: Go right ahead.

*The cloaked figure starts to wobble inside, but the guard's eye sparkles as she glares and smirks.*

: Hmm, before you go... One question.

*The figure stops, nearly turning to stone for a second before turning to the guard.*

: I do need to know your code word in case I need to call for you. For example, my name is "Liepard". Don't ask me why it's so misspelled, but the girls say that it fits a black cat like me.

: Oh those pranksters!

*Giggling is heard inside the cloak, though from a different voice. Then a kicking noise is heard as the laughter stopped.*

: What was that?

: Just my stomach rumbling, nothing to get too nervous about.

: Fine then, just tell me your name.

: I am, er... Cocoa.

: That's an usual name. Though I guess it's par for the course with this group. I mean seriously, "Month-kun"...

: So are we done here?

: Yes, don't let me keep you.

*The hooded figure enters the building.*

: What a weird girl we got this time. Oh well, nothing that I need to care about.

*The girl then sits down in a nearby chair and leans back. She then starts strumming her guitar, filling the air with a beautiful beat. We then return to the wobbling cloaked figure. It then removes the cloak and it turns out to be Topaz and Ririchiyo! Big surprise, I know. Riri gets down as Topaz was carrying her on his shoulders.*

Phew, I'm glad that we got past her.

: We're not safe yet. No thanks to you, Mr. Laughs-at-Anything.

At least she didn't make a duty joke. Now, let's find where she's keeping Kanade.

: Let's just do that and get out of here as quickly as possible! And don't touch anything!

*The camera shows Topaz about to touch a decorative suit of armor that would make a lot of noise if knocked over.*

Aw man, you're no fun.

*The duo continue down the dank hallways of the fortress, sneaking down staircases and being stealthy in general. The two also pass a large fountain with waterfall. They eventually make it to what seems to be a dirty and damp dungeon.*

: This place looks horrible! I'm pretty sure I saw a rat run through here.

Probably just your imagination. Anyway, I grabbed the keys so let's look for her.

: When did you do that?

Just now, they were on the hook over there.

: That just seems like poor planning.

Hey, there's light coming out from under that door. Let's see if Kanade is in there.

: What, so we're just going to ignore all the other doors?

Yes, as they're all empty.

: That sounds like you're pruning potential story ideas, but alright.

Don't want this arc to become more complicated than it already is. That leads to poor filler.

: And you certainly know about "poor filler", Mr. Does-Eight-Meganekkos-in-two-months.

Those girls were all very important. But you need to keep my names straight. You've called me two different things today.

*Riri pouts cutely, banging her fists against Topaz.*

Hey hey, I may have the defense to block that now but no need to throw a tantrum. Even if it is really cute.

: D-don't call me "cute", you pervert! (H-he called me cute! I could just fly off like a happy reindeer. Wait, how do I even know that reference. *sigh* I blame Topaz...)

Anyway, watch out as we don't know what we're going to see once we enter. Brace yourself!

*Topaz and Ririchiyo open the door and are met with a blinding light as they enter. Both are shocked at what they find.*

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April 27th, 2017
This is the Four-hundredth-thirty-ninth week of using the "Perfect Anime Girl Sheet". Notice: This Blog may contain Unmarked Spoilers.

Last time on "Emperortopaz's Character Blog"...

*The video shows a more stylized version of the characters, with big heads and everything.*

: HAH!

We will stop you, Cell. For I have brought forth the greatest champions Earth has to offer!

: Like the Explosion Monster!

: And the Princess of all Mayo-nassie!

: Mwahaha! Bring it on, you ninnies!

How rude! Hi-yah!

*The costumed Topaz and Cell battle in the sky, though supported by wires.*

Hi-yah! Wait, no hold on-there. HAYAH!

: Wtcha!

*Cell manages to defeat everyone easily.*

: HAHAHA, Losers! You thought you were hot, but in fact you were not!

You are most unkind!

: Mwahaha, my power is maximum!

???: Hold it!

*From off screen another costumed character shows up.*

: Huh?

: TREMBLE *cough cough* k-keep rolling. Tremble in fear, for it is I, the great Mr. Satan!

: You foolish little man! Sha-bam! Wahahah!

*Cell presses a button with his foot. Explosions happen around Mr. Satan, who leaps out of the way.*

: Sha-bam yourself!

: What?! How did you get so strong?

: With push-ups, and sit-ups, and plenty of juice!

: Ah yes, you make a good point. But then again, so do I!

*Cell hits a switch and spears jab at Mr. Satan from the ground. He grabs the spears instead.*

: HA! Think of this, as your CHANCES!

*He breaks the spears easily. Cell retreats and bows submissively.*

: Nooo! You have shown me the error of my ways. Please, forgive me!

: Never! Your crimes against humanity cannot go unpunished! I shall now send you-TO THE NEXT DIMENSION!


*Satan starts punching Cell.*

: See... You... In... HFIL!

*Cell goes flying and hits a rock, falling to the ground.*

Mondo cool!

: His coolness is over 9000!

: Over 9000, nooooo!

*Cell explodes.*

: Justice prevails!

*We now return to the actual people huddled around a television set.*

: That was tripe! Who wrote that terrible garbage?

I don't know, I kinda liked it.

: Speak for yourself. At least you got lines!

: Needed more explosions too!

: Weren't there two of them?

: Still needed more! My crimson demon blood demands it!

: Sounds like Michael Bay is a long lost relative of the crimson demon clan. But jokes aside we should tell people what has been happening.

Sure, and welcome back everyone. Last time Cell was defeated by a massive explosion, and now his boss Hibiki has shown her face.

: Though power wise I'd imagine it was the opposite...

: My power aside I'll still defeat you!

Why would you want to defeat me?

: Oh like you don't know!

I-I don't.

: A likely story-ZettaiRyouiki!

*Hibiki points threateningly at Topaz.*

Who, me?

: That's right! The clever disguise may have worked on everyone else, but I know it's you!

: I assure you that this is Topaz. Do you really think that we'd make such an elaborate trick?

I don't know, Chiaki was stolen away and I didn't notice until she was revealed.

: But we've been calling him "Topaz" this whole time!

: LIES! You're just trying to trick me, but I'm too smart for you!

: Even if this was Zettai, why would you be so angry at him?

: Didn't you even help him at one time?

: That was all part of my master plan. Obviously he deserves to punishment for calling me the worst pink cure!

Being fair I think that Mana, Haruka, and now Ichika are all punishment enough...

: A likely story! Now, shall I introduce myself or...

I introduce the girls around here. At least when I'm not lazy. But it seems that...

Today's girl is:

Hibiki Houjou
Suite Precure

: Just because you've changed your ways and gotten a new assistant doesn't mean I won't still punish you.

Why would you even think I'm Zettai though!

: Isn't it obvious? You talk about a lot of things just like him!

Such as?

: Well, you talk about how great that Megumin teen was!

: Huhuhu. That is hardly enough reason, everyone can see that I'm the best character.

: You talked about an assy middle schooler too! She even stunk up the place with smelly farts!

: She's got you there...

: And you've been downgrading girls if they show off their breasts too much!

: You have been doing that, haven't you...

That's just because it gets annoying. But is it true, have I lost my identity? Am I becoming too much like Zettai?

: NO! He's still the Topaz I know and lo-er, Know!

: Prove it then!

: Topaz will prove it by doing the blog this week! And since he'll do it on you and double-examples pretty much never happen it shall prove that he's not Zettai!


: A likely excuse, but I won't mind hearing about myself again. Go ahead, and make this your final blog!

I doubt that this will be the final one. That would be boring. But here I go!

Hair: Hibiki, like many Cures, has two different hair styles. Her civilian form has long brown hair (or orange, I'm not good with colors it seems). Hibiki's hair is long, reaching about to her waist which helps, and most of it is free-flowing which I like as well. She does have twintails, but they're up high on her head rather than taking up the entire length of her hair. Hibiki also has pink ribbons at the base of her twintails, and as a whole I do like this part of her hair. Sadly her bangs aren't quite interesting, with a fairly standard long middle bang. Her sides do go past her ears, which looks nice, and she keeps hair over her shoulders in thick strands. I probably could have used Hibiki putting her hair down more, but I think I can remember some good parts and I don't want to be greedy. Cure Melody isn't that great. As a Pink Cure it's fitting that she has pink hair, though it is a bit brighter than I would like. I do like how her twintails become much bigger as it gives her a cutesy look, especially with the curves that make her twintails look a little braided. There's a slight drill at the tip of the twintails, and at the base by her head are braided rings. Melody also has a cute ribbon-headband which tops off her nice haircut. Though I will mention that Melody's bangs don't change much from the switch over. Overall, even if twintails aren't too favored Hibiki's style is one of the two ways I like them and Melody's hair isn't too bad either. Nothing too special but still pretty good.
Grade: B

Eyes: Suite does have a somewhat distinct artstyle, making the girls look a little bit older than they might normally. The eyes do show this a little, but I'll explain it a bit further in the next area. Anyway Hibiki does have somewhat large eyes with a lot of eyelashes. Though maybe it's just because her hair is closer to her eyes, I'm not sure. She does have noticeable eyebrows, but nowhere near girls like Saki from Splash Star either. Anyway, Hibiki has blue eyes, with Melody becoming a lighter shade. I do like the color of Hibiki's eyes, but blue eyes are somewhat common sadly enough. I do like the cool gradient style, though it does make her eyes look a little glassy (though in a good way, I mean). Overall her eyes aren't too bad, but another color might have worked better for the eyes. Oh, and I will mention that Hibiki does wear sunglasses as part of a disguise at one point (though both that and her afro wig aren't counted in their respective areas due to how little they're worn).
Grade: B-

Face: As sad before Suite made the Cures look a little older than normal. Hibiki does have a sorta acorn-shaped head, which doesn't look too bad (especially with all the hair she has). Occasionally she does have a large nose, though not too often that I can remember. Her cheeks are somewhat rounded, though only slightly so. Probably the best aspect of Hibiki's face is that she has a lot of really silly faces. Both for reactions and general goofiness (like pretending to be a gorilla or licking frosting on her nose) she's pretty amusing. Still, there does seem to be something off about faces of the two original Suite leads, I just can't put my finger on it...
Grade: B-

: GRRR... I can't believe you're talking about me again! And you've changed your criteria so much as well!

I haven't changed my sections though. That should prove that I'm not Zettai.

: It just means that you're changing it to disguise it better!

: You're like one of those conspiracy nuts now, aren't you?

: NO! And before this blog ends I'll defeat you! I won't forgive you for the misdeeds you've done!

Now how will you plan on doing that?

: Like this: Let's Play! Pretty Cure Modulation!

: I've never heard about that game-wait, I get it now. HEY!

*It is too late as Hibiki has become Cure Melody.*

: In this form I'll easily be able to defeat you.

That might be true!

: Wait, did we just skip out on the transformation sequence?

In all fairness I could only find the one with her and Kanade together. And I'm NOT going to run around just to find her partner again.

: So you DO know where she is!

What? No, I didn't say that-

: Yeah, right. Like you don't know that the rest of the evil team has taken her hostage to get me to follow their orders.

How horrible, but that explains why you're here!

: Perhaps, but "Evil team" is about the laziest name yet.

: I may have forgotten the name, but it won't matter once I beat you up!

*Melody runs at Topaz, with her arm back ready to punch. However, as she approaches Vividred blocks the attack with a buttpunch.*

: It's alright Topaz, I'll defend you from her! Finish the blog!

Thanks for that, Akane!

: Even using other monthly girls to fight is a very Zettai thing to do!

: I really hope that HE won't show up...

Ririchiyo, we don't mention the dark times.

: D-DARK TIMES?! Sounds like my kind of blog!

: It really isn't.

You'd rather not know.

: I would I would!

Now, let's get to the blog...

