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Rurouni Kenshin: Meiji Kenkaku Romantan
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ryuuflame | 12-22-14, 7:51 PM
Hey, Kenshin! I know it's been a long time but how are you doing? How's life treating you? I had to take a long break from anime because I just had no time for it anymore but I have missed it dearly and now I have quite a bit of time on my hands, So, I want to catch up on some stuff. Do you have any recommendations for me?

Take care of yourself and Merry Christmas :)

Killuan | 08-06-14, 1:40 AM
Hey man, long time no talk. Has been awhile, so I just figured I'd give you my greetings. : D

Anything new?

Siva | 08-05-13, 4:20 PM

It's been a while since I last post here LOL Anyway, I am still far behind my anime and ended up having a half-ass report for you for now >__<

I dropped a couple shows, they are ok and if I have time I would watch them but I just don't have that much free time.

I will keep watching Servant x Service. It's ok, not amazingly like it but enjoy able.

Gin no Saji: Well I expected nothing less from the same person who wrote FMA. Not sure how they will make it interesting by having main guy found his goal/dream. Oh well time will tell.

Free!: It was ok or I would say it was pretty much what you would expect from the plot. Animation is pretty damn good too.

WATAMOTE: As much as I want to see her getting a real happiness, I must say I am happy that they keep the "depress" theme intact. I am sure you know what could go wrong if they let that go. There is a long list of anime history about that >__<

Kimi no Iru Machi: Seen the first episode. I don't what to report about it right now but I will do it once I have seen all the released episodes.

Gatchaman Crowds: I have seen many unique characters but the main girl in this show is even more unique LOL.

Uchouten Kazoku: I gotta say I am pretty impressed with this show. P.A. hanlded it really well, maybe except the art LOL

what do you say about this figure?

Siva | 05-20-13, 7:30 AM

Ok here is a quick upated :D

Shingeki no Kyojin: Ok finally caught up with the anime, sigh, took me long enough. Oh well, I can see why you would want to spoil yourself when the anime has done such a great at that sence LOL. So far, I really love the anime for being so good and faithful to its manga but I do have a dissatisfied which they make Mikasa looks too pretty for her character. I prefer her untidy look in the manga better because it fit her personal better. I mean she is not the type who would spend her day looking at the mirror making sure her hair look nice all the time, right? LOL Well at least she is voiced by a seiyuu I really like(she voiced the main heroine in Heroic Age, which is a show you are supposed to watch LOL Her voice was even more of an Angle-like in Heroic Age.) I guess you already known who is that Titan. So what is your thought. I myself hasn't far off from that point yet maybe one or two more episode the anime will catch up with me.

If I have too much money, this is what I am going to buy for you LOL

Siva | 05-14-13, 6:17 AM

How can I complain about that, bro? You are already worked hard to make a life and how am I supposed to yell at you :D

Ore no Imouto 2: Well I can't say much about the newest episodes since I only saw the first 4 eps it was pretty good if not great. Well those episodes were funny to watch. IMO, watching this show with your head shaking is the right thing to do. I see nothing wrong with that LOL.
I do like siscon story but OreImou is not the type of siscon anime I want to see. I watch it for comedy and Kuroneko and to complete the show. As for Kirino, well I think she is cute for like 1% and nasty annoying for 99% if that is clear to you >__<

Shingeki no Kyojin: I think they already knew where to end this season or at least I hope. IMO, I don't think they would go over 40chap and it is hard for me to say where they would end it since I didn't read anything beyond chap 13. Also then number of chap to episode doesn't always consistent, more detail chapter can be longer in anime while action chapter can be shorter in anime. I can only hope they don't rush it and make an original ending. I think they should have enough material to finish the anime at some point without go into original ending.

Toaru Kagaku no Railgun S: Well I wouldn't go as far as to say I don't like it otherwise I wouldn't manage to finish a 25eps anime that I don't like. But it was certainly not something I would I love it. Actually I am really interesting to see this "Sister's arc" in this season and I hope it is as good as it was hyped to be. As for the girl herself, I do like her to some degree and think he is cute and cool and not annoying.

