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After the destruction of their hometown, childhood friends Kafka Hibino and Mina Ashiro make a pact to become officers in the Defense Force—a militarized organization tasked with protecting Japan more.
TV 12 8.28
Second Season of Kaijuu Girls: Ultra Kaijuu Gijinka Keikaku. It is receiving a TV broadcast, not just dTV streaming like the previous season.
TV 12 6.02
Very rarely is a girl born with two distinct souls: one of a human and the other of a kaiju. These extraordinary individuals, dubbed "Kaiju Girls," possess the form of a normal person and the more.
ONA 12 5.96
Ruka Azumi's ordinary summer vacation revolves around spending all her time on the handball court to avoid her only housemate, her alcoholic mother. When an incident at practice leads to Ruka's more.
Movie 1 7.20
After one of his coworkers fails to repay a debt, apathetic bum Kaiji Itou is pressured by loan sharks to settle the large sum of cash. Since Kaiji has little money and no future prospects of his own, more.
TV 26 8.27
Official music video for Kaisoku Tokyo's song Kaijuu also released on their "music station" album. The video style is a homage to older Kaijuu films.
Music 1 5.43
Twenty thousand years after the fall of humanity, Earth succumbed to legions of ravenous creatures who now freely roam the planet. Far away in the depths of space, the last surviving members of more.
Movie 1 6.43
What if the boogie monster was a kaijuu? What if the kaijuu was here to keep you company? Well that's what Ken gets when a kaijuu comes out of his closet door.
TV Special 6 N/A
The surreal world view of "scary cute" monsters that rampage endlessly. They look and act like toys but being several stories tall, the destruction on Japan is devastating.
TV 50 N/A
Promotional video for the Dragon Age Extra manga Kaijuu-iro no Shima.
PV 1 6.23
A series of short, 30-second segments featuring Gohan Kaijuu Pap and various "side dish" monsters to produce delicious meals.
TV - N/A
A stop-motion puppet animation adaptation of the Beauty and the Beast fairy tale.
Movie 1 6.92
The evil organization 'Black Ghost' attacked around the world, using dinosaur (plesiosaur) type giant robots, and the team of 9 cyborgs launched their quest for the Black Ghost's hideout. 009 meets more.
Movie 1 5.93
After years of war against the monstrous kaiju, the world finally knows a time of prosperity and peace — but the presence of the kaiju can still be felt. Girls with the souls of kaiju are born every more.
Movie 1 6.42
Across an arid landscape, a group of cute 'monsters' cross each other's path. The song was originally featured on NHK's show "Stage 101."
Music 1 4.74
Kaijuu Sakaba is a real tavern where kaijuu costumes from the Ultraman franchise are on display. Events are held where people can dine with the actors dressed in the kaijuu costumes. In honor of more.
TV 13 5.61
The catastrophe "Skyfall" was brought by the collapsed orbital space colony crashed into the Earth. Inside the crater at the crash site now inhabit Kaiju born by gene mutation. Ray, an avatar,.. ( more.
Owing to an increasing debt, Kaiji Itou ends up resuming his old lifestyle. One day, while walking on the street, he stumbles upon Yuuji Endou, who is hunting Kaiji due to the money he owes to the more.
TV 26 8.24
Peeping Life collaboration with Kaijuu Sakaba, a real tavern where kaijuu costumes from the Ultraman franchise are on display. Events are held where people can dine with the actors dressed in the more.
OVA 10 N/A
Movie based on the 1996 TV anime with an original plot.
Movie 1 6.18
Animals at a zoo hear that a kaijuu is coming. Like a game of "Telephone" they hear bits and pieces of what the kaijuu looks like which gets distorted each time the information is passed on. In the more.
Music 1 5.24
A short story about Conan and the Detective Boys.