*Topaz's expert deflection gets the blog back on route. Meanwhile Akane and Cure Melody are having an epic battle in the sky above.*

Build: Hibiki isn't too different from any average Precure, even if she does look a little older. She's also not shown off too much, which is unfortunate. She does have a slender teen body, and she does show her stomach which helps a little. She's also athletic, but her legs are sadly slender (though her thighs are a bit thicker, even if not by much). Hibiki doesn't even show her butt, which hurts her quite a bit.
Grade: C+

Chest: Likewise Hibiki doesn't do too well here. She's slender like many other Cures (even if fanart tends to disagree), and not much is shown off either. It's always a shame to get to this area on a great girl like Hibiki. Well, a Cure like Hibiki at least.
Grade: C

Clothes: Fortunately Hibiki does pretty well here. Her main outfit is her uniform, which is a pretty good one all things considered. It consists of a blue blazer with white shirt underneath (with frills around the collar and wrists) and a frilled skirt with a red stripe. There's also a big red bow on the collar, with the ribbon being so long it reaches her waist. Her more casual wear consists of a black sleeveless shirt with a pink design, a long-sleeved white undershirt, a pink frilly skirt, and black leggings. The leggings are a problem as they don't look good (spats would have been better) and frilly skirts in general are bad as they hide the ass. She also has big white shoes as well. Other outfits include a soccer uniform (with shorts) and a Santa costume with hat. Cure Melody is a standard pink magical girl with a frilly skirt and top with ribbon on the chest. Her midriff is showing, though I don't know if that includes her navel or not. There still problems with it, and I'm not sure if the heels or the frilly underskirt is the worst one. Still I will have to appreciate her thighhighs. In the White Crescendo version she gains golden wings and a long golden "tail". Overall not one of the best pink cures, but I do like her looks at least a little and the variety and school uniform do help (even if the neck and sleeves would bother me).
Grade: B

: HEY! I still want answers!

*Riri cups her hands and whispers in Megumin's ear. Her face becomes one of disgust and she backs away from Topaz.*

Hey now, I won't bite.

: I don't believe you!

Come on, just get closer.

: I'm just fine over here!


*Akane goes flying between them, also rolling on the ground while damaged. She ends up outside of the ring they were all fighting in.*

: Ouchies! Looks like she kicked my ass better than I thought she would!

: In all fairness it was a rather large target. But now it's time for me to defeat you, Zettai!


*Megumin gets between Melody and Topaz, blocking her path.*

: Do you really think that you can defeat me?

: No, especially now that I've used up my explosion for the day. But I'll still buy enough time for him to finish.

: We're counting on you, Megumin!

*Megumin thumbs up the two bloggers.*

: Just get it done quickly, I don't know how long I'll be able to last!

I'll get right on it then!

Personality: Hibiki is a standard pink cure, with being cheerful and energetic. She has a lot of energy, and is fairly headstrong (though that does not mean she's smart). She can be a big eater, especially when it comes to sweets made by her friend Kanade, and Hibiki is also tomboyish and can be GAR at times. Hibiki in battle can be a little reckless, and sadly she's one of the first Pink Cures to be a problem as she steals an upgrade during another character's episode. She's also easily irritated and gets into arguments, which is a problem for my tastes. Hibiki also plays piano as her parents are both musicians, though since they're often gone Hibiki is usually home alone. She's become self-reliant, though she's jealous that Kanade has a younger sibling to be with. Overall Hibiki isn't too strong, but she should feel fortunate that there's been a good deal worse Pink Cures in the series since her. Stealing one or two upgrades is nothing compared to pretty much stealing the entire season, and while Hibiki does get an exclusive upgrade in the movie it's better than having the series give her one. It's almost a shame that Hibiki was done by Ami Koshimizu, not because it doesn't fit her (it works surprisingly well) but because I really like her voice and this was not the strongest example she could have had. Her performance isn't too bad, but still.
Grade: B-

Libido: Hibiki and Kanade kinda have one of the "strongest" yuri pairs in the PreCure series. It's to the point where the two act like a married couple, but sadly this means more that they bicker than actually act like lovers. Fortunately the bickering stops after the first dozen episodes, but the damage has still been done. Other than Kanade Hibiki really doesn't have a love interest, which is uncommon as far as Pink Cures seem to be. Overall she just doesn't do strong here at all.
Grade: C

Age: Even if Hibiki looks older due to the art style she's still only 14 years old. She's a second year as usual, but unfortunately I could not find her actual birthdate (some Cures seem to be lacking them). Not too different considering most Cures are about that age.
Grade: B-

Total Grades: 60
Average score: 6.7
Final Grade: B-

And that's the blog for this week! Now, how is Megumin doing?

*The camera shows Megumin on her hands and knees, her ass upward and her hat on her staff.*

: Just in time it looks like.

: I can't believe that you'd judge me so much worse than last time when there's other worse Pink Cures these days.

: That's about average for PreCures from Topaz though. Unless it's one that he really likes, at least.

And besides, other than the one I just did I haven't done a blog about you before.

: You're still lying, even if I have all this evidence to the GWAAAH!

*Melody kneels down, holding her ears.*

: Stop the sound! You don't have to keep telling me that's Zettai, I know it is already!

What the?

: Seems she's under hypnosis somehow! No wonder she hasn't been herself!

Wait, you mean that's not just my poor writing?

: I mean there's that, but this is the much better plot-important reason!

*Melody gets up.*

: The noises won't stop until I defeat you, Topaz!

: Noise won't stop? Well we did have Cell last time, why not have Frieza's VA guest appear as well.

: Not that noise, but you must understand that lying to me is unforgivable! Now, I'm betting my pride as a woman on this next attack! Music Ron-

*Topaz interrupts.*

Hey, Cure Melody. There's something that you should know.

: What?

Something I forgot to mention last week.

: Just spit it out. I'm already in mid-attack.

Megumin... Doesn't need to recite the words to her spell.

: I don't think that matters now, she's far too weak to cast it again!

But there's another... EXPLOSION!

*Topaz holds out his hand and causes a large explosion (still smaller than Megumin's, of course). Melody gets blasted out of the ring, and transforms back to her civilian form. The mind-control helmet also gets destroyed.*

: W-what happened? Where am I?

: Topaz used an explosion and blew you away!

: Eh, for an imitation it's not bad but it had far less power. I'd give it a 7.8/10, too much water.

Being fair I'm not specialized in explosions as you are.

: I see then. So you are indeed Topaz. There's no way that Zettai could use an attack like that.

: Well there is the Anger Strike-

Don't give her any ideas! So Hibiki, why were you recruited to the side of evil again?

: OH! It was because Kanade was kidnapped!

Do you know where she is?

: Of course. What, are you going to go break her out?

Certainly, you two deserve to be together!

: Because then Topaz can use the transformation video.

That's not the only reason!

: But how are you going to break her out? The fortress is heavily guarded!

True, who knows what sort of girls I'd have to face if I had to explore the entire enemy stronghold.

: Well, I guess that the fortress would be easier to storm than the main stronghold, but you'll have to sneak in undetected!

True... But I have a plan...

*Topaz looks at the cloak with big shoulders that Hibiki was wearing when she first appeared as "Cacophony".*

Looks like next week we'll be having fun entering an enemy base!

: Join us then!

: Sadly not me, I have to return to my paper route!

: And it seems that my summons are dying down. Until we meet again.

If you happen upon Zettai you should be sure to greet him in smelly and explosive ways!

*Megumin thumbs up as she dissipates.*

Well, it seems like we have a major plan for next time too, but until then readers!

: Seems we'll be looking at more Suite girls too!
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April 20th, 2017
This is the Four-hundredth-thirty-eighth week of using the "Perfect Anime Girl Sheet". Notice: This Blog may contain Unmarked Spoilers.

Welcome back everyone. We're here on the outskirts of town ready to face an opponent.

: Way, WAY in the outskirts. I'm honestly surprised that you walked this far.

Cacophony: Huh, for some reason I thought that the town was closer. Like just last week.

Don't point out my retcon ways. What's important is that I'm going to defeat this foe.

: Do you really think you can do something that ridiculous? I'd like to see a pathetic fool like you try!

: As you can tell, our foe is a powerful one.

You can tell by the Wakamoto voice in particular. Anyway, last week we took a look at the assy Akane from Vividred, and this week I'm going to summon a powerful ally.

: Get on with it, Topaz.

: Indeed, bring me my next foe! I await your challenger! Then, after I defeat them I'll defeat you and this "Cacophony". Then, the WORLD!

*Cell clenches his fist intimidatingly.*

: Not Dio, that's the Joestar's main adversary! Though I suppose that he does need to be defeated.

Right, I haven't seen a family so plagued by a vampire since the Belmonts!

: Though the two of them are pretty close together if you judge by when they were originally created.

A lot of great things are thirty now, such as me!

: But I thought you said "great"! (Wait, I can't make a joke like that. Sigh, hopefully he doesn't mind another long apology-I mean handwriting practice!)

: A-HEM! As riveting as your walk down memory lane is, I'd rather we end that now. Topaz, was it? I believe that you had someone you wanted me to beat-I mean "meet", but I suppose that it would lead to a massive beat down.

Cacophony: What he said, summon your pathetic girl!

We'll see what you think when I do THIS!

*Topaz creates the summoning circle, getting down on his hands and knees. A burst of magical energy occurs.*

: That's it?

Hmm, seems something went wrong. Maybe-

*Suddenly a girl falls from the sky. She's dressed in a witches hat and eyepatch, brushing herself off after standing up. She then puffs out her small chest and boldly starts talking.*

: I am MEGUMIN, Arch wizard who is descended from the Crimson devils. Fufufu, Who is the one who is so bold as to summon a mage of my calibur?

: He is.

*Ririchiyo points to Topaz.*

That I am.

: So you're the weakling that requested my aid.

Exactly, and I have a task befitting your power!

: Of course, I should have known you were in need of my explosion magic. Now, what must I do?

Defeat him.

*Topaz points to Cell, who once again poses.*

: So this puny girl is the one that you've chosen to defeat me? I could break her even with just one hand!

*Megumin has a silly worried face, with sweat coming down her face. She also removes her eyepatch, even if the writer is lazy and didn't feel like changing her image. She then turns to Topaz and grabs his collar, shaking him back and forth.*

: Why did you call me to do such an impossible task? He'll be able to snap me right in two!

That shouldn't be a problem for your explosion magic.

: I need TIME to cast it though. If he interrupts me it's kaput!

: Curse you long cast times!

Hmm, let's think about a plan.

: You three do know I can hear you. I'm just right over here.

: I know, distract him somehow.

Like what?

: I don't know, just buy us some time to come up with a plan!

: Wouldn't it just be better if he bought us time for you cast the spell instead?

: Where's the fun in that? I want to be able to prove my strength!

Besides, I don't want to be exploded on.

: Wait, I know. Why don't you distract him by doing your blog?

Sounds like a good plan. But I can only do it if Megumin allows me to.

: What is a "blog"?

: He talks about you to other people.

*Megumin backs up slightly, covering her body.*

: He won't mention anything... bad, right?

I make no promises. But at least you'll be treated fairly.

: I suppose that's the best that we could ask for. But I'm still not sure...

I'll let you name the blog title!

: Are you sure ab-

: *interrupts* SURE! Now go ahead and talk about me.

: When am I ever going to fight?

After this, but for now let's point out that...

Hair: Megumin's hair is mostly short, in a sort of bob cut look. There are two long strips behind her ears (I think) that goes past her shoulders and looks nice. The short hair does fit her, and I like the dark brown color too. Megumin has fairly average bangs, with a long middle one that nearly reaches her nose. Of course, the most noticeable feature about Megumin's hair is her hat. She wears a big witches hat with a color that matches her hair (or so). It also has a face with a zig-zag-ish mouth and two big red buttons as "eyes". It's a really cool hat, and adds a lot to Megumin's character so it's a shame there are occasions where she doesn't wear it. Still, Megumin is quite excellent here.
Grade: A-

Eyes: Megumin has a pair of gorgeous eyes. The color is really excellent, with a dark red that works well with her dark brown/red color scheme. They're also tsurime most of the time, though the KonoSuba art style is... inconsistent to say the least. Her manga/LN pupils seem to be more rounder and have more color as well, which I like. For chuunibyou reasons she also wears an eyepatch over her left eye. I'm not a big fan of eyepatches, and the fact that Kazuma, the male lead, pulls on it with the intent of having it snap back is quite poor (I dislike eye injuries). Still, I do really love her red eyes and it's a shame she doesn't wear glasses to aid her score.
Grade: B

Face: Again we run into the fact that KonoSuba has a fairly loose art style, and the "face" is likely one of the most apparent areas. DEEN really went with "quality" as far as the faces go sometimes, but I still find Megumin's expression to be mostly positive. Her face is also quite well-shaped, looking younger than the rest of the cast and with a small nose and other features. She's just such a cutie.
Grade: A

: Hey, Topaz.


: I've always wondered this, but where do you get the girls you summon?

I usually pluck them out of whatever they're doing at the time to bring them to me.

: That sounds like it could cause some problems!

Luckily nothing like that has happened yet. Though that does make me curious. What were you up to before I called you here?

: Oh ho ho, you should know that being a powerful Arch wizard means I am quite busy. Now, let me think...

