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08-19-09, 8:13 PM
February 13, 1991
Rochester, New York
June 6, 2007
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if ur gonna message me, tell me who you are first >.>

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barrel | 02-12-09, 4:08 PM
Kind of dood, just things like anime and this site have slipped my mind

barrel | 08-21-08, 4:54 PM
You import shmups? (that’s pretty hardcore…I only did that with stuff like KHII: final mix and Fate/Stay Night *which I have still yet to play …a little discouraged by the visual novel concept…but the PS2 ver has no ero scenes…so good for me ^^*)

Why not it looks so fun…and there is soooo many trippy purple lights how can you not be tempted to play it…Ahh crap *gets mezmorized by bullets and dies 200 times*

*randomly blurts* Why aren’t you religiously watching Geass!?! (That's like one the greatest sin ever next to planting your flowers in the wrong direction, not buying awesome RPGs on the 1st day and watering your neighbor's lawn with Vodka! should be ashamed!)

barrel | 08-13-08, 8:33 PM
Nothing much dood...just watching anime, gaming and chilling with buds

Speaking of's a random video I stumbled upon (still mess up on the youtube you have to settle with a link)
*btw the shots are one hit KO* makes old school games like Battletoads look like child's play...

barrel | 08-11-08, 4:14 PM
I see ...well let's set that aside then shall we? xD So it has been indeed awhile so what's been up with you dood? (partying like a rock star I take it?)

barrel | 07-14-08, 1:51 PM
Sup Dood, It's been awhile *Back from vacation and such* So how goes your P3 FEs progress?

barrel | 05-27-08, 6:22 PM
My apologies for responding so late (a lot of stuff happened...)
Yep, played and beaten the original and am working VERY slowly on FES *despite buying it on the day it came out... =(*

(Yeah an avatar of 2 characters I strongly dislike =_= *but...I liked the the fact that my nocturne ones were too big and I was too lazy to resize them =b *) Yeah, the story gets really draggy and the gameplay...beyond repetitive...damn I can't blame you for being bored *I learned how to watch anime,do laundry and read books while playing the game so I didn't die of boredom at tarturus xD*...and in all honesty the game itself doesn't pick up till January xD *final month* so I guess now you won't be too hyped up to beat it anytime soon xD)

*Envision Mitsuru crushed by Metal Gear Rex...then shortly breaks down to tears*

Well did you like fruits baskets? (Cause if you didn't I have a feeling you won't dig the other shojo)

barrel | 04-17-08, 9:07 PM
haha, Thanks *I would kill to play a game like it xD...Mitsuru wielding a Samurai Sword+MGS Grey Fox ninja suit=so bad@$$*

barrel | 04-17-08, 9:04 PM
It's been awhile since I read manga (so my memory is really hazy) but a couple of recommendations...hope it helped(I obviously bolded the ones I would recommend the most...)
Action esque...
Kekkaishi, Fairy Tail, Berserk, Bastard! and Eyeshield 21

My balls *REAALLy echhi*. Shonan Gunai Jumi (also called GTO: The early years) and Gintama

Skip Beat, Tokyo Crazy Paradise, Love Monster and Fruits Baskets

Sorry for the random question about Cloverfield... I was pondering whether to dwl it *did it any who*...and well it was certainly interesting to say the least *nods*

barrel | 04-16-08, 9:05 PM
What do you mean by recommendations? Manga…anime? (…and what genres?)

kind of random but have you seen Cloverfield?

barrel | 04-04-08, 9:23 PM

barrel | 04-01-08, 6:44 PM
How about agree to disagree? =b (yeah it kinds of seems like we are always's probably best to keep the arguing to an minimal)
So any who how are y....WHY WOULD YOU DROP RANMA 1/2@_@!1!1!1!1!1!1!1!1!1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

barrel | 03-26-08, 6:56 PM
2 years ago O_o; but...bah, oh well we all have different opinions *It's too bad*

barrel | 03-25-08, 10:00 AM
But da manga imo is so much better =_=

barrel | 03-21-08, 10:06 PM
bummer dude =/

So anywho how are y....WHY WOULD YOU DROP GTO@_@!1!1!1!1!1!1!1!1!1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

barrel | 03-16-08, 4:42 PM
Ahh now I remember you use the school comp *next time you should probably use a proxy/delete you site history*

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