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May 13, 1984
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March 28, 2009
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vansonbee | 07-21-11, 2:00 PM
Hello, it looks like your a fan of Ichigo 100%.

What your opinion on the series and who's your favorite character?

reyjohn325 | 05-14-09, 3:40 AM
ur welcome

reyjohn325 | 05-13-09, 1:03 PM
happy birthday

Banchou | 05-12-09, 8:06 PM
Hi, i would say welcome to MAL, but it's a lil' late i guess so...

eighty.3% comp. is nt bad eh? (^.^(

Noble_Blood | 04-29-09, 3:20 PM
Whoa! You're one of the oldtimers too then =D
I was lurking back then in V1. I only became an active member about a year a go >_<

Its kinda sad that most of the old members had left DA. Oh well.

Working life huh? I'm still in college so I can't imagine what its like. College life is already stressful for me

And yes. Vandread was one of the anime that had a good character development. It'd be nice if they make a 3rd season though.

If you have the time, you should try out Soukyuu no Fafner. Its slow but it gets better later on.

HalRyder | 04-19-09, 5:55 PM
I haven't watched Gundam Seed, and probably never will, because watching hte first 3 episodes of Seed only told me one thing: the storyline is pretty much very too "typical shounen".

Noble_Blood | 04-17-09, 5:21 PM
That sucks that you're really busy now. So you've been around since DA V1?

Vandread--awesome show. Its one of my top 10 fav anime. >:D

The action was awesome and last episodes were just epic.

zechs_ho | 04-14-09, 8:46 PM
Row! row! Fight da powa!
I love that tengen toppa gurren lagann catch phrase! xD

zechs_ho | 04-13-09, 5:48 AM
eh... no, i dun like all muscle vs muscle shows, they are kinda dumb. but maybe i'm influenced by the movie being an epic fail...

Noble_Blood | 04-12-09, 10:20 AM
Thanks for the invite.

TBH, I don't usually accept random invites from others unless I had a conversation with them in the past or have something in common. Since you're also a DA member...I guess, I'll make an exception

Well, I'll see you around MAL or DA then

OsoMarron | 04-07-09, 6:35 PM
yo ;D

zechs_ho | 04-06-09, 4:50 AM
wth?! saki?! what the hell are ya thinking?!
it's like yugioh without the monsters!!!

~I summon 3 bamboos!!! haha!
Oh really? Pong! i take your three bamboos away!~

Yandere | 04-04-09, 2:05 PM
Thank you!

loplop | 04-02-09, 7:22 AM
I had not seen that some how. I've been a fan or Erotic Heart Mother/Enbo since reading the manga years ago when I picked it up on a trip to Japan to visit family.

Thanks for sending that to me . . . .

pinkangel28 | 04-01-09, 7:45 PM
Lol, thanks^^ nice to meet ya to

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