*Meanwhile, at the mansion where Megumin stays another wizard is standing outside.*

: Oh boy, today is the day I'll finally defeat Megumin once and for all! She even promised she wouldn't make an excuse or leave early. Hey, MEGUMIN! COME OUT AND FACE ME!

*Yunyun waits for a short time.*

: Don't tell me she went back on her promise. But I ate all those meals to make me gassy for our farting contest! How could she leave without telling me first!

*We return to outside the town. Megumin has a worried but silly face, and responds in a near-mechanical fashion.*

: A-absolutely nothing! You were lucky to get me in a rare moment of down time, yes.

That sounds suspicious...

: Something really stinks here.

: I-I don't know what you're talking about!


*Megumin turns red and squirms her hips.*

: Did she just...

: S-sorry, I ate a lot of gassy food recently!

Don't worry. I'm just surprised that you would fart outright like that.

: True. It's not like there's anyone around that would care.


*Megumin lets out another fart, this time without shame. She even bends her back to stick her ass off and waves the gas.*

: *Cough cough.* As rank as that is, I do hope that isn't the extent of your "explosion" magic. Then again, against me any attack by you will likely have a similar effect...

: Oh YEAH? Just wait until I hit you with the might of my explosion magic!

: Go right ahead. I'm waaiiittiinnggg...

: Sure. Just, er, let's wait until Topaz is finished talking about me.

: Oh sure, make me wait even further. But fine, continue your pathetic blog.

Cacophony: Why are you waiting for them to finish? Go right ahead and wipe them clean off the face of the planet!

: I might as well let them have their fun now. Because if we were doing things my way... *Smirks* There wouldn't be a speck of life left on this forsaken planet...

W-well, let's get going with the blog on.

: Good choice.

Build: Megumin has a really good loli body. Not one of the best I've seen, but still really great. She seems to have nice-shaped legs in the novels though the anime makes her thighs seem thinner somehow. She is unfortunately shorter than the love interest Kazuma, but that happens due to the age difference. Of course, we can't forget about her ass! Even if we did get that stupid trolling moment in the second season. At least she's still shown her bare ass in prior episodes, even if it wasn't a closer shot. Still, she's got a pretty nice ass and that's likely her most attractive feature (even if Aqua has her beat there). I would like to mention that at one point in the second season she bows and really looks nice teasing glimpsing up her skirt. She also goes to the bathroom at one point, but I won't go into detail. Overall while not one of the best loli bodies she does get treated (mostly) fair and I do think she's quite attractive.
Grade: A-

Chest: One thing that's not "explosive" about Megumin is this area here, and thank goodness. She's about the only one that's not bouncing around in a horrible fashion most of the time it seems, all thanks to her flat chest. It is dumb that she gets jealous of the other girls, especially her rival YunYun, for such poor reasons. That said, in the OVA Kazuma at least mentions that he purposely presses her chest against his back when carrying her, making it seem like he at least appreciates her flatness a little (though he's still an idiot part of the time). Overall, despite my complaints about the girls around her Megumin does just fine here.
Grade: B+

Clothes: Megumin suffers here more on variety than on how cool her outfit is. As a chuuni she dresses in a really awesome outfit which consists of a red dress with gold trims, a dark cape, fingerless gloves, a belt, and on her legs she wears a thighhigh on her left leg and bandages on her right thigh. It looks really cool, and the color scheme works as red/black usually does. Underneath she seems to wear black panties (judging by what Kazuma stole from her). She also has a pair of pajamas she sometimes wears at home as well. Official art does help Megumin out though, with things such as a black bikini or a frilly red one, a red sukumizu-like swimsuit with yellow frills, a red cheerleader outfit (though she's not shown well), and a red and black somewhat gothic-loli outfit with thighhighs. In the novels it seems she's worn a black fancy dress, a pink school uniform with striped necktie, a sarashi under a red bra and skirt with her cape, and probably many others I couldn't find. Megumin was also drawn by the official artists in a couple maid outfits. The loads of outside source images do help, but I wouldn't mind seeing her in more outfits in the series proper.
Grade: B

Personality: Megumin's personality is simply amazing. She's a chunnibyou in a fantasy-style world who took up the role of Arch Wizard because it gave access to the spell "Explosion". And that's the only spell she knows. She can only do it once per day, and she says that if she doesn't she'll die (she likely wouldn't). Still, it takes so much effort out of her that she faints afterward, and even just taking a little of her magical energy could make her useless for that day. She still just focuses on the one spell, which takes quite the dedication. The reason she idolizes the spell is that her life was saved by a spellcaster that used the spell. She's also from the Crimson Demon clan, which are quite the chuunibyou themselves. Megumin seems to be a common name among them, and she gets insulted if you mock her name. Speaking of Megumin's background, it seems that she's from a poor family and part of the reason she bullied Yunyun as a child was to win her meals (as Megumin would give hers to her younger siblings). She continues to send them money, using the bare minimum on herself. She also has a unique taste on names but it was a funny moment. Megumin is likely somewhat grounded, about as grounded as Kazuma sometimes which the two seem to bond over. Megumin is voiced by Rie Takahashi, who does a good voice that fits her slender frame and great explosive power. Because the KonoSuba and RE:Zero writers seem to be real life friends (which explains some overlapping jokes or similarities) the latter has Emilia (also voiced by Rie Takahashi) speak like Megumin in one of the previews. Apparently Megumin was also voiced by Maaya Uchida in the Drama CDs, which would have been funny as her most famous role was Rikka from the Chuunibyou show. Overall Megumin is a really amazing character, and is often said to be the best character in the series (which explains why she got the spin-off).
Grade: A-

Libido: Megumin does eventually fall for Kazuma, but from what I've heard they don't get together in the end. One of them gets cold feet, again from what I hear (though she believes this to be because she thinks it's an adult tactic. She's seems more direct in the original web novels). Still, it's kinda a shame that Megumin insults Kazuma whenever he compliments her body or tries to peep. She also gets to name his, well, "sword" as the Holy Sword Excalibur but the less we speak of that scene the better. Megumin is a bit clingy to Kazuma after Darkness admits her feelings though, and she also brags about her relationship with Kazuma when she meets her high school friends from what I've read. Sadly Megumin's spinoff is a prequel and not an alternate universe where she explodes the non-Aqua girls and wins the day herself. At least as far as I know. There's also some yuri interraction between her and YunYun, a childhood friend, but that's played more as a rivalry. Overall she could stand to be a little more perverse, but Megumin does somewhat fine here.
Grade: B

Age: There is a surprising amount to talk about here. Megumin appears to be 13-14, and there are times in the series where she's not allowed alcohol due to her age. She also gets treated as a child sometimes, and Kazuma is called a lolicon when caught with her while both are naked (though I suppose that may also be due to her slender body). What's really surprising is that, in the web novel (meaning the original series) Megumin is actually 17! Still, I'm basing this moreso off the age she's more well known as.
Grade: B-

Total Grades: 81
Average score: 9
Final Grade: B+

And that's the blog for the week!

: Hmmm, not too bad.

: That's actually a lot higher than I expected.

: I-I see then. Oh ho ho, Of course I would score well. Such things are of little matter to me!

Cacophony: Aren't you forgetting something?

Like what?

: ME!

*The three heroes jump back.*

: Isn't it about time for you to battle me? Or at least amuse me for a short time...

: D-do I really have to?

Looks like it.

: Just don't let him punch you!

: Sure, I'll just cast my anti-punch spell-

Oh, I'm surprised that you have one of them.

: It's good for wizards to maintain their utility. Though that spell sounds like one of the only ways to deal with a certain bald hero...

: I DON'T HAVE ONE! I meant that as a joke but then you kept talking and-*sniff sniff*

Don't cry, Megumin!

: Really, are you that terrified of me? How about this then: We'll instead have a showdown of special moves. That way you'll be able to show me your true power!

: *sniff* Really? Then what's the catch?

: No catch. I'll allow you to cast your spell or whatever for free.

I'm cautious about that smile there...

: It is quite suspicious...

: Well, I don't know what sort of catch this is going to have but I'll agree to this! It'll be the only way to get my spell off without interference.

: Exactly. Only one thing that you should know...

: What's that?

: I'm going first-MAKANOUSAPPOU!

*Cell shoots a drilling beam at Megumin, who narrowly avoids it by diving away. Topaz and Ririchyo avoid it as well, and it destroys a nearby mountain though fortunately no one was harmed.*

: WHAT THE?! How did he manage to use that?

Well, he does have Piccolo's genes. And really, it's just a filler attack.

: I mean more that he used it so quickly. Didn't it require like a couple minutes of charge-up time or something?

I think that can be cut down with enough training and concentration.

: Actually I just charged up while you were blogging.

...That's a reasonable explanation.

Cacophony: Yes, now destroy them for good!

: Actually, it seems that my opponent has survived.

*Megumin's hat floats downward and lands on her ass. She then wakes up and puts it on her head, though her face becomes crinkled and she waves her hand in front of her face.*

: Man, my ass stinks more than I expected.

You should get a professional fart-sniffer then!

: But who would take such a demeaning job?


: Though I imagine that he'd rather be employed by Aqua.

Cacophony: Who cares about gas and farts, just destroy them!

: Now now, it wouldn't be sporting if I didn't accept an attack from them. Go ahead, hit me with the best you have.

: Alright then, here goes nothing!

*Ririchiyo realizes something.*

: Wait, are we safe here?

Why wouldn't we be?

: Snowcast...

*Magical energies swirl around Megumin.*

: Well, if her explosion is as big as I think it will be, won't we be in danger?

Holy Glasses, you're right!

: Flash Frost...

We'd better get out of here!

: There's no way we can make it in time!

Cacophony: What are you three talking about?

: Energy Admixture (electricity)...

I know you're an enemy and all that, but if we don't escape soon we'll all be dust!

Cacophony: Wait, we're not safe?

: If only there was a convenient way to get away, but alas we are unable to teleport like Gokuh!

: Born of Three Thunders...

*Suddenly a Puchi falls from the sky randomly.*

: Ara~

Convenient! Quick, you come with us too Cacophony!

Cacophony: What's this now?

: You may be an enemy, but you shouldn't be caught up in this!

: Explosive....

*Topaz claps, making the three plus Puchi teleport away. They land back in town, on top of a roof. *



*A large explosion occurs, almost 200 miles of pure explosion happens on top of Cell. Topaz, Riri, and Cacophony watch from far away, admiring the destruction.*

I guess it's a good thing we were so far from any civilization.

: Right, she simultaneously found, and destroyed, any towns in that area.

Cacophony: I have no idea what's going on.

: The Locate City Bomb. It's a powerful D&D combination of feats that allows the normally-harmless "Locate City" to become a weapon of mass destruction.

Fitting for Megumin, really. Though I imagine that she was just reciting off the spell and not casting it.

: Of course not, like she'd know a non-Evocation spell.

Cacophony: I'm still lost...

Well then, let's go back to Megumin and see how she's doing.

*Topaz claps again.*

: ARA!

*They get teleported back to Megumin, and Miurasan warps herself back to wherever she came.*

: You're really bad at having her pop in and out of relevance.

Makes things a lot easier and hides my plot holes. And look, Megumin is alright!

*She's still laying on her face, but Cell is nowhere to be seen.*

: Yeah, but I'm just going to lay down here. Hope you don't mind.

Now, to deal with YOU!

Cacophony: You may have destroyed my minion, but you'll never catch me!

*She attempts to run, but Topaz blocks the path.*

You're not running away this time.

*Cacophony starts running another direction, but Ririchiyo blocks her off.*

: You've been a pain in our sides for months now. It's time for you to learn your lesson.

Cacophony: Maybe, but I'm a terrible student!

*Cacophony starts running, but Akane falls and blocks her path.*

: I saw the explosion and decided to investigate. So it's YOU again!

Cacophony: The explosion wasn't MINE though. And stop crowding me, I'm trying to escape!

*Cacophony continues to run, but Megumin grabs her foot and trips her. Not only does she land on her face in a humorous fashion, but the heavy cloak of mystery also falls off.*

: You're not getting away from me, villain!

*The villain stands up, revealing who she is.*

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April 13th, 2017
Anime Relations: Vividred Operation
This is the Four-hundredth-thirty-seventh week of using the "Perfect Anime Girl Sheet". Notice: This Blog may contain Unmarked Spoilers.

*We open up this week's blog with a certain ass. A very particular pair of buttocks that are barely kept inside a red buruma. The owner, a cute girl starts shaking her hips as she moves down the road on her hoverbike.*

: Um, do you think that you could stop talking about my ass?