Hentai Ouji to Warawanai Neko and Dansai Bunri no Crime Edge: Both show does have one moment but after that they didn't seem to do much. thye didn't really get worse or anything but they didn't really get much better either. I still enjoy them but not something like "OMG I want next ep now!"

Aku No Hana: Maybe I should give you some example and that would make it faster to understand why the anime is bad.
You can see the different in art and style between the manga and anime. The anime took a different direction. It is like using white people to play DragonBall Movie. Yes you can but the feeling of DragonBall show won't be there anymore. Do you get it now?
But man, the manga is really good I just want to keep reading it. The story uses dark theme like Mirai Nikki, so it is not a happy show. And dang, I never expected that I would love any character in the manga yet they manage to make me love them, damn it. I am pretty sure there will be at least ONE character in the manga that will make you love them because THAT certain character can relate to you.

Siva | 05-05-13, 5:13 PM

Most of these comments are pretty old so you might have to check your last comment a little LOL

Having a job is nice and all but it does come with a cost >__<

I am using only Torrent and it work awesome. If you need a place to find any new anime then it would be this one:
Use search if you need to find something.

Ore no Imouto 2: Well I am pretty aware of that part a bit but I don't know how far off I am. I think knowing or not knowing it doesn't really matter in this case. Well unless the show end with Kirino got killed in a car accident and that would become a problem if you know it before hand LOL

Namiuchigiwa no Muromi-san: One of the funny show this season has offered.

I am pretty tired myself but for now I have Saki watching over me. So you better have your Rei watching over you :D

Siva | 04-14-13, 1:37 PM

Little Buster!: Finally got it done, that it, the first season. I am pretty sure I won't be watching its second season. IMO, I think the show is too long, well since they have like 9 main characters to cover them all, and it is like Key games anime, everyone take turn getting sad. But I think the real issue here is that I have no interest in the story not even one of their characters. I guess when you have seen Air, Kannon an then Clannad you just getting tired of it somehow. Anyway I am done with the show. 6/10

RDG: Red Data Girl: I think you should watch this one, it is pretty good show and it P.A.Works.

Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kai: I just finished it. It is just so different from the first season but by no mean I am saying the first season is bad and the second season is better. I know you don't like the first one but the first one was like showing a lot of killing while present a lot of questions that you wish for an answer to them. And I think the first season is very good and interesting. Then come the second season, the show suddenly turned the table around and let you watch from the other side of the show which in turn answering you a lot questions that you have in the first season and this second season is just ridiculous good. Once you watched it you just can't stop it >__< I kinda wish you could watch it.

Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha: The Movie 2nd A's: Just finished it last night. It was really good they changed things around but still acceptable. I think most of the fight was a little less NANOHA thing which was the thing I really like about Nanoha anime but I am still happy that they managed to keep the Snow Rain insert song that fight scene.

So, how is your new anime season doing for you?

Siva | 04-07-13, 4:29 PM

Here is something to say about this season.

Hataraku Maou-sama!: As you have seen it yourself, this show is so funny LOL. I like it.

Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai.: For Kuroneko.

Dansai Bunri no Crime Edge: Interesting show, very good first episode. Gives it a try. I like it.

Shingeki no Kyojin: I read the manga long time ago(since last year, stop at ch13 though because I don't have much time to read it) and I very like the manga. Can be as good as Claymore but less Shounen. In the next few episodes you will see the main girl(Mikasa) kick some ass. IMO, this one is going to be the best show of the season because the first episode proved that much. Well as long as they don't try something original in the anime.

Suisei no Gargantia: it is something between interesting and impressive. It can be a very promised show given the setting they are in. Giving a couple episodes this could turn into something like the best show of the season. That it if they can turn it into one.

Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Come wa Machigatteiru: Pretty much a show about characters talking with their sharp tongue. I like it.

I am pretty sure that I will be watching all of the above show and hopping you can watch it too so we can have some discussion.
And below here are what I can say "watching for the sake of watching"

Aku no Hana: The show is rather interesting but the art can be hard to take it.

Photokano: Not so bad and story won't make you jump your heart out either.

