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04-14-10, 9:59 AM
December 13, 1984
Manila, Philippines
September 21, 2007
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About usagijen
A rabid rabbit off to dominate the world with bishies...! (and aims to become a bishie overlord? :p)

a female of her kind, she's a fun loving person who's crazy about anime, mangas, and games, which is her inspiration to studying Nihongo.

currently active in the blogosphere together will fellow chefs >3

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The power of Cross Game
05-23-09, 9:00 PM Edited 05-23-09, 9:12 PM

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Akuto | 05-11-12, 9:46 PM

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SokkaMushroom | 04-11-12, 9:20 PM

SokkaMushroom | 03-08-12, 9:45 PM

carmabeLLe | 12-13-09, 7:03 PM
you're welcome =>
it's hard to see you here in MAL ._.

carmabeLLe | 12-12-09, 3:09 PM
Happy Birthday! =D

sakura-star08 | 12-06-09, 9:12 AM
for this coming dec. 13 let me greet you advance

shomazta | 09-27-09, 4:18 PM
it'd be good if you can relearn Tagalog at least, to show your Filipino pride, even if there's not much to be proud of?

hey hey there's plenty to be proud of... we compensate for all the small weak asians... generally more muscular then other asians, and look better >:O

but yeah, I'm finally trying to relearn it... just took a dlpt for japanese only got a 1/1 haha... according to that test I'm like elementary level... sucks... in reality I can translate anime all on my own so... that test is a little off :/ but yeah can't read much, so I'll admit I'm probably just like an elementary kid learning how to read

Hynavian | 08-16-09, 8:01 AM
No problem Jen, I'm also quite inactive in MAL. Thanks for accepting the friend add! (:

bateszi | 05-05-09, 4:13 PM
Cross Game... I just watched this final scene from episode 4 again.

"And you became a catcher in Junior High because of it?"

On such small things do our lives change. I loved that scene, especially with the way the music rises. It's so.... heart full. In the flash back you see her sister standing the the field too! ... Honestly, it's my favourite anime of 2009 right now. It just has that raw, honest emotional quality that I love about sports/slice of life anime.

carmabeLLe | 03-20-09, 4:36 PM
Where did you heard about it?
OMG to see my beloved Unexpected Love Story arc >~<
*hyperventilates and prays that it's true*
Please excuse this rabid fangirl XD
Thanks for the re-add ^^

carmabeLLe | 03-19-09, 1:49 PM
I can't believe it's almost over though...when it's just barely into the dark moon arc
We need episodes extension x.x for like another 25 episodes, then I can see my favorite arc animated XD

Oh yeah, during the MAL crash a while ago, I lost you as my friend ;__;
Can you add me back? I'll send the request ^^

cokematic | 03-13-09, 9:44 AM
wow.. 44.7%?

carmabeLLe | 02-04-09, 3:41 PM
jen, since you're too busy watching White Album, I'm here to remind you of the awesomeness of Skip Beat =3

OGT | 01-01-09, 9:43 PM
LOVE with an extra E is indeed what Princess Tutu needs and deserves.

I think the best part about Fakir is that he goes from being a kind-of antagonist to being, effectively, the hero of the story. I hated his guts at first, and as the story goes on he gains more and more respect until he becomes awesome incarnate.

It's a fairy tale where the hero and heroine aren't who you'd expect them to be. I know my heart went out to Rue/Kraehe multiple times in the second half.

I want to rewatch now, but I only just finished. This is insane.

carmabeLLe | 01-01-09, 9:26 PM

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