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12-07-12, 6:12 PM
April 26, 1990
Chicago, Illinois
December 3, 2008
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I am a big anime fan I don't think I will ever stop watching it.

I started watching anime when i was little, because One piece was on the Fox Box( Saturday morning Cartoons that were on Fox at the time were called the Fox Box)(Now Called 4Kids something I think)(We did not have cable at the time). I wanted to see If i had missed any episiodes and if there were anymore yet to air, but I did not know that the show was cancelled. So before google i used yahoo. I typed in to the search engine "One Piece Episodes", and I was taken to a host site for anime episodes. I learned more and more about anime, and I ventured to new shows. That is where I am today.

I do not always update everyday most of the time I will wait till I have completed a entire show.

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12-05-08, 8:56 AM Edited 12-05-08, 9:02 AM

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ejala | 10-06-11, 9:02 PM
I've been trying to find translations of the manga Youkai no Oisha-san, or Youkai Doctor. Three volumes came out years ago in English, then nothing. I know there are chapters past 19 because MAL has discussions for chapters in the 60's. Mangafox used to have it blocked as licensed, and now has no entry at all. I've tried mangareader, home unix manga and animeA to no avail. Iit's probably hopeless, but I thought your Where to find club might help.

KitaTsuki | 09-04-11, 4:30 PM

I saw your club (Where to Find....?) included the manga Waga Na wa Umishi. I just wanted to tell you that it's on

Later! :)

josio | 06-09-11, 8:25 PM
Hey hi!!! about you message
I can't resend it because my inbox is full

darkchoco98 | 01-01-10, 7:34 AM
here's your card:

if there's something wrong, just pm me ^^

pdf4 | 12-04-08, 12:35 PM
I read your blog... if you tell me more about what you are looking for , I can help you better.

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