Hyakka Ryouran: Samurai Bride: for the sake of continuing.

Yondemasu yo, Azazel-san. Z: again, for the sake of continuing.

Namiuchigiwa no Muromi-san: Crappy comedy show.

Zettai Bouei Leviathan: Dropped.

Ginga Kikoutai Majestic Prince: A show about a NOOB team.

More will come as I get to see more :D

Yorozuya-no-Yume | 03-22-13, 2:31 AM
Would you like to join us? :)

Siva | 03-12-13, 7:29 AM

LOL, I check my message through Email so I never missed it.

Well nothing really bad just a surgery to remove something and it is a REAL pain in the ass >__<

Well it is hard to say why Tamako Market has its score so low and I don't think right now I am cared enough to find either (because of pain in my butt T__T) I honestly don't care about MAL score any more LOL.

As for Koutora-san, I won't deny that the show has its bad side and I can see that clearly. But you know, before I used to view a show as a small picture like a small land on a map and then compare it to its neighbours but after learning from experience after experience, I tend to view each show as a whole like a map only has one land. Koutora has nothing you can say that this show is great and never been done before but if I view this show as a whole I can see there is a good thing in this show the show is delicate to itself. Too much pain, I can't even think what else to say anymore T__T so I will make it short. IMO, I would give it a 7 and the reason this show is so famous on MAL can only be understand once you read theirs thread discussion. I think most people want to support it and they don't see it is a bad thing to do so nor do I. But like I said, just don't worry too much about the score, nothing will coming out of it.

Mondaiji-tachi ga Isekai kara Kuru Sou Desu yo?, this is like one of those Novel turned into 12 episodes anime for the sake of making money by doing fan service and eyecandy and my first impression of this show didn't change that either not even now. But... after a couple episodes you will start to see another light of the show and then you will go "WOW, this is not that bad and I want to see more" and I will warn you that there are a couple time that this show can be a little complicate to watch but it won't make you spin your head either :D

Siva | 03-11-13, 4:54 PM

Long time no talk here LOL
So I will write something here then :D
My butt is hurting because of surgery so I can't type much.

As you see, I haven't read manga at all. It is not that I don't want to but I have my reason. First, watching is way more easy and less effort than reading or at least for me. Second, after coming back from work and got tired and then have to read manga is a pain in the ass even if I want to. Third, due to real life is way fucking busy. Once you sum it all, my chance to read manga is almost zero T__T (god why?)

Yamada-kun to 7-nin no Majo is already on my read list and piled up there LOL and hopefully I can read that before I got retired from this world LOL

I just finished Kingdom tv series and it was real good and I gave it a 10 and wait for the season second of it.

As for this season anime, well most of them are ok but nothing really shine. But I got to say that most of them are entertainment to watch. I will list them here:
Love Live! School Idol Project
Ishida to Asakura
Mondaiji-tachi ga Isekai kara Kuru Sou Desu yo?
Vividred Operation
Maoyuu Maou Yuusha
Hakkenden: Touhou Hakken Ibun

I can't say I would recommend them to you but just a report about this season to you.

I see you stoped watching Zettai Karen Children after ep2, I gotta say that this anime is pretty good, plot and character are really well done.

Siva | 01-01-13, 4:42 AM

Happy New Year!
Happy Birthday!

Well, I am still doing good and hope your good time will come too.

As for the new season, I can't say I saw much interest in many of those shows. So far I have Chihayafuru2, Senran Kagura, Sasami-san@Ganbaranai and Tamako Market and that is for sure. What I am not sure yet are, Maoyuu Maou Yuusha, Yama no Susume, AKB0048 Next Stage, Love Live!, Zettai Karen Children: The Unlimited, and Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai NEXT. All most half of them are second season but all of them look fairly good. All in all, my intention is to pick even less than what I listed here. But I will still give pretty much every anime a try. Ah damn, we have to wait a season to see the next P.A Works, RDG: Red Data Girl. And Spring season seems to have a lot of game-to-anime show.

