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Favorite Anime
Sengoku Basara Movie: The Last Party
Sengoku Basara Movie: The Last Party add
Sengoku Basara Two
Sengoku Basara Two add
Sengoku Basara
Sengoku Basara add
Hunter x Hunter (2011)
Hunter x Hunter (2011) add
Kuroko no Basket
Kuroko no Basket add

Favorite Manga
Sengoku Basara Ranse Ranbu
Sengoku Basara Ranse Ranbu add
Naruto add
Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic
Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic add

Favorite Characters
Ishida, Mitsunari
Sanada, Yukimura
Aomine, Daiki
Lucilfer, Chrollo
Kise, Ryouta
Yao, Ling
Nara, Shikamaru

Favorite People
Nakai, Kazuya
Nakai, Kazuya
Wakamoto, Norio
Wakamoto, Norio
Sugita, Tomokazu
Sugita, Tomokazu
Morikubo, Showtaro
Morikubo, Showtaro
Seki, Tomokazu
Seki, Tomokazu

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April 5, 2012
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Time (Days) 110.4
Watching 26
Completed 151
On Hold 24
Dropped 6
Plan to Watch 95
Total Entries 302

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Manga Stats

Time (Days) 4.5
Reading 3
Completed 2
On Hold 0
Dropped 0
Plan to Read 3
Total Entries 8

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Balthier14 | 03-25-14, 5:03 PM

Kyo- | 01-28-13, 11:15 AM
Ah, I see xD
It happens xD

No problem ^^
Have fun watching :D

Kyo- | 01-28-13, 7:20 AM
The Tip-Off is not out yet, it's going to be on February 22...
But if you want to watch the bloopers, you can do it here, the first five are subbed so far...

Chihi-chan | 01-24-13, 6:18 AM

Kyo- | 01-17-13, 3:48 PM

Kyo- | 01-12-13, 3:03 AM

Glad to hear you didn't have problems to find it ^^
(Can't blame you, I'm really late with the delivery so xP Gomen xP)
Actually, your post is post #371, here's the link.

Dunno, I can't see anything on your profile, but I received the 'thanks for the card' comment, if that's what you meant ^^

Kyo- | 01-11-13, 1:38 PM

I couldn't put the names here, but they should be in alphabetical order.
However, since there are quite many, in order to find them a bit easier,
I put the links of the threads, so you can check whether you requested
or not in case you don't remember :D

Official Member Cards
Thread | Cards
(from post #371)

Christmas LE
Thread | Cards

Akashi Seijuro SE
Thread | Cards
(from post #65)

Momoi Satsuki SE
Thread | Cards

Please save & rehost!
Don't hesitate to tell me if there are any problems.
The cards will be deleted in a week.
I apologize for the lateness (especially with the member cards) & the mass delivery xP
Thanks for requesting & have a nice day ^^

Btw, as for the question, yeah, I also wanted to use Aomine's pic from anime, but he hasn't appered yet when I made these cards xP I can't change the pic now (since I'd need to make a completely new card in order to do that), but I plan to do new member cards as soon as possible (using the anime pictures xD), so you'll be able to request when that happens again ^^
Hope it's alright this way xP

Sledgedude | 01-11-13, 3:51 AM
You're welcome off course ;)

Kyo- | 11-29-12, 11:43 AM
Hi, thanks for the friend request ^^

juansalsajoven | 11-17-12, 3:25 AM

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