*The camera zooms out, showing the rest of the girl. But against her wishes the camera still focuses on her ass.*

: HEY! My eyes are up here!

*The narrator continues to stare at her glorious ass, especially as it jiggles when she adjusts her buruma.*

: Quit bothering me right now. It's not that I mind you staring as I know how great my ass is. I even got a prize in the ASSIE contest, even if the mature girls easily out-assed me. But I'm working right now and you're being kinda distracting.

*Akane is paying attention to the narrator, and doesn't notice Ririchiyo and Topaz coming around the corner.*

: So where is this girl you were supposed to meet today?

It should be obvious, and I heard that she's around here...


*Sadly she could not steer out of the way in time, crashing into Topaz who takes 25 damage. Somehow Akane also ends up facesitting him.*


: Ouchies!

: TOPAZ! Are you alright?

*Akane gets up off Topaz's face.*

Yeah, I took some damage but luckily there were airbags that cushioned the impact.

: Airbags? Do you mean because of their size and softness, or because they're full of gas? Because either could fit.

: Let's hope that it's the former...

Right, save the latter for Zettai.

: Wait, you know Zettai? You must be a big fan of his blog then!

Of course, I've read every single one!

: In all fairness you started before he did...

I suppose that's true, but I still love reading his blogs. He needs more self-confidence.

: Wait, if you're Zettai's plan and you do blogs... You must be Topaz!

The one and only!

: Thankfully...

: Hey, didn't you talk about Himawari way back when?

That I did. Man, that was a few years ago already...

: Still sucks that you did the bustiest girl from an assy show.

I've done many things I regret now, but mistakes only cause us to grow stronger!

: You must be the strongest person in the world after the mistake that was last week's blog then...

: Oh? What happened last week?

I-Er, I skipped the blog. Yeah. You totally won't find one about a memetic trap.

: Topaz is well on his way dealing with that trauma. But let's get on with a better apology. How about you correct the mistake and do the assiest girl from Vividred?

Great plan, Ririchiyo!

: Who's that?


: Eh-heh heh, I kinda assumed but I don't want to toot my own horn.

: Tooting is forbidden! At least when Zettai isn't here.

Save your gas for him.

: Great plan! So do I have to introduce myself or...

Don't worry, I'll introduce you. And since I'm guessing that Akane is alright with it...

Today's girl is:

Akane Isshiki
Vividred Operation

: There we go! Now we can begin!

Indeed, let's not get distracted by anything! Except maybe Akane's ass.

*She shakes it, jiggling it further.*

Hair: Akane has fairly nice hair. While her name may indicate that she'd have red hair, Akane's hair color is more of a reddish-brown color. It could still be considered "red", but not the bright sort and it helps that I like darker colors overall. Sadly her hair is pretty short, not even reaching past her shoulders. She has two twintails on either side of her head that are held by scrunchies, and they're somewhat thick (in early art it seems they were much thinner). Her sides and side-bangs are somewhat short, not even going past her ear, but her bangs are nice and long. Even if she does have "big middle bang syndrome". Akane also has a cute dual ahoge. Overall not too bad and it's quite cute, if not extremely excellent. What does help is that in the various Vivid combinations her hair changes fittingly. As VividBlue she has wide blue hair, as VividGreen she has a long green ponytail, as VividYellow she gains huge blonde drills, and as VividRed proper she has red twintails though much longer as they reach past her waist. These help as far as variety goes quite a bit.
Grade: A-

Eyes: Akane has very cute and pretty eyes. The color is a orange or gold mix, neither colors I'm particularly fond of overall but they do look good on Akane (the fact that it matches her hair somewhat helps I think). Her eyes are a tarame shape which is unfortunate but there's a slight slope and her corners are emphasized a bit too. Like with her hair Akane's eyes change in the various forms as well, matching the name as well (So blue for VividBlue, light green for VividGreen, and red for VividRed). The main exception is VividYellow who turns out more of a brownish color like what Himawari normally has.

: Oh no, I'd better look out for Zettai in that form then!

: I'm afraid to ask, but why?

: He said he wanted to poke me in the "brown eye"! Though why he didn't use the plural I'm not sure...

Eye damage is awful but I think he meant something else.
Grade: B

Face: Akane has a cute face, though it does have problems due to the series being by A-1. Though not as many problems as they're currently having with mamocentric issues, but rather that the faces look very similar. It's a fairly simple look and I don't dislike it, but I will admit that it has problems. Akane does have a cute smile, and I appreciate her small dot-like nose too. Her face is about acorn-shaped, which isn't bad but I could see Akane having bigger cheeks. Meaning facial ones.

: Nothing against having a huger ass though, sounds fun!

Exactly, though that's for the next area.
Grade: B

*Far away from the trio Cacophony plots her next move. She swings around a bag and the sound of things clacking against themselves is heard.*

Cacophony: I'm glad that they gave me a new bag full of stones. What should I use to defeat Topaz this time?

*She freezes, hiding behind a corner and spying on the three.*

Cacophony: There they are! Now, what should I use to transform... Ah, a flower! There's nothing bad that could happen with filling a flower with uncontrollable evil energy!

*Cacophony then presses the stone against the flower. We return back to Topaz and the girls, and they are shocked when a gigantic flower sprouts out of the ground around the block.*



: Oh no! Evil is afoot!


We'd better defeat that before it attacks the city! Well, I suppose that the worst it could do is poison, maybe paralyze people. Nothing too threatening.

: Hey, it still gets annoying having to use items or antidote spells every half-minute! Though we should be glad it's not an Ultimate flower...mumble stupid instant death spells mumble

: You two have lost me, but I know just what to do!

: What a transformation!

I agree!

: You're nosebleeding...

*Topaz is.*

You don't need to point it out. But go get them, Akane!

: It would be my pleasure!

*Akane flies up and aims her ass at the giant flower.*


*The flower spits a burst of poisonous gas, but Akane dodges effortlessly.*

: Don't think that you can defeat me like that! I'd do the same to you, but Topaz told me to save that for Zettai!

Good plan!

*Topaz yells from below.*

: So take this: VIVID BUTT PUNCH!

*Akane goes flying ass-first towards the flower. Somehow she still misses.*

: How do you miss such a big target?!

It's not even moving, how does that work!

*Akane's momentum makes her fly past it. Meanwhile on the ground an innocent guy is walking down the street.*

Zettai: Hmmm, I was supposed to meet Topaz around here for a surprise. I wonder what it could be...

*Suddenly Akane smashes ass-first into Zettai, landing with her ass on his face. Fortunately despite the strong jiggly impact he is unharmed.*

Zettai: MMPH, Fakane!

: That's me! Oh! Pardon me, Zettai! I didn't mean to smack my fat ass against your face like this. Though I imagine you don't mind.


: Hey, how about you give me a boost to defeat this enemy. Just sorta, you know, kiss my ass?


*He kisses her fat teen ass, his tongue going deep between her jiggly cheeks.*

: A-AH! FEELS SO GOOD! I-I can't hold out, though luckily I've been saving this for some time... AHHH!


*Akane blasts off with a cloud of visible gas covering Zettai's face. She even ripped a hole in her spats, allowing some of her naked ass to be seen. Using the force of her fart she blasts towards the flower.*

: Pois-OONN!

*Akane buttpunches it directly, destroying it in one hit. The flower falls down, crashing to the ground like a giant tree. Fortunately nothing and no one was injured. The stone falls off the crystal and it disintegrates.*

: Awesome, I managed to defeat it!

You were quite ASS-some too!

: Enough puns, let's get back to the blog...

You don't like my bun puns?

: I do!

Thanks for the support. As thanks I'll continue this blog!

*Meanwhile, after the flower falls Cacophony stomps her foot.*

Cacophony: Darn it, darn it! I can't believe that they managed to defeat that flower! Now I know how the villains in our shows always feel. Not that I'm defeated yet! I still have plenty of stones left! Or at least a couple. Hmmm, what should I use it on next...

*Cacophony looks around and finds a stone armadillo-like stone figurine.*

Cacophony: I have no idea what kind of thing this is. Still, I bet it'll be trouble for Topaz and the others. Hopefully more useful than that brick guy I tried before...

*She presses the stone against the figurine.*

Build: Akane has a height! Not much to go off of, but her height of 152 cm still is something. This does make her slightly shorter than Rei (who is 158 cm) but the relationship is yuri so I find that cute on Akane's part. 152 cm is perfectly fine for her age as well. Most of Akane's body is slender, except for one important part. Her thighs are pretty meaty though. Of course, the main attraction of Akane is her plump teen ass. It's very round and gets amazing focus in the series, something A-1 should get back to years ago (even if Gatherer is worse, but that's aside the point). Akane's ass is featured in nearly every official image, and she even presses her ass against Yoshika from Strike witches in one of them. The show begins focused on Akane's ass and ends with a similar scene. There's also great fanservice moments like when a button is on her sukumizu's backside and she gets it pushed and also when she shows off her birthmark on her ass in the bathtub. I do wonder if that was intentional considering Akane is voiced by Ayane Sakura who did Marii from Joshiraku prior (who gets jokes about her Mongolian spot). About the only thing Akane's ass is missing is some sort of praise, and even girls could have praised it so don't try the excuse of it lacking guys being the reason. But overall the focus on Akane's ass is quite special and significant. It's a shame that the show didn't give out a measurement for her and the other girls' asses, to help balance out the horrible mamocentric series out there (not completely balance, of course, but it would have helped).
Grade: A-

Chest: Akane is fairly flat. She has some curve to her chest, but not too much (though it is hard to tell, I'd say). She's certainly not busty though. I'm not sure if she had shown her nipples, which does hurt (in this area, at least, as it would have been more cute than sexual). Fortunately for Akane she does alright here otherwise, and she doesn't have any awful jealousy that I can remember either.
Grade: B

Clothes: Akane has an amazing butt-focused wardrobe, a sad rarity in anime. About the only non ass-focused outfits include her original school uniform (which consists of a sailor uniform with a grey skirt) and a animal suit while helping out. Other than that her outfits are all extremely stellar. Her normal outfit consists of a white tracksuit with red sleeves and a red buruma which works well considering her name (and also well considering how great her ass looks). Her new school uniform, the one that she wears for most of the series, consists of a white shirt with black stripes and a red ribbon around the collar. For bottoms they wear really tight buruma-like white/black bottoms which is an incredible idea and more series should copy that. During the beach episode Akane wears a sukumizu which fits her loli-ish body well, and it has a button on the ass which makes it inflate up. Sadly not her ass, but the sukumizu instead (though it did lead to a nice bare buttshot). There's also the Palette Suit/Magical girl outfit which is quite great as it looks like a marching band uniform (complete with big funny hat) and she wears white spats under it. She also has the forms she has when she docks with another girl, but they're mostly similar to each other with some minor differences (though they are all quite cute). Akane also wears a white underwear which is seen when she transforms. Overall quite the grand showing, and about the only thing I'd say she was missing was some sort of thong or fundoshi, basically some type of clothing that would make her buttcheeks more visible without being completely bottomless.
Grade: A


*A large, strange creature interrupts Topaz's blog.*

What the?!

: Man, whoever is sending these enemies is really persistent.

: Do not worry, you two. I stayed in this form just for this type of thing!

Talk about convenient!

: Take my ass, strange creature!

*Akane flies ass-first at the stone-like creature. However, it evades and grabs her leg.*

: What the?!

*It then spins her around and tosses her. We return to a certain lucky fellow.*

Zettai: Ass is all... All is ass... What the?!

*Zettai again gets slammed in the face by Akane's falling ass.*

: Sorry about that! Oh, hey Zettai.

Zettai: Fakane!

: Exactly! I'm fighting another battle, so I need some more help.

Zettai: BUFFON!

: Butt on? Well I am sitting on your face, but you of all people should know to call it an "ass".


: OHHH, "Button"! Did Grandpa put a special button on my ass again?

Zettai: Yeth!

: Then press it with your nose, Zettai-AH!

*Zettai rubs his nose deep between Akane's cheeks.*

: AH AH! Your nose feels so good! AHHH!


*Akane lets out another fart but Zettai finally presses the button. This causes her ass to become bigger, easily surrounding Zettai's head. Her spats also die happy.*

: Perfect, there's no way he can block an attack of this magnitude! Thanks again Zettai!


*Akane takes some time to shake her hips, wriggling Zettai free for about a heavenly minute or so. She then flies back at the creature. It's small eyes twinkle, ready to retaliate again.*


*But Akane is too skilled and her ass too massive. She swings her glorious tushie and smashes the monster against a wall.*

: GAAAoooooo.....