That Rei Figure is pretty. So it is great that you have it :D
Oh do you remember the Ultimate Madoka figure?
It does look epic on the final production. If she were my fav I would have gotten her. I don't dislike her a bit but I don't know I just can't bring myself to throw my love onto her.

I guess that FB friend was gone I think you need to send me another one LOL because I usually deny any request >__<

Successful or not, this new year seems to have a lot of thing for me to do, mendokusai.

Siva | 12-30-12, 6:38 AM

How's your holiday, bro?
Sorry for being quiet for a long time but as you guessed it I am just too busy with life and everything else.

Hyouka: I just finished this one, the show is really good and I really like it. As for the main four characters I like them all. They have their own weakness and strong point for themselves and I think the show did best at them. If I have to describe the girls in an attractive way I would say Mayaka is the type of cute girl I ever hope for, a balanced of all round. And for Eru she is the type of the most pretty girl in the show. I like her but if it has to come down to character I found Mayaka melt down my heart most of the time. This is like the first time I ever talked about the show we watched this way LOL

Kuroko's Basketball: I was surprised a bit to see you gave this show a 9 LOL. I guess you did enjoy them fairly a lot. I gave it a 8.

Ginga e Kickoff!!: Another sport anime but this one is like one of the best kid sport anime I have seen. A very well done show.

Trinity Blood: Too much pointless thing in the beginning and when the show finally got started and we got to see some good thing, the Author passed away. Oh well, there is nothing I can do any way. 6/10

Claymore: Finally I am back for Claymore and then I got to see Clare coming back and on top of the Riful. What a great way to start Claymore again :D
Oh damn, they way they describe Isley is like he has some amazing mentality. I mean he was the last one to awaken and to top that off he chose to awaken on his own free will and what even more after becoming an Awaken Being he still has his human conscious.
The Flash Sword is even more awesome ^__^
It seems like Claymore and Awakens are trying to use each others for their own benefit.

Grave of the Fireflies: Ok, finally I got to see this famous movie but as I expected this was just a sad show that talked about a sad of life of 2 kids. If I were 5 years ago I could see myself joining people who praising this movie but too bad I am 5 years too late to do that now. 7/10

Majo no Takkyuubin: Another slice of life movie from Studio Ghibli. I wasn't bad and it wasn't any interesting or new to say about either. 7/10

Gin'iro no Kami no Agito: After 4 or 5 years long sitting on my hard drive, I finally manage to watch it, sigh, what a long journey I have there. It was ok if not too good. It is one of the show that I expected more than what they shown me. 7/10

The Hobbit: As a fan of Lord of the Ring movie, this is a must see movie. While the story may not as interesting as LotR, this movie did not leave a bad taste, instead it managed to show you another side of this universe and whats more, my favorite Gandalf's back story. I can't wait to see the second and third part of this movie.

Finally, how many shows do you interesting in the coming season?
Damn this figure looks so good.

Oh, do you have FaceBook account? if you do, here is mine:

Siva | 12-25-12, 4:55 AM
!!!Merry Christmas!!!

Siva | 11-25-12, 6:13 PM

Let get to the main point, Shall we?

Tari Tari: Finally I got sometime to finish this. It was great and done just right, not too much or too little. Though I don't have much to say about the show since there wasn't anything to really talk about it. But Sawa is such a babe and Wakana is cute on her own. Well I am glad that Taichi finally opened his eyes and saw how hot Sawa is LOL. Anyway I am looking forward to P.A Work new anime, RDG: Red Data Girl, which is next year.

Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita: A very great and unique show where one character define the entire show by herself. I can say that you don't see this kind of show everyday or maybe once a year.

Little Buster: UNBELIEVABLE!
You maybe wonder what I was saying. Well the thing is, this is one of the most anticipated Key game that has a lot of fan and want to see it in anime. I have been hearing about this game since 3 years ago but KyoAni never did anything about it. Since it has so many fan bases and many good things about it I was expecting something great from it but after watching the first episode I was like "REALLY!". The 5 main characters are like some crappy support character from some crappy shows. The story is nothing really that interesting in a bit, well I can see they are going to pull some tear jerk drama in sometime later on. And the easy part that could have done right, the comedy, is hardly anything funny. So what did go wrong? J.C Staff or the Game itself? I can say J.C Staff didn't do a great adaptation as KyoAni did but I wouldn't put all the blame on them since I know they are good at this kind of anime. IMO, I think it is more about the game itself wasn't that great to be a anime which should be the reason why KyoAni didn't try to touch it long time ago.