OVA 1 6.43
A comedy about a spoiled and bratty kid monster. Each episode contains 2 stories. (Source: AniDB)
TV 26 N/A
Anime based on the picture book Kaijuu Step, which features monsters from Ultraman series
TV 26 N/A
Second season of Kaijuu Step Wandabada.
TV 26 N/A
A project to introduce the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to preschoolers and elementary school children. (Source: AniDB)
ONA 15 N/A
A giant sea monster known as "Dragonsaurus" has emerged from out of nowhere, terrorizing the depths of the oceans. Great Mazinger, Grendizer and the Getter Robo G team join forces to combat the new more.
Movie 1 6.44
Special episode of Yoru wa Neko to Issho promoting Gamera: Rebirth.
ONA 1 6.43
Follows four dragon-like monsters who came to Earth to conquer it — but first, they study humanity by freeloading off an office worker in her 20s. They turn her apartment into their secret base, and more.
ONA 12 N/A
Music video for the song Kaijuu Tottoto by Team Syachihoko that was featured on NHK's Minna no Uta program.
Music 1 N/A
Crossover film featuring both of Motoo Abiko's work. Both casts gets wrapped up when an alien egg falls from the sky that becomes a monster seeking destruction of the Earth. It was screened as a more.
Movie 1 5.95
Unaired episodes included on the home release of the main series.
Special 13 N/A
A collaboration between Kaijuu Sakaba Kanpai! and Tapuri promoting the Tapuri Card which is a prepaid card for taxi services.
ONA 1 5.22
A world of the future, madly over populated, searches for a new home on Mars to help support humanity. After terraforming Mars into a habitable landscape a Japanese ship returning from the planet more.
Movie 1 5.36
Specials included in the DVD and Blu-ray Volumes of Senjuushi.
Special 17 N/A
Second season of Kaiju Yi Zuo Shan.
ONA 24 N/A
All of a sudden, they arrived: parasitic aliens that descended upon Earth and quickly infiltrated humanity by burrowing into the brains of vulnerable targets. These insatiable beings acquire full more.
TV 24 8.33
The original Fujilog ONA series before making it big with a TV series.
ONA 25 N/A
DVD exclusive episodes, chronologically episode 26-29.
Special 4 N/A
Koji is on holiday when the 7 generals from Mikene attacks the world, under the leadership of the general of darkness.How will Koji be able to stop them... (Source: AniDB)
OVA 1 7.09
Primary school student Keita Amano's curiosity is as innocent as any other child's his age. But when one day he decides to venture deeper into the forest, he encounters a small and mysterious more.
TV 214 6.63
Chiko is the daughter of the wealthy Mikamo family who has to live with her aunt and uncle after her parents passed away. Because her aunt wants to inherit the Mikamo family's wealth, she gives more.
TV 22 7.55
Rika Furude and her group of friends live in the small mountain village of Hinamizawa; in June 1983, they welcome transfer student Keiichi Maebara into their ranks, making him the only boy in their more.
TV 24 7.20
Five years after the events of Dragon Ball, martial arts expert Gokuu is now a grown man married to his wife Chi-Chi, with a four-year old son named Gohan. While attending a reunion on Turtle Island more.
TV 97 7.75
To the outside world, Hanabi Yasuraoka and Mugi Awaya are the perfect couple. But in reality, they just share the same secret pain: they are both in love with other people they cannot be with. more.
TV 12 7.11
A freak accident unleashes a demonic spirit within researcher John Stalker - transforming him into Saldo, a mythical cyber-beast fueled by hate and evil. (Source: ANN)
OVA 1 5.23
On the outside, Agastia is a firm specializing in entertainment, well-known for the theme park it operates. However, beneath such an exterior lies a monumental secret: Agastia is one of various more.
TV 12 6.71
Shorts of Ansatsu Kyoushitsu 2nd Season which adapt chapters of the manga which are not in the TV series. The adapted chapters are 78 ("Takebayashi no Jikan") and 79 ("Shihaisha no Jikan, Ni Jikanme") more.
ONA 8 7.65
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