*It breaks to pieces, the stone figure and gem falling to the ground. The gem breaks into pieces as well, the dark energy dissipating.*

: Phew, those attacks took a lot out of me.

: I'm sure that holding up that gigantic ass is taking a lot out of you too.

*Indeed as Akane has to hold up her huge cheeks with both hands.*

At least she kept the rating of the blog from going higher.

: Bare asses are fine, we just don't want anything more "questionable" shown.

: Phew... You're right that this is getting really heavy. I'd better return to normal...

*Akane returns to her civilian form, which sadly also means her ass returns to the normal size too.*

: That's better.

A shame, you should have kept that ass the whole blog.

: We're almost done anyway, so let's get concluding!

Great plan-concluding?

: Don't mind the words I use, Topaz. Just get to work!

*Cacophony is still far away, stomping her foot again and growling at Topaz's victory.*

Cacophony: GRRR! They didn't give me these stones to waste them not beating you, Topaz. And it looks like I only have one left...

*She holds and looks at it, but something runs across her foot.*

Cacophony: KYAAAH!

*Cacophony is so shocked that she jumps, dropping the stone. It lands on the insect that had ran across her foot. The energy of the stone creates a powerful warrior, though the camera doesn't show it.*

Cacophony: Now HEY. That looks like a great warrior. I dare say he's PERFECT. Heh heh heh...

Personality: Akane is a great energetic lead, and in the good way as well. She's quite optimistic and cheerful, making friends easily and dealing with the other girls' problems with a big smile on her face. She's the type of lead who is a little dumb or over-ambitious, but she's kind and brave and passionate. Her grandfather, who somehow became a stuffed weasel (or something similar) was the one behind the Vividred technology and as a result she's the one that can bond with the other girls. When not bonded Akane tends to either punch things hard (sadly not with a butt punch, as fitting as that would be) or uses a boomerang attack that's called "Nakederang". Akane also has a fear of heights due to an incident that happened earlier in her life. Said accident also made her mother very sickly so Akane does a lot of side jobs to earn money for her. Akane also has a lot of devotion to the tomatoes her family grows, though her favorite food is easily mayonnaise. Akane is also voiced by Ayame Sakura, who as mentioned before does quite a few assy girls. And one that would be best to be ignored. Sadly she hasn't done an assy role, other than continuations like Shimakaze, for some time so I'd like her to return to that type of role. We really could use more assy girls presently. Oh, and Ayame also gives Akane a very cute voice as well.
Grade: B

Libido: Akane is very much an "innocent" type of yuri girl. Nothing against that, since it means she has a lot of good moments. For one, she has to kiss her partner whenever she docks with them, and I don't mean that in the sexual way (their combined form transformation is called "docking"). To be fair it is mostly forehead kisses but still cute. While she has four partners I think Wakaba and Himawari are more suited to be together. This means that as far as magical girls go Akane has both a relationship with her childhood friend Aoi or the mysterious "enemy" Rei. Sadly Aoi doesn't get the backstory she deserves and once Rei enters the picture the relationship between her and Akane is focused on more. I don't mind, as this leads to Akane showing Rei the birthmark on her ass (shoving said naked ass against her face in doing so) and a few other cute scenes. It's just a shame that childhood friends are so hated as of late :/. There's also Akane's younger sister Momo who seems to be the responsible one of the pair, but I don't think that they have any sort of sexual relationship.
Grade: B-

Age: Akane doesn't score too well here. She's a second year in middle school and seems to be 14. I could say that the combined forms look older, but not too much of a difference.
Grade: B-

Total Grades: 77
Average score: 8.6
Final Grade: B+

And that's the blog for this week!

: Much better than the terror that was last week.

I told you before, that blog doesn't exist.

: Hey, that's ten less than what Zettai gave me, what gives?

: Topaz is unfair against younger girls. That and I imagine their tastes are different in other areas too.

The points only matter if you beat a specific threshold, otherwise they don't matter.

: Like the blog itself!

Perhaps, but I still have faithful reader(s)!

: Well, thanks for having me. If you have need of me don't be afraid to call. Though next week I'll be busy finishing up my papers.

: Topaz does that all the time too!

Stupid bad timing for that these days though. But I wonder who I can do next week.

: Perhaps visiting the new battlefield on the outskirts of town will be useful.

Sounds like a good plan. Let's go, Ririchiyo!

: I don't have much of a choice, do I?


*The two travel outside of town where a square battlefield has been made.*

So this is where we were supposed to find a powerful enemy?

Cacophony: That's right!

*Topaz and Ririchiyo spin to face Cacophony, though she's wearing a robe of mystery.*

Who are you?

Cacophony: I am Cacophony, one of Fruit's underlings!

: Those names sound awful.

Cacophony: I didn't come up with them, stop calling me stupid!

We didn't call you stupid, just the names. So you must be the one that we're here to face.

Cacophony: I am, sorta. You have to defeat my powerful warrior first!

Powerful, like those mooks we beat before?

: Careful, don't get too cocky!

Cacophony: That's right, this guy is a perfect warrior!

Oh come on, how bad could it be?

*Topaz turns to walk away and runs face-first into his opponent's chest.*
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April 6th, 2017
This is the Four-hundredth-thirty-fifth week of using the "Perfect Anime Girl Sheet". Notice: This Blog may contain Unmarked Spoilers.

*Topaz appears in front of his house.*

Hello esteemed readers. It is my unfortunate duty to inform you that this week's blog is the yearly trap one. Now, traps can mean many things. For one, they are a mechanism used in hunting or catching. It is also a type of music, though I don't know much about it. However, the type we will be discussing this week involves a crossdressing boy. Such things may be terrible on their own, but even worse is that this young man in question is also a character from a hentai series. As a result, I must inform you that only the bravest should go forth and continue reading. In fact, just reading onward will likely ruin your day. As a result I shall warn with this: There is nothing important in this blog. No fanservice, no hidden plot, nothing. I shall even say that the trap leaves and will never be referenced again. As a result you should be able to go about your day not reading this blog, and it shall matter little. If anything your day would become brighter just by not continuing further. You shall avoid many misfortunes this way, and if it were up to me I would not even mention it. So please, before some unfortunate event occurs, go do something else that would be far more fun than this. I shall give you time to get your affairs in order and leave.

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March 30th, 2017
Anime Relations: Go! Princess Precure
This is the Four-hundredth-thirty-fifth week of using the "Perfect Anime Girl Sheet". Notice: This Blog may contain Unmarked Spoilers.

: Welcome back everyone-

: Wait, why are you the one giving the review? That's Topaz's job.

: He's busy trying to summon the girl that will help us out of this situation.

*Riri points to Topaz, who has a rune under his body as he attempts to summon. She then points to the pudding-like enemies across from them.*

: Blob blob!

: We see. Wait, isn't he normally able to summon a girl while doing a blog?

: That's right.. HEY! I'm pretty sure you just told me to welcome the readers back because you're lazy!

Can't talk now, I have to concentrate!

: You love your excuses too much, lazy lazy!

: You know, you could always attempt to punch the enemies like Windy and I did.

: I'm not that strong, so even if I tried I'd still do no damage. If only I had the Blood Sword...

: But then you'd have to take damage first to heal it back! Though I remember its name being different...

: Maybe she wants to decrease their HP by 1/16th.

: No, for the defense against-Grrr, never mind.

I'm just surprised that they know their retro RPGs.

: I suppose-hey wait! Weren't you supposed to be summoning a girl or something?

Already done!

*Topaz points upward to a round portal with a starry background.*

: WHAT?! The Will of the Macrocosm?!

What? No.

: Oh, that's a relief. So what, did your portals get improved somehow since you used them last?

No, I think that's just because of who is coming.

: Well don't keep us in the dark, reveal the girl!

Alright, and as I have summoned her properly I don't need to ask for her permission because...

*Cure Twinkle leaps out of the portal, making a great pose once she lands.*

: I have answered your call, so feel honored Topaz.

I am!

: So why is she here?

: Topaz had to convince me to come as I was in the middle of important modeling, but he said that this will help my career.

: I highly doubt that.

Hey, I'm sure more people have been reading this blog! Maybe, at least.

: And it looks like you have quite a gross opponent this time!


*Meanwhile, Bright and Windy talk to one another.*

: Oh man, THIS show. *rolls eyes.*

: I concur. At least we are REAL Cures and not some dumb princess-wannabe.

: Better than patissiers at least.

: Only slightly... *sigh.* What happened to our series.

: Parent groups! Also Saban.

: Saban? More like Saban-tage!

: Nice "sabotage" joke, though I'm surprised you came up with it.

: I must have been hanging around Topaz too much. But speaking of which it looks like Twinkle is about to attack.

*We return to Topaz, Riri, and Twinkle.*

: Alright now, Meteor Humming!

*Stock footage*

: TOPAZ! You can't be lazy and just stick a note like that on the screen to skip over-long attack sequences!

But I'm just being as lazy as Toei is when making the series!

: DO IT!

Fine fine...

: BLOB BBLLLOOOOOoooooobbbbb......

*The assault of multiple stars destroys the blobby enemies. They turn into empty pudding containers.*

: Hurrah! That was simpler than I thought.

: We could have done that without you.

: If not as timely.

: Well, I suppose that non-elemental spells WOULD be good against them. And even better that we threw Stardust at them...

: Well, since the battle is over I suppose that I should be getting back.

Wait! Don't you want to hear about my blog on you?

: Didn't you do it already?

The battle went by too fast.

: Why am I not surprised that a fight involving girls from this show being less than exciting...

: In that case, allow me to return to normal...

Great plan. And readers, watch this video in reverse:

: You just wanted to have that because she came in transformed and it's tradition to have the video shown.


: Either way let's get on with the blog!

Great ambition, let's look at Kirara!

Hair: Kirara's hair is likely her strongest point. She has long dark brown hair that's usually kept in twintails (with a slight amount of braid to them as well). They go about to her waist or so, and long hair is very sexy. When free her hair looks more wavy, which is also quite beautiful. She wears a headband, but unlike a lot of girls she actually has bangs to go along with them. Not only that, but the best possible bangs as she almost has a hime cut! Well, not quite as her sides do get pulled back so it's not complete, but I love straight bangs like hers. Overall really amazing. Oh, and she also wears a blonde wig with ojou curls while being a donut mascot. In the epilogue her hair is shorter, only reaching slightly past her shoulders, but the less we talk about how terrible that was the better.
Cure Twinkle is somewhat similar, though it's hard to call it better or worse. It maintains the twintails, only now they're long enough to reach past her hips. They're also very wavy and pretty, and there's small puffs (not the dog mascot) on the bands that hold her twintails in place. She also keeps the straight bangs, at least mostly as there's two M-looking gaps in her hair. Another great addition are her big fluffy pompoms of hair on either side of her head. It's just so cute seeing them pop out during the transformation sequence. The headband also becomes a tiara of sorts, which is cute. There are some downsides though. For one, even though she's a yellow cure her hair turns more of an orange color (though it doesn't look bad, just worse than her normal color). There's also red streaks going from the top of her head down to the sides of her face, though this is probably the least intrusive use of the GoPri hair streak habit. Oh, and apparently in the movie she has pumpkin vines sticking out of her head. Still though, Kirara and Cure Twinkle both have really great hair styles and colors.
Grade: A-

Eyes: Kirara has really pretty eyes. The first thing I notice is that her eyes are purple, which seem to be a high scorer for me and they look really nice. Her irises are a little big, but in general the GoPri girls seem to have larger eyes in general. Or maybe it's just me. Her eye color doesn't change in Cure form, though her eyes do twinkle with a star during the transformation. Kirara also has a lot of eyelashes, both on top and below her eye. Her eye shape is quite nice as well, with a strong tsurime inward slope and the high corners looking really great. Sadly I can't remember if Kirara wore glasses or not, which is a shame if I'm forgetting something major. That said, she does have really nice eyes though I would wish the whites of her eyes weren't as big as they are.
Grade: B

Face: Kirara has a fairly nice, pretty face. She gets a lot of great expressions, including the point where her mother squeezes her cheeks. Sadly by that I mean her face cheeks, not her ass. Her face also has a nice shape to it, with soft-looking cheeks. Kirara also winks quite a bit, including during her transformation sequence. Speaking of her transformation, Cure Twinkle gains star earrings which is something I'm not too fond of. I'd say that the biggest problem with Kirara is that her nose is a bit larger than I would have liked. This may be due to the size of the eyes, but being fair it's a problem with most of the characters in general due to the art style. Other than some minor gripes Kirara's face is excellent.
Grade: B

: So this is all the blog is?