Onii-chan Dakedo Ai Sae Areba Kankeinai yo ne: Another very very long tittle show which can be shorten to OniAi. As you expected, it is about everything you read in the tittle LOL. Pretty funny show to say at least.

Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai!: Very funny and the animation is what you can expect from KyoAni. All good thing is said and done, but I think in ep8 they put too much drama out of nothing for a show that shouldn't focus on drama what is more that was barely anything hint in the last 7 episode to indicate this drama thing.

Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo: Another show from J.C Staff, if I must say something first and that would be J.C Staff seems to put alot of money and bet on this show rather that Little Buster, which is pretty funny to me LOL. The animation in this show tells the story for itself. From the look of the it, it does look like some crappy eichi show but this show does have something going on to make itself different from what you would expected. Can't say it is an amazing show but I do love what I am seeing.

Bakuman3: Just as good as the other 2, one thing I realize now why I didn't give this show higher that 8. I think the reason was that this show has a limited where it won't get any better than what it already is. I think that my one sentence should say everything and I have nothing more to say because I already said everything since the last 2 seasons.

Girls und Panzer: Another crappy looking show. If only it does I would have drop it long time ago but the point is that it has some quality in there and I get to learn about Tank LOL. Anyway, it is a good show about tank LOL

Magi: I can say the story can be interesting to follow but damn man, I really dislike their main characters. They are like the type of characters I tend to hate. It is kind of similar reason to Fairy Tail where I don't like their main characters. I can't say much right now but the story does look promise.

Sukitte Ii na yo: Not sure how much you love or hate this show but I think it is alright if not amazingly good. I think the gem of this show are the 2 main characters which you don't really see much in a Shoujo show. I don't know if it is a good thing or not but this show has so many kissing >__<

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Now I know why this show is famous, well 10 years ago if not for now. It is a very over the top kind of show and yet very funny to watch. Most of the time you would just go like "man, this people just don't know where to stop, does it?" and yes it does not stop. Their "over the top" action and explanation just never stop one after the others but it never failed to impress you when it does it. A very over the top show.

Code:Breaker: It is a very shounen show to the bone in a very bad way. Cliche main characters with cliche story. End of story.

Sword Art Online: What do you think now? For me, I think I already lost the reason why I was so into the show when I first watched the first episode. It is like a new show to me now LOL. Anyway, have you heard the rumour about the connection between this show and Accel World?

Arata naru Sekai: Mirai-hen: The most interesting about this show is that it has 3 part,
First part is in the past which is in the form of Novel.
Second Part is in the present which is in the form of Manga.
Third part is in the Future which is in the form of OVA
To make it easy for you, you should read this:

Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun: I love this show. I love the main girl. I think it is the first time I have seen a main Shoujo girl who doesn't talk half of the time. I really don't know what to say about the show right now but once I seen the final episode I will say everything how I feel about the show.

Shinsekai yori: WOW just wow. the real gem of the season. The story, the characters, the dark, the tension, the mystery and the music are all done right. Telling you more won't do any good you just need to watch it.

Zetsuen no Tempest: Another very interesting show, at first glance it doesn't look much to be a good show but the more you watch the better it get and you can't just stop anymore.

K: Bro, never ever watch a show that has only letter like that again. Because they are unable to make a tittle for the show that also mean they are unable to write a story for their show. It is just simple as that.

Psycho-Pass: Again, I think Gen Urobuchi isn't just for me. 9 out 10 of his story just doesn't move me or make me feel interesting in them at all. I think all of them are just plain and dark unlike many others said he is a guinea.

I still have 2 or 3 more anime to catch up >__<
Don't you think Rin look so cute :D

Anyway bro, wish you goodluck and write me something when you have time.

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