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04-19-15, 8:48 AM
January 13, 1988
September 15, 2009
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that's pretty much all that applies here so.
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Wagh Vampire Knight!
09-25-09, 9:56 PM

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DrGonzo37 | 09-17-14, 12:33 PM
Jen! Howzitgoin'?

Edinboro | 08-18-14, 11:00 AM
Thanks for the add~ And the recommendations!

rpn101 | 02-24-14, 12:16 AM
lmao nice KnB is awesome *-* ...btw thanks for the reply after 2 months xD

rpn101 | 12-28-13, 12:19 AM
Just wanted to confirm if your profile picture was from Kuroko no Basket...and I was right~.....okay that is all :P...Have a great Christmas Break

ab4dd0n | 09-24-12, 10:06 AM

DrGonzo37 | 12-19-11, 2:34 PM

Zetsumeisama | 04-23-11, 1:32 AM
I'll see if I can get everyone back maybe lol not sure if people come on anymore

Zetsumeisama | 04-22-11, 11:47 PM
I'm alright trying to get into the military, already 19 years old :/ haven't really done anything with my life. I'm actually trying to move to Seattle, but I need some monies :I. I know it's been a while since I've come on. I still watch anime just not as much. Quit my job too gladly hated my job.

DrGonzo37 | 03-29-11, 3:40 PM
Hey, hey, HEY!!! Thought I'd drop a line since the site seems to be co-operating today. Seems every time I try to do something here lately, it all comes up server errors.
Just finished Eva 2.0 about an hour and a half ago. WHOA!!! Watching Eva always puts me in a weird mood and I'm gonna be feeling this one for a while!
Let's see... Desert Punk, Samurai 7 (highly recommended), Full Metal Panic?: Fumoffu, Full Metal Panic!: The Second Raid, Neo-Tokyo, Metropolis, Noein, Trinity Blood, Solty Rei, and (box set found at CoastCon for $5) Wacky Races (hey, I needed something to rest up from the heavy stuff!). I've also got Girls Bravo on the way. There goes my tax refund!!
If you'll check my profile, I'm now keeping track of the latest anime I finish as well as landmarks (such as the 250th completed, for example. Gonna have to go back through my list to find the others, but I'm working on it.
Durarara is definitely on my list. I really enjoyed Baccano! (as I'm sure you did) and it's by the same people, so... Also waiting for Hetalia World Series and the Hetalia and Trigun movies. FUNimation's got the rights to all of those, but hasn't announced a release date yet for any of them!
One thing though: let's be happy with the anime we've got. I've got a feeling it's gonna be a while before Japan releases any more. The way things are going there, producing anime is the least of their worries. I just hope they get through this okay; I've been watching the news and this is making Katrina look like nothing.
So ends another long-winded comment. Later...

DrGonzo37 | 02-22-11, 3:25 PM
Hello, hello!! Looks like I caught you online. Sorry for the long delay.
Really, really sorry you and Chris broke up. I really kinda thought you two were really right for one another.
Anime-wise, let's see... I finally finished Queen's Blade. And yes, finally got to Cattleya and the kid. Mein gott in himmel!!! After all I'd heard about this I still find myself shaking my head over it! Damn, I didn't know whether to feel sorry or envious of that little snot!
What else... I also finally finished (after buying the first two volumes almost five years ago) Moon Phase. Now, this is an interesting little series; a supernatural action series that doesn't take itself too seriously, starring a 10-year-old vampire girl who wears kitty ears. I really reccommend this show!
X-Files and Gargoyles, huh? I rather prefer Twin Peaks and Rescue Rangers, myself, but, that's just me, I guess. So who needs relevency??

gINGEr | 01-23-11, 10:09 PM

DrGonzo37 | 01-18-11, 3:43 PM
Sorry for the long delay. Hope you had a great Christmas, New Year's, and birthday (see how nicely I wrapped all that together?)!
Anime-wise, let's see... I finally finished Haruhi Suzumiya. Out of all the put-upon characters in anime out there, I have to say I feel for Kyon the most (wotta pushy chick!! Reminds me of an old girlfriend!).
FINALLY got Vol.2 of Queen's Blade. Sure took MB long enough! Haven't gotten that part about the woman with the kid, yet, but Menace more than made up for it!
What else...? I got an old-school anime from the '80's called Birth which sorta proves that, from the style, Ralph Bakshi's got a few fans in Japan! Hideaki Anno (Eva) did some key animation on this.
And, finally, the entire series of UFO Ultramaiden Valkyrie; a rather amusing little series with comedy, romance, action, fanservice, and a Catgirl Ray Gun (damn! I want one'a those!!).
'Bout all for now. Later!

DrGonzo37 | 12-21-10, 1:00 PM

DrGonzo37 | 12-13-10, 12:43 PM
Sorry it's been a while. Hope you had a great Thanksgiving.
Glad to see you finally joined The Guild. I was about to send Russia up there to "persuade" you ("Vhy are you so short, Latvia? You have choice: join Guild or von vay ticket to Siberia.").
I read most of Blade of the Immortal when Dark Horse serialized it in comic form. Thirteen episodes doesn't come anywhere close to covering this story. Hopefully, there will be a second (and third, and fourth...) season.
Yeah, Jerry Jewell did a great job as Russia. Everybody in the english dub was fantastic, which is why I recommend it so much. What had a lot of people worried was the "offensiveness factor" since FUNi went with "stereotypical" accents for the characters. But hey, anything that sticks pins in this PC BS is okay by me!!
Y'know, I'm looking at your fave characters, and I don't see Russia there anywhere! Maybe I SHOULD send him up to Houlka to have a little "talk" with you ("Stre-e-e-etchy! Stre-e-e-etchy!")

Zetsumeisama | 12-06-10, 7:52 PM
Hey jen i'm doing alright i guess lol working now haha hit me on fb if you got one i'll add you lol

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