: Seems like it. There's nothing to be worried about.

: Well, at least currently.

: At least Topaz didn't make the joke about "Kirara" sounding like "KiraKira".

The less we refer to that traitorous show the better...

: At least Yukari seems nice.

: Shhh, don't give Topaz ideas for future blogs!

I like ideas, but that will still be a long way off. There's still going to be a lot of Cure blogs before then.

: Speaking of Cure blogs, how about you continue with this one?

: In a hurry?

: I want to get back to my work.

Don't worry, you'll lose barely any time. But just in case, let's continue...

Build: Kirara, like a lot of Cures, has a fairly unimpressive body. Nothing wrong with it, as she looks her age which is good, but it would have been better had she used her ass to attack or something. Granted Kirara does have a somewhat feminine figure (fitting for a model). Her waist is pretty thin, and although they are slender she does show off her legs quite a bit. She also shows off her navel in the beach episode (the bikini one, at least) and shows her bare feet off quite a bit too. Overall, I suppose we should be thankful for what little she gives us but I'd still appreciate a bit more.
Grade: B-

Chest: Kirara is pretty much flat, and doesn't show off her chest too much either. She does show off a bit of her shoulder as Cure Twinkle (as well as other times) and wears a tight top which does look good with her slender chest. She may look a little bigger in the epilogue, but I'm sure that wasn't intentional and is an animation error. Both Kirara getting bigger and the whole segment, just throw it in the trash. I'd say do that with the whole series, but best only do that with Haruka. Anyway, not much else to say about Kirara except she does a bit well here.
Grade: C

Clothes: As a model Kirara has quite the wardrobe. Her usual out fit consists of a blue sailor uniform with white skirt, an orange ribbon with a yellow star in the center, and blue thigh-highs. She's also often seen in a yellow frilly shirt with exposed shoulders and shorts, and like a lot of Cures it seems that she almost always wears her color (which is yellow). She also wears a lot of fashion-y outfits, mostly dresses which look nice on her. Other outfits include a donut dress with wig, a ballet dress though sadly it hides her ass, a fairy godmother outfit, a sweater with open shoulders and winter coat in the winter episodes (including a hat), a basketball uniform with number, and a gym uniform with purple shorts and a red jacket.
We can't forget about mentioning Kirara's Cure form though. Cure Twinkle has a rather huge, ballroom-like dress which is supposed to make her look like a princess. It doesn't seem that way to me though, but I do like the exposed shoulders and large orb on her chest. She also wears gloves. It would be better if her white boots were thighhighs instead as they reach that high anyway, and I really don't like the frilly purple underskirt either. When she gains the turret dress, er I mean enters "Elegant Mode" her dress reaches the floor and becomes big and poofy. Depending on which key she uses to attack changes the inner skirt a bit; her basic form has a purple underskirt with four stars (two on each side), the Lunar dress is blue with a band of crescent moons on it with a star in the middle one, and Shooting Star the inside is more of a fuchsia color with pink stars. In Royal Elegant mode her dress becomes white instead of the normal yellow and the whole thing looks like a great wedding dress with cute yellow bows. Overall she's quite strong here, though not perfect.
Grade: B

: Hmmm....


: Well, I heard Haru-Haru telling me about a blogger that really liked asses. I was going to show him my "brown star" and trap him in my big fluffy dress the next time I see him.

: Oh, I know that guy! SpaghettiRyouiki or someting!

: I believe that you mean "ZettaiRyouiki". *sighs* Are you getting hungry again?

: No!

: Really?

: ... Maybe a little.

Don't worry, you two don't have to stay.

: Awesome! Let's go grab a bite, Mai!

: ...Oh! Sorry, I was looking at the person running across rooftops. But sure, let's go to your restaurant.

: Hey, save me some donuts there, and I'll come by with Towa later!

*Saki and Mai leave.*

: What is with Cure girls and donuts?

Being fair they aren't the only ones. With Aquarion Evol and Bakemonogatari as well I think donuts are just fairly common in anime. Still Fresh had the best ones.

: Of course, Donuts are best fresh!

Good joke!

: Grr, I don't need your approval (though I appreciate it).

What was that?

: N-nothing! Just get back to the blog!

Oops, forgot I still had to continue!

Personality: Kirara has a really nice personality, especially considering the show she's in. She's likely the most "unique" Cure to come out of GoPri and a great fan-favorite. Okay, so she does seem to have a bit of Miki Aono (especially with both having to deal with choosing between a model career in France and remaining a Cure), but that's still a lot better than generic Blue Cure Minami or the terror that is Haruka. Towa isn't bad either, but Kirara is definitely the best. Getting to her actual personality, Kirara is a very casual and easygoing girl. She's still hardworking, as we've seen when Haruka tries to take care of her schedule for only a single day. She's a fashion model, much like her mother, and dreams of becoming a top model. She's so dedicated to being a model that she almost forgoes being a Cure for it, and that was her opening episode too! Eventually Kirara says that she'll give 200% in both her career and being a Cure, and it doesn't seem to effect her after that (other than the decision later on). She's also very talented at many "princess" activities as well.
Hikiku Yamamura gives Kirara a good voice, though it's likely she's also Hikiku's biggest role (though she was also Hibiki the yuri tsundere from Anne Happy and Haruna the coat girl from Arpeggio). Kirara's voice is great, and I'm pretty sure she uses "Atashi" which is cute as well. She also comes up with nicknames for her friends, like "HaruHaru" or "Towachi". As far as Cure Twinkle goes she's an alright fighter (the series isn't known for the great fights), and she uses keys for special moves. As was common with Yellow Cures, Twinkle can set up a barrier to block attacks. She creates a big full moon to block the attacks, though sadly she doesn't actively moon the enemies and distract them with ass. Other moves of hers include throwing a big star at them (her basic attack), throwing many stars at them (Meteor Humming), and literally sending a galaxy's worth of stars shooting at the enemy (Galaxy). Overall I found her to be a breath of fresh air in the mostly stale GoPri, the pun on Miki being from Fresh is unintentional.
Grade: B+

Libido: Since this is a kid's show Kirara really doesn't show much from this area. Some options include Haruna (who is terrible) and Kirara's idol rival Ranko, but the strongest pairing is definitely Kirara and Towa. Kirara even tickles her cutely to help calm her down, which is a lot from a show for younger viewers. Towa and Kirara also share a room, though in a more pure way of being roommates. Kirara also pushes Towa down on a Tatami floor. Overall it's not too strong, but I still pair Kirara and Towa.
Grade: C+

Age: We have an official age on Kirara, which is 13. Not that surprising as that's the basic age for most cures, and I'm not sure if she celebrates her birthday in an episode or not. Her birthday is September 12th, if curious. Other than that nothing too much to mention, other than the horrible epilogue which shows the girls older that I mentioned before. I don't count that, but it still seems to have become an awful tradition since. Hopefully that doesn't continue further.
Grade: C

Total Grades: 66
Average score: 7.3
Final Grade: B-

And that's the blog for the week!

: Looks good, I think!

: Just slightly lower than the past two girls. Well, a fair amount lower than Mai but still.

Surprising considering her show, but Kirara was the best girl. Even if she wasn't my favorite.

: Topaz tends to prefer Purples, Blues, and Green.

I really should watch more and get to Yes. Then "Green" may become plural. Nothing wrong with Kotoha, of course.

: Topaz just prefers Riko. Speaking of which, when are you going to do her?

Eventually, I imagine.

: Either way, I thank you for discussing me.

Thanks for saving us from the blobs too!

: Sadly a Pink Tail was not dropped. Guess we'll have to keep farming.

: You two are so silly, but I must be going. Goodbye!

*Kirara leaps back through the hole which then disappears.*

Looks like that's all for this week, folks!

: Don't read next time!

Why are you saying that?

: You're doing the trap one, and it sounds gross and disgusting.

Fair, but while I have no idea who I'm doing I'm sure it should be fine.

*Dun dun dunnnn*

That ominous sound is never good...

: Nor are traps!

I suppose, but a tradition is a tradition! No matter how much my readers may dislike it.

: You two!

*Topaz and Ririchiyo jump from the teacher's sudden appearance.*

What did we do?

: Isn't it obvious?

*Yumeko points to the broken statue.*

: You broke an important plaster art room decoration!

I-I can explain that. You see, magical girls-

: A likely story! And not only that...

*She points to the empty pudding cups.*

: You ate the pudding I was storing!

Hey now, I definitely didn't do that!

: Topaz has been on a sweets fast since the first.

I'm doing quite well!

: A likely story!

I'm glad that you see it that way.

: GRR, I'm being sarcastic! Now clean this mess up and repay me!

Sure, just let me get my wallet...

*Topaz reaches into his pocket slowly, but instead of pulling it out he starts fleeing. Riri soon follows him.*

: Running from your problems won't solve anything!

Sure it can, if I run away she'll probably forget what I did!

: Smooth and evasive as always, it seems.

Exactly. And as said before next time is the trap one!

: Run from it like we're running from an angry teacher!
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March 23rd, 2017
This is the Four-hundredth-thirty-fourth week of using the "Perfect Anime Girl Sheet". Notice: This Blog may contain Unmarked Spoilers.

*We join Topaz, Ririchiyo, and their new friend Mai as they're currently running across a field.*




*Behind them, a large stone creature is chasing them.*

: I'm going to destroy you three!

: Topaz! Do something!

Alright... Welcome back everyone-


But they deserve to be welcomed. And if you didn't read last week you a reader may be confused.

: Fine then, just explain away.

*Ahem* As I was saying... Welcome back everyone. We're currently running for our lives away from a giant stone creature.

: But definitely not a Stone Man!

Exactly. Apparently it attacked last week where we did Mai's blog.

: That's me! *pant pant*

: You're a lot less airheaded this time.

: I like to think that I have more reason to, what with the large stone creature who was created by some girl up in the art room.

Right and-Wait, what did you say?

: Large stone creature?

No, the other part.

: Oh, there was a mysterious girl who was watching us up in the art room. She's distracted by pudding now.

Mmmm.... pudding.

: Don't be distracted, Topaz! We're going to BECOME pudding if we're not careful!

: I will grind your bones to make your bread!

Hurry, run from the angry giant!

: ... But marrow isn't even important in bread. At least not as important as grain or something similar....

: That's not the point-wait!

*Riri notices that they've been ran into a corner.*

Oh no! We've been cornered!

: Why are there even alleyways like this in a school?!

: Mwahaha, and you called ME dumb, but it was not me who got trapped!

: Great, now we're dumber than a pile of rocks!

I don't know, we've caught him in our trap!

: Wait, you trapped HIM?

: Nonsense! Stop trying to confuse me!

???: He's right!

*A girl's voice is heard behind the stone creature.*


: That I am! Sorry it took so long to get over here, but you managed to delay him long enough for me!

: I'm not going to let you interfere in mistress Cacophony, I'll stop you if you try!

*The creature tries to slam his big stone fists down onto Saki, but she evades by sliding under him between his feet.*

: Gwaah?

: Good thing I have all that softball practice.

: You ready, Saki?

: Always ready!

: What can you two little girls possibly do to me? MWAHAHA!

*Mai and Saki glow.*

: So you have a transformation, I still have you trapped! And since you ignored my warning you shall face the consequences!

: You're the one that shall taste our consequences!

: What she said! Consider this payment for making me run so much!

: Wait, Flying isn't very effective against Rock!

*That doesn't stop Cure Windy from uppercutting the giant stone creature and sending it backwards, making it land on its back. It slowly gets up, but by that time Ririchiyo and Topaz have ducked out of the corner.*

: Come back here, you two!

: We're your real threats, though!

: Don't ignore us!

*Cure Bright hits the creature with a few rapid-fire punches, while Windy kicks it. It does put its guard up, blocking the kick but it skids across the ground.*

: So what if I have to take care of a few insects before I get to my main course!

*The creature swings its arm and slams into the Cures, who go flying. They still get up, despite rolling a bit.*

: We'll never give up!

: We're stronger then you think! Though I doubt that with your brains that won't take much!

: I'll smash you two into dust!

*The two Cures continue to fight, with excellent melee attacks because Cures should be warriors and not chefs or princesses or something equally dumb. Meanwhile Topaz turns to Ririchiyo.*

It looks like they're having a rough time. We should do something to help!

: You can always help them out by doing your blog...

Oh yeah, I forgot that I can do that. Well, to be fair it looks like Saki is a little busy but I don't think she'd mind if we talked about her.

: Eh? Talk about me?

: Topaz must want to do his weekly blog on you.

: OH! Like that Zettai fellow.

: Exactly.

*Cure Bright cups her mouth and screams back at Topaz.*

: Go ahead with it, I'm fine with whatever you say! I'm full of energy in anticipation!

Well then, it looks like I did get permission after all. And it's fitting that last week was Mai as this time...

: You really like doing PreCure girls together, don't you?

It's a habit that I enjoy, though there are some individual Cures that I've done.

: Fair. Does this mean that next week will be Kaoru and Michiru?

Sadly no. As great of girls as they are, they didn't have enough screentime that I'd feel comfortable doing a blog on them. Even a combined one. Plus I don't know what events may happen this week to inspire the girl for next time. But we're getting ahead of ourselves, let's take a look at Saki!

Hair: Saki's hair, while quite cute and unique, isn't one of my favorites. It seems to be short at first, but in the middle is a long portion that reaches about to her shoulders. It also fans out slightly, which makes it look like her hair is resting on her shoulders. Her sides are long, reaching the lower portion of her cheeks or so. Saki also has a cowlick on the left side of her head (I say that and not ahoge mainly because her hair seems to be fanning out more than normal ahoges). Sadly her bangs are pushed to the sides, exposing her forehead which is a look I'm not too fond of. I do find her clips to be pretty cute though. Her hair is also a nice light brown color which I find very nice.
Much like Mai, Saki's two Cure forms are pretty similar. Both make her hair longer, but her hair goes up in a pineapple-styled ponytail. It is longer though, as you can see hair behind her shoulders. It looks interesting, but isn't a style I'm particularly interested in. I do like her headband that holds up the ponytail-like bun, it's cute and has a red gem in it that contrasts well against her hair while also fitting well with her outfits. Oh, and I should add that her hair goes from the light brown to a more orange color. Sadly Saki is a rare Cure where neither form's hair is that remarkable, at least for the purposes of this blog.
Grade: C+

Eyes: Saki has pretty eyes though. They're wide and shaped like an almond or so. This does mean that her eyes are tarame, at least a little bit as it's somewhat hard to tell. Either way I do like how emphasized the corners of Saki's eyes are, and while she does have eyelashes I don't mind too much as the corner nearby is quite strong. Though speaking of hair she also has fairly thick eyebrows, which are quite cute. Her eye color also matches her hair, which seemed to be common in the early Cure series. This does mean that her eyes do lighten up a bit in Cure form, but it's not too noticeable. Of note is that under normal conditions I'd much prefer Mai's purple eyes. However, Saki has a weapon I didn't foresee but saw in my research. She wore a pair of (somewhat) thick-framed glasses at one point. She looks really good in them, though I just appreciate that she had such a moment as slight glasses moments are a bit too rare for my liking. It's possible that Mai has worn a pair herself, but I couldn't find any evidence sadly.
Grade: B+

Face: Of the two, Saki is the more emotional one. This lends her great power here, as it means that Saki is a lot more expressive between her and Mai. Really, seeing her silly faces was a great thing to notice every episode and they were both funny and cute. That said, Saki in general is quite cute; she has small features and an near dot-nose, both of which allow her high marks. The shape of her head is quite nice, a cute acorn shape. Overall, while somewhat similar to Mai they're both unique and beautiful in their own ways. Oh, and as with the previous girl Saki also wears earrings in Cure form.
Grade: A

Build: Sadly as this is a kid's show Saki doesn't show off too much. She is pretty slender and athletic, playing softball and all that (and that's not counting how much stronger and more agile she becomes when being a Cure). She's also slightly shorter than Mai as well, and due to being the sporty one Saki does look more tanned (which is nice). Probably the only plus is that she has a fairly nice buttshot in one of the endings, which does bring up her score above Mai. Sadly she doesn't live up to her Bright nickname of "Full Moon" in the sky, as that would have been awesome. Just wish that these girls would have more, though then parents groups would probably complain because they have nothing better to do.
Grade: B-

: What's that? Full Moon? SURE!

*Cure Bright moons the enemy, her bare ass on full display.*

Very good, though sadly that doesn't count as far as the blog goes.

: Curses, but I'm still full of energy!

Chest: Saki's chest also isn't shown off too much either. It's flat but there's absolutely nothing wrong with that. I wouldn't mind if she puffed it out with pride like Mai does though (not for size of course, but just to show it off a bit more).
Grade: C

Clothes: Saki has a fair amount of different outfits. She's usually wearing the school uniform, much like Mai, which is a yellow blazer with red ribbon and orange skirt. A common casual outfit she often wears is a yellow jacket with hood, a shirt with pink stripes, and a red skirt, likely among other casual outfits as well. I really liked her monkey outfit in the movie, it looked cute and I like the ears on the hood. Saki also wears her softball uniform which consists of a white shirt with orange sleeves, a red undershirt with longer sleeves, and white shorts that seem to be somewhat tight.
Getting to the Cure forms, they are pretty different (unlike Mai and her Cure forms). First is Cure Bloom, who has a pink dress with yellow frills and a big frilly skirt. There is also a big bow on the chest, a yellow belt with a heart in front, and pink sleeves on the arms and legs with hearts on the back of the hand and knees (respectively). I like the hand ones as when the Cures would hold hands you can see the softness of the heart when they grasp each other, making a cute indent. Cure Bright's outfit is somewhat similar, in that it's a one-piece dress and has sleeves like Cure Bloom, but the color and design is different. Instead of being pink and yellow it now has yellow as the main color and a light green to compliment it (being fair, while different and interesting I wouldn't say that it's the best color combination). The ribbon on her chest is yellow as well, there are rounded shoulder pads, the belt is now a yellow color and the heart is much smaller, and instead of leafy frills there's just a single frill at the bottom of the skirt. Overall she does quite well, though she probably could have used a few more sexy outfits.
Grade: B

Personality: Saki, much like Mai, has a very strong personality and while it doesn't fit me as well I certainly appreciate it. As mentioned last time they're childhood friends, with Mai returning back to town at the beginning of the series. They then became Cures to save the Seven Fountains that the villains are after. Saki herself is the more gung-ho type, being energetic and great at sports. Her personal favorite is softball it seems. She's also not too good at school either, much like the previous "Pink" Cure Nagisa. Saki's parents also own a bakery, and while she can cook Saki would much rather eat though I find that cute. She also has a younger sister Minori which annoys her sometimes, but Saki slowly learns to be more accepting of her sister. She's also very supportive of Mai, even going as far as to draw a picture for Mai for her birthday. Overall Saki is a very likable girl and is often seen as a positive person. I do prefer Mai, but this series is still really strong as both Cures were likable.
Saki is voiced by Orie Kimono, who does a really great job. Sadly though Saki is probably her biggest role, but nothing wrong with that. Saki also has a catchphrase of “zekkouchou nari” or “full of energy”, which she says when she's excited to do something. She also has a habit of mispronouncing villain names, often referring to them as food items and I find that silly xD. Also, as mentioned before, she's a lot stronger in Cure form and while the attacks are combination attacks that's more to show how much the pair needs the other rather than relying on overused stock footage.
Grade: B+

Libido: Saki does a bit better than Mai here in that she actually has a crush. In fact, she has a crush on Mai's older brother! I find her shy moments to be quite cute, but sadly she gets ignored due to the age difference. Saki also has another guy with a crush on her, her childhood friend Kenta (or from what I've heard at least). When getting to yuri pairs we can't forget Mai, since as mentioned before they hold hands quite often. Saki is also the one who helps Michiru regain her humanity, which means that people likely paired them with each other.
Grade: B

Age: Saki seems to have been 13 at the start of the season, but I can't be certain. What is certain is that her birthday is in episode 26, which is earlier than Mai's so she's slightly older (though the difference is only a few months). Saki was also born on August 7th as well, which is a great month to be sure. She is also in the second year of middle school as well.
Grade: C

Total Grades: 68
Average score: 7.6
Final Grade: B

And that's the blog for the week!

*Cure Bright grabs the stone creature by the hand and lifts it up. She then spins it around and throws it down the field.*

: HEY! I'm pretty sure that Mai got a better score than me!

*Cure Windy then runs and leaps, taking a diving kick at the creature and kicks it down from mid air. It hits the ground and dust is thrown upward.*

: ...He must have some reason...

I do like Mai more, she has better hair and a better personality.

: I liked Zettai's blog better!


*The creature stands back up but Bright sends it flying back with a kick. It flips and lands on its feet still.*

: Enough of this, time for my secret weapon!

*It then takes all of the stones in the upper body and flings it in a ball at the Cures.*

: Are we SURE that's not Stone Man?

Pretty sure, he just disassembled and didn't throw his body at the player. Though I think that they should destroy the glowing core so that he can't reassemble.

: Who do you think he is, that one beast from Yu Yu Hakusho?

*The creature hits the Cures, knocking them back. Still, they easily stand up.*

: Give up yet?

: Never! You barely scratched us with that attack!

: We'll show you what a REAL finisher is like!

: & : Spiral Star Splash!


*The Spiral Star Splash destroys the stone creature. The bust statue falls to the ground, getting somewhat embedded into the dirt. A small stone falls off it as well, though it turns black and shatters into dust.*

Phew, looks like all the hard work is done.

: You can't say that like you did something major, Topaz.

I helped!


Still, a little bit helps. Like throwing a slipper at the Kraken.

*Topaz walks over and pulls the statue out of the ground. He brushes it off.*

At least this is relatively unharmed too.

: Great job, Topaz!

*Bright smacks him in the back, though it surprises him so much he drops the statue. It shatters.*

: Uh, whoops.

Don't worry about it. These things happen.

*The four all laugh together. Meanwhile, back up in the art room...*

Cacophony: Curses, They managed to beat up the stone titan! Who would have known they'd have such powerful Fighting attacks! Perhaps another opponent, one harder for them to beat... But where will I find an enemy like that!

*Cacophony takes a bite of her pudding. She then suddenly looks at it, with great intent. She lets out a loud laugh before the scene returns to Topaz.*

: Hmm, usually we're out of Cure form by now...

That must mean that there will be another enemy coming soon.

: Don't jinx it, it's probably just a result of you filling them with your energy.

: No, something's coming this way.

*About six pink blobs approach.*

: Blobly blobby!

: Gross!

These must be the enemies she saw! Defeat them, quick!

*Windy and Bright nod to each other.*



*The two attempt to punch and kick the pudding-based monsters, but it seems ineffective.*

: Our attacks aren't working!

Those are Flan-type enemies, their defenses are high which makes them hard to kill with melee weapons!

: That's fine, we'll just defeat them with our combination attack!

: I don't know if that would be possible. These creatures are immune to most elemental attacks, and since you use holy and wind they'll nullify it!

: Even Bloom's earth-type damage may not work then, so what should we do?

It looks like a job for me! I'll summon another Cure that should deal with this situation!

: That sounds promising. So who will it be?

That's what you'll find out... Next time!

*Topaz starts to glow.*

: Come on, at least give us a little hint.

That's fair. Well, let's just say that she's from a series I haven't discussed yet and is a color I haven't started a series with.

: I suppose that you've made it less vague, but I still don't know who it could be.

Well then, you'll have to wait until next week!

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March 16th, 2017
This is the Four-hundredth-thirty-third week of using the "Perfect Anime Girl Sheet". Notice: This Blog may contain Unmarked Spoilers.

*We open up this week's blog with a dark-haired girl sketching some items, including a particular bracelet. Her artwork is nearly complete.*

: ...Looks like I have the bracelet all done, so I should get to work on the other items.

*Suddenly Ririchiyo and Topaz appear at the door. Well, Riri at least. Topaz continues to go skidding past the door, crashing into some boxes unharmed though in a humorous fashion. He brushes himself off as he walks back to the door.*

: Hopefully we'll find that bracelet soon.

I agree, I've gotten used to having it.

: ...Bracelet?

Oh, I didn't think anyone was going to be in here. Sorry to disturb you, but have you seen a bracelet.

: Something something magical energies something.

You don't need to be that vague about it.

: ...OH! Is it this one?

*Mai holds up the bracelet.*

: ...I found it earlier in here, and thought it was an art prop. If it is indeed yours you are free to take it.

That's a relief.

: I know, imagine what kind of trouble we could have gotten into if we had faced a powerful enemy.

Fortunately we did not get into an encounter on the way here.

: ...And I am glad to help. I was done with it anyway, so if you don't mind I'll be getting back to my work.

*She hands Topaz the bracelet, who then puts it on.*

: No fanfare?

Not this time, I guess. But I really should thank you for that, Mai.

: ...Do not worry, it was no trouble at all.

No, really. I should do my blog on you this week!

: ...Blog?

: He'll talk about you on the internet.

*Mai doesn't answer, as she had become distracted back into her sketch.*

: MAI!

*She jumps a little, but luckily she doesn't make a mistake on her sketch.*

: ...OH! Sorry. I was getting distracted by my artwork again, wasn't I?

You were. I was just wondering if you would allow me to talk about you on the internet.

: ...I see... OH! I do believe that Saki had someone talk about her in one of these "blog" things, right? Was that you?

That was the other blogger, the one who is much better.

: Don't say that, Topaz. You may make terrible, Arceus-awful mistakes, but your blogs still are at least mediocre!

I'm pretty sure that was a back-handed compliment, but I don't care. Thank you, Ririchiyo!

: Ugh, don't thank me with such a sincere smile, pervert. (Topaz thanked me, oh no my arrhythmia!)

So what do you say, Mai. Will you let me do a blog on you as thanks?

: (Good job deflecting the attention off me, Topaz).

: ...Hmm? OH!

*Mai was back sketching.*

: Sorry, I was a little distracted. I am alright with that. But I hope that you do not mind me continuing to work on this sketch.

I don't mind, so go right ahead. Meanwhile I'll say that...

Hair: Mai does have pretty good hair. It's a lovely dark purple color, which is really nice. Sadly her hair is most often up in a bun-like ponytail, which I'm not too much of a fan of. I do like how it still comes down and rests on her shoulders still. She does have some forehead showing, though there are long strands for her bangs still. She also has sides that reach her chin or so, though her ears aren't covered. It is a pretty nice hairstyle, but I do prefer her hair down. Sadly her two Cure forms aren't too different; both Cure Windy and Cure Egret have a high ponytail though it seems to reach past her waist which is good. Though to be fair, I only say "sadly" as one might expect her two Cure forms to have different styles, but it is still a mostly good one. She also has a hairband with a bow with a gem in the center on it. Her bangs are pulled back further, with fewer strands. The Cure forms also have a slightly lighter shade, though it's still a nice purple. Overall I would like if she had more bangs, but otherwise she's got a great hairstyle.
Grade: A-

Eyes: Mai's eyes are also really nice. They're a purple color which, in addition to being great in general, looks good with her purple hair. Mai's eyes do have some curve to them, but it's not a strong tarame either; more like the curve is in the center of her eye before coming down on the inside. She also has fairly high corners, which is really pretty I think. She does have noticeable eyelashes, but not too many. I'd probably score her higher if she had worn glasses (and if she did, if I could have remembered it), but Mai still has very great eyes.
Grade: B

Face: Mai has a pretty nice face as well. Her face seems slightly pale but in a good way, though that may just be because Saki's skin is tanned in comparison. Like many PreCure girls Mai also has small features, which include her nose. She is also fairly reserved, but that's a good thing and she can still look determined. She has plenty of expressions too, though none are particularly meme-causing. Finally, Mai in Cure form has earrings. I'm not too big on them, but I like how they're heart-shaped as that's cute.
Grade: A

: Hmm...

: Something the matter?

Is your artwork not what you expected it to be?

: ...No, it's fine. It's just, well. The blog does sound like the one Saki got. Only with certain changes.

Right, Zettai did base his blog on mine. At least at first, as it seems to have changed quite a bit.

: It's even on Wednesdays now!


: ...So you aren't him?

: I think the differences should be obvious.

I agree. I mean, you'd have to be pretty stupid to confuse the two of us...

*Meanwhile, outside the art room a mysterious girl wanders about. She whispers to herself in a familiar tone as she looks inward, though the others are too busy.*

Cacophony: There he is, the one that ranted about how terrible I was so long ago. Looks kinda different though. Meh, must be him getting older. And he has a friend too, though I'm not surprised. He seemed incompetent so an assistant is good for him.

*Cacophony snickers to herself.*

Cacophony: Now, I know that they told me not to confront Topaz directly yet, but I still have to cause problems for him. Hmm, what could I do.

*She looks around, and snatches a nearby bust. The statue kind, obviously.*

Cacophony: Hey, I think that I can use one of the rocks that Specs lent me on this. Now, let's see if I remember the chant. Hmm, I might be thinking about this for a while...

: *remains still*

*Cacophony starts to rub her temples, trying to remember the chant.*

Build: Mai is a fairly standard middle school girl, like many Cures. Sadly she isn't one to show off her "culo", meaning ass, like Tsubomi, so she can't get too many points here. She is slightly taller than Saki, which helps, but there's not too much to talk about here. The series is a show for girls, so Mai doesn't get shown off too much. Even during the transformation sequence, though I may be forgetting something in an episode. Also her blood type seems to be AB, though I don't know if they say that because of her personality or if they come out and say it.
Grade: C+

Chest: As said before, Mai doesn't get shown off too much here either. About the only situation that I can think of is that in the second ending she does puff out her chest a bit and seem proudly. She is still flat, but that doesn't affect the cuteness of the scene. It helps Mai do a little better here than normal. I know I didn't say much in this area or the last, but that's more because PreCure doesn't seem to show much off, it's not that I dislike her slender middle school body (I do like it, it fits her well and she's really pretty).
Grade: C+

Clothes: Mai has a fair amount of outfits. She's usually seen in her school uniform which consists of a yellow blazer-like shirt with white collar and an orange plaid skirt. Sadly Mai wears short socks and not thighhighs or something. She also wears a lot of casual outfits as well, with one including a blue jacket over a white shirt and blue jeans. She also wears a pretty light blue kimono, and in the movie she wears a poodle-styled bodysuit with fluff around the waist, wrists, neck, and ankles as well as a big fluffy hat with ribbons. The bodysuit even has a cute tail! Overall nothing too outlandish but she still looks quite cute in everything she wears.
We cant' forget Mai's Cure outfits either. There's not too much of a difference between the two (enough that I sometimes confuse the two), but I'll try to explain it as best as I can. Cure Egret, Mai's first Cure form, is a white frilly dress with big, feather-like shoulder decorations. She also has sleeves, though they aren't connected, as well as leg warmers that go from above her knees to her ankles, and she seems to have big shoes. Around her waist is a blue belt, and her chest has a big bow with a gem in the middle. The leg parts also have bows as well, presumably to keep them from falling down. Cure Windy is quite similar, with the same sort of upper dress (though her outfit is a light shade of blue rather than white). The shoulder decorations are also different, being two ribbons instead of the feather-like decorations. Overall I do like this outfit, as it makes Mai look somewhat like a bride and the light colors contrast with her dark hair. I'd say my only complaint is that Cure Egret isn't "blue" enough to count as a "Blue Cure", but not only does Windy help that but this was also from the time where it was more "White" as only Mai and Honoka existed in that archetype. Oh, and I find it silly that with the "Spiral Star Splash" attack the girls get rings and place them on a dial of sorts. Cure Bright is fine as her dial is on her stomach, so she can use her two hands to grab the ring and place them but Cure Windy's dial is on her left wrist, so she has to take both rings with her right hand and place them one by one. I will admit that this is just nitpicking though, and it doesn't factor into her score.
Grade: B

: Wait, Cure Windy's actual phrase is "The scented wind across the Earth", right?

: ... Yes, why do you ask?

: That just seems like something Zettai would think of.

I doubt it's that kind of wind.

: ...What kind-


: D-do you mean?

*Mai let out a fart, lifting her leg a bit even. She's somewhat embarrassed as she forgot that Topaz and Riri were still in the room, her face turning red cutely.*

: Man it smells. At least open the window or something!

*Riri goes over and opens the window in the back of the art room.*

: Sorry...

Don't worry. We understand that sort of thing happens. Besides I'm sure that if Zettai was here he'd sniff up your wonderful scent.

*Topaz coughs from the rank odors.*

: Speaking of which, where is he?

I'm not sure, I just know that he was up to something or another...

*We return with Topaz staring off in space.*

: ...Will he be alright?

: Don't worry, he just does that when projecting spoiler things. I just hope that he doesn't think of anything too perverse.

*Topaz shakes his head.*

Whew, that took a bit out of me.

: Another fanservice segment for Zettai, I bet. *Sigh* When are you going to stop that?

When anime stops catering to babies.

: That could take forever!

I don't mind, but I do suppose that it's time to get back to Mai's blog.

Personality: Mai is a really amazing girl for my tastes. She's very calm and reserved, which is always super-cute. She loves art and drawing in particular, though she can become absorbed and not notice her surroundings at times. When not focused she is able to see things from far away and notice things that other people wouldn't. This does make Mai fairly bad at taking jokes as she may think too literally for them. She's fairly friendly it seems but she's more the type that wouldn't initiate friendships (though that may be because she's new to town). Mai also uses a somewhat polite way of speaking, usually calling someone by their last name (except for Saki and the Kiryuu sisters). She's good at science and academics, while Saki is the more sporty one (the Splash Star girls do seem to be like the original Cures, but I figure Mai still has her own charms). Mai is also a good daughter, often helping out for her sleepy mother, and little sister (though the latter is more of an apology to being a pest to her older brother in the past). Mai does seem to be the more pessimistic of the pair, but Saki is usually there to cheer her up. Finally, Mai has a very sweet voice that can still get loud when attacking as a Cure, thanks to Atsuko Enomoto's really lovely and cute voice. She's a great Cure both because she's quiet and reserved in her base form but still an excellent warrior in her Cure form, able to keep up with the more athletic Saki (though both are still surprised at how much power the forms give them). I do like Mai, though her and her series do deserve more love.
Grade: A-

Libido: As this is a kid's show, there's not much that I can talk about here. For whatever reason she doesn't even get many scenes with Kaoru who is her "dark rival" (Kaoru instead gets redeemed by Saki's little sister Minori). Of course, there's the major connection with Saki that does save Mai. The two often hold hands, which we all know is the young girl's show way of saying the two are in a relationship. They're also childhood friends, even if they didn't remember each other when the series first starts.
Grade: B-

Age: Mai actually has an age! She's thirteen when the series begins, becoming 14 late in the series. Her birthday is November 20th. Hurray for having a birthday (and for me finding it easily too).
Grade: C

Total Grades: 71
Average score: 7.8
Final Grade: B

*Meanwhile outside the room*

Cacophony: Finally! I remembered it!

*She says the chant and a stone comes out of the bag and transfixes on the forehead of the statue.*

Cacophony: Hmm, that stone seems familiar. Not that I'd recognize it, but it's as if someone I'd know from a crossover would use it... Oh well.

*The statue glows with mysterious power. Back inside the room.*

And that's the blog for this week!

: Took long enough. What did you think, Mai?

: ... Hmm?

*Mai's artwork is finally complete.*

Looks good, but did you listen to anything I said?

: My apologies, sometimes when I get into my artwork I have difficulty knowing what's going around me.

Sorta like me with video games. Well, that should be it for this week.

: I'm glad that we were able to do this without incident...


*A statue comes floating in from the hallway.*


: This again?!

: It's not Melona. I don't even know who that is. But no...

*The Statue breaks apart in stone-like pieces.*


: Oh no! Stone Man! Don't defeat him, Topaz. Power Stone is awful!

Better than a jackhammer-pogo stick. But I don't think that's Stone man. Looks similar though.

: FUFUFU! I shall defeat you no matter what!

: Topaz! Do something!

Let's let Mai do it instead. She's the one that had her blog about her today.

: I can't transform unless Saki is nearby!

That sounds terribly inconvenient. Where is she?

: Last I knew she was playing ball outside.

Fortunately the baseball fields are nearby. Quick, I have an idea!

*Topaz pulls Riri and Mai towards him and picks both up with his arms. He then leaps out the half-open window, smashing through. He lands on his feet, a shiver going up his back from the impact. He takes 10 damage and sets the two girls down. Up in the building the stone-based enemy leaps out, though Cacophony remains in the room.*

Cacophony: You know, it is a lot more fun on this side. Oh hey, look. Someone left pudding in the fridge here!


*The monster raises its arms aggressively.*

: ...Wait, how did you manage to survive such a long fall? And crashing through the window?

With sit-ups and push-ups and plenty of juice!

: Sounds dumb, but at least you didn't say Saitama's training or something.

No way I could run that far each day.

*The monster rolls in a ball towards them.*

Quick, run away!

: Luckily Saki is over there!

*The trio runs towards the baseball field, with the giant rock-based monster attacking behind them. But that is for next time...*
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